249+ Funny Business Names (BEST Ideas)

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When naming your business, it is important to choose a name that people will remember – especially if it’s clever.

After all, who can forget names like Spruce Springsteen Cleaning Services or Frying Nemo? The latter is a real name, FYI – it is the name of a fish and chip shop in the United Kingdom. 

But sometimes coming across inspiration can be difficult.

Read on for our best lists of funny business names, including hilarious business names for specific businesses.

Let’s dive in.

Best Funny Business Names

Here are some of the best funny business name ideas to pick from:

  1. Frying Nemo – A real UK business name. 
  2. Darth Vaper – A good idea for a name of a smoke or vape shop. Even better if you decide to go with the Star Wars theme. 
  3. Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps – A real business with a name that leaves no doubt in what services they provide. 
  4. Lord of the Fries
  5. Pho Shizzle
  6. Wok This Way
  7. Jack the Clipper – A name that can work for both a hair salon or a lawn care business
  8. Vinyl Resting Place – A real business based out of Portland, Oregon.
  9. My Hair Lady
  10. Hairway to Heaven
  11. Earth Wind and Flour
  12. Woofs a Daisy Pet Shop
  13. The Director’s Cut – A great name for either a hair salon or a movie rental business.
  14. Sam and Ella’s Chicken Palace – This ironic moniker is a real business in Oklahoma.
  15. Live and Let Dye
  16. Life of Pie – Could be either a pizzeria or a bakery.
  17. Curl Me Crazy
  18. Fiddler on the Tooth – This is a clever name for a dental office.
  19. Knock Knock, Who’s Hair?
  20. Ooh Girl, Who Did Your Hair? – A real hair salon based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
  21. Fro-ternity Hair Salon
  22. Time to Dye
  23. Root on Us Dental Office
  24. Tech it Easy Electronics
  25. Kick the Budget – This versatile moniker could be used for most businesses.
  26. Basic Kneads Bakery
  27. Back to the Fuchsia Florists
  28. A Cut Above
  29. Amy’s Winehouse – A succinct name for a winery or vineyard that plays homage to the late, great British singer.
  30. Thai Tanic
  31. Indiana Jeans – A great name for a clothing store.
  32. A Likely Story Bookstore
  33. Planet of the Grapes – A great name for a winery.
  34. Speaks Volumes Booksellers
  35. Eggcellent Eats – This name is perfect for a local brunch spot.
  36. The Melting Plot Bookstore
  37. Lord of the Rinse Laundromat
  38. Bound for Greatness Booksellers
  39. The Lore Keeper Bookstore
  40. Bread Zeppelin – This name could work either for a rock n’ roll themed bakery or a sandwich shop.
  41. Pita Pan Sandwich Shop
  42. Fishcoteque
  43. Lord of the Wings – A great name for a sports bar.
  44. Crust Lust Pizzeria
  45. Tequila Mockingbird Bar ; Grill
  46. Jabba the Cutt Barber Shop
  47. Ginger Snapped
  48. Skins ; Needles Tattoo Parlor
  49. Pandora’s Box Antiques

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Funny Cleaning Business Names

  1. Spruce Springsteen Cleaning Services
  2. Grime Scene Investigators
  3. Maid to Order
  4. Hot Mess Assess 
  5. Under the Rug Cleaners
  6. No Dust R Us
  7. Partners in Grime
  8. Ace of Maids
  9. The Gleam Team
  10. Greener Cleaner – This name is particularly fitting if you are committed to using eco-friendly cleaning products. 

Funny Craft Business Names

  1. Stensability
  2. Heavenly Handmades
  3. Apothecrafty
  4. The Art Cart
  5. Art of Gold
  6. Knit for the Gods
  7. For Art’s Sake
  8. All’s Flair in Love and Art – A memorable title with a quote to match, can also be shortened to “All’s Flair.” 
  9. Good Craftations – This name conjures up images of crafts of all kinds, alongside an old Beach Boys tune. 
  10. Crafter Hours – A straightforward name that hints that a crafter’s work is never done!

Funny Fake Business Names

  1. Laugh Lab Joke Shop
  2. Pulp Eviction Dental Office
  3. Beauty and the Feast – A great name for a dining hall or upscale restaurant. 
  4. The Treeminator Landscaping Services
  5. The Big Queasy – This name would be fitting for an amusement park, ideally one with a lot of roller coasters. 
  6. The Booze Brothers Liquor Store
  7. The Bark Ages – This could work for both a pet shop or a woodworking shop, depending on what meaning of “bark” you choose to use. 
  8. Fuelproof
  9. Tools Paradise
  10. Glove Somebody 

Funny Babysitting Business Names

  1. Granny’s Helpers
  2. Super Sitters
  3. Borrowed Babies 
  4. Superdudes Babysitting – A catchy name for a male-run babysitting service.
  5. Kinderguardians – Could work for both a babysitting agency or a daycare, with a fun play on the word “kindergarten.” 
  6. Night Owls Babysitting Services – A great name for overnight sitters. 
  7. Bambinos Babysitting – This cute term is also Italian for “babies.”
  8. Cuties ; Duties Babysitting
  9. The Crib Connection
  10. The Babysitter’s Club

Funny Home Repair Business Names

  1. Pain in the Glass Window Repairs
  2. Grate Expectations Fireplace Repair
  3. Floors for Thought
  4. Flat Boy Skim Plastering Services
  5. Professor Fix-It – A great name for a versatile company. 
  6. A Guy, A Toolbox, and A Truck – Succinct and memorable. 
  7. Applied Appliance Repair
  8. Jack of All Trades Home Repair
  9. Home Sweet Home Repairs – A catchy name that drives home the sentiment that there’s no place like home.
  10. You Break It We Fix It Appliance Repair

Funny T-Shirt Business Names

  1. Boyfriend’s T-Shirt Co
  2. Your Tee or Mine?
  3. New Threads on the Block – This name could also apply to a personal stylist. 
  4. The Cotton Connection
  5. Teelicious
  6. Shirtopia
  7. Tee Geeks
  8. Snugtastic Tees
  9. Tees on Fleek
  10. Tee-riffic Tees

Funny Instagram Business Names

  1. Instagrannies – A great name for an Instagram business run by older women. 
  2. The Golden Gram
  3. Top of the Feed Chain
  4. KiloGram Co.
  5. Square Shot Stories
  6. Posed to Post
  7. The Gram Glam
  8. Snapshotopia
  9. Gramstance – Could be a great name for an Instagram modeling agency or fashion business. 
  10. Dapper Dude – Perfect for a business specializing in men’s fashion.

Funny Joinery Business Names

  1. Wicked Windows
  2. The Window Wizards
  3. Heavenly Stairways
  4. Crafty Joiners
  5. Benched In
  6. Grandpa’s Joinery
  7. Into Woodwork
  8. Dreamy Doors
  9. Jack’s Joinery – This could work well for any J name. 
  10. The Joinery Doctor

Funny Woodworking Business Names

  1. Wood that I Could
  2. Robin Wood
  3. Color Me Timbers
  4. Tree-tmeant for your Cabinets
  5. Sappy Wood Workshops
  6. Your Shavings Account
  7. Flare to Spare Woodworks
  8. A Woody Deal
  9. Gimme Wood Woodworkers
  10. Wooden It Be Lovely

Funny Handyman Business Names

  1. Screw It Handyman Services
  2. The Trusty Wrench
  3. License to Drill
  4. Don’t Call me Handy Andy
  5. The Handyman Can
  6. Eye Candy Handyman
  7. B. Handy Handyman Services
  8. Handy Manny
  9. The Handy Connection
  10. The Happy Accident Handyman

Funny Welding Business Names

  1. Sparky Metalworkers
  2. Melting Point Welding
  3. The Welding Venue
  4. Ironsteel Concepts
  5. The Melting Machine

Funny Gardening Business Names

  1. Thundercloud Gardening
  2. Plant Whisperer
  3. Four Seasons Gardening
  4. Many Tree Nursery
  5. Jolly Green Gardeners – Not to be confused with the jolly green giant from the popular canned vegetable brand. 
  6. The Flower Box
  7. Dig It! Gardeners
  8. Seasonal Impact
  9. Eden’s Gardeners
  10. Green Thumb Enterprises

Funny Lawn Care Business Names

  1. You Grow It, We Mow It Lawn Care
  2. Dirty Hoe Landscaping – This naughty name is a bold and direct moniker for any landscaping business. 
  3. The Sodfather
  4. Lawn ; Order Landscaping
  5. Yardvarks
  6. Pimp my Lawn
  7. Kiss my Grass Landscapers
  8. The Lawn Rangers
  9. Major Tom’s Ground Control
  10. Abominable Mowman

Funny Pressure Washing Business Names

  1. Come Stain or Slime
  2. Clean Freak Pressure Washers
  3. Filth Force Pressure Washers
  4. Wash My Way
  5. Have a Blast Pressure Washing
  6. Wipeout Pressure Washing
  7. Done Dirt Cheap Pressure Washing
  8. Game of Washers
  9. All-Clean Power Washers
  10. Blue Wave Washers

Funny Auto Detailing Business Names

  1. Rise and Shiny
  2. Road Runners Auto Detailing – Works especially well if you live in the American Southwest. 
  3. Sparkle Starz Garage
  4. Pebble Xpress Detailing
  5. Shine Like Knights 

Funny Botox Business Names

  1. Beauty and the Beach
  2. Botox Babes
  3. No More Wrinkles
  4. Lovely Lips by Botox
  5. Lady Botox

Funny Cake Business Names

  1. The Confection Connection
  2. Swirls ; Pearls
  3. Tiers of Delight
  4. Dripping Drizzles
  5. Chateau Dough
  6. The Flour Tower
  7. Sweetie Pies
  8. Let them Eat Cake
  9. Doughing Pains
  10. Cake a Diem

Funny Candle Business Names

  1. Wick ; Wax
  2. Fire Breather Candles
  3. Let’s Light Something
  4. Nunya Beeswax Candles
  5. Fart Stoppers Candle Company

Funny Carpentry Business Names

  1. Carptastic Woodworks
  2. Big Daddy’s Workshop
  3. Lumber Jacks
  4. Lefty’s Carpentry
  5. Full House Construction
  6. License to Cut
  7. The Wood Whisperer 
  8. Straight to the Heartwood
  9. Broken Toe Construction
  10. Wood Wrecker Services

Funny Photography Business Names

  1. Shutter Up
  2. Flash Me Photography
  3. The Dark Room Portrait Studio
  4. Work It Photography
  5. Bracketeers
  6. Keep that Smile Photography
  7. Lensation Picture Studio
  8. Flutter Me Shutters
  9. Photo Phactory
  10. The Picture Patch

Funny Massage Business Names

  1. Under Pressure Massage
  2. Rubba Dub Dub 
  3. The Rub Around
  4. ComFoot Spa
  5. Give N’ Take Massage

Funny Plumbing Business Names

  1. Shit Happens Plumbing – Bold and straightforward.
  2. Plumb Hut
  3. Drill the Sink Plumbers
  4. No Drip Fix
  5. Royal Flush Plumbing

Funny Sewing Business Names

  1. Sew it Happens 
  2. Full Seam Ahead 
  3. In a Stitch – This name implies speed and efficiency. 
  4. Tins ; Needles
  5. Stitch Perfect
  6. A Stitch in Time
  7. Beauty Embroidified 
  8. Knotty Knitters – A “knotty” name for a yarn store. 
  9. My Flair Lady
  10. Sew It Seams

Real Hilarious Business Names

  • Sam and Ella’s Chicken Palace – salmonella…
  • Goin’ Postal
  • Donkey Balls

Funny Company Name-Naming Tips

When choosing a name for your business, there are a few hard and fast rules to keep in mind. 

  1. Keep it simple – long names are difficult to market and for customers to remember.
  2. Make sure the name reflects your business. While a name may be clever, if it doesn’t apply to your services, it won’t be good for business. 
  3. Avoid cliches, like “Mr. Clean Cleaners” or “Baby Sitters.” 
  4. Conduct a thorough Internet search to verify that the name is still available. 
  5. Don’t rush – sometimes it can be difficult to come up with the right business name. But the wait is usually worth it. 


While a lot of work goes into starting a business, naming can be a fun experience. Take your time naming your business, and perhaps take inspiration from some of the suggestions above.

If you need more inspiration why not try a business name generator.

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