Cute Business Names (Best Ideas)

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Business owners need to get more creative these days to avoid stealing existing trademarks. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to cute business names, including catchy business name ideas, creative business name ideas, crafty cute name ideas, small business cute name ideas, and more. 

These business name generator names feature favorable word structures, rhythmic sounds, and easy-to-spell and pronounce words for social media brands.

Now, let’s get into the lists!

Best Cute Business Names

If your target audience is young, girly, or simply a group of customers that loves cute things, you want a cute business name.

You may want to represent your business with one of the following cute and easy-to-remember names. 

These cute business names are more generalized and can apply to a variety of different types of businesses.

Whether you offer a product, service, or locale, these names and variations of them can do the trick. 

  1. The Perfection Connection 
  2. Cuteness Crossing  
  3. Cutie Pies 
  4. Charming and Cute 
  5. Classy and Cute 
  6. Real Cute 
  7. Thrifty Cute 
  8. Tres Cute 
  9. Tres Chic – a French type of cute 
  10. The Chic Boutique 
  11. ABC 123 
  12. The Fun Factory 
  13. Cheeky Chic 
  14. Darling DIY 
  15. Cute ; Co. 
  16. The Cute Room 
  17. Blossoms 
  18. Just Because 
  19. Daisies 
  20. In Cahoots 
  21. Perfectly Cute 
  22. Absolutely Darling 
  23. Darling, Inc. 
  24. Itty Bitty Business 
  25. Center Chic 

Girly Cute Business Names

You can use words or phrases related to girls and femininity to create a strong brand for a cute business. These names rely on “girl”-oriented words and lots of alliteration to make catchy word phrases. 

What’s more, is that the following girly business name ideas translate well to social media handles. And they’re super easy to remember compared to other business names

  1. Girly World 
  2. Chic Chicks  
  3. Girls Zone 
  4. Girly Couture 
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls 
  6. Girls, etc. 
  7. The Business Chicks 
  8. The Girly Factory 
  9. Girls, Inc. 
  10. Glamour Girls 
  11. The Girly Place 
  12. The Girly Shop 
  13. All Things Girls 
  14. Girls At Work 
  15. Girl Nova 
  16. Posh Girl 
  17. The Girly Girl 
  18. Girls to the Front 
  19. Hey, Girl 
  20. Glitter and Girls 

Unique Cute Business Names

If you’re wondering, how will people notice my business? Then you need to find a unique name. As you start your business, look for names that are eye-catching and set you apart from competitors, such as the ones below. 

These names make businesses appear as though they have something that other businesses do not. They’re also slightly mysterious, which has an alluring factor for potential customers. 

  1. Sweet, Inc. 
  2. Dollop of Daisy 
  3. A Little Bit of Everything 
  4. Drop On In 
  5. That Special Something 
  6. Outside the Box 
  7. Not Your Mother’s 
  8. Especially You 
  9. Off The Beaten Path 
  10. Quirky Things 
  11. Pixie Parlour 
  12. Just ‘Cause 
  13. Novel Notions 
  14. Something Different 
  15. Something New 
  16. The One and Only 
  17. Extra-Ordinaries 
  18. The Cute Factor 
  19. The Bestest Yet 
  20. Conveniently Cute 

Cute Girly Business Names For Crafts

Crafters and artisans need their own style of business name ideas, especially when it comes to feminine craft businesses. Keywords like “glitter”, “yarn”, “crafts”, “creations”, and more are great for attracting the target crafter audience. 

The following list highlights the cutest business names that arts and crafts businesses can adopt to create a solid brand identity. 

  1. Craft’n’Cute 
  2. Cut with Cuteness 
  3. She’s Got the Crafts 
  4. She’s Got the Yarn 
  5. She’s Got the Glitter
  6. Glitter and Girls 
  7. The Craftess 
  8. Femme Craft 
  9. Her Favorite Crafts 
  10. Crafty Creations 
  11. Girly Creations, Inc. 
  12. The Art Girls 
  13. Craft as a Button – variation of “cute as a button” saying 
  14. The She Shed 
  15. The Itsy Bitsy Craft Store 
  16. Pile o’ Crafts 
  17. All That Glitters – references “all that glitters isn’t gold” 
  18. Hello Darling Crafts ‘n’ More 
  19. Inspired by Girls 
  20. The Creativity Station 

Cute Small Business Names

Small businesses deserve their own category of name possibilities. If you want to make your small business sound cute, you need a name that is youthful, endearing, attractive, and charming to your customers. 

As an added bonus, these names can help you to draw in a niche clientele as you grow your business. 

  1. The Little Nook 
  2. From Scratch – for a fledgling cute business 
  3. That Startup Place 
  4. Started From The Bottom – for a startup cute business 
  5. Itty Bitty Biz 
  6. The Treehouse 
  7. The Dollhouse 
  8. Adorbs! 
  9. A Slice of Life 
  10. The Cozy Corner 
  11. The Dainty Den 
  12. Charmed 
  13. A Little Bit of Home 
  14. Dear Me! 
  15. Cuteness in a Cup 
  16. Two Girls, Inc. – for a business run by two sisters 
  17. Two Girls ; Co. – for a business run by two girls 
  18. Our Little Shop 
  19. Perfection Plaza 
  20. The Girly Lodge 
  21. The Giggly Nook – because what’s cuter than giggles?
  22. Workin’ Girls 
  23. The Girly Hut 
  24. Girls ‘r’ Us 
  25. As She Likes It – a variation of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” 

Cute Business Names For Females

There are also plenty of feminine and female-oriented business names to choose from. Drawing inspiration from powerful goddesses in Greek mythology and other powerful female figures, these names will target a female audience on social media and other advertisement formats. 

Take a look at the following business name ideas for businesses that are run by or specifically for females.

  1. Girl Power, Inc. 
  2. Wonder Women – references the female superhero 
  3. The Female Factor – like “The X Factor” 
  4. Flower Power ; Co. – a cutesy female empowerment name 
  5. Operation Female Empowerment  
  6. Powered by Woman 
  7. Holistic Woman 
  8. Completely Femme – a business that is all things feminine 
  9. Wonderful Woman 
  10. Empowering Girls – a business to empower younger girls 
  11. Future Female – references “the future is female” 
  12. Who Runs The World? – references a Beyonce song that answers “girls” 
  13. Girl Success 
  14. The Leading Ladies 
  15. Girlboss, Inc. – a company for strong businesswomen 
  16. Lady Boss – a strong woman in business 
  17. Woman’s World 
  18. Femme, Femme, Femme! – meaning feminine, feminine, feminine! 
  19. FemiNova – combines “feminine” and “nova” (new)
  20. The Pink Ladies – references the girl group in the movie Grease 
  21. Athena’s House – references the Greek goddess of war, handicraft, and reason 
  22. House of Aphrodite – references the Greek goddess of beauty and love 
  23. Hera’s Hut – references the Greek goddess of marriage, family, and women 
  24. Goddess Glam – an empowering women’s business name 
  25. Goddess on Earth – great for girl power businesses  

Cute Brand Names

A brand name can be more difficult to create than a company title. Brand names need to be catchy, easy to read, and recognizable. 

These brand names are 100% cute and targeted toward the cute-loving crowd. As an added bonus, they’re short and to the point, which is essential when it comes to creating brand logos and other images. 

  1. Glam.0 
  2. Cute Inc. 
  3. Bubbles Inc. 
  4. Little Bits 
  5. Adorbs World 
  6. The Cute Hut 
  7. Pure Delight 
  8. Basic Delights 
  9. Small Treasures 
  10. Adore Me 
  11. Adorable You 
  12. Sweet as Pie 
  13. Dearly Loved – variation of “dearly beloved” saying 
  14. Sweet Stuff 
  15. Cutesy cat 
  16. Cute Co. 
  17. Enchant Me 
  18. Endear Me 
  19. A Chance of Cute – variation of “cloudy with a chance of ___”
  20. Darling Dear 

Cute Catchy Business Names

Catchy business names rely on the use of wordplay, such as idioms, rhymes, and alliteration. Once you have a saying you like the sound of, you can combine it with an aspect of your business to create a unique and catchy, cute business name. 

What’s great about a catchy business name is that people are going to remember it and maybe even make a comment to their friends about the name itself. That’s like free advertising right there!

  1. Dearly Yearly – a rhyming cute name 
  2. Once Upon a Store – variation of “once upon a time” 
  3. Better Off Dressed – a silly cute name 
  4. Femme is Forever – variation of “diamonds are forever” 
  5. The Cat’s Meow – saying that means someone who is extra special 
  6. Happy Wife, Happy Life – a popular, rhyming saying 
  7. Beat Around the Brush – variation of “beat around the bush” 
  8. It Takes Two to Cute – variation of “it takes two to tango” 
  9. Cute on a Stick – similar to “hotdog on a stick” 
  10. Blue Moons – for a unique business, similar to “once in a blue moon”
  11. Dearly Ever After – variation of “happily ever after”
  12. When Cuties Fly – variation of “when pigs fly”
  13. Sit Back and Chillax – variation of “sit back and relax”
  14. Cute Got Your Tongue – variation of “cat got your tongue?”
  15. Cute’s Out of the Bag – variation of “cat’s out of the bag” 
  16. Raining Cutes and Dogs – variation of “it’s raining cats and dogs” 
  17. Apple of Her Eye – variation of “you’re the apple of my eye”  
  18. She’s All That – a movie reference and common girly saying 
  19. Cherry on Top – variation of “pretty please with a cherry on top”
  20. Button-Cute – variation of “cute as a button” 

Cute Creative Business Names

If you have a creative business – whether it’s for visual art, artisan goods, performance art, or some other creative venture – the business name needs to be creative, too. 

The names below combine words related to “creative” with cute and creative concepts, clever sayings, and more. 

  1. Cutesy Creations 
  2. The Cutest Creation 
  3. Creatively You 
  4. Dearly Created – a variation of “dearly beloved” phrase 
  5. Creative World 
  6. Drawn by You 
  7. A Vision of Cute 
  8. Invented by You 
  9. Invented by Her 
  10. Her Greatest Invention 
  11. Imagine That – a catchy saying 
  12. Imagine This – a catchy saying
  13. Picture This – a catchy saying 
  14. Clever Girl 
  15. Inspiration Inc. 
  16. Drawn to Life 
  17. Purely Imagined 
  18. Create as a Button – play on the “cute as a button” phrase 
  19. Make It Cute 
  20. Create-o-rama 

Company Name Naming Tips

A good company name goes a long way in drawing in clientele, especially if the name hits your target audience correctly. 

You want to consider aspects like uniqueness, readability, easy pronunciation, catchiness, and more.

These will set your business name apart from your competitors and make it easier for customers to find you and stick with you. 

1. Keep It Original 

One of the worst things you can do when naming your business is to copy (intentionally or accidentally) another business name.

You especially don’t want to get into the territory of having a name similar to a big corporation, as you run the risk of lawsuits. 

Instead, try to create a name that reflects your personal business vision. Do lots of research to ensure that your name isn’t too similar to the names of other local businesses or bigger companies around the world. 

Doing so will help you to avoid thought theft and plagiarism. In the end, your business will be more likely to get noticed by customers, and people will value your unique, creative vision. 

2. Make It Easy to Read 

You don’t want a business name that’s hard to read. Chances are, the time people spend glancing at your billboards and other advertisements will be short or limited. 

This means that in those few moments reading your company name, the person needs to be able to actually see what the name is and remember it. In your business name, stick with words that are short, simple, and recognizable at a glance. 

You might also want to limit how many words you put in the company name. Having more than 4 or 5 is going to make it significantly harder and more expensive to create social media handles, advertisements, and other materials. 

You might even consider testing out potential names on a friend or family member. Have them glance at a mock-up advertisement and see if they find it easy to read the business name and remember it afterward. 

3. Make It Easy to Pronounce 

This factor really goes hand in hand with readability. If your perfect business name is easy to read, it’s probably also going to be easy for customers to pronounce. 

This is important because word of mouth still makes a difference in how people perceive a business or company. When people tell their friends and family about your business, they should be able to pronounce it easily so that the next person knows how to find you too. 

Sometimes it helps to use one-syllable words or rhyming phrases in your business name. You can still make the name creative and unique without using complex words or phrases. 

4. Make The Name Catchy And Easy To Remember

Some of the most memorable businesses are those that value a funny or catchy name. It’s going to be easier for a customer to remember a name like Cute, Cute, Cute! than it will be for them to remember a name like “Woodworth Sisters Crafts and Supplies”. 

A lot of times, people will turn to popular phrases such as idioms to create business names. For example, you can do a play on words with “Cute as a Button” to create a cute and creative business name. 

You can also rely on rhyming words (i.e. The Cute Suit). And alliteration – multiple words that start with the same letter – is useful in creating a catchy business or company name. 

Furthermore, when you use alliteration and other wordplays like acronyms, you can create more unique and inventive business logos with the starting letters of the words in your name. 


We hope you liked the above ideas for cute business names. Whether you have a small, fledgling business, or you are trying to rebrand your company, these cute and girly names can help to set you apart from competitor businesses. 

Be sure to refer to the above naming ideas if you’re short on options. 

And when it comes to setting up a domain with your new business name, try out a domain checker tool online so that you can find a personalized URL for your business website. Sites like GoDaddy can help you in this department. 

Last but not least, be sure to follow our tips on uniqueness, catchiness, readability, etc. when finding the perfect cute name for your business. 

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