321+ TikTok Usernames That Will Get You Noticed

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TikTok is a massive social media platform with new stars making headlines every single day. The first step towards internet stardom is to craft your very own username that stands out, entices viewers, and is so you.

You can take inspiration from our list consisting of some unique, goofy, and downright adorable names, or use our handy dandy list of famous TikTok names to make one for yourself!

Creating your own name can be challenging, which is why it’s useful to review a list of names to give yourself some inspiration.

Whether you’ve taken one of the names on our list or are inspired by it to create your own, there’s something for everyone here.

The possibilities are truly endless, and if you want to stand out amongst the millions of users on TikTok, then this list will get your creative juices flowing so that your name is something attached to only you.

Check out some of these amazing TikTok usernames that you can use on your journey to success.

Best TikTok Usernames

Starting off our list, here are some of the best all-around TikTok user names that you’re sure to love.

These classics have a nice ring to them and are sure to garner some attention from your audience, whether it’s a startup TikTok fanbase or just your friends and family.

  1. They call me boss
  2. Light of Your Life
  3. Fearlass
  4. Cat Planet from Mars
  5. Livid Lover
  6. Saucy Spider
  7. Wired Up
  8. Chokepoint
  9. Extreme Buddies
  10. Dole Fin
  11. Divas and Devils
  12. Big Names
  13. Pina Colada
  14. Smasher of Tomatoes
  15. Bright Nights
  16. Armored Up
  17. Motionless Blue
  18. Twilight Angel
  19. Chicken Enchiladas
  20. Who lives in a pineapple
  21. Miss Unreal

Good TikTok Usernames

There’s nothing better than the classics, and these usernames are straight to the point.

Whether your interest is gaming, fashion, or baking, these names tell your audience exactly what they can expect from you.

Check out some of our favorites that are sure to make your content exceptional and unique.

  1. Muffin Man
  2. Cookies?Cookies!
  3. Buddha Bruddah
  4. Heart of the Warrior
  5. Cooking Craze
  6. Superman’s Super Mom
  7. Devious Diva
  8. Kinda Athletic
  9. Gym Rat Jailbreak
  10. Techie Technically
  11. Toast and Other Fine Dining
  12. Chaddin’ It Up
  13. Coconuts and Clamshells
  14. MissingNo
  15. The Gruesome Gamer
  16. I Saw Bigfoot Once
  17. Remember When?
  18. Ice Icing, Baby
  19. Freakish Freakout
  20. Fashionista

Creative TikTok Usernames

If you want something that stands out a little more, then check out these creative names that are sure to catch your viewers’ eye.

  1. Dead by Dusk
  2. Been a Bean
  3. Whatsmyname?
  4. The Drama Llama
  5. Write Erase Redo
  6. Duck Duck, Goos!
  7. Munchkin Menace
  8. Chocolate Brain
  9. Imaginebeingoriginal
  10. Watermelon Artificial Sweetener
  11. High on Lies
  12. The Talking Trumpet
  13. Snekontheroof
  14. Green Gob Lint
  15. Soulfire Heartstone
  16. Banana with a Bounty
  17. Itsabonanza
  18. Ilikenachos
  19. Chum with a Plum
  20. Hogwarts Dropout

Clever Usernames For TikTok

If you want a neat and clever TikTok name that your friends are sure to love, then check out some of these great options.

These names all have a certain cheekiness and wit to them that’s sure to strike your fancy.

  1. That One Astonished Pikachu
  2. The Giant Giant
  3. Bespoke Butler
  4. Evil Can Weevil
  5. Itchy Dancer
  6. Spoon on the Moon
  7. Age 2 Age
  8. Charcoal Briquette
  9. Force of Artifice
  10. Lengthy Llama
  11. Hunting for Meaning
  12. Stuck on Level 2
  13. Legendary Sugar Cube
  14. Weight a Minute
  15. Zombie but slightly smarter
  16. Precise Pincushion
  17. Cloud 10
  18. Poker poker
  19. Thats my cue
  20. Dreaming Dali

Cute TikTok Usernames

If you want a TikTok name that shares your love of rainbows and unicorns, then we’ve got some great selections for you to choose from.

Check out some of our favorite love and cuddles usernames that make the magic happen.

  1. Roses and Rainbows
  2. Pink and Fluffy
  3. Its so fluffy
  4. Cotton Candy Crumble
  5. Apple Pie in the Sky
  6. Angelic Princess
  7. Tea Party Everyday
  8. Under the Wing
  9. Wings of Heaven
  10. Did you miss me?
  11. Koala Cuddles
  12. Panda Amanda
  13. Divine Delight
  14. Diamonds and Dreams
  15. Darling Angel
  16. Love Love Me
  17. Tweety Birds
  18. Perfect Pride
  19. Queen with an Attitude
  20. Instant Princess

Funny TikTok Usernames

If you want to give your friend and fans a laugh, then there are some amazing funny usernames out there for you to choose from.

Whether it’s a silly pun or just a nonsensical play on words, these names are sure to tickle your funny bone.

  1. Gone with the Win
  2. There’s someone behind you
  3. Did I say that
  4. Password is 1234
  5. Username not found
  6. Who took my name
  7. Ace in Your Face
  8. Why am I here
  9. Wait who am I again
  10. Cereal Killer
  11. Unicorn Horn
  12. I should be famous
  13. Stop following me
  14. Find me tacos
  15. Politics and other Useless Hobbies
  16. I’m Bigfoot
  17. Still confused
  18. This is my name
  19. Username already taken
  20. Imagine That

Unique Usernames For TikTok

It can be frustrating to try your favorite name only to find it’s taken but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these super unique usernames for your TikTok account.

If you’re after something totally off the wall or just a little wacky, these 20 names will keep your audience amused and bewildered by your creativity.

  1. The Bewildered Potato
  2. Coffee with Ketchup
  3. cat with no Whiskers
  4. Clauses and Closets
  5. Void heart
  6. Beyond the Veil
  7. Introductions anyone?
  8. Coffee Been
  9. TikTok is mid tbh
  10. Weird how i dont care
  11. Sharing is Staring
  12. Teardrops in the Rain
  13. Tidal Conundrum
  14. Bearly with It
  15. I woke up today
  16. Achievement Unlocked
  17. Bald Head Don’t Shed
  18. In the basement
  19. Dormant Delinquent
  20. What is a brain

Rare TikTok Usernames

Looking for something a little bit off the beaten path. We can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen these nicknames on TikTok before.

  1. Paperthin Muffin Man
  2. King Maximilius
  3. The Toenail Trimmer
  4. Skyscraper Coffee
  5. Gimme a Sec
  6. Mm Whatcha say
  7. Boat made of cheese
  8. The gumshoe grenade
  9. Fiery Ice Wand
  10. Watercolor Wizard
  11. Winters Warmest Hot dog
  12. Angry Pacifist
  13. Gummybear Assassin
  14. TacoTurbulence
  15. The art of fart
  16. One Blurry Chupacabra
  17. An Eloquent Orc
  18. If you only knew
  19. Lions and Lemons
  20. Effervescent

Weird Usernames For TikTok

Want to weird out all your friends with your silly TikTok name? Try some of these great options!

  1. Thats not my account
  2. Veni Vidi Vicheese
  3. Didnt see that coming
  4. Lively Liver
  5. My gallbladder stopped working
  6. Life Is a Lie
  7. The Copper Cod
  8. Coatrack Tickler
  9. Salty Pepper
  10. Brushes and Bushes
  11. Spaghetti and More Spaghetti
  12. Better Butter
  13. Flamin’ Hot Cheater
  14. Ego No
  15. The Generous General
  16. Born to Be Mild
  17. Stay out of my yard
  18. Glowy and Showy
  19. Mindmeld
  20. What a rush

Cool TikTok Usernames

  1. Dr CoolMan
  2. Jeff the Gamer
  3. Too EAZY
  4. Bye Now
  5. Wraith in the Void
  6. Im bad with names
  7. Wolfman
  8. Zombie slayer
  9. Bombs away
  10. Dungeon Destroyer
  11. Remember me
  12. Hi and Bye
  13. Dreams of Old
  14. Collective Vision
  15. Double Vision
  16. Secret santa
  17. A low blow
  18. Price of Mice
  19. Noob Slayer
  20. Combo Breaker

TikTok Usernames for Girls

Use the amazing options on this list to wow all of your friends with your creative TikTok names.

Just make sure that your username reflects your personality and interests or one that makes you and your friends smile every time you hear it.

  1. Naming Nancy
  2. Queen of TikTok
  3. Strawberre
  4. Girlsworld
  5. Your Girl Ava
  6. Miss Tik Tok
  7. Beauty mama
  8. Girls Rule the World
  9. Stars and Signs
  10. Singing Sally
  11. Instant Lover
  12. Candy Canes
  13. Blueberry Queen
  14. Betcha
  15. Pocket Beauty
  16. Angel Hearts
  17. Princess Puppy
  18. Darlingg
  19. Hey Mandy
  20. Artsy Gal

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TikTok Usernames for Boys

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the guys. There are lots of great usernames for boys; here are some of our favorites.

  1. Jason Born
  2. Aaron Dough
  3. Jungle Boy
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Soldier of Fate
  6. Agent 006
  7. Mr Charming
  8. Handsome Fella
  9. King of the Castle
  10. Prince Charming
  11. Some Old Geezer
  12. Bad Boys United
  13. Heartbreaker
  14. Nameless man
  15. Lean Green Machine
  16. Hot Chocolate
  17. Smart Start
  18. Danger Zone
  19. One Man Army
  20. Just a Nice Guy

Baddie Usernames For TikTok

If you want to tell the world that you’re a baddie, then here are some of the best names for your needs.

  1. Worth the Trouble
  2. Pretty Girl Thinks
  3. One Low Blow
  4. Eye Catcher
  5. Pretty in Pink
  6. The Morning View
  7. Hot Stuff
  8. Devil in Disguise
  9. Fellforme
  10. U and Me
  11. The Dazzler
  12. Sizzling Temptress
  13. Lovers Lane
  14. Heaven’s Angel
  15. Girlpower
  16. Diamond Gal
  17. Beauty and the me
  18. Princess in Pink
  19. Secret Lover
  20. Taken away

Preppy TikTok Usernames

If you’re after a name that has a nice ring to it, then these preppy TikTok names are perfect for you. Looking for something original and inspiring.

These are some great options whether you’re dancing or just chatting.

  1. Fabulous
  2. Aesthetic
  3. Oreo Milkshake
  4. Red balloons
  5. High Lyfe
  6. Name of the game
  7. Frosty Fine
  8. Sweet and Peachy
  9. Strange White Bug
  10. Teen Spirit
  11. Infinity Complex
  12. Blossom Pixel
  13. Liquid Snake
  14. Potato Rejoicing
  15. Lonely Summer
  16. The Mad Woman
  17. Humble Ostrich
  18. Intellectual Cornflake
  19. Flynn
  20. Adorable Panda

TikTok Username Ideas with Your Name

Looking to etch your name in the halls of fame on TikTok? Incorporating your name into a username is a great idea to personalize your content and give your audience a way to connect with you.

Here are some of our favorite username ideas that include names.

  1. Muhammad Bali
  2. Here with Mercy
  3. Chatty with Matty
  4. Deadline Dan
  5. Zesty Zeth
  6. The Brain of Shane
  7. Thunder Mike
  8. Penny’s Two Cents
  9. Grady the Grader
  10. Sal’s Sales
  11. Cynthia Syndrome
  12. Dishy Danielle
  13. Izzy and Lizzie
  14. Dan the Man
  15. James Plays Games
  16. Smiley Riley
  17. Samantha the Panther
  18. Bob the Blob
  19. Carl Lee
  20. Bubbly Brittany

Famous Existing Usernames for Inspiration

Sometimes, all you need to get started are some names from some of the greats on the TikTok app.

Take a look at how they structure their names and the creativity behind them, and you might just find yourself inspired to make your very own name based on them.

Here are some of the greats.

  1. Khabylame
  2. Charlidamelio
  3. Bellapoarch
  4. Addisonre
  5. Willsmith
  6. Zachking
  7. Kimberlyloaiza
  8. TikTok
  9. Cznburak
  10. Therock
  11. MrBeast
  12. Domelipa
  13. Dixiedamelio
  14. Jasonderulo
  15. Bts_official_bighit
  16. Spencerx
  17. Lorengray
  18. Justmaiko
  19. Kyliejenner
  20. Ox_zung

Hopefully, some of these famous and familiar names will strike your inspiration to build a following on TikTok and expand your audience.

TikTok Username Tips: Choosing A Good Username

If you’re struggling to come up with a nickname for your TikTok, then maybe it’s time to go back to the basics.

For example, you’ll notice how in the top 20 TikTok users, nearly all of them have built a following based on their name alone.

As such, it certainly goes to show that brand recognition and name association are two very important factors in building an audience on TikTok.

If your intention is to grow, then start simple with a play on words using your name and build yourself up as someone worth following. Keep your content niche-specific and take opportunities to grow when they arise.

Doing so will help you gear towards success with your username on TikTok. Of course, if you’re just looking to come up with a goofy nickname, then your best bet is to put a name together all on your own.

Take a random adjective and search for some thesaurus synonyms for it, pairing it with another word to make something silly like ZestyAvocado.

Or, you can come up with a creative pun on words or a reflection on the nature of social media if you want to develop something original that will make your friends laugh.

In all honesty, the best username ideas you’re going to come up with will be related to something you love, so start thinking about what your hobbies are.

Do you love music? Are you into fashion? Does baking float your boat? Or even tech such as computers and mobile devices?

Whatever it is that makes you happy is going to be reflected in your username, so if you’re having trouble coming up with one, then just keep it simple and anchored to the things you love.

Just make sure to never use your phone number when choosing a username!


Hopefully, you’ve come up with a good username to start making short videos to build your TikTok account.

Getting started on social media is hard, and your name is a big part of making yourself stand out amongst the millions of other users.

As such, if you’re after a great TikTok name, go over this list a couple of times and start thinking up some great ideas that reflect your life interest, personality, or name.

Soon enough, you’ll have a great username to stand out from the crowd when making TikTok videos.

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