149+ Incredible Dragonfly Names (Awesome Naming Ideas)

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Dragonflies are one of the oldest and most iconic animals to appear on this planet we call home. It is estimated by some that these beautiful insects first evolved over three hundred million years ago!

Pre-dating humanity, pre-dating the ice age, and even pre-dating the dinosaurs, As with many other prehistoric animals that are left over today (Crocodiles, etc) they are a heck of a lot smaller.

The ancestors of modern dragonflies were believed to have a wingspan of as much as 65-70cm and would primarily eat other flying insects. Including other dragonflies!

Sadly, the larger an animal is the more likely it is to die out. There used to be super huge wombats and kangaroos roaming the Australasian continents until they eventually died out.

Would we have particularly wanted to have super huge dragonflies buzzing around the neighborhood? Umm, Yes? That sounds amazing! We as people have always had a close connection to dragonflies so it is no wonder we have such a strong desire to name them!

Here are 150 Incredible dragonfly names for you to choose from:

Best Pet Dragonfly Names

  1. Ophthalmol – Medical terminology for eyes (dragonflies have compound eyes which means it is made up of thousands of mini photoreceptors!)
  2. Spyro
  3. Ellis
  4. Harrold
  5. Angus
  6. James
  7. Tucker
  8. Texas
  9. Ank
  10. Emperor – The emperor dragonfly is one of the most common species across the world today.
  11. Damsel
  12. Hawker
  13. Darter
  14. Spot
  15. Pond
  16. River
  17. Hun
  18. Alexis
  19. Jamal
  20. Morocco
  21. Wesley
  22. Willows
  23. Cake-pop
  24. Mariana
  25. Eduardo
  26. Bobby
  27. Nash
  28. Giannis
  29. Kemba – Kemba comes from the Bemba tribe and it means singer.
  30. Mamba
  31. Zoie
  32. Claus
  33. Damon
  34. Bethany
  35. Vega – Vega is a Spanish name that means dweller in the meadow. Which is certainly a good place to go and look for dragonflies in your free time!
  36. Sega
  37. Bentley
  38. Amiya
  39. Ritter
  40. Aspen
  41. Koda
  42. Niko
  43. Percy
  44. Annabeth
  45. Grover
  46. Kaia
  47. Griff
  48. Blake
  49. Ashley
  50. Ephraim

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Girl Names For A Dragonfly

  1. Leia – Named after princess Leia (did you know that dragonflies lay their eggs into plant stems or leaves?)
  2. Anna
  3. Elsa
  4. Kristin
  5. Helga – Her name means holy. Of Germanic origin.
  6. Sparx
  7. Ember – A red dragonfly in the morning dew looks like a hot ember in a bed of coals. Bright and fiery.
  8. Ai
  9. Fang – Fang is a wonderful female Chinese name that means fragrant wind.
  10. Jing
  11. Xiu
  12. Marybeth – A drop of the sea, bitter and beloved.
  13. Amelia
  14. Ava
  15. Sofia

Boy Names For A Dragonfly

  1. Uncle Sam – There are around 500 unique species of dragonfly in the United States and Canada alone.
  2. Blaze
  3. Zoomer
  4. Hyun
  5. Jeong – Love and devotion that grows stronger with time. Of Korean origin.
  6. Boba
  7. Han
  8. Sang-Woo
  9. Aang
  10. Zuko
  11. Ozai
  12. Sigurd – Victory and valor!
  13. Einar
  14. Olaf
  15. Magnus – Meaning great. Is there any surprise that Magnus Carlson became the best ever chess player if his name literally means “Great”?

Unisex Names For Dragonflies and damselflies

Here are some male and female names that could be used for either sex of dragonfly:

  1. Alex
  2. Jamie
  3. Drummer
  4. Hummingbird – Hummingbirds are the large dragonflies of the avian world, don’t you think?
  5. Hover – Dragonflies are such powerful and controlled fliers that they can even reproduce while hovering in mid-air!
  6. Sparky
  7. Gleam – Shine brightly and reflect light. Dragonflies often gleam in the early morning sunlight with their magnificent rainbow armor.
  8. Flicker
  9. Hare
  10. Whizz – Whizzing about from place to place doesn’t restrain itself to gender boundaries. A perfect name for a guy or girl dragonfly.

Cute Dragonfly Names

  1. Flutter – What a perfectly precise name for a fantastical fluttering (dragon)fly.
  2. Glider
  3. Sweety
  4. Coco – Coco butter is good for the skin.
  5. Kiwi
  6. Zappy
  7. Flash – Dragonflies often move so fast that it appears as if they simply disappeared from one place and materialized in another.
  8. Blink
  9. Zazu – Named after the bird in the Lion King.
  10. Sunflower

Good Names For Dragonflies

  1. Tenzin
  2. Kelsang – A name meaning a vast ocean of good fortune.
  3. Medo
  4. Pema
  5. Diki – A Tibetan Buddhist name that literally means healthy and wealthy. Diki was a poet and she didn’t know it. (sorry, I couldn’t help it!)
  6. Muchen
  7. Yihan – Yihan means elegant which is perfect for such a gentle and elegant creature as the dragonfly.
  8. Xin
  9. Ryze
  10. Lee – Lee Sin, the blind monk. A fan favorite for some gamers!

Funny Dragonfly Names

  1. Gryffindor – Should Harry Potter have been placed in Slytherin instead?
  2. Iggy
  3. Godzilla – Was there a Godzilla equivalent three hundred million years ago?
  4. Lizzie Mcguire
  5. Queen Elizabeth
  6. Hydra – Hail Hydra.
  7. Yeti
  8. Sasquatch – Dragonflies do not believe in the sasquatch, they find it to be implausible.
  9. Chuppa-chup
  10. Jackie-Chan

Cool Names For Dragonflies

  1. Spirit
  2. Icy
  3. Saphira – Named after Eragon’s dragon partner.
  4. Dasher
  5. Prancer
  6. Fuji – Named after the famous Japanese mountain range.
  7. Toblerone
  8. Slush-puppy – Who doesn’t love a nice, cold, slush puppy on a warm summer’s day?
  9. Snow cone
  10. Ghost – Dragonflies move quickly and silently like a ghost in the night!

Unique Names For Dragonflies

  1. Victory – The Japanese believe dragonflies represent victory in battle.
  2. Harmony – In Chinese culture dragonflies are often used to depict harmony and prosperity.
  3. Judge – Swedish folklore states that dragonflies are used by the devil to weigh our souls and judge our morality!
  4. Meteor – Stemming from a meteorologist, who predicts the weather. This stems from the Vietnamese belief that dragonflies predict the weather.
  5. Pha – Pha Trelgen Changchup Sempa is the monkey ancestor of the Tibetan people who have a strong cultural connection to the dragonfly.
  6. Chenrezig – Chenrezig is a Tibetan deity that is the personification of the compassion of the people of Tibet.
  7. Ryujin – Named after the Japanese god of the sea who just so happens to be a dragon.
  8. Toyota – Named after one of Japan’s Major Kimi who turned into a dragon and fled the world. Is this the namesake of the car company?
  9. Kuraokami – The Japanese dragon god of rain and snow.
  10. Benten – The goddess of everything that flows! Be it water, words, music, etc. A beautiful name for a uniquely beautiful creature.

Famous Dragonfly Names

  1. Yanmega – A super powerful dragonfly Pokemon.
  2. Vibrava – The pre-evolved form of Flygon and the evolved form of Trapinch.
  3. Flygon – Flygon is one of the coolest and most iconic pokemon from the Hoenn region in Pokemon.
  4. Yanma – The pre-evolved form of Yanmega (hopefully it doesn’t take Yanma 300 million years to evolve!)
  5. Evinrude – Evinrude is from the Disney movie The Rescuers.
  6. Akitu – Archaic Japanese word for dragonfly.
  7. Oyenstikker – The Norwegian word for dragonflies which literally means eye snatcher!
  8. Bates – Novelist E.H.Bates has a famous paragraph in his 1937 book “Down the river” which describes dragonflies wonderfully.
  9. Matsuo – Matsuo Basho was famous for writing haikus about dragonflies in the 1600s.
  10. Moses – Water colorist Moses Harris was one of the first European artists to create detailed, accurate, illustrations of dragonflies.

Name Inspiration

Most of these naming inspirations come from the cultures that most revere the dragonfly such as China, Japan, Tibet, etc.

The dragonfly holds such an important place in the heart of so many rich and diverse cultures that it offers a huge swathe of naming options.

How can you not pursue a name that connects the dragonfly to those that are so fond of it?

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Choosing the right dragonfly name is not an easy task.

These little critters have been around for so long and influenced so much of our culture and history that the task of naming them cannot be taken lightly.

It may take a little trial and error when exploring naming opportunities but just know it will be worth it.

If you are still struggling to find a great name for your dragonfly maybe it’s worth exploring dragons in fantasy and mythology a little further.

We have touched on fantastical dragons a little in this naming guide but there is still a world full of names out there just waiting for you to discover them!


Hopefully, you have managed to find a great name for your new pet dragonfly from this comprehensive naming list.

Naming your dragonfly is a real treat and is something to be enjoyed, not stressed over, so hopefully, this naming guide has made your job at least a little bit easier!

A really fun naming strategy might be to play some quick-fire word association games. What do you think of when you hear dragon? Fly? Buzz? Insect?

There are so many super fun avenues you are bound to find the right name sooner than you think!

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