549+ Black Hamster Names: Best Picks (Cute & Unique Options)

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Black hamster names can be fun and creative, reflecting the unique personalities of these adorable pets. When choosing a name for your black hamster, it’s essential to consider their appearance and character, making sure the name is easy to say and spell. In this article, we’ll explore some popular and unique black hamster names that will complement these fascinating little creatures perfectly.

To start, we have compiled a list of catchy black hamster names that are perfect for hamsters with sleek, black fur or a patchy black coat. Some of these names include Zorro, Bandit, and Bear. These names are not only suitable for your black hamster’s appearance but also contain a hint of humor and wit.

In addition to appearance-based names, we can also take inspiration from movies and cartoons featuring notable hamster characters. A few examples of such names are Rhino (Bolt), Myron (Secret Life of Pets 2), and Hamtaro (Hamtaro). With the combination of our suggestions and your creativity, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect name for your black hamster.

Best Black Hamster Name Ideas

In this section, we will cover some of the best black hamster names we’ve gathered from various sources.

  1. Shadow – A perfect fit for a black hamster with a sleek, dark coat.
  2. Midnight – When a black hamster evokes a starry night sky.
  3. Inky – A cute name for a hamster with pitch-black fur.
  4. Raven – For a black hamster resembling the dark and mysterious bird.
  5. Licorice – A sweet name that could fit a black and white hamster.
  6. Sooty – For a black hamster that has a soot-like appearance.
  7. Pepper – Great for brown hamsters with a dark and spicy coat.
  8. Panda – A name that suits an adorable hamster with black and white patches.
  9. Zorro – Inspired by the fictional bandit, fitting for a black hamster.
  10. Coal – Solid name for a black hamster with a dark, coal-like color.
  11. Blackberry – A fruity option for a black hamster.
  12. Ash – Suitable for a greyish-black hamster.
  13. Ninja – A cute and playful name for a sneaky black hamster.
  14. Batman – If your black hamster reminds you of the famous superhero.
  15. Cocoa – An option for a dark brown hamster with a rich color.
  16. Oreo – A classic choice for a black and white hamster.
  17. Hershey – For chocolate-loving owners with a dark brown hamster.
  18. Smokey – A fitting name for a greyish-black hamster.
  19. Mocha – A name that evokes the rich, dark color of coffee and chocolate.
  20. Fudge – Great for a dark brown hamster with a sweet personality.
  21. Thunder – A powerful choice for a strong black hamster.
  22. Graphite – For black hamsters resembling the dark mineral.
  23. Charcoal – A name that represents the black hue of charcoal.
  24. Eclipse – For a black hamster that brings to mind the moon covering the sun.
  25. Pluto – A unique name for a black hamster after the dark, distant planet.
  26. Stardust – An enchanting option for a black hamster with a glimmering coat.
  27. Magnitude – Perfect for a black hamster with a big and vibrant personality.
  28. Velvet – An elegant name for a sleek black hamster.
  29. Blackjack – For a high-rolling black hamster who loves to play.
  30. Morticia – From the spooky Addams Family, fitting for a black, mysterious hamster.
  31. Moonshadow – A poetic option for a black hamster who loves nighttime activity.
  32. Titan – A powerful name for a strong, black hamster.
  33. Elm – Evoking the dark bark of the elm tree, a natural choice for a black hamster.
  34. Aurora – Inspired by the night sky, fitting for a magical black hamster.
  35. Gemini – A fun option for owners with two black hamsters.
  36. Kuro – A Japanese-inspired name meaning “black.”
  37. Luna – Borrowed from the moon, perfect for a nocturnal black hamster.
  38. Noire – A French-inspired name meaning “black.”
  39. Spooky – A playful option for a black hamster who loves Halloween vibes.
  40. Knight – A regal name for a black hamster with a noble disposition.
  41. Nibbler – For a black hamster who loves to snack.
  42. Cinder – A fitting name for a black hamster resembling ashes.
  43. Space – A cosmic name for a black hamster with an expansive personality.
  44. Alchemy – A mystical option for a black hamster with a mysterious vibe.
  45. Black Pearl – An elegant name for a black hamster with a lustrous coat.
  46. Mercury – A planet-inspired option for a black hamster with a silvery-grey hue.
  47. Yin – Inspired by the yin-yang symbol, perfect for a black or black and white hamster.
  48. Sirius – Named after the brightest star in the night sky, contrasting a black hamster.
  49. Umbra – Taking inspiration from the darkest part of a shadow, perfect for a black hamster.
  50. Vanta – Short for vantablack, the darkest material known to man, fitting for a black hamster.

Good Black Hamster Names

In this section, we will share our top 50 good names for black hamsters, divided into two sub-sections.

  1. Shadow: A classic name for a dark-furred pet.
  2. Midnight: The darkest time of night, a fitting name.
  3. Inky: Inspired by the color of black ink.
  4. Sooty: A name that reminds us of chimney soot.
  5. Raven: A reference to the shiny black-feathered bird.
  6. Binx: Inspired by the cat from the movie Hocus Pocus.
  7. Onyx: A semi-precious black gemstone.
  8. Eclipse: An astronomical event that darkens the sky.
  9. Smokey: Evoking thoughts of dark smoke.
  10. Blackberry: A sweet name for a black-furred hamster.
  11. Licorice: Just like the dark-colored candy.
  12. Nox: The Latin word for night.
  13. Oreo: A name inspired by the popular black and white cookie.
  14. Zorro: The masked hero dressed in black.
  15. Velvet: The smooth, dark fabric.
  16. Nyx: The Greek goddess of the night.
  17. Mystery: A name that captures the intrigue of darkness.
  18. Panther: For a hamster with the sleekness of a big cat.
  19. Sable
  20. Cinder: Reminiscent of the dark remnants of a fire.
  21. Jett: Inspired by the dark, shiny gemstone jet.
  22. Nightshade
  23. Ace: Just like the highest and darkest card in the deck.
  24. Starry: For a hamster with a coat that resembles the night sky.
  25. Phantom: Perfect for a mysterious and elusive black hamster.
  26. Cocoa: A dark, sweet name like the chocolatey treat.
  27. Pepper: Just like the common black table spice.
  28. Knight: Inspired by the dark armor worn by medieval knights.
  29. Salem: A nod to the famous witch trials.
  30. Kuro: Which means “black” in Japanese.
  31. Thunder: A stormy and powerful name.
  32. Blackjack: Named after the classic card game.
  33. Panda: A playful name for a black and white hamster.
  34. Charcoal: A solid and ashy name.
  35. Foggy: For a hamster with a coat like a foggy night.
  36. Gotham: A name inspired by Batman’s dark and brooding city.
  37. Morticia: From the spooky Addams Family.
  38. Nightcrawler: Named after the shadowy X-Men character.
  39. Hades: The Greek god of the underworld.
  40. Jetson: A mix of “jet” and “son,” a modern-sounding name.
  41. Pitch: As dark as the blackest night.
  42. Beetle: A cute name for a small, dark creature.
  43. Spy: A stealthy and elusive name for a black hamster.
  44. Cobweb: For a hamster with a delicate, dark webbed pattern.
  45. Stormy: A name inspired by dark storm clouds.
  46. Nimbus: A dark, mysterious cloud name.
  47. Moonbeam: For a hamster with a silvery-black coat.
  48. Rocky: An earthy, dark name.
  49. Crescent: Named after the shape of a waxing or waning moon.
  50. Aura: A name that evokes the mysterious energy of the night.

Female Black Hamster Names

  1. Luna: A name fitting for a night-sky colored hamster.
  2. Ebony: A classic choice for a black beauty.
  3. Mystique: To emphasize her mysterious charm.
  4. Onyx: A smooth black gemstone makes for a sleek name.
  5. Selene: For a hamster as captivating as the moon goddess.
  6. Zara: A regal name for a black hamster queen.
  7. Twilight: To represent the magical time of day when day turns to night.
  8. Elvira: A nod to the Mistress of the Dark.
  9. Raven: For a striking black appearance.
  10. Shadow: A perfect name for a dark-hued friend.
  11. Velvet: To honor her smooth black fur.
  12. Sable: To describe a luxurious black shade.
  13. Phoebe: For a bright and playful character.
  14. Licorice: A sweet treat for a sweet girl hamster.
  15. Coco: For her rich, dark fur color.
  16. Eclipse: To symbolize the blending of darkness and light.
  17. Jade: A gemstone name that hints at a mysterious depth.
  18. Hazel: A unique color that matches her unique personality.
  19. Amber: For a black hamster with a fiery spirit.
  20. Willow: Named after the gracefully dark and flexible tree.
  21. Inky: To depict her dark fur’s ink-like color.
  22. Midnight: For her deep black hue reminiscent of the nighttime.
  23. Nova: A celestial name for a starry-eyed girl.
  24. Iris: A floral touch for a lovely lady hamster.
  25. Stella: A girl hamster with a shining personality.
  26. Gypsy: For a free-spirited black hamster.
  27. Bella: A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
  28. Echo: A mysterious sound that suits her stealthy persona.
  29. Astra: Firmly rooted in her celestial roots.
  30. Whisper: To reflect her gentle, quiet nature.
  31. Mocha: A dark, delicious choice for a coffee-loving owner.
  32. Misty: A name inspired by soft shadows and mists.
  33. Aurora: To evoke images of ethereal night skies.
  34. Pandora: A curious and enchanting name.
  35. Isis: For your black goddess of a hamster.
  36. Dolly: For a cute and cuddly friend.
  37. Pippa: A playful name for a spirited hamster.
  38. Indigo: A deep and colorful name for her.
  39. Esme: A beautiful name for your lady friend.
  40. Lola: Emphasizing her cuteness and charm.
  41. Jasmine: An exotic touch for an enchanting black hamster.
  42. Fiona: From a famous ogre, a name with character.
  43. Vixen: For a mischievous black female hamster.
  44. Kiki: For a girl hamster full of energy and excitement.
  45. Nina: A simple, elegant name with a regal feel.
  46. Olivia: A classic name for your distinguished black hamster.
  47. Tabitha: A fun and playful option for your hamster.
  48. Ursula: For a black hamster with an alluring presence.
  49. Winnie: A tribute to a beloved bear.
  50. Zelda: A name with some adventurous spirit.

Are any of these names tugging at your heartstrings? Whichever one you choose, it’s bound to be a perfect fit for your black female hamster!

Male Black Hamster Names

Black hamsters deserve names that reflect their unique appearance and personality. In this section, we’ll present 50 male black hamster names.

  1. Midnight
  2. Shadow
  3. Slate
  4. Coal
  5. Inky
  6. Gotham
  7. Smoky
  8. Obsidian
  9. Onyx
  10. Zorro
  11. Phantom
  12. Ninja
  13. Rebel
  14. Maverick
  15. Stealth
  16. Rocco
  17. Spooky
  18. Cosmos
  19. Eclipse
  20. Galaxy
  21. Ash
  22. Pepper
  23. Mocha
  24. Ebony
  25. Soot
  26. Jack
  27. Max
  28. Charlie
  29. Oscar
  30. Alfie
  31. Sam
  32. Alex
  33. Ben
  34. Theo
  35. Felix
  36. Vader
  37. Batman
  38. Kylo
  39. Dracula
  40. Thor
  41. Anakin
  42. Morpheus
  43. Neo
  44. Spike
  45. Gizmo
  46. Cocoa
  47. Inkblot
  48. Panda
  49. Oreo
  50. Bean

Unisex Names

In this section, we will introduce you to 50 unisex names for your black hamster.

  1. Shadow: A popular choice for dark-colored pets.
  2. Bean: For small and round hamsters with dark fur.
  3. Smoky: Perfect for black hamsters with a hint of gray.
  4. Rain: Inspired by the color of storm clouds.
  5. Eclipse: A fitting name for a black hamster who loves to hide.
  6. Starr: For a hamster that shines bright in your life.
  7. Pepper: A great name for a hamster with mixed black and white fur.
  8. Midnight: The darkest time of the day.
  9. Inky: For hamsters with really dark, shiny fur.
  10. Coal: A strong name for a black hamster.
  11. Moose: A playful and cute name, perfect for any hamster.
  12. Ash: A short, snappy name inspired by the color of ashes.
  13. Thunder: Perfect for hamsters with a lively and energetic personality.
  14. Ember: A warm and fiery name for a black hamster.
  15. Cosmo: For a hamster with a mysterious, out-of-this-world appearance.
  16. Myst: A magical and enchanting name for a black hamster.
  17. Phantom: Because who doesn’t love a mysterious pet?
  18. Sable: A sophisticated and elegant name for a black hamster.
  19. Dusty: A fitting name for a hamster with slightly lighter fur.
  20. Ghost: For a black hamster that’s quiet and elusive.
  21. Raven: Inspired by the ebony-feathered bird.
  22. Jet: A sleek and stylish name for a black hamster.
  23. Night: A great name for a hamster that’s most active after the sun goes down.
  24. Rumble: For a hamster with a playful and energetic personality.
  25. Onyx: A beautiful gemstone with a rich black color.
  26. Orion: For a black hamster as radiant as the night sky.
  27. Pebble: A cute name for small, round hamsters with dark fur.
  28. Rocky: A strong name for a black hamster with a tough exterior.
  29. Licorice: A sweet name inspired by the chewy black candy.
  30. Noir: A stylish and sophisticated name for a black hamster.
  31. Storm: A powerful name for a black hamster with a bold personality.
  32. Smoke: For a black hamster with a calm and mysterious demeanor.
  33. Rebel: A fitting name for a hamster that doesn’t like to follow rules.
  34. Vanish: A unique name for a black hamster who loves to play hide and seek.
  35. Twilight: For a hamster that thrives in the low light of dusk.
  36. Blaze: A fiery and spirited name for a black hamster.
  37. Ninja: For a black hamster that moves quickly and silently.
  38. Galaxy: A celestial name for a black hamster that’s out of this world.
  39. Shade: A cool and collected name for a black hamster.
  40. Zorro: Inspired by the masked hero, perfect for a fearless black hamster.
  41. Vesper: For a black hamster that enjoys the quiet serenity of evening.
  42. Ebon: A fancy and unique name for a black hamster.
  43. Spark: For a black hamster with a bright and lively personality.
  44. Oreo: A sweet name for a black hamster with white markings.
  45. Gem: A beautiful name for a black hamster that shines in your life.
  46. Cinder: A fitting name for a black hamster with a warm, fiery spirit.
  47. Skye: For a black hamster that dreams of boundless adventure.
  48. Dusk: A great name for a hamster that becomes most active at twilight.
  49. Magic: For a black hamster with enchanting powers over your heart.
  50. Velvet: A luxurious name for a black hamster with soft, plush fur.

Cool Names

  1. Duncan
  2. Hunter
  3. Carbon
  4. Shawn
  5. Smoke
  6. Inkblot
  7. Dusk
  8. Smokey
  9. Coal
  10. Ash
  11. Darkness
  12. Ebony
  13. Ember
  14. Storm
  15. Cinder
  16. Graphite
  17. Mud
  18. Gizmo
  19. Bandit
  20. Furby
  21. Bear
  22. Hambert
  23. Googles
  24. Fresco
  25. Gus
  26. Slate
  27. Midnight
  28. Ninja
  29. Mystic
  30. Raven
  31. Shadow
  32. Obsidian
  33. Phantom
  34. Stealth
  35. Tuxedo
  36. Vamp
  37. Avalanche
  38. Binx
  39. Blackberry
  40. Charcoal
  41. Eclipse
  42. Fang
  43. Imogen
  44. Jasmine
  45. Luna
  46. Minnie
  47. Noir
  48. Oreo
  49. Rorschach
  50. Velvet

Badass Names

Choosing badass names for your black hamster can add a unique flair to their personality. In this section, we’ll provide you with some incredible options for powerful and unforgettable names.

  1. Shadow
  2. Midnight
  3. Raven
  4. Smokey
  5. Blackjack
  6. Panther
  7. Poe
  8. Nightcrawler
  9. Gotham
  10. Inkwell
  11. Knight
  12. Cinder
  13. Noir
  14. Onyx
  15. Phantom
  16. Vader
  17. Storm
  18. Thunder
  19. Eclipse
  20. Falcon
  21. Ash
  22. Rebel
  23. Morpheus
  24. Tempest
  25. Wraith
  26. Blaze
  27. Frostbite
  28. Ragnar
  29. Maverick
  30. Ghost
  31. Zeppelin
  32. Doom
  33. Styx
  34. Avalanche
  35. Riven
  36. Saber
  37. Scar
  38. Fear
  39. Grimm
  40. Diablo
  41. Zorro
  42. Glacer
  43. Shadowmoon
  44. Artemis
  45. Striker
  46. Anubis
  47. Obsidian
  48. Thor
  49. Raptor
  50. Draco

The possibilities are endless, and our list of badass names is sure to make your black hamster’s name unforgettable. Remember, you can also combine any of the names to create a truly unique and powerful title. Enjoy!

Unique Names

In this section, we want to share some unique black hamster names.

  1. Shadow

  2. Inky

  3. Midnight

  4. Cinder

  5. Obsidian

  6. Eclipse

  7. Onyx

  8. Sooty

  9. Jett

  10. Blackberry

  11. Sable

  12. Mystique

  13. Ashen

  14. Raven

  15. Darkstar

  16. Zorro

  17. Grimm

  18. Smoke

  19. Nightshade

  20. Ace

  21. Panther

  22. Magic

  23. Moro

  24. Orpheus

  25. Cobweb

  26. Thunder

  27. Phantom

  28. Dusk

  29. Astra

  30. Blackjack

  31. Nebula

  32. Ebony

  33. Steel

  34. Noir

  35. Silhouette

  36. Twilight

  37. Vader

  38. Binx

  39. Gotham

  40. Ember

  41. Ebon

  42. Reaper

  43. Nightcrawler

  44. Maverick

  45. Mamba

  46. Vortex

  47. Stormy

  48. Zenith

  49. Void

  50. Galaxy

Catchy Names

  1. Midnight
  2. Shadow
  3. Charcoal
  4. Inky
  5. Oreo
  6. Zorro
  7. Panther
  8. Smudge
  9. Obsidian
  10. Sable
  11. Jet
  12. Coco
  13. Pepper
  14. Storm
  15. Raven
  16. Frost
  17. Moon
  18. Nebula
  19. Dusty
  20. Eclipse
  21. Ash
  22. Mystery
  23. Cosmo
  24. Onyx
  25. Silhouette
  26. Vader
  27. Ninja
  28. Jinx
  29. Gotham
  30. Phantom
  31. Panda
  32. Anubis
  33. Mocha
  34. Morpheus
  35. Comet
  36. Crypto
  37. Ursa
  38. Nightshade
  39. Houdini
  40. Shade
  41. Rogue
  42. Thunder
  43. Cosmic
  44. Quasar
  45. Ember
  46. Twilight
  47. Stardust
  48. Galaxy
  49. Umbra
  50. Vertex

Cute Names

In this section, we’ll share 50 cute names for your adorable black hamster. These names are perfect for showcasing your pet hamster’s charming personality.

  1. Midnight
  2. Shadow
  3. Licorice
  4. Ashes
  5. Onyx
  6. Bean
  7. Peanut
  8. Ink
  9. Charcoal
  10. Cuddles
  11. Blackberry
  12. Ninja
  13. Panda
  14. Sooty
  15. Whiskers
  16. Cocoa
  17. Stardust
  18. Twilight
  19. Moonbeam
  20. Smoky
  21. Raven
  22. Bamboo
  23. Misty
  24. Coco
  25. Oreo
  26. Velvet
  27. Sable
  28. Starry
  29. Ebony
  30. Eclipse
  31. Moonlit
  32. Espresso
  33. Raisin
  34. Pepper
  35. Pumpernickel
  36. Buddy
  37. Jewel
  38. Black Jack
  39. Chip
  40. ACE
  41. Luna
  42. Cosmo
  43. Black Beauty
  44. Tuxedo
  45. Snowball
  46. Celestial
  47. Orion
  48. Pippin
  49. Silhouette
  50. Knight

Which cute name will be the perfect fit for your adorable black hamster?

To help bring out your pet’s cute and lovable nature, choose a name from one of these lists that highlights their unique appearance and playful attitude. Let your hamster’s name be a reflection of their endearing charm, and enjoy the bond you’ll share with your new furry friend.

Funny Names

  1. Shadow Paws
  2. Blackberry
  3. Licorice
  4. Inky
  5. Ninja
  6. Bean
  7. Pepper
  8. Gothmallow
  9. Midnight Snack
  10. Moonlight
  11. Hamtaro Dark
  12. Hambo
  13. Darth Fluff
  14. Soot
  15. Squeaker
  16. Twilight Whiskers
  17. Panther
  18. Zorro
  19. ChocoBite
  20. Hamster McHamsterface
  21. Nibbles
  22. Batmanster
  23. Onyx
  24. Thunder
  25. Hamlet
  26. Black Swan
  27. Smokey
  28. Knight
  29. Void
  30. Dusk
  31. Eclipse
  32. Astral
  33. Nightcrawler
  34. Blackhole
  35. Velvet
  36. Mystery
  37. Stardust
  38. Captain Whisker
  39. Moon Pie
  40. Phantom
  41. Charcoal
  42. Pirate
  43. Ninja Fluff
  44. Hamsternator
  45. Cosmo
  46. Fluff Noir
  47. Black Widow
  48. Spy
  49. Dapper
  50. Hamspector

As you can see, we’ve got a wide range of options to choose from including movie references, wordplay, or just plain silliness. We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing through these, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect funny name for your black hamster!

Tips for Brainstorming the Perfect Name

Black Hamster Names can be fun to brainstorm! We have gathered a few tips for coming up with the perfect name for your little pet.

  1. Look at their fur markings: Does your hamster have special patterns or markings? Try turning those features into a name, like Speckles or Pumpkin.

  2. Think about their personality: Is your hamster cuddly and lovable, or more independent? Name them accordingly, such as Duffy or Jasper.

  3. Consider favorite characters: Do you have favorite movie, book, or TV show characters? Name your hamster after them! Hamtaro is a popular choice from a storybook series.

  4. Combine two elements: Try combining two different words to create a unique and creative name, like Salt & Pepper or Oreo & Cookie.

  5. Keep it simple: Make sure the name is easy to pronounce and remember, especially if there are children in the family.

Questions to consider while brainstorming:

  • What are some common themes in black hamster names?
  • What can we learn from popular hamster names?
  • Is the name easy for everyone to say and remember?

Remember, the most important thing is that you enjoy the name you choose for your hamster. Happy naming!

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