299+ Incredible Insect Names (Cool, Cute & Funny Ideas)

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Looking for the best insect names for your new pet? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will be featuring some of the best and cutest naming ideas for your new bug friend.

So whether you are looking for a name that is cute, funny, or unique, we have you covered with our list of insect monikers.

Keep reading to find the perfect name for your new pet insect!

Best Insect Names

Looking for the best pet name for your new insect companion? Check out our list of the top insect names below!

  1. Harry
  2. Jamal
  3. Shane
  4. Arya – Arya Stark of Winterfell.
  5. Asa
  6. Asha
  7. Idris
  8. Kai
  9. Kim
  10. Malia
  11. Zahara – Flowering or shining. Good for honey bees.
  12. Evander
  13. Cho
  14. Xi
  15. Enzo
  16. Clara
  17. Dusty – This is a great one for moths.
  18. Nathan
  19. Ingred
  20. Ivor
  21. Ezio
  22. Jade
  23. Hugo
  24. Manon
  25. Oceania
  26. Lukas
  27. Jake
  28. Rexy
  29. Hanna
  30. Omar
  31. Osama
  32. Willow
  33. Cora
  34. Maximilian – Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Have you seen the size of his empire? I wonder how many insects were under his rule?
  35. Vicente
  36. Haribo
  37. Habbo
  38. Lang
  39. Catalonia
  40. Riviera
  41. Hutson
  42. Styx
  43. Trent
  44. Nile
  45. Mississippi – Bonus points if you can spell this one out loud.
  46. Diego
  47. Dora
  48. Boots
  49. Juan
  50. Jose
  51. Lucifer
  52. Fernanda
  53. Bubble
  54. Spot
  55. Lilo
  56. Stitch
  57. Doc
  58. Peter – Does spiderman count as an insect? Does he eat insects? So many questions…
  59. MJ
  60. Jessie
  61. Jan
  62. Maciej – A gift from god. As is any insect. Especially ladybirds.
  63. Zofia
  64. Ewa
  65. Elzbieta
  66. Anna
  67. Oscar
  68. Kevin
  69. Dwight
  70. Jim
  71. Pam
  72. Jan
  73. Ryan
  74. Kelly
  75. Poof

Names For Female Insects

  1. May
  2. Misty
  3. Queen
  4. Missy
  5. Girl-boss
  6. Lacy
  7. Sunny – If moths enjoy light so much, why don’t they try and fly towards the sun?
  8. Pickles
  9. Charmer
  10. Bumble – Perfect for a bee. For obvious reasons!
  11. Cotton
  12. Dotty
  13. Brenda
  14. Maggie
  15. Chrissy
  16. Holly – Holly bushes tend to attract holly blue butterflies whose young, the caterpillars, feed on the berries and leaves!
  17. Penelope
  18. Patricia
  19. Pansey
  20. Ginny

Names For Male Insects

  1. Junior – Has your insect had a baby?
  2. Champ
  3. Judge – Which insect would judge all the others?
  4. Icky – No insects are truly icky. That’s so mean… Apart from your insect, icky is a good name for your insect.
  5. Captain
  6. Skipper
  7. Bossman – Who is the boss, you or your insect?
  8. Rex
  9. Omega
  10. Alpha
  11. Sherlock – Which insect would be the best at solving mysteries?
  12. Watson
  13. Bandit
  14. Casper
  15. Scooter – If you want to look into a horrible idea try Googling Scooter Buggy and look at the hybrid scooter/child buggy. Would it be fun? Yes. Would it be safe? Hell no!
  16. Ash
  17. Brocky
  18. Tracey
  19. Steven
  20. Norman

Unisex Names For Insects

  1. Al
  2. Maayan – Maayan means a spring of water. Often a meeting point for insects looking to hydrate and ant colonies looking for a constant food supply.
  3. Macey
  4. Mack – Could be Mack, could be Mackenzie.
  5. Machi
  6. Mocha – A Mocha Late is just an adult hot chocolate and you can’t convince me otherwise.
  7. Matcha
  8. Iz
  9. Ibar
  10. Ice
  11. Idris – Idris Elba managed to play the most unlikeable character on the US version of the Office.
  12. Iggy
  13. L-dog
  14. Insane
  15. Parker
  16. Lantern – Is the Green Lantern the least popular superhero of our generation?
  17. Firebug – Perfect for a pet firefly. Better for a pet insect who has an arson problem.
  18. Flamer
  19. Rafa
  20. Rain – Wet weather can make many different sorts of bugs far more active than they ordinarily are.

Cute Insect Names

  1. Honey
  2. Sweety
  3. Cherry
  4. Blossom – Cherry blossom trees are notorious for developing Cherry Blackfly infestation problems.
  5. Cherub
  6. Daisy – Daisies are believed to keep away some insects. And some people, as daisy allergies, are quite common and can be quite severe!
  7. Dandelion
  8. Bunny
  9. Fluffy – Are there any fluffy insects?
  10. Cutie
  11. Love – A good name for your new loving insect.
  12. Amore
  13. Calin
  14. Bisous
  15. Chia – What’s more interesting a Chia pet or a pet insect?
  16. Acai
  17. Smoothie
  18. Coconut
  19. Sorbet – What sorbet would an insect prefer?
  20. Sherry

Good Names For Insects

  1. Peanut – What a feast one singular peanut would be for a single ant?
  2. Storm – Did you know that ants can sense weather changes and will even flee before a storm hits?
  3. Tinker – Tinker Tailor Insect Spy.
  4. Ivan
  5. Gidget – Gadget.
  6. Shadow
  7. Truffle – You’ve heard of truffle pigs, is it time for truffle ladybirds?
  8. Nemo
  9. Jitterbug – Do the jitterbug.
  10. Nemesis – Could be your arch nemesis, could be the god nemesis. Who is the god of, you guessed it, revenge?
  11. Artemis – Goddess of the moon and hunting.
  12. Apollo – God of the sun and hunting.
  13. Polo – Marco… Did you know there is NO connection between the game Marco Polo and the explorer? It seems to be nothing but a strange coincidence.
  14. Blade
  15. Pepper
  16. Godzilla – Perfect for a grasshopper, have you seen them catching ants, that must be how we would feel if Godzilla was at the door.
  17. King Kong – Perfect for a nemesis of Godzilla.
  18. Thor – God of thunder, who despite Marvel’s attempts at reconstructing his character was fat and lazy. Sorry, Mr. Hemsworth.
  19. Poodles
  20. Salt-Bae – Would you sell your car to buy a gold-dusted steak? Just think of how many insects you could adopt instead!

Funny Insect Names

  1. Puppy – A good name for any newly adopted puppy insect.
  2. Mothball – Good for a moth. Better if it’s used on an insect that is clearly NOT a moth.
  3. Mittens – How many newly adopted cats are called mittens? Mitten the kitten?
  4. Bigglesworth – The pet house cat of Kel’Thuzad (which would also be a cool name if not for the length and trouble with pronunciation!)
  5. Fangs – Does your insect have fangs?
  6. Butch
  7. Whiskers – If your insect has whiskers that may actually be a cat, don’t ask me I’m not a vet.
  8. Patches
  9. Houdini – Would it be fun to have a tarantula who disappeared like Houdini? Probably not.
  10. Bilbo – There is nothing more dangerous than stepping out your front door.

Cool Names For Insects

  1. Bullet – Have you ever tried to swat a fly? Talk about the speed of a bullet.
  2. Bolt
  3. InSeKt – This name is only cool on paper…
  4. Batman – There is nothing cooler than Batman. Perfect for a nocturnal or black-colored insect.
  5. Darth – Darth Venom? Darth Bite? Darth Web?
  6. Lighting – Lightening bugs are floating on the breeze…
  7. Ninja
  8. Kung Fu Mantis – A friend and mentor of Kung Fu Panda.
  9. Po – The original Kung Fu Panda. Thanks, Jack Black.
  10. Ramen

Unique Names For Insects

  1. Kalahari -The San People of the Kalahari Desert have a story about a bee that carried a mantis across a huge river.
  2. Kamadeva – The Hindu god Kamadeva has a bow made of bees. Honey bees, specifically.
  3. Aristaeus – He was the god of beekeeping in Ancient Greek times.
  4. Inanna – A fly helps the goddess Inanna protect her husband from demons.
  5. Zeus – Zeus would often send gadflies to torment mortals who had wronged him.
  6. Parvati – Parvati was commanded to kill a demon named Arunasura, she did so by employing black bees to her cause.
  7. Soul – In Japan, the butterfly is often seen as the personification of someone’s soul.
  8. Cithara – The ancient Greek musician Cithara once suffered a broken string in a performance. Luckily, a Cicada landed on his instrument and took up the melody in its stead.
  9. Nagas – The Nagas of Manipur claim a distant connection to the butterfly and view the butterfly as an ancestor.
  10. Aussie

Weird Names For Insects

  1. Buzz – Buzzing like a bee or buzzing like a light year?
  2. Alderon
  3. Aslan – Ahh Aslan, he is well known for being the biggest of all the insects.
  4. Nellie – Nellie the elephant centipede packed her bags and made her way to the circus.
  5. Flump
  6. Hopscotch
  7. Spaghetti – How long would it take you to notice a stick insect in your spaghetti?
  8. Lunch – What does an insect eat for lunch? It’s not a joke, I am really asking.
  9. Sherbet – There is a species of ant in Australia that when licked tastes like Sherbet Lemon. Not kidding.
  10. Big boy – For the biggest or smallest of insects. Your choice.

Names For Tiny Insects

  1. Teeny
  2. Tiny – Tiny means Tiny. Yes.
  3. Little One – Suitable for any cute and teeny insect.
  4. Pip-squeak
  5. Baby
  6. Boo
  7. Pettle – Potentially a good name for a stick insect?
  8. Teacup – Teacup pigs used to be a trend… what about teacup scorpions?
  9. Peewee
  10. Pippin

Alien Insect Names

  1. Predator – Alien vs Predator (what a classic).
  2. ET – Extra something or other.
  3. Jaba – Perfect for a grub.
  4. Chewy – Wookies are clearly aliens. But, what insect would the name chewy suit best? A beetle perhaps…
  5. Paul – Paul the alien? An alien named Paul?
  6. Maul – Darth Maul was definitely an Alien but what the heck was he?
  7. Greedo – Han shot first, no matter what anyone says.
  8. Jar-Jar – Meesa thinks this is a good name for an insect.
  9. Ewok – The cute little teddy bears who inhabit the forest moon of Endor.
  10. Wimpy-Wampy – “I used to bullseye womp rats back home”

Disney Insect Names

  1. Maui – Maui from the movie Moana can transform into insects if he so chooses.
  2. Oogie Boogie – The boogie man from the nightmare before Christmas is an insect hive mind inside a cloth sack.
  3. Jimmy – Jimmy the cockroach was a “pet” of Lilo for one episode.
  4. Blaze – Blade the firefly is a friend of Tinkerbell.
  5. Chaps – Chaps is an intelligent bug in Lilo and Stitch.
  6. Manny – Manny is also an intelligent bug in Lilo and Stitch.
  7. Spark – Spark, like Manny and Chaps, is a super clever bug in Lilo and Stitch.
  8. Dawn Swatworthy – Dawn is a fly and the main antagonist in the Disney Plus show The Buzz on Maggie.
  9. Dembe – Dembe is a “live-action” beetle in the Lion King Live Action Movie Remake.
  10. Evinrude – Evinrude is a small firefly from the Disney film The Rescuers.

Cartoon Insect Names

  1. Grubs – Grubs is a grub from the Lion King.
  2. Hal – Hal is a cockroach in Disney’s Wall-E
  3. Herman – Herman the Bootle Beetle has played a part in a plethora of Disney productions.
  4. Woody – Woody the Wood eater III.
  5. Twitch – A bug action figure /superhero from A Toy Story.
  6. Vern – Vern had a small appearance on Goldie and the Bear.
  7. Scooter – From Aladdin.
  8. Roachie – You guessed it, Roachie the cockroach.
  9. Dennis – From Teachers Pet the movie.
  10. Adele – From Teachers Pet the movie.

Stick Insect Names

  1. Branchy
  2. Woody – Is this one too on the nose?
  3. Twiggy
  4. Sticker – Could be sticky, could look like a stick. Could be both?
  5. Leafy – We will leaf this suggestion here at the end of the list.
  6. Splinter – There is nothing worse than getting a, fill in the blank, in your finger.
  7. Chip – Wood chip or potato chip, the choice is yours.
  8. Styx – The river Styx and the word sticks combined. Oh, how witty.
  9. Twiglet – A dreadful snack – do your best to avoid it 😉
  10. Bamboo – Are there stick insects that look like bamboo?

Name Inspiration

Since insects come from all over the globe, finding any one source for inspiration would not be thorough enough.

That’s why this list has taken inspiration from a variety of cultures and countries.

This has given a huge variety of names that you would otherwise struggle to come up with if you limited yourself to any one continent, let alone any one country! Insects are fascinating creatures of varying habits and habitats so hopefully, some of these names will help you on your quest, whether you are naming a new pet, a new exhibit at your local zoo, or a pretty butterfly you happened to see on your morning dog walk.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Choosing the right name can be very tricky at the best of times.

While all dogs are quite different they have a lot of overlapping qualities and characteristics that can make naming them that much easier. With insects? Not a chance.

They are all so different and quirky that you couldn’t possibly hope to find the right name without a detailed list such as this.

If you are still unsure whether you have found the right name for your insect, perhaps you should try looking into who discovered it/named it and see if you can derive inspiration from that person and their life.

You never know, you might hit the jackpot of cool old-timey names from long-gone explorers.

If you are still struggling then perhaps you should consider looking into pet name generators that can help give you some ideas.

A pet name generator will take into account things like the animal’s appearance, habits, and personality to come up with a list of appropriate names.


Whether you managed to find the right name on this list or not, hopefully, you now have a good idea about all the cool options available to you and you feel you are on the right track.

There are so many unique and interesting naming options to you out there you only have to seize a moment of inspiration and pursue them!

Good luck with your new insect sidekick, hopefully wearing a shiny brand new name, remember to always try and learn a little – and love a lot.

Insects are often misunderstood and deserve our admiration just as much as any other animal.

If you have found this list helpful then please share it with your fellow insect enthusiasts!

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