231+ Baddie Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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Are you in need of a hot new playlist? Whether you’re looking for something to motivate you through your next workout, or something to vibe out to while sipping on a latte, we’ve got you covered. 

Check out these awesome baddie playlist names to get your creative juices flowing!

Best Baddie Playlist Names

  1. Wild Thing
  2. Hotline Bling
  3. Baddie Anthem
  4. Vibes and Beats
  5. Savage Squad
  6. Boss Lady
  7. Dope Vibes
  8. Slay All Day
  9. Bad Blood
  10. Femme Fatale
  11. Boom Bap Baddie
  12. Street Style
  13. Swag Master
  14. Get Rich or Die Tryin’
  15. Thug Life
  16. Late Night Vibes
  17. Takeover Mode
  18. Baddie Paradise
  19. Real Bad Boyz
  20. Glamour and Glitz
  21. Hittin’ It Hard
  22. Notorious Baddies
  23. Lit Up
  24. Femme Fabulous
  25. Badass Boss Babe
  26. Thuggin’ It Out
  27. Gangsta Groove
  28. Turnt Up Tunes
  29. Turn Up Queen
  30. Gangsta Girl
  31. Ratchet Music
  32. She Got That Swag
  33. Bad Intentions
  34. Show Stopper
  35. Swagger Jagger
  36. Dance Floor Diva
  37. Flawless Femme
  38. Boom Boom Bang
  39. Rule Breaker
  40. Baddie Playlist
  41. Hip Hop Heat
  42. Gangsta Love
  43. Booty Shakin’
  44. Rise Up
  45. Get Low
  46. It’s a Trap
  47. Baddie Tunes
  48. Feel Good Music
  49. Risky Business
  50. Money Maker

Good Baddie Playlist Names

After you’ve chosen the perfect name for your baddie playlist, it’s time to fill it up with all your favorite tunes. 

To help you get started, here is a list of good names for a baddie playlist that will turn heads and get people dancing.

  1. Baddie Beats
  2. Bad Girl Gang
  3. Baddie Anthems
  4. Shake It Up
  5. Hot Girl Summer
  6. Turn Up Tunes
  7. Bad Gal Vibes
  8. Bad Habits
  9. Femme Fatale
  10. All Night Vibes
  11. Party Starter
  12. Dance Fever
  13. Shake It Off
  14. Feel Good Playlist
  15. Groove Time
  16. Crazy Good Music
  17. Pop Culture Playlist
  18. Badass Tunes
  19. Get Wild Playlist
  20. Rave Ready Playlist
  21. House Party Hits
  22. Turn Up Queen
  23. Baddie Power Hour
  24. Funky Fresh Playlist
  25. Feelin’ Good Vibes
  26. Let’s Party! Playlist – A perfect playlist idea for any music lover.
  27. Girl Power Jams
  28. Pop Princess Playlist
  29. Baddie Dance Party
  30. Club Vibes Playlist
  31. Turn Up & Throw Down
  32. Sweet & Spicy Jamz
  33. Sexy & Sassy Jams
  34. Pop Music Parade
  35. Dancing Diva Playlist
  36. Baddie Boutique
  37. Get Glam & Groove
  38. Cool & Confident Jams
  39. Let’s Get Lit

Cute Names For A Baddie Playlist

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for cute names for your baddie playlist. 

In this section, we’ve compiled a list of 30+ of the cutest names for your baddie playlist. 

From funny and punny to sweet and romantic, these names will make your baddie playlist stand out.

  1. Bad to the Bone
  2. Siren Songs
  3. Bad Vibes Only
  4. Pretty Nasty Girls
  5. Baddie Beats
  6. Punk Princesses
  7. Dangerously Sweet
  8. Femme Fatales
  9. Fierce and Fabulous
  10. Rebellious Rhythms
  11. Troublemaker Tunes
  12. Mischief Managed
  13. Femme Firecrackers
  14. Bad Barbie Playlist
  15. Sweet Sinners
  16. Wild at Heart
  17. Rebellious and Reckless
  18. Rebel without a Pause
  19. Savage Soundtracks
  20. Wild Women Who Wobble
  21. Bad Bitches Only
  22. Sinful Sounds
  23. Dark Divas
  24. Wildflower Playlist
  25. Outlawed Tunes
  26. Girls on Fire
  27. Femme Fatalities
  28. Hot Mess Mix Tape
  29. Baddie Boogie
  30. Dangerous Desire
  31. Unruly Underground
  32. Naughty Notes
  33. Baddie Playlist Brigade
  34. Mixtape Mayhem
  35. Troublemaker Tracks
  36. Fierce Femmes
  37. Savage Symphonies
  38. Seductive Siren Songs
  39. Badass Babe

Funny Names For A Baddie Playlist

We’ve already provided some inspiration for naming your baddie playlist – but why not add a bit of humor to it? 

A funny name can make your playlist stand out and add a smile to someone’s face. 

Here are 25 funny names you can use for your baddie playlist:

  1. You’re Not the Boss of Me
  2. Dont Touch My Stuff
  3. You Can’t Tell Me What To Do
  4. No Rules, No Limits
  5. Baddie Anthemz
  6. Bad and Boujee Tunes
  7. Badass Beats
  8. Powerful Hits from the Baddie Crew
  9. The Baddie Playlist: No Fear, All Fun
  10. Baddie-licious Tunes
  11. Badass Hits for Badass People
  12. Be Bad, Be Baddie, Be Bold!
  13. These Tunes are Too Hot to Handle!
  14. Bumpin’ Badass Beats All Day Long
  15. I Got the Baddest Tunes Around Town!
  16. Dare to be Different and Listen to These Baddie Rhythms!
  17. The Best Beats for the Best Baddies!
  18. Bad and Proud – That’s the Baddie Way!
  19. Bumpin’ Badass Beats in Style!
  20. Be Bad, Be Bold, Be Brave

Unique Names For A Baddie Playlist

  1. Bad Girls Club: A perfect name for a baddie playlist, this one will have you feeling like a rebellious queen.
  2. Pretty Gangsta: For those who want to be both pretty and tough, this is the perfect playlist name.
  3. Wildflower: Show off your wild side with this beautiful and unique playlist name.
  4. Chillin’ Like a Villain: A fun and playful option for those who want to show their edgier side.
  5. Baddie Beats: Get your baddie on with this catchy name for your playlist.
  6. Dare to Be Different: This is the perfect name for those who want to stand out from the crowd and dare to be different.
  7. Rebellious Diva: An excellent name for a badass baddie playlist that all the girls can relate to.
  8. Not Sorry: Let everyone know you don’t regret any of your baddie choices with this powerful name.
  9. Femme Fatal: Show off your sexy side with this dangerous-sounding name for your playlist.
  10. Bad Vibes Only: Need we say more? This is the ideal playlist title for when you only need bad vibes in your life!

Creative Names For A Baddie Playlist

  1. Badass Beats: A collection of bangers and hits to start the party.
  2. I’m the Boss: A playlist of songs to make you feel like a baddie in charge.
  3. Shake it Till You Drop: Get your groove on with this selection of dance songs.
  4. Queen Music: Music to make you feel like royalty, no matter who you are or where you come from.
  5. Baddie Beats: Music that will make you feel like a baddie and look like one too!
  6. Feelin’ Good Vibes: A healthy dose of positive tunes for when you need a pick-me-up.
  7. Daring Diva: Songs that will make you feel like a daring diva with an attitude to spare!
  8. Femme Fatale: Music for when you want to be the star of the show and steal the hearts of everyone in attendance!
  9. Girl Power Playlist: A selection of songs to inspire and empower women everywhere!
  10. Street Style Sounds: Groovy tunes for when you’re feeling extra-urban and cool!
  11. Party Queen Playlist: Get ready to celebrate! This list contains party jams that will keep the dance floor bumping all night!
  12. Baddie Ballads: Slow jams and love songs for when your baddie vibes need extra tenderness.
  13. Own It!: Songs that will make you feel confident, capable, and ready to take on anything life throws at you!
  14. Fierce Femme: Anthems that will make you feel unstoppable, no matter the challenge!
  15. Pop Royalty Playlist: Songs that will make you feel like a music superstar no matter where you are or who’s around you!
  16. Wild Child

Cool Names For A Baddie Playlist

  1. Dark Angel – This cool name will make your baddie playlist stand out from the crowd.
  2. Bad Girl – Perfect for a playlist of strong female-led songs.
  3. Vicious Vixen – This is it if you’re looking for something catchy.
  4. Rebel Heart – An edgy name for someone who doesn’t play by the rules.
  5. Femme Fatale – A classic name for any baddie playlist.
  6. Wicked Witch – Feel like a powerful witch with this cool name.
  7. Wild Child – Perfect for any song celebrating the spirit of rebellion.
  8. Queen of Darkness – A mysterious name that’ll make your playlist sound cool and unique.
  9. Lady in Red – A great name for a playlist of sultry, sexy songs about love and heartache.
  10. Unstoppable Force – A mighty name that will make your baddie playlist feel like an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!
  11. Boss Lady – An excellent name for any independent woman who makes her own rules and takes control of her life and music choices!
  12. Maverick – Perfect for someone who marches to the beat of their own drum and loves going against the grain!
  13. Stronger Than Steel – A bold statement that’ll remind anyone listening to your baddie playlist that they’re stronger than anyone or anything can tear them down!
  14. Punk Rock Princess – For anyone who loves punk rock and wants their baddie playlist to reflect that attitude!
  15. Femme Fatale 2: Electric Boogaloo – The perfect homage to a classic baddie playlist moniker while taking it up a notch with its modern twist!

Badass Names For A Baddie Playlist

Look no further if you’re looking for a cool, badass name for your baddie playlist. 

We’ve compiled a list of great names to help you get inspired. 

These names will set the tone, whether you’re creating an upbeat and upbeat playlist or a more moody and dark one.

From witty puns to clever alliterations, here are some badass names for your baddie playlist:

  1. Unstoppable Vibes
  2. Femme Fatale Fire
  3. Rule-breaking Rhythms
  4. Rebel Rave
  5. Fearless Feats
  6. Wicked Wavves
  7. Badass Beats
  8. Defiant Dance
  9. Maverick Mixes
  10. Bold Breakouts
  11. Ruthless Riffs
  12. Brazen Breakdowns
  13. Unapologetic Urges
  14. Daring Discs
  15. Adrenaline Anthems
  16. Fierce Funk
  17. Soulful Sounds
  18. Rogue Refrains
  19. Renegade Rarities
  20. Wildest Waves
  21. Outlawed Odes
  22. Courageous Cadences
  23. Rebellious Reels
  24. Untouchable Tracks
  25. Unbridled Undergrounds
  26. Rebellious Reactions
  27. Dauntless Discs
  28. Audacious Artistry
  29. Subversive Synths
  30. Fearless Fusions
  31. Intrepid Intros
  32. Inventive Impressions
  33. Unstoppable Urbanity
  34. Brazen Blends
  35. Savage Sessions
  36. Untameable Tracks
  37. Impulsive Intonations
  38. Audacious Ambiance
  39. Fearless Fusions
  40. Rogue Records
  41. Mischievous Melodies
  42. Unwavering Uptempo
  43. Brazen Beats

Baddie Playlist Naming Tips

When creating a baddie playlist, it’s important to think of an interesting and unique name that will make your playlist stand out. 

Here are some tips to help you come up with the perfect name for your baddie playlist.

1. Start with a theme: Before you come up with a name, think of a theme that best describes the songs on your playlist. This could be anything from the type of music, the artist, or the genre. This will give you a better starting point and make it easier to come up with a great name.

2. Keep it short: Try to keep your playlist name as short as possible. A long name can be challenging to remember, so keep it concise and catchy.

3. Be creative: Don’t be afraid to be creative when coming up with a name for your playlist. Try rhyming words or puns for an extra unique touch.

4. Use references: If you’re having trouble coming up with an original name, try using references from songs or movies that fit the theme of your baddie playlist.

By following these tips, you can create an awesome baddie playlist with a unique and memorable name that will make it stand out from the crowd!


Creating a great baddie playlist is an art in itself. With the help of this article, you have all the resources you need to make a funny, creative, and unique playlist that your friends will love.

Whether you choose to use one of the best, good, or unique names for a baddie playlist, make sure your choice reflects your style.

Be sure to also keep in mind the tips we’ve provided in this article when selecting a name for your baddie playlist.

Ultimately, it’s all about having fun and expressing yourself through music. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with your choice of baddie playlist name!

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