Anime Usernames (BEST & Cool Ideas In 2023)

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For those outside of Japan, anime is more accessible than ever., You can find great dubs on Crunchyroll, and even Netflix is starting to invest in anime. 

Good anime has 100% entered the mainstream, and it is no surprise people are looking for some awesome anime usernames to show how much they love Japanese animation.

We won’t beat around the bush. If you are looking for some cool anime usernames, we have well over 100 of them to choose from.

Best Anime Usernames

We are going to dive right into things and give you the best anime inspired usernames. These names have been whipped straight from some of the most popular anime shows of all time, and we have a couple of cool unique Japanese words that we reckon you will love too.

Remember, finding a unique username can be tough. Some of these names may be taken by the time you read this page. That’s cool, though. Coming up with a username is all about showing off your personality.

Try to mix and match some of these names, or even add some numbers on the end to make them unique. Nobody will judge you.

  1. Yuri – this name means ‘lily’, although it is often given to a guy.
  2. Naruto – from the popular anime show ‘Naruto’.
  3. Takashi – means ‘honor’ in Japanese. Perfect for those who fight with honor in games.
  4. Hiroshi – loosely translates to ‘generous’.
  5. Kushina – is one of many Japanese words that can translate to ‘beautiful’.
  6. Aiko – roughly translates to ‘love child’.
  7. Miyako – means a beautiful night. Perfect for the more gorgeous people out there.
  8. Rei – this is another word that you can use to describe somebody’s beauty.
  9. Asuka – translates to ‘perfume’ (roughly)
  10. Hikari – translates to ‘light’. If you have seen Death Note in Japanese, you will know this name.
  11. Hitomi – could be used to describe somebody who is beautiful or wise.
  12. Kamiko – little Goddess.
  13. Maiko – a dancing child.
  14. Mayu – used if you are generous or perhaps superior to everybody or everything.
  15. Shinobu – translates to ‘endurance’.

Good Anime Username Ideas

See. Choosing a username doesn’t have to be hard. There are plenty of cool anime usernames that you can use.

Let’s roll onto a few more. Maybe you could combine some of these names with the previous ones to come up with your own username idea?

  1. Uzumaki – means ‘whirlpool’ but is commonly known the title of the horror anime and manga.
  2. Light Yagami – the English translation for the main character’s name in Death Note.
  3. Rem – character from the anime series Re:Zero
  4. Kirito – Sword Art Online
  5. Saitama – One-Punch Man
  6. Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter
  7. L – English version of Death Note.
  8. Roronoa – One Piece
  9. Kakashi – means Ninja. Comes from the Naruto show.
  10. Okabe – one of the most detestable characters in Steins;Gate. Fun name, though.
  11. Goku – Dragon Ball character. One of the most popular anime characters.
  12. Koyomi Araragi – Monogatari
  13. Kamina – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  14. Jimmy Kudo – the detective from Case Closed.
  15. Ichigo – DARLING in the FRANXX
  16. Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist
  17. Gintoki – from Gintama
  18. Sakata – the surname of Gintoki. Works well as a standalone anime name.
  19. Ayanami – a mech pilot in Neon Genesis Evangelion
  20. Yuno Gasai – the main character from Future Diary
  21. Medusa – a name that has appeared in multiple anime. Normally an evil character.
  22. Shizuka – Doraemon
  23. Jun – loosely translates to ‘Pure’.
  24. Eren Yeager – Attack on Titan
  25. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

Cute Anime Usernames

When you are looking to choose a good anime username, you want something that fits your personality. If you are cute and light-hearted, then some of these cute anime usernames may be great for you!

We will try and give you an idea of each character’s personality. If it matches up to your own, then fantastic!

  1. Mio Akiyama – a shy girl who is afraid of everything. A very talented musician.
  2. Akamaru – a highly devoted dog featured in Naruto. A fan favorite.
  3. Pikachu – probably one of the cutest and most recognizable anime characters in history.
  4. Nezuko Kamado perfect for shorter people. This pintsize character has become a firm favorite in Demon Slayer.
  5. Eri – from My Hero Academia. Addicted to candy and has supernatural powers. Highly troubled past.
  6. Chiki Fujiwara – an insanely cute and bubbly girl with a huge amount of intelligence.
  7. Anya Forger
  8. Megumin
  9. Shiro
  10. Eru Chitanda
  11. Platelets
  12. Shoko Komi
  13. Mitsukuni Haninozuka
  14. Chibiusa
  15. Takeru Takishi
  16. Megumin
  17. Nakano Shiba
  18. Violet Evergarden
  19. Ireina
  20. Asada Shino
  21. Hinata Hyuga
  22. Juliet Persia
  23. Kanae Kocho
  24. Nao Tamori
  25. Rei Ayanami
  26. Toga Himiko
  27. Beatrice
  28. Raphtalia
  29. Miko Ilno
  30. Erio Touwa
  31. Aki Adagaki
  32. Sasha Blouse
  33. Roxy Migurdia
  34. Princess Syalis
  35. Rikka Takanashi
  36. Kirino Kousaka
  37. Aoi Kansaki
  38. Milim Nava
  39. Saotome Ranma
  40. Sengoku

Funny Anime Usernames

Budding anime fans will know that many anime shows will have serious names. Stuff that carries incredibly deep meaning in Japan. Names that describe the personality of the character. It may be beautiful. It may be wise. Something descriptive. Every so often, you have some funny names come along. Ones that seem to make sense other than to put a smile on somebody’s face.

For this list of funny anime usernames, we have taken some of the funniest names from the world of anime. Get creating your username with these as you will make somebody’s day!

  1. Flesh the Pike
  2. Trunks
  3. Nice Holystone
  4. Biscuit Kreuger
  5. Gon Freecss
  6. Jamitov Hymen
  7. Dick Saucer
  8. Bring Stabity
  9. Schneizel el Brittania
  10. Shaiapouf
  11. Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo – nice tongue twister with this name.
  12. Katsura Gintama – means wig in Japanese. Ideal for bald people.
  13. Beefeater E Caty
  14. Tyki Mikk
  15. Kondou Isao – means condom in Japanese.
  16. TetsuTetsu TetsuTetsu – so good this character was named twice.
  17. Bluesey Fluesy – ideal if you want a cute but funny anime username.
  18. Dickel
  19. Welldone the Pussyhand – yes. That is a real name from an anime.
  20. Dik Dik Vandik
  21. Jugem Jugem – a cute money from an anime. His real name is much lengthier.

Unique Anime Usernames

Many anime username ideas are going to be pulled straight from watching anime. People go with their favorite characters. This is great, but you are never going to get something completely unique.

These unique usernames have been pulled from the Japanese language. Each has a meaning behind it.

Perhaps you can find something that matches your personality? Some of these words can be very specific.

  1. Ikagi – a reason for existing
  2. Shinrinyoku – a word that loosely translates to ‘bathing in the forest’.
  3. Yugen – human suffering, but the more beautiful part of it.
  4. Koi No Yokan – if you can’t help but fall in love with somebody.
  5. WabiSabi – you are able to find beauty in the imperfection of life.
  6. Boketto – a word used to describe daydreaming or looking into the distance.
  7. Komorebi – the light through the trees.
  8. BetsuBara – can always find room for a sweet treat.
  9. Tsundoku – a good reader.
  10. Karosi – those who work too hard.
  11. Koyo – the beautiful colors that appear in Autumn
  12. Ukiyo – those who like to live in the moment.
  13. Shibui – those who often find themselves being bitter about the world.
  14. Torimodosu life has beaten you down, but you just get back up again.
  15. Otsukare – a hard worker.
  16. Yabai – awesome
  17. Isseki Ni Chou – two birds, one stone.
  18. Ichigo Iche – unique. There is only one of you.

Cool Anime Usernames

Sometimes anime fans want cool anime usernames. Something that tells people what you are about.

These cool usernames have been plucked straight from the coolest anime characters in history. We won’t tell you where they are from. Just know that these people did some badass stuff in their respective shows.

  1. Shibui – a name for somebody that just get cooler as they age.
  2. Itachi Uchiha
  3. Spike Spiegel
  4. Levi
  5. Killuoa
  6. Zaoldyeck
  7. Meliodas
  8. Alucard
  9. Guts
  10. Hyakkimaru
  11. Jotaro Kujo
  12. Yusuke
  13. Mugen
  14. Vash
  15. Kogami
  16. Vegeta
  17. Kenshiro
  18. Toyohisha
  19. Akatsuki
  20. Baki Hanma
  21. Madara Uchiha
  22. Sukuna Ryomen
  23. Tokita Ohma
  24. Roy Mustang
  25. Toph Beifong
  26. Domon Kasshu
  27. Yami Sukehiro
  28. Nagato
  29. Duke Togo
  30. Gaara

Badass Anime Usernames

Anime is full of characters that do insanely cool stuff. You got people that hop into mechs and fight. Ninjas. Magic users. The works. It is no surprise that there are tons of badass usernames to choose from.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Daisuke – means ruler in Japanese.
  2. Olivier Armstrong – a strong and independent female character from Fullmetal Alchemist.
  3. Tobias
  4. Ghislaine Dedoldia
  5. Hawks
  6. Izaya Orihara
  7. Giorno Giovanna
  8. Alucard
  9. Angelo Lagusa
  10. Sinbad
  11. Joutarou
  12. Chrollo
  13. Hisoka Morrow
  14. Akabane Karma
  15. Thorfinn – a great name for a Scandinavian anime lover
  16. Future Trunks
  17. Revi
  18. Kenpachi
  19. Piccolo
  20. Sosuke Aizen

Anime Usernames For TikTok

There is a massive group of people that love anime and Japanese stuff on TikTok. If you are into that community, then you may want a cool usernames for TikTok to match.

These are not characters, but some Japanese words that we thought could work really well for you. Remember, on TikTok, you may have to combine words to make something unique.

  1. Naruhodo
  2. Kimoi
  3. OssuOssu
  4. Kuldaore
  5. Tsukiko
  6. Wakumi
  7. Hiashi
  8. Raiden
  9. Bulma
  10. Chan
  11. Dimaria
  12. Dita
  13. Zeref
  14. Zima
  15. Dio
  16. Ryu
  17. Seiji
  18. Shinichi
  19. Zempei
  20. Senpai
  21. Zenshin
  22. Havoc
  23. Genya
  24. Moon
  25. Michi
  26. Benjiri
  27. Daiki
  28. Alphonse
  29. Aoi
  30. Cashe
  31. Chibi
  32. Cloud
  33. Miwa
  34. Misu
  35. Aletta
  36. Anju
  37. Chuuoku
  38. Ennis
  39. Annis
  40. Kamiku

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Anime Usernames For Discord

Discord is one of the most popular social media platforms for anime fans. There are plenty of awesome servers to join to discuss your favorite series. You will need a username to match. Let’s get to it!

Remember, because of how Discord works, you can choose any name you want. It will always have a unique number on the end anyway.

  1. Bacura
  2. Ayano
  3. Megumi
  4. Minori
  5. Obito
  6. Nori
  7. Michiaki
  8. Mariko
  9. Okitane
  10. Piccolo
  11. Airi
  12. Betzalal
  13. Orihime
  14. Laxus
  15. Krillin
  16. Gajeel
  17. Freya
  18. Dante
  19. Gohan
  20. Yoshi
  21. Yoi
  22. Sora
  23. Boa
  24. Yoiche
  25. Ryoto

Anime Username Naming Tips

Still can’t decide which anime username suits you the best?

How about we share a couple of tips with you? It might make things a little bit easier.

1. Think About Your Favorite Anime

We are all anime fans here. Most of us probably want a username that reflects how much we love Japanese animation.

Look at your favorite animes. Character names are a great way to find awesome usernames. Many Japanese shows name their characters quite literally so you should pick up a bit of Japanese too.

If character names aren’t your jam, then look at place names in a show, magic spells, weapon names, etc. There should be plenty of ideas floating about in every anime that you watch. 

2. Think About Your Personality

What are your most unique personality traits?

Are you quirky? Are you ambitious? Are you intelligent? Do others consider you beautiful?

Make a few notes and then find an online Japanese translator. You can find some awesome words to include in your anime username like that. 

3. Look Through a List of Japanese Words

Sometimes, we just love to go through a list of common Japanese words and phrases.

A lot of Japanese words have an incredibly deep meaning behind them (due to Kanji) so you can find some awesome words, some of which don’t have a translation in English.

A lot of these words will often match up to some of the more popular anime characters. You can see where the show writers get their inspiration!

4. Use an Anime Name Generator

There are plenty of anime name generators out there. Check out a few of them. They will spit a ton of ideas at you.

You may not always find something unique, but you can combine words to create something great for your username.


 With the popularity of anime, there is no shortage of anime usernames to choose from.

Go through our list and we are confident that you can find something that not only shows off your love for anime but represents your personality.

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