500 Babysitting Business Names (Awesome Ideas For 2022)

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Did you recently decide to start a babysitting business but struggle to come up with a great name that is guaranteed to get you, clients?

No worries, we have you covered.

Below is a list of names and ideas you can use for the childcare adventures that are sure to help you be successful.

When naming a new company, you should always consider coming up with something that will grab potential client’s attention and give them an idea of exactly what type of service you offer. 

These names below are all creative, interesting, and professional names for great babysitting businesses that are sure to make you tons of money.

Best Babysitting Business Names

When you are opening a babysitting business, you want a name that will reflect your personality and your profession.

Use the company’s name to sell your services and bring in plenty of clients.

Here is a list of the best babysitting business names we could find (50 of them.)

  1. Mandy’s Play Yard
  2. Night Owl
  3. Peas in a Pod Child Care
  4. Precious Baby Care
  5. Crafty Kids Center
  6. Friendly Flos Baby Sitting Sevices
  7. Super Nanny Inc.
  8. Baby Care Cottage.
  9. Rock N Baby Sitters
  10. Better Life Baby
  11. Night Time Nanny
  12. Mama’s Helper
  13. After School Care
  14. Best Babysitting 
  15. Sunshine Nursery
  16. Night Sky Babysitting
  17. Happy Nannies
  18. Lullabies babysitting Inc.
  19. Boom Buzz Babysitting
  20. Kiddie Mates
  21. Kinderguardians
  22. Little Flowers Day Care
  23. Merry Time Dolls
  24. Nora’s Nanny Service
  25. Purple Shades
  26. Sitters Studio
  27. Time for Kids
  28. Baby Bliss Childcare
  29. Baby Sitters cCub
  30. Crystal Caring
  31. Kiddie Kapers
  32. First Choice Sitters
  33. Kids Station
  34. Babylicious
  35. Baby Cuddlers
  36. Baby Sitter Solutions
  37. Mission Blue and Pink
  38. Nana’s Nanny Service
  39. Bluewish Child Care
  40. Diapers and Dollies
  41. Magic Time Child Care
  42. Bluebird Babysitting
  43. Babysitters on Board
  44. Baby Sitter Services
  45. Care for Angels
  46. Protecting Angels
  47. A+ nannies
  48. Betty Lou’s Babysitting
  49. Kiddie Patrol
  50. Little Lambs Childcare

Unique Babysitting Business Names

Using the same common names is boring; coming up with something different and unique will make you stand out from the competition.

Here is a list of 50 unique babysitting business names you need to check out.

  1. Tiny Tots Babysitting 
  2. Bookworm Babysitters
  3. Sheer Child Expressions
  4. Peaches and Cream
  5. Tiger Town
  6. Execute Child
  7. Affinity Child
  8. Curve ball Babysitter
  9. Allurement Care
  10. Creative Care
  11. Rebalanced Child Inc.
  12. Careverse
  13. Babysitteriva
  14. Babysitteroo
  15. Refine Childcare Services
  16. Peachy Care
  17. Responsible Babysitter Services
  18. Mikado Child
  19. Eclipse Babysitter
  20. Bendable Babysitter
  21. Assist Child Company
  22. Avenger Care
  23. Childdeck
  24. Carelux
  25. Affinity Babysitter
  26. Pavement Child
  27. Rejuvenate Child
  28. Current Child Solutions
  29. Childn
  30. Universal Child Care
  31. Clues Babysitter
  32. Topic Child
  33. Bones Babysitter
  34. Duchess Babysitter
  35. Galvanic Care
  36. Slip N Slide Sitter
  37. Bunker Babysitter
  38. Wanderlust Babysitter
  39. Diva Child
  40. Carevio
  41. Violet Babysitter
  42. The Better Babysitter
  43. #1 Sitters
  44. Fantastic Care
  45. Sapphire Child
  46. Tree Hugging Babysitters
  47. Pickles Play House
  48. House of Laughs
  49. Clownin Around
  50. Family Farm

Catchy Babysitting Business Names

A catchy babysitting business name is easy to remember.

Good companies with catchy names are more likely to attract tons of clients. 

Here are 50 of the catchiest babysitting business names we could find.

  1. Little Miss Blue Jean
  2. Happy Babysitters
  3. The Babysitting Pros
  4. Pulp Kids
  5. TLC Babysitting Club
  6. Happy Babysitters Services
  7. Mystery Inc. Child Care – (Just like Scooby Doo)
  8. Pamper My Children
  9. BabyOneNite
  10. Madame B’s Babies
  11. Adventure Child Care
  12. Kittn Babyz
  13. Brooklyn Babysitting
  14. BabyBunch Child Care
  15. Little King Cole
  16. Babydaze Babies
  17. Pawesome Babysitting
  18. Ella’s Babysitting
  19. The Happy Babysitter (Smile and be happy)
  20. YupNosh
  21. Bubbles ; Babs
  22. Babysitting Bliss
  23. Bubbles’n Babies
  24. MySweetBabysitter
  25. Pretty Little Helper
  26. Peak Babies
  27. Toddlers ; Beyond
  28. Kidstica
  29. Mammy’s Babysitting
  30. The Baby Parlor
  31. Rita’s Babies
  32. Fantastic Kids Inc.
  33. Solo Childcare
  34. Allstar Babies
  35. Starry Preschool (Use the word preschool to indicate you will be teaching the children you watch)
  36. Pure Preschools
  37. Little Quiznos
  38. BabysittingByJoyce (Put your name in the title to make it personal)
  39. Child Frenzy
  40. Tiny Town Baby Sitters
  41. Toddler Time
  42. The Nice Neighborhood
  43. Kiddy Island
  44. Funky Friends and Fun
  45. Rainy Day Get-a-way
  46. Little Bunny foo-foo (hopping through the forest)
  47. Shrink a Dink Day Care
  48. Better B Have
  49. Kool Kids Club
  50. Fireflies

Good Babysitting Business Name Ideas

All it takes to come up with a good babysitting business name is a little creativity and maybe a few tools from tips from professionals.

This list below is a collection of 50 good babysitting business names we absolutely love.

  1. Babysitting Bees
  2. Bungalo Childcare
  3. Laughs and Love
  4. Kritters INC
  5. Maggie’s Babysitting
  6. Babysitting By Mimi
  7. Babysitting Buddies
  8. The Best Baby Resort
  9. All-Day Baby Boutique
  10. Babysitting By Choice
  11. Little Dreamers Day Care
  12. GlamorBabies 
  13. The Babysitting Guys
  14. BabySitter HQ
  15. Roots Baby Daycare
  16. Best Babbies Child Care
  17. The Classy Child Court
  18. Boulevard Play Yard
  19. Proud Parenting Posse 
  20. Babysitting Palace
  21. Teddy Bears Child Center
  22. Whirlpool Kids and Kreations
  23. Babes Playtime Dolly
  24. House of Babies
  25. K-5 Babsitting
  26. BBS Babysitting
  27. Babysitting Paradise
  28. R U Home Babysitting
  29. BabysittingByBekki
  30. BabyBuddies
  31. Smart Start Babysitting
  32. Kinder Kiddies 
  33. Babysitting By Day
  34. Beebe’s Babysitting
  35. Babysitters4Kids
  36. Echo Babies
  37. Webble Wobble Child Care
  38. All Star Baby Me
  39. Babysitting Inc
  40. Baby’s Daydreams
  41. Dreaming about Baby
  42. The Children’s Helper
  43. Bebe’s Baby Care
  44. Baby Bunches House of Love
  45. Lifetime Babies
  46. Babysitting4Less
  47. Baby ; Me
  48. Blissful Babysitting
  49. Tot Topic
  50. Lucky Little Lambs

Classy Names For A Babysitting Business Idea

Classy equals professional and reliable.

Name your business something that will offer you a reason to sell your services to anyone looking for reputable child care they can count on.

Here are 50 classy business names for babysitting services.

  1. Little Luvs Babysitting
  2. Coutour After School Care
  3. Smile Time Babysitting
  4. Home by Midnight Babysitting
  5. Merry Time Babysitting
  6. Classy Child Care
  7. Night Night Nanny
  8. Diamonds in the Rough
  9. Cheerful Childcare
  10. Elegant Sitters
  11. Helping Hands from Heaven Babysitting Service
  12. Little Baby Boutique
  13. SuperStarz
  14. Sassy Sitters
  15. Classic Care
  16. Upper Eshalonts Child Care Company
  17. Badazzeled Baby
  18. Little Gems Child care
  19. Glitz and Glamour Babysitters
  20. Gemstone Retreat
  21. Jewlz Day Care
  22. Crimson and Crafts
  23. Sugo Natural Beds
  24. Babysitting By Lola
  25. Sunrise Naps and Nippers
  26. Beachbum’s Baby Sitters
  27. Clusters Kids
  28. Sweet Home BnB
  29. Babys B Busy
  30. Babes4Kids
  31. Baby-Biz-Goodies
  32. Christian ChildCare
  33. Buttermilk Babies
  34. Star Gaze Babysitting
  35. Sleeper City Childcare
  36. Baby-B-Babies
  37. Red Carpter Baby Sitting Services
  38. Coveted Kids
  39. Crazy Kids Child Care
  40. Kreepy Krawlies Child Care
  41. Eternal Babycare
  42. Babies 1st Resort
  43. Serenity Babysitting
  44. Crib Creations and Care
  45. Trying Times Kid care
  46. Tap a Nap Inc
  47. Loving Life with Littles
  48. Twinkle Toes Baby Sitting
  49. Fun N Games
  50. Elegant Day Care Services

Cute Babysitting Business Names

Kids are so cute, so why not make your business name cute as well?

Using a cute name is a great way to relate to the clients who will be searching for your services.

Here are 50 cute babysitting business names that would work well for your upcoming endeavors.

  1. Jack N Jills Babysitting (Just like the nursery rhyme)
  2. Bugaboos Babysitting Services
  3. Baby Watch
  4. Cute and Cuddly Child Care
  5. ABC Care
  6. The Bouncy Babysitters
  7. Rock N Roll Sitting Services
  8. Bunny Bunch Child Care
  9. Play Ground Groupies
  10. Fuzzy Wuzzie
  11. Childs Play
  12. Tiny Tots Nanny Services
  13. Baby Wow
  14. Puppy Love Child Care (who doesn’t love puppies.)
  15. The Happy Nanny
  16. Baby Boutique
  17. Baby Sitters City
  18. Morningside Nannies
  19. Kiddie Caregivers
  20. Baby Care Central
  21. Sitters Saloon
  22. Watch Me
  23. Kids Monopoly
  24. Candy Land Child Care (One of the greatest kid’s board games ever.)
  25. Chutes and Ladders 
  26. Borrowed babies
  27. Baby Business
  28. Childs Play
  29. Kitty Kat Care
  30. Tiny Town
  31. Lilly Land Day Care
  32. Comfy Cozy Kids
  33. Kids Barn
  34. Zooland 
  35. Munchin Land
  36. The Childcare Factory
  37. Sweet Petunias
  38. My Little Piggies
  39. Kids N Krafts (All little kids love to do crafts)
  40. Fantasy Land
  41. Dream Day Care
  42. Sneaky Little Snakes
  43. The Lions Den 
  44. Weet Treats
  45. Fun Tymes Child Care
  46. Living Large
  47. Daddys Day Off
  48. Dream Dragons
  49. Goofy Guardians
  50. Little Swimmers

Clever Babysitting Business Names

To create a clever babysitting business name, you can use a play on words or switch up the spelling of common names, words, and businesses.

You might also want to be clever with the shape and style of your text.

Below are 50 cleaver babysitting business names just for you.

  1. Kiddie Corral Childcare
  2. Mission Blue and Pink
  3. Crowd Kids Care Center
  4. Best Little Lovies
  5. Charming Babysitter
  6. Metropolitan Sitters
  7. The Babysitter’s Choice
  8. Baby Buddha Child Care Service
  9. Super Babysit
  10. Babysitters INC. (Simply adding INC. can make all the difference) 
  11. Morning Nannies
  12. Baby Doll Little Flowers
  13. LOL Childcare
  14. Moana Babysitting Service
  15. My Pretty Little
  16. My Little Helpers
  17. In Good Hands
  18. Jumping Jacks
  19. Precious Littles’ Nanny Service
  20. Caring Nannies and More
  21. Nanny Agency
  22. Mommies Little Helpers
  23. Playin Around
  24. Loving Life
  25. Babies R Us
  26. Brings Us Your Baby
  27. Cutesters and Cuttles
  28. Zzzzsitting – (Sleeping kids are the easiest to care for.)
  29. Kiddie Kapers
  30. Tinker Town – (Doesn’t that just sound adorable?)
  31. Zippies Babysitting
  32. Tic Tac Toe
  33. Barefoot Babies
  34. Toddlers and Tots
  35. This Little Piggy
  36. Precious Pieces
  37. Light of My Life
  38. Taking Time
  39. Tickles and Tots
  40. Live and Learn Child Care
  41. Wiggle Worms Baby Sitting
  42. Childhood frineds
  43. Kids and Company
  44. Mama B’s Daycare
  45. Baby Safe Minds
  46. Baby Sit Blog
  47. Artful Nanny (Let them know you will do more with their kids than just watch them.)
  48. Baby and Kid Care
  49. A Day At Nannys
  50. A Nannys Diary

Cool Babysitting Small Business Names

Are you having a hard time coming up with a cool name to call your babysitting company?

Take a little advice from popular television shows, movies, music, etc. Keeping up with modern times is the best way to come up with a good business name.

Lucky for you, we have a list of 50 of the coolest babysitting business names out there.

  1. The Play Place
  2. The Fun Zone
  3. Zero Days Off
  4. Super Hero Care
  5. Miraculous Care
  6. At Home Babysitter
  7. Baby Sit Diaries
  8. Baby Nanny
  9. Nanny 911 – (A popular television show from 2004-2009)
  10. Sweet Hugs
  11. Take some Alone Time
  12. Apples N Oranges Babysitting Service
  13. Baby’s Best Friend Child Care Service
  14. Topaz Babysitting
  15. Babysitters Club (Ann N Martin Books First released in 1986)
  16. Any Time Babysitting Service
  17. Ashley and Anns Baby Sitters Services
  18. The Crib Connection
  19. Shady Sitters
  20. Sandra’s Babysitting
  21. Daycare and Music Lessons
  22. Babysitting Service Like pro
  23. Rocking Frog Sitting
  24. All Around Babysitting Service
  25. Anywhere Babysitting Service
  26. A Parent’s First Choice
  27. Tom ; Jerry Babysitters (the popular cartoon charters from the Tom ; Jerry Show)
  28. Watch N’ Learn
  29. A Mommy’s Helper
  30. Babysitter to the Rescue
  31. Care For Your Loved One
  32. Your Child’s Keeper
  33. Teddy Bear Security
  34. Little Miss Sunshine
  35. Starlight Childcare Services
  36. Blessed Baby Sitters
  37. Auntie Anna’s Babysitting 
  38. Be the Best Babysitting
  39. Cutie Pie Daycare Service
  40. Out of Hours Babysitting
  41. Baby’s Best Friend
  42. Over the Rainbow Babysitters
  43. Fairytale Babysitting
  44. Closing Time Nanny Services
  45. Munchkin Land Babysitters
  46. Smiles and Giggles
  47. Child Care Service
  48. Kan Do Kids’s Care
  49. Baby Dazzle and Daze Service
  50. Kreepy Krawlers Services

Funny Names For A Babysitting Company

Getting a giggle out of potential clients is a fantastic way to bring in business.

Making your babysitting business name sound a little silly can make all the difference for your company. 

Below is a list of 50 babysitting business names you might want to consider.

  1. Sit or Crawl Child Care
  2. Cheek Pinchers Babysitters
  3. Children in Charge 
  4. Little Bouncing Babies
  5. Bubbles and Bottles
  6. Baby Bizness
  7. Bountiful Babysitting
  8. To The Moon and Back
  9. Monsters on the Loose
  10. Licoln Logs 
  11. Babysitters on Board
  12. Babysitters Anonymous
  13. Smart Sitting
  14. Rocking Frog Sitting
  15. Story Saying, Nanny
  16. Chubby Cheeks Child Care
  17. Unicorn Kids
  18. Little Buggers
  19. Sassy Sitters
  20. Crazy Town Child Care
  21. Little Boogers
  22. Booming Babysitters
  23. Cheap and Easy Child Care (Everyone wants to save some money)
  24. Lucky Little Lizards
  25. Charlie’s Child Care Service
  26. Around The Clock Care
  27. Jumping Jacks Babysitting
  28. Cinderella Babysitters
  29. Baby Bliss Childcare
  30. In Good Hands Babysitting
  31. First Impressions
  32. Toddlers’ Paradise
  33. My Child’s Keepers
  34. Fairyland Babysitting Service
  35. Anytime Anyday Nannies
  36. No Nonsense Nannies
  37. Blossoming Babies
  38. Right on Time
  39. Fairy Godmothers
  40. The Kid Connection Babysitters
  41. Beauty and the Beast Babysitting Services (One of the best classic Dinsey Movies ever.)
  42. Little Love Caring
  43. Tiny Hugs
  44. Club for Babysitting Services
  45. Moms’ Night Out
  46. Night and Day Sitters (The more time slots you offer, the more clients you will get)
  47. Babysitting Barter
  48. Nannies R’ Us
  49. Nannas Nursery
  50. Rock Around the Clock

Creative Babysitting Business Names

Get creative and have a little fun with your babysitting business name. Use the name to capture the attention of your potential customers and get a little smile from every family that uses your services.

Below are 50 creative babysitting business names for your child care service. 

  1. Empty Nester Babysitting
  2. Kiddie Cabin 
  3. Bandits Babysitting
  4. Camp Buddie Child Care
  5. On Call Babysitting Service (promoting you are always on call can get you a lot of business)
  6. Daycare Dragons
  7. Open Angels
  8. Quality Child Care Center
  9. Caring Children Company
  10. Bright Star Sitters
  11. Goblins Babysitting 
  12. Stress-Free Sitters Services
  13. JJ’s Babysitting
  14. Snuggle Time Babysitting Services
  15. Childhood Comfort Club
  16. Annie’s Babysitting
  17. Conscientious Care
  18. Baby Select Club
  19. Sleepin Sweet Babysitters
  20. Open Hearts Childcare
  21. Bright Starts Childcare
  22. Trustworthy Babysitters – (Let them know you can be trusted right in your business name.)
  23. Give and Care 
  24. Babysitting Empire
  25. Always There Babysitters
  26. Happy and Healthy Babysitting
  27. Urban Views Babysitting Services
  28. Comfortable Care
  29. Babysitters Clubbin it
  30. Alpacas Angels Child Care
  31. Hopscotch Babysitting
  32. Friday Night Babysitting
  33. First Step Babysitting
  34. Babysitters Headquarters
  35. Over the Rainbow Daycare Service (Somewhere Over the Rainbow)
  36. Busy Bee Babysitting Service
  37. Know-it-All Nannies
  38. Red Balloon Sitter Saloon (Doesn’t that sound fun to say?)
  39. First Steps Home
  40. Angel Face Babysitting INC
  41. Baby’s Home Away from Home
  42. Nightlight Babysitters
  43. Kare n Komfort for Kids
  44. Eagle’s Nest Babysitting Services
  45. Kids Best Friend Babysitting 
  46. KiddyKare Babysitting
  47. Lambs Chops Childcare (Like the PBS Show Lamb Chops Play Along on air from 1992-1995)
  48. Cool Kidz Kare
  49. Birdie’s Baby Sitting Service
  50. Little Einstiens Sitters

Company Name Naming Tips

Naming a babysitting business doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

There are a few tips and tricks to consider to make it easy and make your new company successful.

Here are some great suggestions to consider when naming your company.

  • Make it easy to remember – keep the name you choose short and memorable. Try to use words and include names that are familiar to most people.
  • Make sure it is professional and respectable – Steer clear of controversial words or immature names that might make people feel offended rather than welcomed. Funny is good, but make sure the humor is clean.
  • Make it relatable – Make sure your company name is related to the services you provide.
  • Make it easy to understand, read, and spell – Don’t make the name difficult for clients to find, keep it easy to understand so you are easily accessible.
  • Keep it fun and interesting – Your company is dedicated to caring for kids; kids like to have fun, give your business name something that ensures parents you will keep their children entertained.
  • Make sure it is Kid Friendly – You spend your time taking care of young kids; your company name needs to be child friendly. 

Other things to think about when naming any type of company include:

  • What is your vision?
  • Where is your business located?
  • What are the special and specific services you offer?
  • What is the age of kids you will watch

Your company’s name is a representation of you and should reflect not only your services but your personality, knowledge, and expertise as well.


There are endless options you can use when coming up with a babysitting business name. Use creative thinking and soul searching when coming up with your business title, and have a little fun with it as well.

If all else fails, there are plenty of babysitting business name generators online that can help you come up with the perfect name for your new company. And if you come up with a list of potential names, always run them by family and friends to get their opinion before settling on the one that is right for you and your part-time business.

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