599+ Candle Business Names (BEST Ideas!)

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Candle business names are essential for standing out in a competitive market. They can convey a sense of warmth, creativity, and evoke the lovely scents that make a candle so special.

In this article, we will explore unique and catchy names for candle businesses that have the potential to attract customers and make a lasting impression. We’ll delve into examples and tips to help you on your journey to discovering the ideal name for your candle business.

Let’s dive in.

Best Candle Business Name Ideas

Candle business name ideas are essential for capturing the essence of your brand. How can you make your candle shop stand out with the perfect name? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 50 amazing candle business name ideas.

Let’s explore them, keeping in mind that these ideas are meant to inspire your own naming choices.

  1. Candle In A Bottle
  2. Spicy Candles
  3. Clear Mind Candles
  4. Pure Mild Candles
  5. Playful Candles
  6. Light Whimsical Candles
  7. An Alluring Candle Co
  8. Colorful Candle Company
  9. Bright and Glowing Candles
  10. Strong and Powerful Candles
  11. Stunning Candle Co
  12. Candlelight Creations
  13. The Flicker Factory
  14. Ambiance Aromas
  15. Eternal Illumination
  16. Moonbeam Melters
  17. Flameless Fancies
  18. Fragrant Flames
  19. The Candle Cottage
  20. Smoky Serenity
  21. Luminous Luxuries
  22. The Glow Room
  23. Candle Crafters
  24. The Wickery
  25. Soothing Scented Candles
  26. The Illuminated Hearth
  27. Waxing Wonders
  28. Candlelight Haven
  29. Dulong Candles
  30. The Candle Library
  31. The Candle Museum
  32. The Candle Shrine
  33. The Hidden Flame
  34. The Mystic Candle
  35. The Secret Candle Society
  36. Illuminations Candles
  37. Phoenix Candles
  38. Unicorn Candles
  39. Dragon Candles
  40. Fairy Tale Candles
  41. Mermaid Candles
  42. Enchanted Forest Candles
  43. White Willow Wicks
  44. Eve’s Rosy Aroma
  45. Flora Flame
  46. Garden Bliss Natural Candles
  47. Sunburst Shine
  48. My Sweet Flame
  49. Scented Renewal
  50. Ruby Leaf Candle Co.

In our search for great candle business names, we came across a few resources, such as candle business name generators, that can help you to create unique and personalized names for your business.

Good Candle Business Names

In this section, we’ll share some good candle business names that are short, simple, unique, and catchy.

  1. Candlelight Creations
  2. The Flicker Factory
  3. Ambiance Aromas
  4. Eternal Illumination
  5. Moonbeam Melters
  6. Flameless Fancies
  7. Fragrant Flames
  8. The Candle Cottage
  9. Smoky Serenity
  10. Luminous Luxuries
  11. The Glow Room
  12. Candle Crafters
  13. The Wickery
  14. Soothing Scented Candles
  15. The Illuminated Hearth
  16. Waxing Wonders
  17. Candlelight Haven
  18. Cuddly Candles
  19. Fire Flickers
  20. Glowing Stars
  21. Glamor Glow
  22. Sparkling Glo
  23. The Perfect Candle Company
  24. Tender Touch Candles
  25. Cute Candle Co
  26. Scents of Cute
  27. Pawsitively Cute Candles
  28. Your Cute Candle
  29. Candle Avenue
  30. Candlenights
  31. Candle Stix
  32. Pretty Petal Candle
  33. Delicate Pink Colored Candles Company
  34. Bees Knees Candles
  35. The Candle Nirvana
  36. The Candle Craze
  37. The Candle Aroma
  38. The Candle Bar
  39. The Candle Box
  40. The Candle Boutique
  41. The Glamorous Candle
  42. The Trendy Candle
  43. The Vogue Candle
  44. The Classic Candle
  45. Timeless Candles
  46. Royal Candles
  47. Elegant Candles
  48. Luxurious Candles
  49. Delicious Scentsations
  50. Soy Candle Company

As you explore these candle business names, remember that short and simple names are typically easier for customers to remember. Keep browsing these options and think about your own preferences as well. Don’t forget about the importance of creativity, and have fun choosing the perfect name for your business.

Cute Candle Business Name Ideas

In this section, we’ll explore some cute candle business name ideas, sorted into two sub-sections, for your creative candle industry venture.

Here are 25 cute name ideas for your candle business:

  1. Purely Amazing Candles
  2. The Best Candles Ever
  3. Brightest Beginnings
  4. Cute Snow Cone Candles
  5. Lit Candle Company
  6. Sweet Lights
  7. Little Lake Candles
  8. Puffy Candle Company
  9. Butterfly Candle Inc
  10. Candle Kingdom
  11. Candle House
  12. Life Desire Candles
  13. Candlelight Creations
  14. The Flicker Factory
  15. Ambiance Aromas
  16. Eternal Illumination
  17. Moonbeam Melters
  18. Flameless Fancies
  19. Fragrant Flames
  20. The Candle Cottage
  21. Smoky Serenity
  22. Luminous Luxuries
  23. The Glow Room
  24. Candle Crafters
  25. The Wickery
  26. Soothing Scented Candles
  27. The Illuminated Hearth
  28. Waxing Wonders
  29. Candlelight Haven
  30. White Willow Wicks
  31. Eve’s Rosy Aroma
  32. Flora Flame
  33. Garden Bliss Natural Candles
  34. Sunburst Shine
  35. My Sweet Flame
  36. Scented Renewal
  37. Ruby Leaf Candle Co.
  38. Wax Coast Spice
  39. Illuminate Eve
  40. House of Luxe Light
  41. Nectar Moon Aromas
  42. Whisper of Flora
  43. Natural Candle Co.
  44. Soy Dreams
  45. Soyful Scents
  46. Fireside Flicker
  47. Cozy Candle Corner
  48. Twilight Tapers
  49. Glowing Embers
  50. Starlit Candles

Cool Candle Business Names

Starting a candle business? Check out these cool ideas:

  1. Unique Luminary Lites
  2. Personalized Glow House
  3. Creative Wax Works
  4. Customized Flame Designs
  5. Signature Scents & Wicks
  6. Innovative Aroma Makers
  7. Enchanted Illumination
  8. Bespoke Wax Delights
  9. Tailored Luminance
  10. Artisan Waxy Wonders
  11. Candle Fusion Hub
  12. Ethereal Essence Candles
  13. Inspiring Illumination
  14. Crafted Candle Carvings
  15. Individually Lit Haven
  16. One-of-a-Kind Wick World
  17. Aromatic Brilliance Co.
  18. Exceptional Flames
  19. Custom Candle Concoctions
  20. Personal Touch Aromas
  21. Engraved Embers
  22. Glowing Niche Crafts
  23. Distinctive Wax Crafters
  24. Embellished Wickery
  25. Embodying Light
  26. Uncommon Candles & Co.
  27. Extraordinary Waxworks
  28. Exclusive Candle Chic
  29. Premier Glow Goals
  30. Wax Whimsy Wonders
  31. Novel Candle Concepts
  32. Artful Flame Furnishings
  33. Offbeat Aromatic Atelier
  34. Handpicked Lights & Scent
  35. Charming Wick Boutique
  36. Bespoke Glow Gallery
  37. Original Fire Forms
  38. Creative Luster Laboratory
  39. Signature Aroma Staples
  40. Elite Engraved Ambiance
  41. Refined Wax Reveries
  42. Unparalleled Illuminated Art
  43. Fresh Wick Wonders
  44. Luminary Luxuries
  45. Candle Custom Collective
  46. Scintillating Wax Studio
  47. Polished Scent & Light
  48. Tailor-Made Wick Whisperers
  49. Top-Shelf Flame Fancies
  50. Pinnacle Light Luxuries

Badass Names For Your Candle Company

  1. Blazing Torch Candles
  2. Fiery Fusion Candles
  3. Rebel Waxworks
  4. Fearless Flames
  5. Savage Scents
  6. Glowing Renegades
  7. Radiant Rebels
  8. Luminous Legends
  9. Radiant Rascals
  10. Wicked Wax Candles
  11. Brave Burners
  12. Sovereign Scents
  13. Mighty Melts
  14. Bold & Bright Candles
  15. Fearless Flickers
  16. Intrepid Illuminations
  17. Tenacious Tapers
  18. Audacious Aromas
  19. Daring Dazzlers
  20. Valiant Votives
  21. Dauntless Dracarys Candles
  22. Courageous Candlemakers
  23. Resolute Raves
  24. Steadfast Sparks
  25. Stout Scentcrafters
  26. Undaunted Delights
  27. Bold Beacon Candles
  28. Luminary Lions
  29. Flame Fighters
  30. Timeless Torchbearers
  31. Wax Whisperers
  32. Committed Creations
  33. Pioneering Pyros
  34. Unwavering Wickmasters
  35. Ardent Artisans
  36. Daredevil Designs
  37. Brilliant Beacons
  38. Noble Neons
  39. Adventurous Alchemists
  40. Fearless Firestarters
  41. Plucky Pillars
  42. Singular Scents
  43. Brave Brilliance
  44. Pioneer Pyrotechnics
  45. Spirited Scintillations
  46. Gutsy Glows
  47. Radiant Rangers
  48. Triumphant Tapers
  49. Bold & Beautiful Burns
  50. Fierce Flames

Throughout this section, we’ve provided you with 50 badass candle company name ideas, whether you’re looking for something rebellious, daring, or just plain fun. Now it’s up to you to go forth and create some amazing wax candles for your badass brand!

Funny Candle Business Names

Starting a funny candle business can be an exciting adventure. However, picking the perfect name is vital to your brand’s success.

Here, we’ve divided our list of funny candle company names into two subsections for your convenience.

  1. Wicked Wax Works
  2. Meltdown Mania
  3. Giggle Glow Candles
  4. The Comedy Candle
  5. Scent of Humor
  6. Flicker Funnies
  7. Wax Wits
  8. Candle Capers
  9. Hilarious Flames
  10. Jolly Burners
  11. Smirk and Spark
  12. Snicker Snuffers
  13. Laughing Embers
  14. Lit Laughs
  15. Chuckle Wicks
  16. Guffaw Glows
  17. Hysterical Heaters
  18. Flame Funnies
  19. Flickering Follies
  20. Pleasant Puns Candles
  21. Amusing Aromas
  22. Waxing Whimsy
  23. Luminary Lunacy
  24. Zany Zaros
  25. Playful Pyros
  26. Merry Melters
  27. Whimsical Wonders
  28. Trickster Tapers
  29. Droll Dazzlers
  30. Ridiculous Relights
  31. Ironic Illumination
  32. Silly Scents
  33. Peculiar Pillars
  34. Jesting Jars
  35. Mocking Melts
  36. Clowning Candles
  37. Fun and Flames
  38. Satirical Smolders
  39. Waggish Wax
  40. Jestful Journeys
  41. Bizarre Burners
  42. Gleeful Glows
  43. Scented Silliness
  44. Funny Firelights
  45. Whimsy Warmers
  46. Ludicrous Luminaries
  47. Odd Odors
  48. Cheerful Chandeliers
  49. Punny Pillar Pairs
  50. Light Laughter

We hope that our selections of funny candle company names inspire you to create your unique and engaging candle brand. Remember, a creative and humorous name can help your business stand out in a competitive market.

Catchy Professional Name Ideas for Your Online Shop Selling Candles

  1. The Candle Loft
  2. Scentsational Candles
  3. Candle Canvas
  4. Wick Wonder
  5. Aroma Ambiance
  6. Flame & Fragrance
  7. Soothing Scents
  8. Illuminating Aromas
  9. Whispering Wicks
  10. Enchanted Embers
  11. Glowing Galleria
  12. Serene Candle Co
  13. Candle Cult
  14. Fragrant Flames
  15. Cozy Candles & Wicks
  16. Heavenly Lights
  17. Euphoric Candles
  18. Velvet Candle Studio
  19. Wick Whimsy
  20. Scent Symphony
  21. Twilight Candles
  22. Tranquil Flame
  23. Aromatic Oasis
  24. Whispering Flames
  25. Candle Charmers
  26. The Candle Nook
  27. Luminary Essence
  28. Timeless Tapers
  29. Flame Fantasia
  30. Embers & Aromas
  31. The Wax Workshop
  32. Candles & More
  33. Luminous Luxuries
  34. Whispering Embers
  35. Aromalume
  36. Ethereal Flames
  37. Scented Silhouettes
  38. The Candle Cache
  39. Whimsical Wicks
  40. Scents of Serenity
  41. Wick & Wax Emporium
  42. Fragrance Flickers
  43. Illuminated Impressions
  44. Lustrous Candles
  45. Sensational Scents
  46. Wickful Thinking
  47. The Candle Trove
  48. Blazing Panache
  49. Aroma Artistry
  50. Alluring Tapers

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Fancy Candles and Home Fragrances Store Name Ideas

We have found various unique and enticing store name ideas that cater to the growing demand for scented candles and candle industry products worldwide. Check them out below!

  1. Luxe Flame
  2. Aromatic Enchantment
  3. Wax & Whimsy
  4. Opulent Wick
  5. Cozy Candle Corner
  6. Fragrance Haven
  7. Majestic Melts
  8. Scent Oasis
  9. Illuminated Elegance
  10. Exquisite Embers
  11. Elite Aromas
  12. Regal Luminance
  13. Alluring Fragrance Boutique
  14. Royal Ambiance Candles
  15. Essence of Light
  16. Refined Glow
  17. Lustrous Scents
  18. Radiant Fragrance House
  19. Irresistible Aromas
  20. Enchanted Warmth
  21. Candle Sophistication
  22. Fragrant Impressions
  23. Heavenly Glowscapes
  24. Irresistible Wick Retreat
  25. Emanate Boutique
  26. Indulgent Flame Artistry
  27. Scented Chic
  28. Aura Candle Studio
  29. Posh Flickers
  30. Radiant Light Creations
  31. Eloquent Ember
  32. Sensational Scentsations
  33. Wax Wonders
  34. Lavish Luminary
  35. Fanciful Flames
  36. Scented Ambiance Gallery
  37. Elegant Candle Atelier
  38. Prestigious Glow House
  39. Fragrance Artisan Studio
  40. Illuminating Elegance Boutique
  41. Masterful Melts
  42. Aroma Delights
  43. Serene Glow Sanctuary
  44. Elite Essence Retreat
  45. Refined Lightworks
  46. Opulence Ablaze
  47. Inviting Scentscapes
  48. Exalted Fragrance Fusions
  49. Prestige Candle Compass

In each list, a wide selection of fancy store names is showcased to help create a captivating atmosphere for those looking for scented candles and home fragrances. As you begin to narrow down your options and craft your own unique brand identity, we hope these suggestions prove helpful in your journey to establishing your distinguished candle business.

Modern Candle Company Name Ideas

We gathered some modern candle company name ideas for your inspiration. We’ve divided them into two sub-sections to make it easier for you to browse.

  1. Lit Lab Candles
  2. Moonlit Muse
  3. Urban Flame
  4. Modern Glow
  5. Sleek Scents
  6. TechnoWick
  7. Lighthouse Candles
  8. Infinite Illumination
  9. Luminary Lane
  10. Candle Connectivity
  11. Flame Fantasia
  12. Artisan Auras
  13. EcoWick
  14. SolarScent
  15. Flame Fusion
  16. Minimalist Melts
  17. Chic Candle Co.
  18. SoHo Scents
  19. CityZen Candles
  20. Edison’s Embers
  21. NeoWick
  22. Luxe Luminaries
  23. Metropolitan Melts
  24. Urbanite Utopia
  25. Cosmopolitan Candles
  26. Futuristic Fragrance
  27. LEDelight
  28. ElecTranquil
  29. Binary Bliss
  30. Cosmic Candle Co.
  31. Instant Illumination
  32. Citilights Candles
  33. Simplicity Scents
  34. CloudCandle
  35. Digital Dreams
  36. Electric Essence
  37. Lumen Lounge
  38. SmartWick
  39. UrbanGlow
  40. WickWave
  41. Taper Tech
  42. Luminary Loft
  43. GigaGlow
  44. ByteBright
  45. PixelFire Candles
  46. SusteNance
  47. Fluent Flames
  48. CircaCandles
  49. CandleCurrent
  50. AeroAroma

In this section, we included a variety of modern candle options, from eco-friendly choices to technology-inspired names. What type of candles are you planning to create? With these modern candle company name ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your business.

Luxury Name Ideas For A Candle Shop

In this section, we will share luxury candle business names to help capture your target audience’s attention. These names evoke an aura of elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity. Use them as inspiration for your candle shop’s name to attract customers looking for high-quality, luxurious candles.

  1. Aroma Angel
  2. Moonlight Lotus
  3. Sun & Sugar Candles
  4. Luxe Life Wick
  5. Royal Satin Candle Co.
  6. Elegant Evening Flames
  7. Timeless Glow
  8. Lavish Luminary
  9. The Gilded Wick
  10. Opulent Oasis Candles
  11. Regal Radiance
  12. Extravagant Ember
  13. Majestic Moonflowers
  14. Plush Petals Candle House
  15. Refined Reflections
  16. Grand Illuminations
  17. Sophisticated Scents
  18. Velvet Night Candles
  19. The Prestige Parlor
  20. High Society Lights
  21. Distinguished Candelabra
  22. Classy Candle Corner
  23. Exquisite Enchantments
  24. Impeccable Illuminations
  25. Luxury Luminaries
  26. Magnificent Melting Moments
  27. Elite Embers
  28. Ritzy Radiance
  29. Chic Candle Studio
  30. Glamorous Glimmers
  31. Resplendent Relaxation
  32. Premium Wicks & Wax
  33. Serene Sanctuary Scents
  34. Stately Flame Artistry
  35. Candela Couture
  36. Haute Hearth
  37. Crystal Cavern Candles
  38. High-end Harmony
  39. Decadent Dreamlights
  40. Aristocratic Aromas
  41. Superior Scented Wonders
  42. Time-honored Tapers
  43. Charming Chateau Lights
  44. Esteemed Elegance Candles
  45. Regal Residences & Fragrances
  46. Posh Palace Scents
  47. Storied Flame Boutique
  48. The Radiant Rendezvous
  49. Lavish Luminescence Lounge
  50. Stylish Serenity Candles

Selecting a luxury candle business name that resonates with your target audience will enhance your shop’s appeal and attract customers looking for an upscale experience. Make your candle shop stand out with a name that reflects the elegance and quality of your products.

Name Ideas For A Candle Bath Shop

Here are some name ideas for a candle bath shop:

  1. Candlelight Sanctuary
  2. CandleCrafts Co.
  3. Soothing Scentsations
  4. Aromas N’ Bubbles
  5. Wick & Wax Wonders
  6. Bathe in the Flames of Luxury
  7. The Illuminated Bathroom
  8. Wicks on Water
  9. Lavender Luxuries
  10. Blooming Bouquets Candles

Tips to Consider When Naming Your Candle Shop

Candle shop names matter to us. Easy to remember names are crucial for making an impression on potential customers. When brainstorming a name for your candle business, what are some key points to consider?

  • Keep it simple: A short and sweet name can be easier to recall for customers searching for your products.
  • Reflect your brand: Choose a name that represents the style and personality of your business to attract your target audience.
  • Be unique: Stand out from competitors with a name that sets your candle shop apart.
  • Incorporate alliteration and rhymes: Names with repetitive sounds can be catchy and leave a lasting impression.
  • Check domain availability

Below, we offer a few catchy and unique candle business name ideas:

  • Candlelit Corner
  • Glowing Gifts
  • Wax Whims

Remember, finding the perfect name for your candle shop may take time and patience, but a well-thought-out name can make all the difference in attracting customers and building your brand.


Why Is It Important To Have A Good Candle Business Name?

A good candle business name can help your company stand out and be memorable to customers. It can also reflect the style and personality of your brand and make it easier for people to find and remember you.

How Do I Come Up With A Catchy Candle Name?

One way to come up with a catchy candle name is to play with words and use puns or alliteration. You can also think about the theme or scent of your candle and incorporate that into the name. Brainstorming with a partner or team can also lead to more creative ideas.

Can A Candle Business Name Be Too Unique?

While it’s important to have a unique candle business name, it’s also important that it’s not too obscure or difficult to understand. It should still be easy for customers to pronounce, spell, and remember.

How Do I Use A Candle Name Generator?

To use a candle name generator, enter keywords or phrases related to your business, such as the scent, style, or location. Then, the generator will provide you with a list of potential names to choose from.

What Makes A Great Candle Company Name?

A great candle company name is one that is memorable, unique, and reflects the personality and style of your brand. It should also be easy to pronounce and spell, and not too similar to other candle company names.

Can I Use A Candle Business Name That Is Already Taken?

It’s important to avoid using a candle business name that is already trademarked or in use by another company to avoid legal issues. You can check the availability of a name by doing a trademark search or searching online for similar companies.

How Do I Choose The Best Candle Company Name?

To choose the best candle company name, consider your brand values and the message you want to convey to customers. You can also ask for feedback from family, friends, or potential customers, and conduct market research to see which names resonate the most with your target audience.

Should I Include The Word u0022Candleu0022 In My Business Name?

Including the word u0022candleu0022 in your business name can help customers understand what you do and make it easier for them to find you. However, it’s not necessary if your name already conveys the style or theme of your brand.

Can I Change My Candle Business Name Later On?

Yes, you can change your candle business name later on. However, this can be costly and time-consuming, so it’s important to choose a name that you’ll be happy with for the long term.

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