471+ Craft Business Names (BEST Name Ideas!)

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Coming up with an amazing craft business name is one of the hardest parts of starting up a company.

It is not just about coming up with something to put on your storefront sign or business page, but something that will explain to people what you are all about and pull them in.

It is hard to imagine coming up with a name using only a few words could be so tough, but the struggle is real and can be the difference between success and an epic flop.

If you own a craft business or in have one in the works, we have a great list of names for you to consider when putting together your company cards; plus a few great tips and tricks to help you through the process at the end.

Let’s dive in.

Naming a company is a lot more than just picking some interesting words and slapping them together on your Esty page or small business shop. This is a job that requires critical thinking, creativity, and a whole lot of patience.

The name of your brand is the first thing anyone ever sees so it has to really stand out, be memorable, and make a huge statement.

In the list below, you will find some great real-world craft business names that will hopefully inspire you while coming up with your very own. 

Best Craft Business Name Ideas

  1. Color Me Crafty
  2. Stitch Paradise
  3. The Hobby House
  4. Inspirational Crafts
  5. Creating Memories
  6. Daily Grind
  7. Dream Designs
  8. Craft Box
  9. Pretty Paper Studio
  10. Charming Moments
  11. Creative Bar
  12. That’s Sew Krafty
  13. Crafty Results
  14. Make Craft Happen
  15. Hand Painted Fun
  16. The Amazing Paper Shack
  17. Unique Designs
  18. Time to Kraft
  19. Big City Craters
  20. Better Krafts
  21. It’s a Crafty Life
  22. Craft Affairs
  23. Craft Maniacs
  24. Creative Flair
  25. The Paper Bunny
  26. Heavenly Crafts
  27. A Crafty Life Syle
  28. Just Craftin
  29. Make Crafts Happen
  30. Subtle Crafts and Creations
  31. Keeping it Crafty
  32. Arts and Crafts Saloon
  33. Beads and Baubles
  34. Bling It On
  35. Creative Jewels
  36. Custom Creations
  37. DIY Diva
  38. Elegant Embellishments
  39. Express Yourself
  40. Fancy Fashions
  41. Glitzy Goodies
  42. Handcrafted Heaven
  43. Hip and Trendy Designs
  44. Indulge in Your Creativity
  45. Jazzy Jewelry
  46. Keep It Unique
  47. Make It Your Own
  48. Oh So Pretty Accessories
  49. One of a Kind Creations
  50. Passion for Fashion
  51. Polished Pearls
  52. Raw Materials
  53. Refreshingly Original
  54. Rustic Chic
  55. Simply Stunning
  56. Snazztastic Accessories
  57. Sparkle and Shine

Crafting can be a cute and fun activity for friends and family to enjoy together. To create a successful crafting business, you want to embrace the cuteness and give it a name that shows how fun your shop can be. 

Using words that are family-friendly and easy to remember is a great way to draw in potential customers looking for something to do with those they enjoy spending time with.

Below is a list of great ideas for cute craft business names you should consider using when naming your craft store.

Cute Names for A Craft Business

  1. Knot Your Average Store
  2. The Knitter
  3. Craftify
  4. Craft-tastic
  5. Cute Crafts
  6. Craft Studio
  7. Bows n’ Things
  8. The Krazy Kreative Klutter Co.
  9. Lil Handmade Shop
  10. Crazy Crafts
  11. Crafty Creations
  12. Little Stitches
  13. Patchwork Paradise
  14. Little Stitches
  15. Crafts Galore
  16. Maid to Craft
  17. Sewing Bee
  18. Craft Royalty
  19. Buttoned Up
  20. Craft Critters
  21. Craft Code Co.
  22. Stitched ; Sewn
  23. Stuck Together
  24. Let’s Get Crafty
  25. Dainty ; Delicate
  26. Buttons, Beads ; Beyond
  27. Colorful Crafts
  28. Inspired Imagination
  29. Buckets o’ Beads
  30. Creation Station
  31. The Craft Connection
  32. Crafty Collection
  33. Making Magic
  34. Classic Crafts and Company
  35. Crafty Inc
  36. The Craft Class
  37. Little Ceramics
  38. Crafty Company
  39. DIY Divas
  40. The Creative Crafters
  41. Artsy and Craftsy
  42. Handmade Haven
  43. Indie Craft
  44. Made with Love
  45. Crafting with Care
  46. Uniquely Yours Creations
  47. Simply Homemade Crafts
  48. A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That
  49. One of a Kind Creations
  50. Everything Handmade
  51. Made with Heart and Hands
  52. Just for Fun Crafts
  53. Arts and Crafts Galore!
  54. Create with Love
  55. Homemade Happiness
  56. crafting chicks
  57. Sew Cute
  58. The Crafting Corner
  59. DIY Designers
  61. The Homemade Collection
  62. Crafting For Fun

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One way to draw in new customers to your up-and-coming craft company is by uniquely advertising your unique craft business.

The same ole, same ole, works just fine, but making sure your company stands out is even better.

Using Unique names by switching up the spelling or even just turning one letter backward can offer your brand that little something that really sells.

Below is a great list of unique art and craft company names that can change the way you do business.

Unique Craft Business Name Ideas

  1. Clothosio Crafts
  2. Craftally
  3. Craftinaire Inc
  4. Craft Force Once
  5. The Great Escape Craftroom
  6. Crafbitt
  7. Hodge Podge Lodge
  8. Craftily
  9. Craftooler
  10. Craft-thatch
  11. Fabricitti
  12. Tight Squeeze LLC.
  13. Locks and patchwork Inc.
  14. Studio 9ten
  15. Susy Q’s Crochet
  16. The Daily Grind
  17. The Art Box
  18. Sunset Candles
  19. Soul Gems
  20. The Creative Crafter
  21. Craft House and Lodge
  22. The Basket Cache
  23. Stonegate Candle Creations
  24. That’s Sew Crafty!
  25. Ribbon World
  26. Bling Designs
  27. Time Travel Creations
  28. A Piece of My Heart
  29. All in the Family
  30. Assemble
  31. Be Crafty
  32. Bits + Pieces
  33. Bling it on
  34. Born to Craft
  35. Bundle of Joy
  36. Craft a Little Happiness
  37. Craft Away
  38. Craft Comes to Life
  39. Crafted with Love
  40. Crafting Happiness
  41. Create + Cultivate
  42. Create your own story
  43. Designs by you
  44. Different Strokes for Different Folks
  45. Do it Yourself!
  46. Doodlebug Crafts
  47. Embellishments Galore
  48. Everything Handmade
  49. Handmades Tale
  50. Everything Nice and Crafty
  51. Express Yourself

Consider using Puns or Rhyming words when creating a catchy and memorable craft business name.

This is a popular way to get customers to not only visit your store but makes it easy for them to remember your name.

Below is a list of names ideal for businesses in the craft industry, that will help you make your mark.

Catchy And Memorable Craft Business Names

  1. Palette Productions
  2. Get Crafty
  3. Your Stitch Fix
  4. Get Glued
  5. Glue For You
  6. Beaded Bright Before You
  7. Beaded Beauty
  8. Beadazzled Department
  9. Diy Doctor
  10. Dedicated Diy
  11. DIY Darlings
  12. Dare To DIY
  13. Crafty Diy
  14. Craft Corner
  15. Act-On Crafts
  16. Craft Creations
  17. Rumored
  18. Knotty Knitters
  19. The Lavander Heart
  20. Little House of Crafts
  21. The Lovely Ladies Knitting Club
  22. Scattered
  23. The Second Time Around

To be successful, you have to be “cool”. You can achieve a cool business name by searching social media, blog articles, and even other craft companies to see what names or words sell, then find a great way to incorporate these words into your own brand.

Here is a list of good craft business names that can help you target the right audience and draw them to your company’s front door.

Cool Sounding Names for A Craft Business

  1. Artisan’s Oasis Inc.
  2. Threaded Needle
  3. Connect Crafts Co.
  4. Near to My Art
  5. The Crafty Cottage
  6. The Sewing Basket Boutique
  7. Epic Master Crafty
  8. Karma Art ; Graphics
  9. Just Poppin Crafty
  10. Just Crafting Studio
  11. Hobbycraft Corners
  12. The Fabric Wagon
  13. Woodland Craft Supplies Co.
  14. Learning to Paint in the Hills
  15. The Paint Shop
  16. Colour Me Crazy
  17. Silver Spinning ; Weaving Supplies
  18. Quick Design “n” Craft
  19. Slay All Day Crafting Studio
  20. Ribbons N More Store
  21. Spotlight Creations
  22. The Sewing Room
  23. SewProCrafts Inc
  24. In a Stitch
  25. Craft Managers Pro
  26. Scrapbook Cottage
  27. Hobbysew
  28. Wire Crafts
  29. Crafthouse Studios
  30. Craft USA
  31. Crafty Messes
  32. Daily Creations
  33. Care to Flair
  34. Cast off Collective
  35. Handmade Essentials Hut
  36. Sew It Happens
  37. Sterling Crafts
  38. Draft to Craft
  39. Feel “n” Inspired
  40. Pink Pecan Crafts
  41. Bazaar Bizarre
  42. Rustic Rose
  43. The Gilded Lily
  44. Juniper & Journi
  45. Gypsy Market
  46. The Mercantile
  47. Huckleberry Hill
  48. The Olde Curiosity Shoppe
  49. Willow Bend Trading Company
  50. Fireside Forge
  51. Mountain Mist Mercantile
  52. Sweetwater Creek Soapworks
  53. The Bluebonnet Boheme
  54. The Trading Post
  55. Bramble & Briar
  56. Clover & Shamrock
  57. Thistle & Fern
  58. Foundry Fair
  59. Maple Run Emporium
  60. Cottage Lane Crafts
  61. The Rusty Nail
  62. Crossroads Trading Company
  63. Old World Marketplace
  64. Twice as Nice Treasures
  65. Third Time’s the Charm

What better way to advertise your crafting brand than by using a creative and crafty name?

Creative names can come from literally anywhere; use a family member’s name, a specific type of craft, or a play on words to come up with a knockout business name that will grab the right target audience’s attention.

Below is a long list of creative names you should consider utilizing when branding your creative craft business.

Creative Names for A Craft Business

  1. Ace of Craft
  2. I- Kandy Kreations
  3. Craftin’ It
  4. Castle Krafts
  5. The Craft Code
  6. Ever-Creative
  7. Getting Crafty With it
  8. Signs of the Seasons
  9. Christmas Crafts Year Round
  10. Creating Choas With Art
  11. The Summer Craft Company
  12. Bliss Weavers
  13. Twisted
  14. Artiztic
  15. New Age Craftation
  16. Anything Goes
  17. Art Angles
  18. Clip n’ Snip
  19. Dream Nation
  20. Game Day Designs
  21. NOOB Designs
  22. Fair ; Square
  23. Crafter’s Choice
  24. The Oblique Imperative
  25. Creative Explosions
  26. Craftie Inc.
  27. Creative Expressions
  28. Crafty Inc.
  29. Artist ; Craftsman Supply
  30. Hobby Lobby
  31. Act On Crafts
  32. Craft ; Commerce
  33. House Of Krafts
  34. JOANN Fabric and Crafts
  35. Craft Towns
  36. Groovy Town Creations
  37. Krafty Kids Club
  38. Frame Worz
  39. Cross Country Craft
  40. Handy Hands And Helpers
  41. Inspirations Crafts
  42. ART Imports
  43. Fabrics and Crafts
  44. Angel Crafter
  45. Ceramics and Professional Designs
  46. FineCraft Collections
  47. Crafterina

Don’t be boring when naming your new company. Come up with something clever and not done already.

You can always find inspiration from other businesses by taking the names you like and giving them your own spin.

Below is a list of clever names you can use to create your brand or mix and match a few to come up with a successful catchy craft business name.

Clever Names for A Craft Business

  1. Craft Alive
  2. Stuck Together
  3. Get Crafty
  4. Breath Of Joy
  5. Just Breath and Craft
  6. Create Crafty
  7. Green Thumb It
  8. Crafty Coyote
  9. The Bay Creations
  10. ACE Amazing Artisan Treats
  11. Butterfly Creations
  12. Paper Owls Inc.
  13. Crafty fox
  14. Scrapbookers Dream
  15. Craft Gallary
  16. The Knoted Noodle
  17. Crafty Vibes Space
  18. Natural Crafts
  19. Art FORM
  20. Craftmossphere
  21. Craft Artisan Design Co.
  22. Fruits N Crafts
  23. Craft-Tastic Creations
  24. Sweet Creations
  25. Block Art Materials
  26. Making Masterpieces
  27. Teen Crafts and Designs
  28. Destiny Designs
  29. Dollar Designs
  30. Dainty Designs
  31. Knot Your average Craft Store
  32. Color Me Crafty
  33. Keeping in Krafty

Quirky names are so much fun to work with. You can truly bring a smile to your customer’s face simply by creating a name that stands out from the crowd in an odd and quirky way.

Mix in some words that don’t necessarily make sense to the subject, while still being able to get the point across.

Take a look at this list of quirky craft business names and see if any could assist you throughout your start-up adventure. 

Quirky Names for A Crafty Business

  1. The Crazy Purple Patch
  2. Color Glitter Glam
  3. Master of Makeup
  4. Hearts and Crafts
  5. The Crafty Cow
  6. Craft Mania
  7. Knitters for Life
  8. The Craft Emporium
  9. Cleaver Cuts
  10. Committed to Crafting
  11. The Crafty Penguin
  12. Kraft N Grow
  13. The Little Craft Corner
  14. Craftateria
  15. Craft Bags
  16. Traquil Crafting
  17. The Kraft Kitchen
  18. Kraft Kanopy
  19. The Happy Craft Wagon
  20. Weird and Wonderful Crafts
  21. Yarn Place
  22. The Lost Yard
  23. Quilt Your Life Away
  24. Scrapbooking 4 Fun
  25. You Cut me Up
  26. Ruffled Up Paper
  27. Roll Up and Shop
  28. Just Moustache it!
  29. Wrong Way Crafts
  30. Sock It 2 Me
  31. Knitted with love
  32. Funny Bee Craft
  33. Crafty Friends Designs
  34. Craft Cuts
  35. Knit-a-Long
  36. The Angry Artist
  37. Doodling Craft
  38. The Craft Party
  39. Fuzzy Wuzzy Crafts and Creations
  40. Just Sitting and Knitting 
  41. Sewers Gonna Sew
  42. New Mature Crafts
  43. Whip-stitch

What better way to capture customers’ attention than by putting a smile on their faces.

If you can make someone giggle just by seeing your sign, you won’t have any trouble getting them to walk through your doors.

Below is a variety of craft business name ideas that are fun and can help lead you to your big break.

Funny Names for A Craft Business

  1. The Tinker Tree
  2. The Mad Crafter
  3. Happy Strings ; Things
  4. The Coloring Table
  5. BeadDazzle
  6. Wicked Simple
  7. Crafty Folks
  8. Glitter Galore
  9. A Touch of Glass
  10. Simple Scissors
  11. Generations Creations and Crafts
  12. Craft box Play
  13. Cool Calm ; Crafty
  14. Hobby Station Creation
  15. Crafthouse Studios
  16. Kreative Klutter
  17. Just a Pinch
  18. Image Craft
  19. Pretty Paper Studio
  20. This Old Palette
  21. Beautiful Little Things
  22. Miss Piggies Paintings
  23. Lone Star Charm
  24. Vast Varieties
  25. Witch Craft Warehouse
  26. Forbidden Creations
  27. In a Pinch
  28. Craft In Forces
  29. Fuzzy Wuzzy Creations
  30. Craft Vibes

Anything handmade deserves a special amount of attention since these pieces come from the heart.

So, when you are selling a brand that creates crafts made by hand, utilizes how sentimental and special these items are.

Reach out to the public letting them know you sell one-of-a-kind crafts or offer a one-of-a-kind service by applying it to your company name; below is a list of names that do just that. 

Handmade Craft Business Name Ideas

  1. DIY Art Dr
  2. DIY Darlings
  3. Dare To DIY
  4. Little Hippie Kraftz
  5. Hobby Hunters
  6. Arts And Yarn
  7. Artisan Alley Co
  8. Craft Castles
  9. Hobby Hut
  10. Craft Central Inc
  11. Ecstatic Arts N Crafts
  12. Craftastic
  13. Tricky Talents
  14. Crazy Cozy Hobbies
  15. Kookie Krafting
  16. Craft ‘N’ Go
  17. Crafty Cart
  18. Hot Handicrafts
  19. Art Abroad
  20. Dedicated Diy
  21. Craft Devotions
  22. Craft Week With Me
  23. Can U Craft
  24. Craft Station Nation
  25. Crafty Minds
  26. Craft Makers INC
  27. Beautiful Canvas Co.
  28. Craft Solutions
  29. Craft Hobby
  30. Crafted By hand
  31. Craft Factory
  32. You and Me Crafts
  33. Be Younique
  34. Crafting Life On Paper
  35. Craft Breweries
  36. Craft Wise
  37. Artisan’s Edge
  38. The Maker’s Collective
  39. Handcrafted Expressions
  40. The Creative Workshop
  41. The Artist’s Studio
  42. Fine Crafts by Design
  43. Artisan Workshops
  44. Crafting Traditions
  45. The Creative Connection
  46. Hands on Creations
  47. Uniquely Yours Crafters
  48. Finely Crafted Treasures
  49. The Crafting Connection
  50. Artistic Endeavors
  51. Creative Crafting Corner
  52. Crafting with Style
  53. Handmade Expressions by Design
  54. The Crafting Barn
  55. Country Cottage Crafts
  56. Rustic Elegance
  57. Homemade Happiness
  58. Busy Hands
  59. Sweet Simplicity
  60. One of a Kind
  61. A Piece of the Past

Company Name Naming Tips

Choosing the best company name for your brand isn’t an easy task. You want to appeal to as many people as possible in just a few words to your target market.

If you are trying to come up with the best name ever for your new craft business, here are a few tips that have worked for many other entrepreneurs.

1. Short and Sweet

Keep your name short, sweet, and simple. Not only is a long business name hard to fit on a business card but can also be difficult to remember.

You shouldn’t use more than 1-4 words (with the most popular option being 2). A good lesson here is that less is more. 

2. Be Positive

No one wants to shop somewhere they get a negative vibe from, keep your name pleasant; something that gives customers a positive feeling.

You also want to stray away from explicit words or innuendos that are tasteless and not family oriented. Unless you are specifically trying to attract a rough crowd, keep things positive and upbeat, and avoid anything that can be offensive. 

3. Be Creative

Have some fun with your brand and use words that rhyme, puns, or alliterations of common words and phrases. This is a popular way to name a company because people will never forget a creative name that is fun to say.

You can also have a little fun with the color and text style, making it really stand out on your social media sites and business cards.

4. Stay Relevant

If your craft business is named “the Purple Heart” no one will know what you sell and customers who might otherwise shop with you will pass right on by.

Always try to include some word or way to let the customers know what types of items or services you are selling, this will help market your brand and will make your name pop up in an internet search.

In the crafting niche try using words like art, handmade, crafty, etc. This is sure to explain exactly what you provide. 

5. Be Unique

Just because one company is successful using a simplistic name or something that sounds catchy, doesn’t mean it is the best. So often generic terms are overused or one good name is altered in a million different ways.

Everyone is unique, and since you do own a crafting company, you are creative enough to come up with your own successful business name.

6. Keep Things Simple

If your business name is difficult to say or spell, chances are customers will move on to something they can remember and or type into their phone or laptop.

If you want a variety of visitors bringing traffic to your shops or websites, you always want to make sure your name is simple enough to look for. 

7. Don’t Copy

Always avoid trademark names, people can be very touchy about their brand’s name being used for someone else’s profit and lawsuits do happen.

You can easily check domain names online to ensure your idea is available. There are so many ways to make an amazing business name, there is never a good excuse to claim someone else’s idea as your own.

8. Use Powerful Words

Demand the attention of your customers and use powerful, evocative words to attract attention. The stronger the words are in your name the more confident, respectable, and reliable you sound. 


It doesn’t have to be overly complicated to come up with a successful craft business name. There are many tools and resources available to you that can help make the task much easier than you might think.

If you are struggling to create a unique name for your up-and-coming crafting company, you can always utilize websites such as GoDaddy. These domain sites are also great ways to ensure your name is available to buy when starting a craft business, ensuring it is yours and yours alone.

You could also check out a craft business name generator for more inspiration.

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