159+ Cool Gaming Usernames (BEST Naming Ideas In 2023)

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When you dive into an online game for the first time, your first task will be to come up with a sweet username.

The name everybody is going to know you by. Coming up with some cool gaming username is tougher than you may think.

You have us, though. We are going to share a ton of username ideas so, hopefully, you can choose the perfect username for your gaming escapades.

Shall we jump in? Yeah. We should!

Best Gaming Usernames

If you are a good gamer, then you want the best gaming usernames. So, let’s kick off this list of cool gaming usernames with 20 of the best names we have ever seen. 

As with all of the names on the lists, some of these may be double words. If a game doesn’t allow you to have a space in your gaming username, then just squish them together. Still as cool.

  1. The Kraken
  2. Bender – perfect for lovers of TV shows, particularly Futurama.
  3. Mad Dog
  4. Bowser – try this out on a non-Nintendo console. You will be cool as chips. 
  5. Judge Dredd – you are going to judge everybody that gets in your way…with violence. 
  6. The Outlaw
  7. Heisenberg – taken straight from Breaking Bad. 
  8. Son Of Anarchy – want to join a biker gang? We are sure this is how you start!
  9. Varth Dader – Darth Vader will likely be taken, so shake up the name a little bit. 
  10. Luke Landwalker – pretty obvious play on a Star Wars name, but one that works incredibly well.
  11. Beowulf – a character from one of the oldest stories in history. 
  12. Die or Bye 
  13. Your Bane – let people know that you are going to be the bane of their life. The one that always wins. 
  14. Mat Ban – for lovers of Batman, or those that simply hate the feel of a soft mat under their feet. 
  15. Da Joker
  16. Angel Delight – something that sits on the cusp of being cute and deadly. 
  17. The Chef – because you are going to cook up a can of whoop-ass. 
  18. Crash 
  19. Arctic Blade
  20. Chum The Reaper – you can replace chum with any name that you want. Frank the Reaper, for instance. 

Cool Gaming Usernames

Let’s move on to some cool gaming names. Ones that people are going to think that you are incredibly suave for having.

People will have no choice but to bask in your coolness. You may even win a couple of online games because of it!

  1. Mr Suave
  2. Helixo
  3. Blood Soul
  4. The Soul Reaper – because you are going to be doing so much killing out there.
  5. Tommy Gunn
  6. Parley
  7. Jack Crow – because Jack Sparrow is likely to be taken, plus crows are 100% cooler than sparrows.
  8. Ouster
  9. Blacklight
  10. I Bring Death
  11. Haelsturm – just a Nordic variant on Hail Storm. It just looks so much cooler like this. 
  12. Robotik
  13. Abomination
  14. Abominate
  15. Kaboom View
  16. Smoke Plumes
  17. Ogre Man
  18. Kraken Bites
  19. Octopi
  20. The Mortician 
  21. Death Bringer
  22. Clover 
  23. Pringle Man/Girl – sometimes you have to share your love for awesome food. 
  24. Bat Boy/Girl
  25. Pig Paddle
  26. Underfire
  27. ExMilitary – works very well in military tactical games.
  28. Attack Attack – might as well give name instructions rather than screaming through your microphone.
  29. The Pirate
  30. The Viper
  31. The Freedom Dragon
  32. Pharos
  33. Regicide – the act of killing a King or a Queen. Let people know that nobody will stand in your way of power. 
  34. Redemptor
  35. The Overseer – great for fans of the Fallout series of games.
  36. Jack The Ripper

Good Gaming Usernames

Still haven’t found a unique username for you? We wouldn’t fret too much! We are now going to move on to the list of good usernames.

We have a ton of options to share with you here, so buckle up. You’ll have a new gaming username before you know it.

  1. Llama Drama
  2. Sepia Tone
  3. The Mayflower
  4. The Crucifier
  5. Maggotta
  6. Kraken Biter
  7. Friezer
  8. Muted Newt
  9. Scary Lion
  10. Assault Live
  11. Pheasant 
  12. Badger Badger Mushroom
  13. Marc Antony
  14. Castle Climber
  15. Steve Bland
  16. Command Me
  17. Yes Daddy
  18. cat In Hat
  19. Narc Cop
  20. The Victim
  21. Pigeon Catcher
  22. Imp Plant – lovely play on words with this one. Highly unlikely to be taken in your chosen game too.
  23. Sleeperz
  24. Bright Slayr
  25. The Slayr – slayer is likely to be taken, but slayr works as a good replacement since it sounds the same.
  26. Traumate
  27. Youngie
  28. Sleekst
  29. Jimli
  30. Brain Tear
  31. Devil Dogg
  32. Borgett
  33. Way Storm
  34. Bugatti
  35. Warder
  36. Fun Key
  37. Queen Liz
  38. King Charles
  39. Fredie Mercury – a play on the name of famous Queen band member Freddie Mercury.
  40. Parappa The Rappa – if you don’t know of this game, then you are missing out. Cool username to use.

Cute Gaming Usernames

If you want to choose a username that is both cute and badass at the same time, then maybe this section can help!

Here, we want to share some cute gaming usernames that work just as well for a girl as they do a guy (you may need to replace a word or two to make them work for you).

  1. Ms. Mittens
  2. Sparkles
  3. Dreamy Hello
  4. Tinkerton
  5. Jewel
  6. I Love Horses
  7. Candy Dream
  8. Feminine fox
  9. Fish Fudge
  10. Summer Cake
  11. Fiery Ant
  12. Bubbly Muffin
  13. Crafty Spud
  14. Poetic Mango
  15. Tawny Spork
  16. Serious Bear
  17. Sky Tar
  18. Careful dog
  19. Dame Dolphin
  20. Tough Rat
  21. Polite Banjo
  22. Smiley Puma
  23. Healthy Peach
  24. Kind Badger
  25. Beach Swan
  26. Hill Cutie
  27. Grace Rat
  28. Willow
  29. Cute Catfish
  30. Lalla Veena
  31. Cute Badger
  32. Foxy Peach
  33. FlirtyKitFox
  34. SnowChip
  35. Cockapoo
  36. Poetic Pug
  37. Girly Kebab
  38. Cute Starfish
  39. HappyBeans
  40. Cute Peanut
  41. Red Hot Peanut
  42. Meadow

Funny Gaming Usernames

Let’s wrap up by sharing a list of gaming usernames that are on the funnier side of things. Ones that are absolutely going to put a smile on the face of anybody that sees you.

Who knows, these funny and cool gaming usernames may be funnier enough that people will forget if you are playing terribly!

  1. Paris Healton – perfect for healer classes in MMOs. Of course, a play on Paris Healton.
  2. Hairy Popper – classic British wizard turned into a game-friendly game.
  3. Tina Turnher – Tina Turner is famous for singing “The Best” which you totally are. Turnher is to get around name rules.
  4. Not Bigfoot
  5. Dont Be Mean
  6. Lt Dans Legs – reference to the Forrest Gump movie.
  7. Master Chef – are you a Halo character, or are you just a really good cook?
  8. Bread Pitt
  9. Bus Lightyear
  10. Best Served Cold – revenge is a dish best served…
  11. Its Gon Be OK 
  12. IDK How To Play – at least you have an excuse to not be great with this gaming username!
  13. Potato Disco
  14. Not a Streamer
  15. I Hate Retail – let fellow gamers know that you hate your job!
  16. Sylvester Stallion
  17. Legolost
  18. Gymli
  19. Frobo Boggins
  20. Gilldolf
  21. Daddy Drool 
  22. Leeroy Jenkins – probably taken already, but if you can snap it up then perfect for the best meme!

Gaming Username Naming Tips

We have shared a few cool gaming usernames with you. This means that you have ideas for both funny gaming usernames and cute game usernames. But, what if none of the ideas caught your attention?

Well, you can choose a username that works for you. The following tips should help you to come up with some cool usernames in next-to-no time at all.

Remember, some games will allow you to share a username with other players (Xbox Live does this), but they tack a number on the end. So, don’t be afraid to use a username, even if somebody else has it. You can tinker with it slightly to make it yours. 

1. What Game Are You Playing?

The game that you are playing will heavily dictate the sort of cool gaming usernames that you would choose.

For example, if you are playing a fantasy game, then you would probably want a more fantasy username. If you were playing a military-focused game, then your name would need to be more military-focused. Look at these two examples and see if you can guess which games they are for!

  • Frobo Boggins
  • The Commander

Of course, that isn’t to say that you can’t have a general name that crosses platforms. Lots of people do. But, if you are trying to fit into the game world, then always aim for something that meets that game world’s standards. This is especially important if you are playing an MMO. 

2. What Do You Like?

Do you have favorite foods? Animals that you like? What about movies that you enjoy a ton?

When you start thinking about what you actually enjoy in your life, it becomes dead simple to come up with cool gaming username ideas.

If you have read through the list of cool gaming usernames we have given you, then you will likely see that some of the usernames follow a common theme. They all involve objects, characters, etc.

Go through your favorite books or movies and start generating ideas! You may even want to look at other games that you play.

3. Are You Good At The Game?

There is no sense in branding yourself ‘The Killer’ or ‘Death to All’ if you couldn’t get a kill if your life depended on it.

While we suppose there could be some irony in choosing a game name that doesn’t match up to your skill level, try to avoid it. Most people probably wouldn’t get the irony.

In general, we suggest that you avoid any usernames that are an indicator of skill. 

4. Does The Name Need To Be Brandable?

A lot of people are choosing a game username because they want to become a streamer on Twitch. If you fall into this boat, then you need to follow two rules:

  • Your username should be unique.
  • It should be brandable (i.e. easy to remember).

Choosing a username for a streaming platform is out of the scope of this guide. However, you can follow many of the same rules that we listed before. You just need to be much more unique than you normally would be.


Found some cool gaming usernames that you liked? Awesome! Then we did our job!

If you didn’t see the perfect username for you, don’t worry too much. We are sure that you picked something up from this page. 

Follow the tips and names on this list, and we are positive that you can start to generate your own gaming username ideas. It isn’t anywhere near as difficult as you may think!

Remember, you can always change names later if you are not a fan of what you chose (some games/platforms will charge for this).

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