241+ Art Business Names (BEST Ideas)

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Planning on selling your cool art to the world? Fantastic! The world can do with more people selling their artwork! Talented artists can make a rather tidy sum of cash doing it too.

But first, you need a name. You may be all creative when it comes to holding the brush (or whatever type of art you do), but coming up with art business names requires a whole load of another type of creativity.

If you are looking for art business names, then don’t reach for that art business name generator quite yet. We have dozens and dozens of art business name ideas right here for you.

These names can work whether you are opening a gallery, a store, or just selling on Etsy and eBay.

Let’s dive in.

Best Art Business Names

Let’s kick off this list with the best names for an art business. These are the cream of the crop. The names that any fledgling art business, no matter the niche, may want to consider as a name.

As with all of the art business monikers on these mini lists, you don’t just have to grab the very first name that you see.

You can mix and match them to come up with something completely new and unique for your company.

  1. Picturista
  2. Picardo
  3. Inked Ink
  4. The Paint Box
  5. Exquisite Design
  6. The Art of Charm
  7. Craftful Designs
  8. Paintalot
  9. For Your Home
  10. The Art Haven
  11. The Art Coven
  12. Brilliant Brushes
  13. Urban Art
  14. Krazy Art
  15. The Art Space
  16. Gallery by (Your Name)
  17. Envision Creative
  18. Art ; Brand
  19. The Craftworks
  20. The Works
  21. Black Diary Creative
  22. Red Rose Art Designs
  23. Jive Art
  24. The Art World
  25. My Ink

Good Art Business Names List

We are just getting started with the catchy art business names.

Here are 25 more ideas that are sure to get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Ink and Paint
  2. Alchemy Art
  3. The Art Studio
  4. I Am Art
  5. The Artful Hand
  6. Museful
  7. Blur Studios
  8. Art For Everybody
  9. Painted Up
  10. The Muse
  11. Sculpta
  12. The Colorist
  13. Strokes of Color
  14. Smart Splashes
  15. The Magic of Art
  16. Everest Art
  17. The Creative Streak
  18. Visuals Art Us
  19. The (Town Name) Gallery
  20. The Heart in Art
  21. The Art House
  22. The Sculpture Studio
  23. My Art Lab
  24. Artaholic
  25. The Dark Place – for those more unique pieces of art, perhaps with a darker, creepier tinge to them. 

Cute Names For An art business

Are you trying to go for a much cuter vibe to your art brand or art studio? Perhaps these awesome cute art business names will help.

These cute art business monikers work incredibly well for those businesses that are all about handcrafted designs and drawings. Designs that aren’t hyperrealistic, but put a smile on a person’s face. Think chibi art, cartoon drawings, or drawings of animals. These art pieces tend to rock ultrabright colors.

  1. Pawsome Designs – perfect for businesses that sell animal artwork.
  2. Pixie Crafts
  3. My Cute Designs
  4. Blush Designs
  5. The Jolly Doodler
  6. Cutie Pies
  7. Be Well Designs
  8. Chibi Chic
  9. Fluffy Art
  10. The Sitchy Boutique
  11. Sweet Bee Designs
  12. Sweet Pea Art Boutique
  13. Glitter Love
  14. We Love Art
  15. Cute Designs for Cute People
  16. The Fizz and Pop
  17. Baby Roo – a great business idea for art companies that specialize in artwork for babies and their rooms.
  18. I Love Art – the name is right to the point. It shows that you are selling something that you love. People enjoy that.
  19. Pretty ; Charming
  20. The Blushing Baby – is another great business name for those that specialize in art for children, especially babies.
  21. The Artists
  22. Charming Designs
  23. The Cute Loot
  24. (Your Name) Bazaar – to us, the whole idea of a bazaar inspires feelings of cuteness, at least when the store is on a high street.
  25. Cute Boho – the perfect name for art businesses that have a more bohemian vibe to them. The sort of art gallery you would find off the beaten track. 

Funny Art Business Names

We create art because we want to invoke feelings in people. Good artwork, no matter how basic, will always trigger an overwhelming amount of emotion in somebody. Sometimes, this is a great, whopping smile across their face.

If your art is all about cheering people up, then you may want to check out these funny art business monikers.

We have just a few of them here for you, but all of them are great (or, at least we think so).

  1. The Art-tic Monkeys – a rather funny play on the band name. 
  2. The Inky dog – yet another name for those pet-focused art businesses.
  3. The Glitter Noodle
  4. Da (your name) – just to make people smile at the thought of you naming yourself after a famous artist. Works with most artist names.
  5. It’s Fine Art 
  6. Quacking Art – a play on ‘cracking art’, we are sure that you understood that.
  7. Ducking Great Art – we are sure you know what this is a play on. You may not want to use this name for the baby and children’s artwork. 
  8. Pic-a-so
  9. The Frisky Flutter
  10. The Good Art – shows that you are at least sort of modest about the artwork within.
  11. Gigglejack Art
  12. Buzzy Art
  13. Art ‘n Shake – is probably even better if you sell milkshakes too, but if you don’t, it is still a fun name.
  14. Cuddle ; Cheer
  15. Cheery Pop Art
  16. I Will Be Your Artist 

Unique Names For An art business

Coming up with unique names for your art store is going to be tough. This is because all the best names are going to be taken.

Don’t worry, though. There is nothing that says you can’t have a similar name to another business (unless that name is trademarked). You may need to be a bit more creative, though e.g. add your name or town name to the start. Just don’t choose a name similar to a business within 100-200 miles of where you live.

Here are some unique art business names to get you started:

  1. Studio Oui
  2. Craftsby
  3. Unveiled Designs
  4. Konst – this means ‘art’ in Swedish.
  5. galería de arte – art gallery in Spanish
  6. The Posh Painters
  7. Uniquely Art
  8. The Shaping Stone – great for a business that deals with sculptures
  9. The Art Within 
  10. Tidal Studios
  11. Soma Creatives
  12. The Aesthetic Mind
  13. Arte Unica – unique art in Italian, perhaps one of the first countries people think of when it comes to stunning art.
  14. The Hinterland
  15. Everest Artworks
  16. Resonate
  17. Artology
  18. The Artist’s Apron
  19. Art Valley
  20. The Art Life
  21. Anybody Can Art
  22. Artbound
  23. The Artful Dodger – from Charles Dicken’s book ‘Oliver’
  24. Anima
  25. The Happy Part Shop

Catchy Art Business Names

A creative art business needs an easy-to-remember name. This means that you need to have a catchy art business moniker. A name that sticks in a person’s mind is much more likely to lead to countless repeat sales.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Kickstart Art
  2. Gallery Goods
  3. Hobby Designs
  4. Rays of Ink
  5. The Art House
  6. The Art Shack
  7. Image By (Your Name)
  8. Clever Art
  9. The Vision Gallery
  10. Art Magic
  11. The Art Center
  12. The Painted Brush
  13. The Art Box
  14. The Creatives
  15. Art It

Cool Art Business Names

Does your artwork ooze cool? A successful art business will always have a name that describes what they offer. It reels the customers in.

Here are some really cool names for an art business that you can use:

  1. Dungeon Designs
  2. Surfer Style – good for businesses that have art on the hipper side of things.
  3. The Hive
  4. Zee Designs
  5. Hot Hip Art
  6. The Bling Boutique
  7. My Cool Art Shop
  8. Art ; Shine
  9. The Cool Studio
  10. Soulful Style
  11. My Cool Ink
  12. Paragon Style
  13. Art Rocks
  14. Sparking Ink
  15. The Art
  16. The Art Hive

Badass Names For An Art Studio

Is your art company or art store producing art that is very ‘in your face’ or bordering on way too cool for most people?

Well, these badass names for an art studio are the exact names that you need when your pieces scream ‘attitude’:

  1. Unbashed
  2. Hard Hitting Art
  3. Riptide Designs
  4. Badass Art Labs
  5. Black Bean Art
  6. Cred.
  7. Street Art
  8. The Mad Haus
  9. The Ironworks
  10. Blackops
  11. Black Belt Art
  12. Outlaw Art
  13. Kicking It
  14. Empire Art
  15. The Silk Moon Gallery
  16. Rip Art
  17. Brush Brothers – play on ‘Blood Brothers’ which is a cool story. 

Creative Art Business Names

Social media is where you will likely be doing the bulk of your advertising, particularly if you are a small-time art business. You need a name that stands out.

Here are 15 creative art business ideas:

  1. Elexhibit
  2. The Cart Works
  3. The Mint Artist
  4. Paintion
  5. Galleried
  6. ArtC
  7. All Galleried Up
  8. Artation
  9. Art Nation
  10. The Artrum
  11. Osterwald
  12. Artist In The Streets
  13. Gallery of Light
  14. Arts of Time
  15. Gallery House

Names For A Wood Art Business

All of our unique names so far are very generic. For the most part, they can be used for any type of business. It’s time to spice things up now, though.

Let’s go for those names that would work incredibly well for an art business that deals with wood e.g. a carpentry business, wood sculpting, wood turning, etc.

  1. The Oak Leaf
  2. The Wood Forge
  3. The Spruce Works
  4. Sculpted Woods
  5. The Art of Trunk
  6. The Wood Smith
  7. Sawed
  8. Earthe
  9. The Wood Cottage
  10. The Chisel Wood
  11. Shire Crafts – perfect for fans of the Lord of the Rings.
  12. The Wood Works
  13. Artisan Crafts
  14. The Wood Glade
  15. Wicker Trends

Names For A Resin Art Business

Many new art companies are going down the route of resin art. Not only does well-sculptured epoxy resin look stunning, but it is incredibly affordable.

Some of our favorite pieces of modern artwork have been created in resin, and our home is loaded with the stuff.

If you are planning to get into the resin art business, then we hope one of these ten names will help you out:

  1. Pretty in Resin
  2. Plastic Arts
  3. The Sculpt Studio
  4. Waxing Creations
  5. Liquid Art
  6. The Resin Blend
  7. Elixer Arts
  8. Crafted in Resin
  9. Dabbing Art
  10. The Plastic Box 

Names For A Metal Art Business

The metal art business is huge. A metal art gallery may be loaded with ironmongery or sculptures. It may even be a blacksmith.

More and more people are now opting to go for this more traditional method of creating beautiful designs, so anybody that gets into the metal crafting business nowadays is sure to make the big bucks.

You need a good name to get started, though.

Here are some:

  1. The Steel Makers
  2. The Alloy Works
  3. The Iron Graft
  4. Exotic Alloys
  5. The Horseshoe Studio
  6. Magma Art
  7. Serenity Metals
  8. The Steelworks
  9. The Forge
  10. The Lava Works
  11. Arty Metals
  12. Foiled
  13. Grit ; Grind
  14. Rustics
  15. The Metal Finger

Names For A Digital Art Business

If you looked at a list of art companies, you will find that the bulk of them are now in the digital art business.

Tons of businesses need digital art. They need logos, flyer designs, online ads, and a whole lot more. People that have grown up with the likes of photoshop know how to make some stunning digital designs too.

If you are looking to generate thousands of dollars from your digital artwork, then you need to come up with a good business name. Don’t worry, we have got you covered:

  1. Pixel Point
  2. Razzle ; Dazzle
  3. Blue Dart
  4. Paint by Pixel
  5. The Pixel Box
  6. The E Works
  7. Digidog
  8. My Digital Artist
  9. The Artdex
  10. The Arty Bunch
  11. Arts ; Spark
  12. Digital Ideas

Famous Art Business Names

To show you just how varied art business monikers can be, we figured that we would give you a few ideas from real-world companies.

All of these businesses exist and they are making a ton of money. Don’t steal these names, just use them for a dash of inspiration:

  1. Ikonick
  2. Artfinder
  3. Soundwave Art
  4. Ocsarts
  5. Spoonflower
  6. Etsy
  7. ArtBusiness.com
  8. Bunbougu
  9. Hoagard
  10. Wall Art Prints
  11. The Printable Concept 

Art Business Naming Tips

Still haven’t found the name of your dreams? That’s cool. We know how tough it can be to name an art business. We had to come up with dozens and dozens of examples, after all!

Rather than give you a step-by-step guide for names for your art business, let’s give you a couple of tips that should make choosing your name nice and easy.

  1. Keep your business name short and simple. You want it to stick into a person’s mind. It makes it easier for them to recommend your art business to their friends, and easier for them to look you up if they haven’t bought from you in a while.
  2. The name should be easy to pronounce. It may be tempting to have fancy-sounding names, normally Italian or French (very arty), but they very rarely stick in people’s minds.
  3. It is fine to use the name of another art gallery, but make sure no business close by has the same name. We are talking within a few hundred miles. You can always make the name more unique by adding your name to it or perhaps adding the location of the business.
  4. Try to describe what your business sells in the name. When you have a brand name, you are giving customers expectations e.g. you wouldn’t call your business ‘Dragon Art’ if you didn’t sell art that featured dragons or stuff from a fantasy setting.
  5. Share your business name ideas with your friends and family members. See what they think. Ask them to be genuinely honest.
  6. Don’t worry too much about the name. While a name is important, creating your artwork is much more so. A bad name can work if you have fantastic art.


We have given you a ton of names for an art business here. We hope that you have found something that you like and, if you didn’t, you at least managed to get the creative juices flowing. That’s what is more important. You need to be creative. Our names have likely shown you how varied art store and gallery names can be.

We suppose all that is left to do is wish you luck on your art adventures. We are sure that you will be a rousing success!

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