247 Dolphin Names (Best, Cute, and Funny Naming Ideas)

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Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

The average IQ of a bottlenose dolphin is 4.14– much higher than the majority of humanity!

However, dolphins don’t let their big brains stop them from having fun. 

On top of being one of the smartest animals in the world, they are also one of the most playful! These amazing sea creatures are full of spunk and grace, and love to show off.

Whether your aquarium just got a new dolphin or you have a cute new dolphin plushie waiting for the perfect name, you’ll find inspiration here in our ultimate dolphin naming guide!

Let’s dive in.

Best Dolphin Names

Here are the most popular monikers given to our underwater friends: 

  1. Jumper
  2. Paradise
  3. Dory 
  4. Ocean
  5. Echo
  6. Azul – Blue
  7. Sterling – Little Star
  8. Clipper – A merchant sailing ship
  9. Mermaid
  10. Jupiter – The Roman’s supreme god of love and god of the sky 
  11. Bluebell
  12. Coral
  13. Anchor
  14. Blue
  15. Sunny
  16. Dorian – Gift
  17. Snoopy 
  18. Pisces – The fish
  19. Titan – Defender
  20. Sport
  21. Buddy
  22. Nemo 
  23. Azure – Sky blue
  24. Coral
  25. Soleil – Sun
  26. Star
  27. Atlantis – Named after the lost underwater city, Atlantis.
  28. Shimmer
  29. Tux 
  30. Pirate
  31. Summer
  32. Apollo – Destroyer
  33. Aurora – Dawn
  34. Poseidon – The Greek god of the sea
  35. Capricorn – Sea goat
  36. Oceana
  37. Luna – Moon
  38. Blue
  39. Reef
  40. Hydra – A water serpent from Greek mythology. 
  41. Silver
  42. Misty
  43. Splash
  44. Fin
  45. Umiko – Patient
  46. Aqua
  47. Bubbles
  48. Kai – Sea, shell, or warrior
  49. Rascal
  50. Emerald

Names For A Girl Dolphin

Your graceful female dolphin deserves a name as beautiful and graceful as herself!

Here are some creative ideas for you:

  1. Cleo – To praise or acclaim
  2. Dolly – Gift of God
  3. Prim – First, First-born
  4. Myrtle – Tree or victory
  5. Grace – Goodness and generosity
  6. Didi – Older sister
  7. Kiki – Double happiness
  8. Hayley – Hay meadow
  9. Penelope – Weaver
  10. Jade – Precious stone
  11. Starla – Star
  12. Aquamarine – A stone that represents happiness and hope. Also translates to “water of the sea.” 
  13. Odessa – Long journey
  14. Jewel
  15. Rose
  16. Dawn
  17. Destiny
  18. Pearl
  19. Princess
  20. Bella – Beautiful
  21. Roxie – Sassy
  22. Marina – From the sea
  23. Brooke – Water or small stream
  24. Flo – Flourishing
  25. Zsa Zsa – God is my oath
  26. Dora – Gift

Names For A Boy Dolphin

If you’re looking for boy names for a male dolphin, here are some great ideas to help you get started: 

  1. Jacques – Supplanter
  2. Desmond – Gracious defender
  3. Jules – Youthful
  4. Jack – God is gracious
  5. Jasper – Treasurer
  6. Dax – Leader
  7. Oscar – Champion warrior
  8. Buddy 
  9. Drake – Dragon
  10. Jonah
  11. Cooper – Barrel maker
  12. Nigel – Champion
  13. Louis – Famous warrior
  14. Fisher 
  15. Billy – Protection
  16. Finley – Fair-haired courageous one
  17. Baxter – Baker
  18. Clifford – Cliff-side ford
  19. Hutch – Bright in mind, spirit, and heart.
  20. Caspian – Named after the Caspian Sea
  21. Sebastian – Respectable or wise

Unisex Names For Dolphins

It can be a little hard to tell a dolphin’s gender. If you’re struggling and looking for a name that could go for either a boy or a girl, here are some good ideas to help you get started: 

  1. Sammy – God has heard
  2. Yoko – Child
  3. Frankie – Free or truthful
  4. Noah – Rest
  5. Dillon – Loyal
  6. Gale – Jovial
  7. Beau – Beautiful or handsome
  8. Bimini – Two islands
  9. Arctic – Named after the Arctic Sea
  10. Namu – Tree or wood
  11. Skipper – Captain
  12. Surfer
  13. Ronnie – Ruler, also advice and decision 
  14. River
  15. Fifer – A piper
  16. Puck
  17. Ace
  18. Nereus – A god of the sea in Greek mythology
  19. Brine – Salty water

Cute Dolphin Names

Let’s be honest, certain dolphins deserve the cutest name available.

Whether you’ve got a new baby dolphin or a dolphin that regularly steals your heart, here are some cute names:

  1. Squeaky
  2. Bubba – A word used for brother
  3. Bobo
  4. Astro
  5. Bottle
  6. Kid
  7. Wavy
  8. Radar
  9. Pebbles
  10. Conch
  11. Angel
  12. Squirt
  13. Caspar – Keeper of the treasure
  14. Ariel
  15. Chips
  16. Chirpy
  17. Jelly Bean
  18. Sparkle
  19. Squid
  20. Galia – Wave of God
  21. Cupcake
  22. Tuna
  23. Prancer
  24. Winnie – Gentle, friend of peace
  25. Flounder

Good Names For Dolphins

Dolphins are teeming with personality. They can be sweet, sassy, and a little mischievous. Must be because of the aquatic animal’s big brain! 

Whatever type of personality your dolphin has, here are some good names for any dolphin: 

  1. Jumper
  2. Natsu – Means “born in summer,” perfect for dolphins because they love warm weather!
  3. Dusty
  4. Freedom
  5. Trickster
  6. Sunshine
  7. Venus – Roman goddess of love and beauty
  8. Nutmeg – A type of shell and a sweet spice
  9. Milos – Pleasant, dear
  10. Xenios – Protector of strangers
  11. Maui – Hawaiian god of fire, means magic
  12. Medea – Cunning
  13. Tinsel
  14. Lana – Calm, still waters
  15. Summer
  16. Panama
  17. Sandy
  18. Cersei – Bird
  19. Einstein – Because why not call attention to the big brain your dolphin has? 
  20. Shamu – Named after the famous Seaworld orca 
  21. Whistle – Did you know that dolphins are able to communicate with each other through a series of clicks and whistles? 
  22. Liberty
  23. Neptune – The Roman god of the sea

Funny Dolphin Names

Dolphins love to be silly! Making people laugh is just part of their charm. If you’re looking for a humorous handle for your underwater friend, check out these popular choices: 

  1. Loki – The famous norse god of mischief. If you’ve ever seen Marvel movies, you know this guy can get himself into a serious amount of trouble- and has fun doing it! 
  2. Jack Sparrow – Nothing funnier than naming a dolphin after a notoriously drunk pirate! 
  3. Kisser – Dolphin’s often kiss trainers on the cheek during aquarium shows.
  4. Smartie
  5. Sassy
  6. Kisame – means “Demon shark” in Japanese.
  7. Crash
  8. Loch Ness – Like the Loch Ness monster. 
  9. Mr. Nibbles
  10. Moby Dick 
  11. Soda Pop – Your dolphin probably leaves a trail of bubbles, like soda, wherever they go!
  12. Aquaman
  13. Gilligan – Just don’t take your dolphin on a three-hour sea cruise, if you know what I mean. 
  14. Mahi Mahi
  15. Flotsam
  16. Scuttle
  17. Goofy 
  18. Captain Ahab – Ahab is the name of the captain who hunted Moby Dick in the famous book, Moby Dick
  19. Jetsam
  20. Granny
  21. Squeal
  22. Flapper
  23. Jolly Roger – Like the flag flown on pirate ships. Plus, it makes your dolphin sound like a happy fella 

Cool Names For Dolphins

Now we come to the names that were picked strictly because of their coolness.

If you’re looking for a name that’ll help your dolphin swim with some extra swagger, look no further than these! 

  1. Calypso – To hide
  2. Phantom
  3. Typhoon
  4. Miami – Fans of Florida football will love a dolphin named after their team, the Miami Dolphins. 
  5. Tempest
  6. Dagger
  7. Riptide
  8. Athena – A greek goddess. She beat the mighty Poseidon in a competition over who would look after Athens. 
  9. Tornado
  10. Hermes – Patron god of travelers and thieves
  11. Mercury – Messenger of the gods
  12. Skywalker 
  13. Nautilus
  14. Treasure
  15. Slick
  16. Zephyr – West wind
  17. Tahiti
  18. Lieutenant 
  19. Serendipity – Events that happen by chance in a beneficial or happy way 
  20. Triton – In Greek mythology, Triton was god of the sea and son of Poseidon. In Disney, he’s a grumpy, protective father who wields a giant fork. 
  21. Delmare – French for “of the sea”
  22. Achilles – The brave hero from Homer’s Iliad 
  23. Jet

Unique Names For Dolphins

The names below are great choices if you want your dolphin to stand out from the crowd- in a good way!

  1. Aoshima – Blue island
  2. Moonstone
  3. Nassau – Damp wet
  4. Okeanos – Greek titan and god of freshwater and ocean-stream
  5. Latoya – Victorious one, praised
  6. Nova – New
  7. Saoirse – An Irish name meaning freedom 
  8. Icarus – Follower
  9. Laguna – Pool pond
  10. Haruki – Spring child
  11. Naia – Water nymph, dolphin, or flowing
  12. Kailani – Sea and sky
  13. Shanty – Short for the sea shanties that sailors used to sing
  14. Chowder 
  15. Suijin – The Japanese god of water
  16. Mr. Limpet – Named from the old Don Knotts film, The Incredible Mr. Limpet 
  17. Buoy – A floating object that serves as a warning in the ocean
  18. Mazu – The Chinese goddess of the sea

Famous Dolphin Names In Movies

Remember the first time you saw a dolphin on the big, silver screen?

Well, that movie might just help you find the perfect name!

If you’re looking for a name acclaimed with fame, check out these famous dolphin monikers from movies: 

  1. Flipper – Flipper from Flipper is the most famous dolphin of all time. What kid from the 60s didn’t wish they had a dolphin friend? 
  2. Snowflake – From Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
  3. Alpha – From the American science fiction thriller, The Day of the Dolphin 
  4. Beta – From The Day of the Dolphin
  5. Winter – From Dolphin Tale
  6. Hope – From Dolphin Tale 2
  7. Bernie – From Bernie the Dolphin
  8. Willy – From Free Willy

Cartoon Dolphin Names

Cartoon dolphins are just as loveable as their real-life counterparts!

Below are the most well-known cartoon dolphins:

  1. Flow – Flow is Jake’s dolphin friend in the Disney Junior show, “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”
  2. Emerald – Barbie’s green dolphin from Dolphin Magic
  3. Ruby – Barbie’s pink dolphin from Dolphin Magic
  4. Topaz – Barbie’s red dolphin from Dolphin Magic
  5. Amethyst – Barbie’s purple dolphin from Dolphin Magic
  6. Lumba-Lumba – From the Disney Junior TV series, “The Lion Guard.”
  7. Snorky – From “The Simpsons”
  8. Daniel – From The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer
  9. Ecco – From the 1992 SEGA video game, “Ecco the Dolphin”
  10. Breaker – Breaker was the name given to the dolphin that was originally going to be Ariel’s sidekick in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. 
  11. Saloso – Saloso is a villain from the Disney Junior show, “Elena of Avalor.”

Name Inspiration

Just about anything from the sea can inspire you to find a good dolphin name. Try looking at titles of songs or books related to the sea, or even yummy sea-themed food. Seafood can make a funny name for a dolphin- but it also adds character! 

If you’re still struggling to think of the perfect name for your new dolphin friend, here’s a list of seashells, water plants, and colors associated with the sea to help you get started:

1. Seashells

  1. Sanddollar
  2. Scallop
  3. Oyster
  4. Olive
  5. Limpets
  6. Cowries

2. Water plant names

  1. Lotus
  2. Water Lily
  3. Seaweed
  4. Kelp
  5. Algae
  6. Anemone
  7. Phytoplankton

3. Different tones of blue

  1. Lapis
  2. Cobalt
  3. Sapphire
  4. Denim
  5. Peacock
  6. Indigo
  7. Sky
  8. Teal
  9. Navy 
  10. Berry

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

It’s completely normal to have trouble coming up with the perfect name for a pet dolphin. Needing extra help is absolutely okay!

Your friends and family might be able to offer you some keen insight into ideal names for your dolphin. They’re also a good resource if you want an opinion on the names you have picked out for better or for worse.

Bouncing ideas around with fellow dolphin lovers is another option for finding a good name! If you don’t know any dolphin lovers personally, try checking out online forums or internet discussion groups. Describe your dolphin to your new internet dolphin buddies, then wait and see what they come up with!


Hopefully after skimming- or should I say swimming– through this list you have come up with the perfect name to give your dolphin a total VIP status.

After all, there are only 200+ to choose from. How hard can it be? 

If you are still struggling to decide on the perfect name, why not dig deeper into the history of these adored animals? When were they first discovered, and by who? Where do they originate from?

Who knows what you might learn while studying amazing dolphin facts!


What are the dolphins’ names in Dolphin Tale?

Winter is the name of the main dolphin rescued by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Dolphin Tale. In real life, Winter shared a tank with another female dolphin named P.J. 

Dolphin Tale 2 is about a dolphin named Hope, who was found in the Indian River Lagoon of Florida. Hope also shared a tank with Winter and P.J. at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. 

What is the name of the dolphin in Ace Ventura?

The name of the dolphin in Ace Ventura is Snowflake. In the film, Snowflake was the Miami Dolphins’ team mascot who was stolen by a group of individuals.

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