175 Group Names For 4 People (Cute, Funny & Cool Ideas)

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If you find yourself at the heart of a close-knit friend group or posse, then you’ll know the struggle of finding a good group name.

The same goes for finding an adequate name for a musical group of four members, a group chat, or any other kind of quad.

That’s why we’ve created this detailed guide to some of the best group names for 4 people.

These name options range from humorous to cute, unique, cool, and even badass. 

Follow along as we share our top 175 quad-group naming ideas in different categories.

After studying your options, hopefully, you’ll finally land on a name that suits you and your group members. 

Best Group Names For 4 Friends

The following 25 names are some of the best group names for an inseparable band of four. 

Whether you’re creating a rock band, a group chat of ladies, or even a nickname for your friend group, these are some solid options.

  1. The Fantastic Four 
  2. The Quadruplets 
  3. Four the Love of the Friends 
  4. The Fab Four 
  5. The Four Musketeers 
  6. Best Friends Four-Ever
  7. Best Friends Four Life
  8. The Fearsome Foursome 
  9. Four-mula of Friends 
  10. Four-Ever Friends
  11. Four Our Eyes Only
  12. Four Girls Allowed
  13. Four Boys Allowed 
  14. The Four-tastic Females
  15. Four-Real Friends 
  16. Ladies, Get Into Four-Mation
  17. The Four-Friend Nation
  18. Fourtnite Forever Friends
  19. The Ghostbusters Gang
  20. The Sex and the City Four 
  21. The Quad Squad 
  22. Keeping Up with the Four
  23. Oh My Quad
  24. The Four Stooges 
  25. Quadruple the Fun 

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Good Group Names For 4 People

One of the great qualities of a group name is alliteration – pairing multiple words with the same first letter(s).

Many of these following good group names for four friends use alliteration and rhyming to make them catchy.

Take a look at some great quad-naming options for your group message chain, etc.

  1. The Quadruple Squad
  2. The Friends of Four
  3. Oh My Friendship!
  4. May the Four-ce Be With You
  5. The Four to Be Reckoned With
  6. Friends Four Real
  7. Olive My Friends
  8. Friends Squared
  9. The Friendship Cube 
  10. The Fearsome Four
  11. The Faithful Foursome
  12. Unforgettable Four
  13. The Four Fairy Girls
  14. The Fresh Four
  15. The Fabulous Four
  16. We The Four
  17. The Four-Ever Group Chat
  18. The Flawless Four
  19. Four Funny Friends
  20. The Formidable Four
  21. The Fashionable Four 
  22. The Fateful Four
  23. The Fave Four 
  24. Four Friendly Kids
  25. The Four Fine Females 

Cute 4-Person Group Names

Sometimes, a friend group or team of four is in need of a cutesy name that reflects the goings-on inside.

These next 25 4-person group name ideas are for your cutest group chat exchanges involving everything from spilling the tea to sharing bestie convos, and more.

  1. Four Ferocious Felines 
  2. The Fancy Foursome
  3. The Fanciful Four 
  4. The Cute Quad Club
  5. The Cutie Club 
  6. Four Cuties
  7. The Itty Bitty Four-Friend Committee 
  8. The Scuttlebug Club
  9. Four-Ever Young
  10. The Baby Beatles
  11. All Aboard the Friendship Ship
  12. The Swiftie Squad 
  13. Four Peas in a Pod
  14. Name a More Iconic Quadruple 
  15. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 
  16. Four Besties Spilling the Tea
  17. Four Best-Teas
  18. Quadruple the Fun
  19. Four Gossip Girls 
  20. Queen 
  21. The Meme Squad 
  22. The Golden Girls 
  23. The Golden Boys 
  24. Besties Four Life
  25. B is for Best Friends 

Funny 4 Group Names For 4 Friends

A lot of these next foursome group names are references to pop culture groups of four, such as the Golden Girls or the Ninja Turtles.

These names can signify certain shared personality traits among friendships of four, such as humor, silliness, and camaraderie. 

  1. Our Last Four Brain Cells 
  2. The Four 
  3. Best Fries Four-Ever 
  4. Ketchup with Friends 
  5. Four Awesome Possums 
  6. Ghostbusters, Remixed 
  7. French Fries, No Guys 
  8. The Four Amigos 
  9. The Three Amigos + 1
  10. The Three Stooges + 1
  11. Beavis and Butthead Times 2
  12. Ed, Edd, n Eddy + 1 
  13. One Direction Minus Zayn 
  14. Kramer, George, Elaine, and Jerry
  15. Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie
  16. Scarecrow, Dorothy, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion
  17. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  18. Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo
  19. The Four Spice Girls 
  20. The Four-Tress of Solitude
  21. The Untouchables 
  22. Gang of Four
  23. The Four Blind Mice 
  24. Little Women
  25. Beth, Jo, Meg, and Amy March

Unique 4-Person Group Names

There’s something unique about an unbreakable bond between four great friends. That’s why the friend group name needs to be equally unique.

These next 25 4-person group names draw from pop culture, recognizable sayings, and idioms, as well as notable friend groups (like the Heathers).

  1. The Core Four
  2. The Four-Get Me Nots 
  3. The Four-ce
  4. The Original Four 
  5. The Unbeatable Four 
  6. The Indescribable Four
  7. A Pair of Four 
  8. The Nancy Drew Crew
  9. Four Hardy Boys 
  10. The Penguins of Madagascar
  11. The Four Horsemen
  12. Four Pete’s Sake!
  13. Four-Get About It!
  14. The Four-mula 1 Racers
  15. Party of Four
  16. Quite the Quad 
  17. You’ve Been Four-Warned of Us
  18. The Meme Team 
  19. Four Birds of a Feather
  20. Four Birds with One Stone 
  21. Un-four-gettable 
  22. Four Rings to Rule Them All
  23. Besties for the Resties 
  24. The Heathers 
  25. The Gossip Squad  

Cool Group Names For 4 People

If your friend group chat is a bit more grown-up and edgy, you might consider some of these group names instead.

These cool foursome friend group names will make the group seem exclusive, special, and distinct from other friend posses.

  1. The Coven 
  2. Band of Brothers 
  3. Soiree of Sisters
  4. Four Seats 
  5. Four on Fire 
  6. The Fiery Foursome
  7. The Flaming Four
  8. Hot Shots 
  9. The Witch’s Cauldron 
  10. Quadruple the Cool
  11. The Four Ice Cubes 
  12. Cool Gang 
  13. Fascination Nation
  14. Get Into Four-Mation
  15. One Big Happy Family 
  16. The Entourage
  17. The Posse
  18. The Gang 
  19. The Exclusive Group
  20. Members Only Club 
  21. Mega Friends
  22. Friends Who Spin
  23. The Winning Friends
  24. Herd of Four 
  25. Pack of Four 

Badass Group Names For 4 People

Last but not least, we wanted to share some truly badass group names for bands of four people.

Whether you want an intimidating name for your 4-person trivia night group or an extra-cool name for your study group, these names should do the trick.

Make sure to incorporate names and words related to superheroes, villains, and winners when creating a badass foursome group name.

  1. Charlie’s Angels + 1 
  2. The Terrible Team 
  3. The Squad of Shenanigans
  4. The Four Troublemakers
  5. The Modern Day Avengers 
  6. The Super Human Quad of Friends 
  7. The Old Kids on the Block
  8. The New Kids on the Block 
  9. The Good Times Club
  10. The Kingdom of Friendship
  11. The Code Red Squadron
  12. Quadruple Badassery Club
  13. The Mission Impossible Dream Team 
  14. The Rule Breaking Band of Four
  15. Superheroes in Training 
  16. The Unbeatable Winners 
  17. Fantastic Females x 4
  18. Mesmerizing Males x 4
  19. The Four Fast and Furious
  20. 4 Fast 4 Furious 
  21. The Four Ultimate Friends 
  22. Pals Four Life
  23. The Big Ol’ Wolf Pack
  24. Four Sewn at the Hip
  25. The Four Blazing Badasses 

Group Naming Tips

When you’re trying to find that perfect name for a group – whether it’s a group of friends, science project partners, a band, or something else – you need to get creative. There have been plenty of iterations of names like “the fantastic four” over time. 

As you choose your 4-person group name, consider the context of the group, the personalities of the members, and how you want to come across to others. 

1. What Does the Group Do?

If your group is merely for personal purposes – such as a private group chat among best friends – stick to something friend-related. For example, you might choose a name like “The Golden Girls” or “FRIENDS” to pay homage to your all’s favorite television friend groups. 

Or, if your group regularly gets together to play Dungeons and Dragons, for example, then you might opt for a more badass group name like “Superheroes in Training”.

2. What Are the Four People Like?

You should also choose a name based on your own personality traits and those of your three other friends.

If you all are constantly sending each other funny gifs or making up jokes, then you might want a group name like “The Meme Team”. 

But if your group is a foursome of girlboss professionals, then you might want a more feminine name such as “The Four Fantastic Freelancing Females”. 

3. How Do You Want Others to See You?

Lastly, your group name should not only reflect its members and purpose; it should also be understandable to outsiders in some way. 

If you want your band group name to come across as cool, for example, select a name such as “The Fab Four” or “The Posse”. These choices will reflect the way that you want your group to be perceived by potential fans and listeners.


Have you been looking for the perfect group name for 4 people? If so, we hope that this guide to 175 foursome group name ideas has given you some good inspiration. 

Whether you’re seeking a four-person musical group name, a science project presentation group name, a friendly group chat name, or some other name, the above options are great choices. 

Be sure to keep in mind the qualities of each member of your group and the reason for the group in the first place. Context and how you want your group to be perceived are important when choosing a name. 

Good luck finding a four-person group name, and be sure to refer to the names we’ve generated in this guide today!

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