159+ Christian Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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Christian music touches the soul and inspires a sense of peace and hope.

If you’re looking for upbeat dance tracks, soothing ballads, or something in between, there’s a Christian playlist for you.

Whether you’re looking for music to energize your day or calm your spirit, we’ve got the perfect list of Christian playlist names.

So grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready to experience the joy and inspiration that Christian music has to offer!

Let’s dive in.

Best Christian Playlist Names

One of the best ways to enjoy Christian music is to create a playlist of your favorite songs and give it a unique name.

Whether for a special occasion or just for fun, these playlist names for Christian music can help you find the perfect title for your selection of tunes.

From clever puns to inspiring titles, here are some of the best names to get you started.

  1. “Joy of Jesus”
  2. “Holy Spirit Grooves”
  3. “Gospel Glory”
  4. “God’s Rockin’ Tunes”
  5. “Blessed Beats”
  6. “Songs Of Praise”
  7. “Tuning Into Heaven”
  8. “Gospel Sing-Alongs”
  9. “Rejoice in Faith”
  10. “Heavenly Hymns”
  11. “Spiritual Symphony”
  12. “Praise Worship Mixes”
  13. “Reflection Time Tunes”
  14. “Christian Classics Playlist”
  15. “Wonderful Worship Music Mix List”
  16. “Peaceful Sunday Morning Sounds”
  17. “Praise Party Playlist”
  18. “Gospel Music Mix Mashup”
  19. “Chilled Out Christian Music Tunes For Relaxation”
  20. “Godly Gospel Grooves Listening Pleasure”
  21. “Christian Songs To Lift Your Spirits”
  22. “Gospel Beats To Get You Going”
  23. “Holiness In Harmony Playlist”
  24. “Soulful Sunday Soundtracks”
  25. “Inspirational Christian Music”
  26. “Uplifting Gospel Music”

Good Playlist Name Ideas For Christian Music

Do you need help coming up with the perfect name for your Christian music playlist? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here you’ll find a list of 40 good playlist name ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. God’s Beat
  2. The Divine Groove
  3. Hymns of Praise
  4. Faithful Tunes
  5. Holy Hits
  6. Sanctified Sounds
  7. God’s Favorites
  8. Gratefulness Groove
  9. Heaven’s Hymnal
  10. Praise Party Playlist
  11. Worship Warriors
  12. Spiritual Symphony
  13. Joyful Noise
  14. Spirit-filled Songs
  15. Gospel Goodness
  16. Celebrating Christ
  17. Singing Saints
  18. Adoration Anthems
  19. Celestial Choruses
  20. Forgiven & Free Playlist
  21. Heavenly Beats
  22. Faithful Friends
  23. Holy Harmony
  24. God’s Anthem
  25. High Praises
  26. Love Lifted Me
  27. Be Still My Soul
  28. Holy & Humble
  29. God’s Gift To Me
  30. Joyful Jubilation
  31. Divine Discography
  32. Heavens Above
  33. Soulful Sounds
  34. Jesus Is King
  35. Uplifting Tunes
  36. Sacred Songs
  37. Praise Power
  38. Joy of Heaven
  39. Blessings Abound
  40. Eternal Love

Cute Playlist Name Ideas For Christian Music

  1. Hymnal Hugs – Get ready to be embraced by all the sweet and beautiful hymns of the Christian faith.
  2. Joyful Jams – Turn up the volume and get ready to sing and dance along with some of the most joyful Christian tunes around.
  3. Gospel Grooves – Enjoy some of the most uplifting gospel music around, perfect for your next playlist.
  4. Prayful Praise – Take a few moments out of your day to reflect and find peace in these beautiful Christian tunes.
  5. Uplifting Tunes – These uplifting songs will help lift your spirits and encourage your faith journey.
  6. Divine Dancefloor – Get ready to hit the dance floor with some of the most popular Christian dance tunes around!
  7. Worship Wonderment – Take a few moments out of your day to experience true worship with these powerful songs.
  8. Heavenly Hymns – Let these heavenly hymns take you on a journey of discovery as you explore your faith deeper than ever before!
  9. Soul Soothing Sounds – Relax and find inner peace as you listen to some of the most soothing Christian songs around!
  10. Glorious Gospel – Experience true joy as you listen to these glorious gospel songs, perfect for an afternoon playlist!
  11. Rejoiceful Rhythms – Get ready to rejoice in all that God has done for us with these uplifting rhythms!
  12. Godly Grooves – Feel connected to God through music with these godly grooves that will fill your heart with joy!
  13. Peaceful Pianos – Sit back and relax as you listen to some peaceful piano melodies that will make your heart feel content!
  14. Christian Classics – Enjoy some classic tunes from the past that are still loved by many Christians

Unique Playlist Name Ideas For Christian Music

  1. God’s Truths: This Christian playlist is perfect for those seeking encouragement and strength in their faith. Enjoy songs filled with inspiring lyrics and uplifting beats.
  2. Heaven’s Refrain: For those craving a peaceful, gentle playlist filled with beautiful harmonies, this one is for you.
  3. Jesus Love: Need some love in your life? This Christian playlist has all the uplifting, heartfelt songs you need to feel the Lord’s embrace.
  4. Praise Party: Get the party started right with this Christian playlist full of upbeat, joyful tunes to start your day off right.
  5. Joyful Noise: Get ready to make a joyful noise with this Christian playlist of uplifting and inspirational tunes.
  6. Forever Faithful: This Christian playlist will help you stay focused on your faith, even during the most challenging times.
  7. Victory Songs: Celebrate the victories in life with these songs that will help you keep your faith strong no matter what comes your way.
  8. Hallelujah Hymns: Find comfort and strength in these timeless hymns full of praise and devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  9. Saved By Grace: This Christian playlist is all about grace and mercy, with songs that will remind you of the power of God’s love in your life every day.
  10. Surrender All: This Christian playlist is perfect for those times when you need to take a step back, surrender everything to God and just let Him take charge of your life.

Cool Playlist Name Ideas For Christian Music

Looking for cool Christian playlist names? Look no further!

We have compiled a list of 40+ cool Christian playlist names to help you get inspired.

From inspirational and meditative worship songs to Christian dance party anthems, here are some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. God’s Children
  2. All Things New
  3. Heaven Sent
  4. Come Alive
  5. On the Right Path
  6. Salvation Sounds
  7. Closer to Heaven
  8. Angels Singing
  9. Praise Party
  10. Heavenly Beats
  11. Joyful Noise
  12. Gratitude Groove
  13. Faithful Music
  14. Gospel Grooves
  15. Divine Discourse
  16. God’s Favorites
  17. Christian Classics
  18. Renewed Mindset
  19. The Good News Tunes
  20. Heaven’s Hymns
  21. Faithful Melodies
  22. God’s Jam Session
  23. Rock for Jesus
  24. Spiritual Symphony
  25. Between Heaven and Earth
  26. Soulful Gospel
  27. Holy Hip Hop
  28. Praise with Passion
  29. Divine Dance Party
  30. Christian Reggae
  31. Sunday Service
  32. Blessings Blues
  33. Christian Fusion
  34. Gospel Soul
  35. Sacred Rhythms
  36. God’s Army of Worshipers
  37. Christian Disco Fever
  38. Church Choruses
  39. Sacred Hymns Remixes
  40. Ascending Praise
  41. Hallelujah House Beats
  42. Upbeat Gospel
  43. Worship Music Mix
  44. Peaceful Worship
  45. Holy Choir Concerts

Funny Playlist Name Ideas For Christian Music

Are you looking for some funny Christian music playlist names to give your playlist a bit of a humorous edge? We’ve got you covered!

Here’s our list of 25 funny playlist name ideas for Christian music that will make you smile.

  1. Jesus Is My Jam
  2. Playing in the Name of the Lord
  3. Heavens Above!
  4. Gospel Grooves
  5. Sunday Funday Tunes
  6. Praise and Worship Music
  7. Hallelujah Jams
  8. Jesus Be Jammin’
  9. Gospel Gold
  10. Heavenly Tunes
  11. Holy Rollin’ Music
  12. Jesus and the Beatboxers
  13. God’s Playlist
  14. Raise Some Roof-Raising Hymns!
  15. Rockin’ with Jesus
  16. Praise Party Mix
  17. Jesus Is King of the Beats
  18. Worshipin’ With Beats
  19. Get Your Prayer On!
  20. Pray Your Praises Away!
  21. The Gospel Rapper’s Delight
  22. Heavens Above, It’s Gospel Music Time!
  23. God’s Word Through Music
  24. The Joyful Noise Playlist
  25. The Divine Dance Party


Creating a Christian playlist is a great way to bring joy and inspiration into your life.

With so many amazing Christian songs, choosing the perfect ones for your playlist can be difficult.

Whether you want to create a worship playlist, an inspirational one, or one full of upbeat songs, this guide should have provided you with some good Christian playlist names to get you started!

Take the time to think of what songs will best fit your playlist needs and go from there.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect Christian playlist name, remember to share it with friends and family! Who knows – maybe they’ll have some more great ideas for you to add to your list.

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