345+ Pop Playlist Names (BEST Ideas In 2023)

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Are you looking for the perfect playlist to help you get through your day? 

Whether you’re stuck at home, working from the office, or just looking for something to jam out to during a break, we’ve rounded up some of the best pop playlist names here.

Let’s dive in.

Best Pop Playlist Names

When creating the perfect pop playlist, the name you choose is just as important as the music you include.

Whether you’re looking for a clever, creative, or cute name for your pop playlist, you’re sure to find something perfect from this list of the 30 best pop playlist names.

  1. Pop Till You Drop
  2. Feel Good Jams
  3. Pop Hits of the Decade
  4. Pop Music for a Rainy Day
  5. The Ultimate Pop Playlist
  6. Happy and Upbeat Pop Tunes
  7. The Best of Today’s Hits
  8. All Time Favourite Songs from the 2000s
  9. A Fresh Take on Classic Pop Songs
  10. Your Favorite Throwback Tunes from the 90s
  11. Uplifting, Motivating, and Inspiring Pop Music
  12. Cheerful Melodies to Brighten Up Your Day
  13. Fully Loaded with Bops
  14. All the Classics and More
  15. Pop Songs to Keep You Company
  16. A Collection of Catchy Tunes
  17. Pop Music for a Party
  18. Songs That Will Make You Dance
  19. Pop Tracks for Every Mood
  20. The Ultimate Summer Playlist
  21. Feel Good Vibes from the 2000s and Onwards
  22. All Your Favorite Hits in One Place
  23. Classic Beats from the Decades Past
  24. Get Ready to Jam Out!
  25. Grooving to the Beat of Life
  26. Upbeat Jams for Party Animals
  27. The Best Music for Cruisin’ Along
  28. Old-School Pop Hits to Life Your Spirits
  29. Tune in and Turn Up the Volume
  30. Let the Music Take You Away!

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Good Names For A Pop Playlist

This next list offers 100 good Spotify playlist ideas for pop music, perfect for creating a collection of your favorite pop songs. 

This list has something for everyone, from catchy titles that are sure to grab attention to more subtle names that let the music do the talking.  

To round out the list, here are 40 Good Names For A Pop Playlist:

  1. Jukebox Hits
  2. Now Playing
  3. Let’s Groove
  4. Dance Floor Tunes
  5. Radio Ready
  6. Let’s Jam
  7. Sweet Melodies
  8. Catchy Choruses
  9. Funky Beats
  10. Upbeat Favorites
  11. Party Time Tunes
  12. On-The-Go Jams
  13. Pure Euphoria
  14. Fresh Listening
  15. Summer Sounds
  16. Musical Magic
  17. Harmony Haven
  18. Uplifting Vibes
  19. All Night Long
  20. Rockin’ Classics
  21. Sing-A-Longs
  22. Feel Good Tracks
  23. Dance Party Anthems
  24. Dancin’ Divas
  25. Tunez 4 U
  26. Joyful Jams
  27. Groovy Tunes
  28. Feelin’ It Now
  29. Rhythmic Repertoire
  30. Beat Box Boogie
  31. Get Down & Boogie
  32. Thumpin’ Tracks
  33. Endless Energy
  34. Solid Gold
  35. All The Hits
  36. Let Yourself Go
  37. Eclectic Mixes
  38. Bop & Bounce
  39. Music Maestro
  40. Festival Favorites
  41. Feelin’ Groovy
  42. Summer Lovin’
  43. Happy-Go-Lucky
  44. Let’s All Dance!
  45. Stylin’ and Profilin’
  46. Sunshine and Rainbows
  47. Boppin’ and Hoppin’
  48. Love Is In The Air
  49. Saturday Night Jams
  50. Get Up, Get Down!
  51. Feel The Beat
  52. Dancing Shoes On!
  53. Hop To It!
  54. Move Your Feet!
  55. Pop Music Magic
  56. Sing It Out Loud!
  57. Be Happy Now!
  58. All About That Bass
  59. Shake It Off!
  60. Pop Tunes Jam Session
  61. Can’t Stop Dancin’!
  62. Shake Your Booty!
  63. Loving Life Now!
  64. Here Comes The Fun!
  65. Turn Up The Music!
  66. Pop Rocks the House!
  67. Pop Party Time!
  68. Funky Fresh Beats!
  69. Let’s Have a Blast!
  70. Groovin Out Loud!
  71. Get Down Tonight!
  72. Feel the Music Vibes!
  73. Fire it Up
  74. Dance Floor Fillers
  75. Jump Around Jammin’!
  76. Pop Pumping Tunes!
  77. Lively & Funky Sounds!
  78. Crank It Up & Move!
  79. Put Some Pep in Your Step!
  80. Live it Up and Dance!
  81. Get Ready to Bounce!
  82. Rock On with These Beats!
  83. Hit the Floor & Jam Away!
  84. Spin Those Tracks Around!
  85. Gettin’ Loose with the Music!
  86. Make Some Noise & Get Wild!
  87. Keep on Movin’ & Groovin’
  88. Put On Your Dancing Shoes
  89. Time to Take Over the Dance Floor
  90. Feel the Power of the Music
  91. Turn It Up for a Good Time
  92. C’mon Everybody – Dance Now
  93. Hit The Club For Some Fun
  94. Bust A Move To These Tunes
  95. Keep On Groovin’ All Night Long
  96. Let’s Get This Party Started Right
  97. Feel the Rhythm of the Beat
  98. Shake It Up To These Tunes
  99. Beats Ain’t Not Going Away
  100. Dance Until You Drop
  101. Let’s Party All Night Long
  102. Play That Funky Music
  103. Come Together for a Boogie
  104. Shake What Ya Momma Gave Ya
  105. Work It Out With These Tunes
  106. Lock The Groove Down Tight
  107. Turn Up The Volume High
  108. Let The Good Times Roll
  109. Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
  110. Boom Boom Boom
  111. Let Me Hear You Say Wayoohhhh!!!
  112. Moving & Grooving With This Track
  113. Dance Around Like Nobody is Watching
  114. Get Your Freak On
  115. Go Crazy On The Dancefloor
  116. Ready Steady Go
  117. Non-Stop Pop Hits
  118. Hot Club Remixes
  119. Disco Fever
  120. Shake Shake Shake
  121. Oh Yeah, That’s Right
  122. Time To Break It Down
  123. Just Do Your Thing
  124. We’re Gonna Have A Ball
  125. Spin That Wheel
  126. Get In Line For Some Rock ‘N Roll
  127. Get Ready To Rumble
  128. Blast From The Past
  129. Feel Tha Vibe
  130. Put Ur Hands Up In Da Air
  131. Pop N Lock Baby
  132. Jump 4 Joy
  133. Cut A Rug
  134. Move Ur Body
  135. Don’t Stop Moving
  136. Light It Up
  137. Lets Make Some Noise
  138. Hit Dat Beat
  139. Turn Up Da Bass
  140. Get Ur Freak On
  141. Go Big Or Go Home
  142. Party Rock Anthem
  143. Let’s Groove Tonight
  144. Feel the Beat
  145. Get Up and Move
  146. Dance All Day
  147. Shake It Off
  148. Fly Away
  149. Shine On
  150. Sing Out Loud
  151. Take Me Higher
  152. Wild and Free
  153. Rise and Shine
  154. Ready to Party
  155. All Night Long
  156. Don’t Stop Dancing
  157. Keep on Moving
  158. Feel the Heat
  159. Jump Around
  160. Jump Start the Night
  161. Feel the Music
  162. Spread Your Wings
  163. Fire It Up
  164. On the Floor
  165. Turn Up The Bass
  166. Crazy Good Times
  167. Move to the Rhythm
  168. Turn It Up Loud
  169. Hot & Heavy Beats
  170. Boom Boom Pow!
  171. Light Up The Dancefloor
  172. Get Down & Groove
  173. Pop Music Power
  174. Blame It On The Boogie
  175. Make Some Noise!
  176. Disco Inferno
  177. Shake Your Booty
  178. Keep Moving Forward
  179. Dancing Queen
  180. Pop Star Magic
  181. Live It Up!
  182. Move Your Feet
  183. Pump Up The Jam
  184. Boogie Wonderland
  185. Ready For Action
  186. Dance Machine
  187. Into The Groove
  188. Funky Fresh Beats
  189. Party Rock Anthem
  190. Can’t Stop The Music
  191. Everybody Dance Now!
  192. Shake Something Loose
  193. Bust A Move
  194. Living La Vida Loca
  195. Stayin’ Alive
  196. Swingin’ To The Beat
  197. Feel It In The Air
  198. We Got The Rhythm
  199. Hot Stuff
  200. Superstar
  201. Groove Is In The Heart
  202. Spin That Record
  203. Walk This Way
  204. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
  205. Life Is A Dance Floor
  206. This Is How We Do It
  207. We’re Gonna Party Tonight
  208. Gonna Make You Sweat
  209. Get Ready To Move
  210. Rock & Roll All Night
  211. Eye Of The Tiger
  212. Dangerous
  213. I Love To Love
  214. Going Crazy
  215. Play That Funky Music
  216. Dancing On My Own
  217. Dynamite
  218. Closer
  219. Can’t Hold Us
  220. Uptown Funk
  221. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  222. Give Me Everything
  223. Who Run The World?
  224. Bring Da House Down
  225. Celebration
  226. Boys Will Be Boys
  227. All Around The World
  228. Move Ya Body
  229. Push It
  230. I’m So Excited
  231. Show Me Love
  232. Roar
  233. Reach For The Stars
  234. Get Outta My Dreams
  235. Firework
  236. Live For Today
  237. Here Comes The Sun
  238. She Wolf
  239. Born To Be Wild
  240. Lights
  241. Beautiful Life

Cute Names For A Pop Playlist

Cute names for a pop playlist can bring out the music’s fun and energy. 

These 55 cute names will make your playlist stand out and make it easier to find the perfect songs for your collection.

  1. Bubblegum Pop
  2. Sweet Beats
  3. Pop Tunes
  4. Melodic Magic
  5. Groovy Goodness
  6. Sugary Sounds
  7. Funky Freshness
  8. Pop-A-Rama
  9. Sweet Symphony
  10. Groove Paradise
  11. Danceable Delight
  12. Funky Fruits
  13. Jazzy Joyride
  14. Poppy Perfection
  15. Cheery Chords
  16. Rhythmic Rainbow
  17. Sugar Rush
  18. Pop Nosh
  19. Happy Harmony
  20. Funky Fiesta
  21. Uptown Groove
  22. Beat City
  23. Bopping Beats
  24. Groovy Getaway
  25. Fresh Fusion
  26. Music Magic
  27. Summery Sounds
  28. Jumping Jukebox
  29. Boppin’ Bops
  30. Playlist Party
  31. Groove Garden
  32. Musical Mixology
  33. Sweet Serenade
  34. Beat Bonanza
  35. Disco Delight
  36. Perky Party Playlist
  37. Bubblegum Beats
  38. Vibrant Vibes
  39. Pop Parade
  40. Soulful Soundscape
  41. Tropical Tracks
  42. Energetic Earworms
  43. DanceDaze
  44. Melodic Mixup
  45. Sweetly Sung
  46. Rhythmic Rendezvous
  47. Perk-a-licious
  48. Groovin’ Goodness
  49. Feisty Funk
  50. Bright Blast
  51. Beat Boutique
  52. Funkadelic Flavour
  53. High-energy Hybrids
  54. Party Playlist
  55. Mellow Melody

Cool Names For A Pop Playlist

Creating the perfect pop playlist requires a catchy and creative title. 

Whether you’re looking for something fun or even just a bit edgy, this list of cool names will give you plenty of inspiration.

  1. Pop Rocks
  2. Party On The Weekend
  3. Disco Inferno
  4. Happy Hour Playlist
  5. The Next Big Thing
  6. Pop Chart Toppers
  7. Candyland Grooves
  8. Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drum
  9. Dancing In The Dark
  10. Slow Jam Dance Party
  11. Bubblegum Pop Hits
  12. The Best Of Pop Music
  13. Turn It Up!
  14. Throwback Jams
  15. Feel Good Vibes

Unique Names For A Pop Playlist

When creating a pop playlist, you need to create a unique name that will stand out and be memorable. 

These unique names for a pop playlist below are great ideas that will make your playlist stand out and get noticed.

  1. Sweet Tunes
  2. Groovy Beats
  3. Poptastic Hits
  4. Super Sonic Sounds
  5. Melodic Magic
  6. Charming Chords
  7. Freshly Popped
  8. Radio Ready
  9. Pop-Up Party
  10. Bright Beats
  11. Turn It Up!
  12. Hip Hop Happening
  13. Power Pop Playlist
  14. Poptastic Playback
  15. It’s A Hit!
  16. Oh, So Melodic
  17. Groove-tastic Goodness
  18. Get Your Groove On!
  19. Perk Up Your Ears
  20. Get Ready To Dance!
  21. Let The Music Play
  22. Pop That Rocks
  23. Classic Feel-Goods
  24. Harmonic Harmony
  25. Turn It Up To 11!
  26. Funky Fresh Radio
  27. Euphonious Euphoria
  28. Feel Good Vibes
  29. Play It Loud!
  30. Turn Up The Volume!
  31. Sweet Sounds Of Summer
  32. Power Packed Playlist
  33. Music Maniacs Unite!
  34. Get Ready To Move!
  35. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching
  36. Tune Up Your Tunes
  37. Pop To The Beat
  38. Listen & Learn!
  39. Uplifting Tunes
  40. Party On!
  41. Tune In & Turn On
  42. Rockin’ Rhythms

Creative Names For A Pop Playlist

This blog section will provide 51 creative names for a Pop Playlist. 

From heartwarming ballads to upbeat dance numbers, Pop music has a wide range of songs that can fit any mood.

  1. Wishful Thinking
  2. Dance Party Deluxe
  3. Feel Good Fever
  4. Bright Lights and Big Dreams
  5. Summertime Sweetheart
  6. Groove Train Express
  7. Love and Laughter
  8. Disco Dynamite
  9. Electric Beats
  10. Time for Fun
  11. Feel the Music
  12. Mood Maker Mix
  13. Party Hard and Shine Bright
  14. Let’s Get Moving and Grooving
  15. Songs for Smiles
  16. Dancing in the Moonlight
  17. Shake It Up
  18. Make It Pop
  19. Feelin’ Good Vibes
  20. Bright Side of Life
  21. Sunshine State of Mind
  22. Ecstatic Energy
  23. Feel So Free
  24. Joyful Jams
  25. High-Energy Hits
  26. Funky Town
  27. Out of This World
  28. Sweet Symphony
  29. Positively Poppin’
  30. All About That Bass
  31. Euphoric Escape
  32. Beyond the Beat
  33. Dreamland Disco
  34. Groovy Getaway
  35. Starlight Surrender
  36. Chasing the Sun
  37. Music Makes the World Go Round
  38. Magical Melodies
  39. Shake It Off
  40. Wave Your Hands
  41. Keep on Groovin’
  42. Shake Your Tail Feather
  43. Sunny Afternoons
  44. Turn Up The Volume
  45. Unstoppable Vibes
  46. Rhythm and Rhymes
  47. Making Memories
  48. Booty Bass
  49. Joy Ride
  50. Feel Alive
  51. True Colors

Funny Names For A Pop Playlist

Funny playlists can be great when you need a pick-me-up or want to get in a good mood. 

Whether you’re looking for lighthearted tracks to put together a party playlist or need tunes to lighten the mood, having a humorous pop playlist is always a good idea. 

Here are 13+ funny names for a pop playlist to help get your creative juices flowing.

  1. It’s All About the Bass – This one is perfect for those bass-heavy songs that make you want to dance.
  2. Shake it Off – For all of those songs that tell us to shake off our worries and have fun.
  3. Silly Pop – A great play on words for all those songs that make us laugh.
  4. Pop Rocks – A punny name for all of your favorite pop hits.
  5. Pop and Lock it – A great name for any upbeat dance songs in your playlist.
  6. Feelin’ Groovy– A classic phrase that will put you in the perfect mood for your tunes.
  7. Poptastic – For when your playlist is just too good to be true!
  8. Keepin’, it Pop – A play on words for all of those great pop tracks that keep us grooving.
  9. Poppin’ Fresh – The perfect name for when your playlist is full of fresh new songs and beats!
  10. Popcorn Party – An apt description of the fun vibe of your playlist!
  11. Bubblegum Beats – For all of those sugary sweet pop hits!
  12. The Great Escape – An ironic twist on the idea of escaping from reality with music!
  13. Dance ‘Til You Drop – A great name for an energizing playlist full of upbeat tracks.
  14. Songs That Make No Sense


Creating a pop playlist is a great way to stay entertained while you’re on the go. 

Whether at home or on the go, having a selection of your favorite pop songs in your pocket can make it easier to get through the day. 

As you’ve seen in this list, there are many creative and fun names for your pop playlist. 

From cute and funny titles to clever and unique ones, there’s sure to be something that speaks to you. 

Once you pick your perfect playlist name, you’ll be ready to get grooving!

If you’re still struggling with ideas, try a playlist names generator. They can also help inspiration like this one.

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