159+ Ant Names (Good, Cute, and Famous Naming Ideas)

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If there is one thing we can be sure of, it’s that ants are absolutely fascinating creatures!

And what better way to show your love and appreciation for these little wonders than by giving them an amazing name?

Whether you’re looking for something unique and memorable or something silly and fun, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the ultimate list of names to call your pet ant!

Best Ant Names

  1. Abigail – Meaning joy.
  2. Cecil
  3. Astrid
  4. Comfort
  5. Elspeth
  6. Esther – A name of the Achaemenid Empire.
  7. Heath
  8. Bridget
  9. Selah – A Hebrew name that means boulder or rock.
  10. Mary
  11. Adam
  12. Eve
  13. Joseph
  14. Sibella – Meaning the oracle or one of wisdom and foresight.
  15. Victoria
  16. Verity
  17. Mercy
  18. Amos – Amos Diggory?
  19. Edward
  20. Enoch – Meaning trained, dedicated, or disciplined. Maybe all three!
  21. Eugen
  22. Error
  23. Gradle
  24. Uruk
  25. Thad – Named after the Greek hero Thaddaeus, a name meaning praise or support.
  26. Alexis
  27. Blythe
  28. Brenda
  29. Song – Are ants known to sing while they work?
  30. Density
  31. Xi
  32. James
  33. Robin
  34. Christopher – Christopher robin must have seen his fair share of ants in the hundred-acre woods, right?
  35. Sage
  36. Hermione
  37. Samphire – An underused herb that ants enjoy eating in their traditional cuisines.
  38. Credence
  39. Agua
  40. Buoyant – Can ants float?
  41. Climber
  42. Tunneler – Ants are the world’s most efficient tunnelers.
  43. Kicker
  44. Clayman
  45. Eric
  46. Red – Red foreman, the pinnacle of TV dads.
  47. Kitty
  48. Donna – Donna kebab? Ants love Donna kebabs…
  49. Hyde
  50. Fez – Ants would wear a fez if it was socially acceptable for them. But, sadly, it is not.

Girl Ant Names

  1. Penelope – Dreamweaver.
  2. Penina – Meaning the jewel.
  3. Jamika – A female name meaning laborer.
  4. Idetta – Meaning hardworking.
  5. Idaly – A name meaning prosperous.
  6. Idabelle – Industrious leader with a thirst for knowledge.
  7. Idaliz – A hardworking Nymph.
  8. Harper – A harp player.
  9. Piper – A flute player.
  10. Paige – A page to a lord. But, there are no ant lords. Hmm.
  11. Bailey – Meaning law enforcer.
  12. Carden – A no-nonsense woold carder ant.
  13. Harriet – Meaning the ruler of the home. Good for a queen ant.
  14. Jane – Meaning gracious in the face of god.
  15. Ruth – A good friend.

Boy Ant Names

  1. Aquino – Gracious and hardworking.
  2. Arcus – Hardworking and honest.
  3. Idel – A laborer.
  4. Lijah – Industrious bringer of good news.
  5. Emmet – Hardworking and industrious.
  6. Archer – An English name pertaining to bowmen.
  7. Sawyer – An English name that means woodcutter.
  8. Casper – A Dutch name that means bringer of treasure!
  9. Parker – Meaning park-keeper.
  10. Spencer – A steward. A good name for ants in upper-middle management.
  11. Carter – Techncailly means transported by cart, but ants tend to just carry everything on their back.
  12. Cormac – An Irish name that means Charioteer.
  13. Dexter – Latin for the dyer.
  14. Clark – For a diligent note-taker ant.
  15. Cohen – A Hebrew name that means priest.

Unisex Names For Ants

  1. Melia – A greek name that means work.
  2. Sanaa – An Arabic name that means work of art.
  3. Melisande – French origin with German influences – meaning strong in work.
  4. Cooper – Someone who makes wooden casks.
  5. Smithy – Someone who uses a blacksmith’s forge.
  6. Tanner – Someone who tans.
  7. Taylor – For a particularly fashion-conscious ant.
  8. Fletcher – Someone who fletches, maybe arrows, maybe ant arrows (whatever that is).
  9. Cook – Do ants cook their food?
  10. Butcher – Ants definitely butcher their food!

Cute Ant Names

  1. Incy – Incy wincey spider ant.
  2. Teeny – All ants are teeny weeny.
  3. Helper – You have heard of helper bees but what about helper ants?
  4. Supporter – Kind of like a helper but more overtly supportive…
  5. Sugar Cube – How long could one sugar cube sustain an ant? Imagine a person-sized sugar cube!
  6. Teaspoon – How many ants fit in a teaspoon?
  7. Oatmeal – What’s the point of a bowl of oatmeal without ants in it?
  8. Coco-pop – Don’t get your ants and your coco-pops mixed up!
  9. Sherbet – There is a species of ant found off the east coast of Australia that tastes like sherbet when you lick it. If you are brave enough!
  10. Honey-dew – All Ants love honeydew, it’s their favorite fruit.

Good Names For Pet Ants

  1. Mason – Meaning a worker of stone.
  2. Granger – Meaning a worker of the granary.
  3. Lanier – Meaning worker of wool.
  4. Hall – Meaning worker of the Hall (duh!).
  5. Macen – The lesser known female version of the name Mason.
  6. Brazier – Meaning worker of Brass.
  7. Amelia – A German name that means work.
  8. Emmeline An old French name that means to work or working.
  9. Millicent – A German name that means strong work or strong worker.
  10. Amaury – A French name that means work power (often a regal name).

Funny Pet Ant Names

  1. Fluffy – All ants are fluffy at heart.
  2. Pebbles – Is pebbles a good name for an ant? They lift pebbles, so why not?
  3. Cotton-tail – How many ants do you know with a cotton tail?
  4. Flopsy – The perfect name for a bunny rabbit, ugh, I mean ant.
  5. Wiggles – Ants enjoy the wiggles as much as the next guy (or gal).
  6. Goofball – Do ants have a goofy side? Maybe you can unlock it?
  7. Mittens – A great name for kittens but how about for ants?
  8. Spot – Who says that spot is reserved for animals that have, umm, spots?
  9. Rover – A common name for a dog, but for an ant? Not so much.
  10. Smudge – Take care you don’t step on your ants.

Cool Names For Ants

  1. Cannoneer – Hmm. I wonder what kind of weapons a cannoneer might use?
  2. Artillery – Artillery is an often underutilized part of ant warfare.
  3. Brigadier – The brigadier is the lowest rank of officer.
  4. Corporal – Normally achieved after several years in the army.
  5. Ranger – High-level soldier in the US armed forces.
  6. Scout – An important part of the military, and ant life, actions.
  7. Gunner – British artillery equivalent to a private.
  8. Private – The lowest rank of a trained soldier.
  9. Commander – A high-level naval officer.
  10. Admiral – The highest rank achievable in many navies.

Unique Names For Ants

  1. Hephaestus – Ancient Greek god of blacksmiths.
  2. Vulcan – Ancient Roman god of blacksmiths or forges.
  3. Ptah – Egyptian god of craftsmen and architects.
  4. Igbo – Egyptian god of blacksmiths.
  5. Qaynan – Arabian god of smiths.
  6. Brigid – Celtic goddess of blacksmiths and poetry.
  7. Athena – Goddess of handicraft and warfare.
  8. Hadur – Hungarian god of metalworking and war.
  9. Svarog – Slavic god of the forge.
  10. Thor – The Norse god of smiths and thunder.

Famous Ant Names

  1. Ant-Man – Is Ant-Man the best superhero of all time? No. Is he top five? Also no. Is he top 100? Maybe.
  2. Atom Ant – Atom ant is a cartoon ant hero who had a few appearances on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.
  3. Flik – Flik is the protagonist and hero of Disney Pixar’s A Bugs life!
  4. Dr. Flora – Dr. Flora is one of the members of the royal council on ant island in A bugs life.
  5. Dot – Dot is the youngest of all the princess ants in A bugs life.
  6. Cornelius – He is the grumpy old man ant in A bugs life.
  7. Mr. Soil – Mr soil is a member of the royal council of ants and is an expert one-ant rescue party.
  8. Thorny – Thorny is a tiny grumpy ant from A bugs life.
  9. Princess Atta – Princess Atta is our love interest in A bugs life.
  10. Ferda Mravenec – A famous Czech cartoon about bugs and ants stars Ferda the ant. She can be found in many Czech children’s books.

Cartoon Ant Names

  1. Princess Bala – The daughter of the queen of the ant colony in the movie Antz who doesn’t want to be queen.
  2. General Mandible – General Mandible is the good-for-nothing self-obsessed commander of the ant military.
  3. Z – Our main character and hero in the hit movie Antz.
  4. Barbatus – Barbatus is a soldier ant in the movie Antz.
  5. Weaver – Sylvester Stallone’s ant weaver is the best friend, and far more capable ally, of our protagonist Z.
  6. Azteca – Azteca is the best friend, and teased love interest, of the character Z.
  7. Colonel Cutter – Cutter is the antagonist and anti-hero of the franchise.
  8. Foreman – Foreman is a construction worker-ant in the movie Antz.
  9. Grebs – Grebs is a drunk, and unsettling, “ant scout” in Antz.
  10. Muffy – Muffy is a minor character in Antz (a mosquito that is seen briefly when Z is having a picnic).

Name Inspiration

If you have had a good look through this ant naming guide chances are you have noticed a few things.

First, many of these names appear in the film Antz. Sorry, couldn’t be helped. It is an excellent resource for ant monikers.

Second, a lot of these names revolve around the idea of a colony and all working together for the greater good.

There are also references to gods and superheroes as well as a few other hints at classic films and stories.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

It’s okay to need help choosing the perfect name for your ants. After all, we don’t have as much to go off of with ants as we do with, say, cats or guinea pigs!

Ants are not cuddly and warm and affectionate the same way that most other pets might be, so we are forced to rely on other characteristics to find the right name.

That being said, if you feel like flopsy or cotton tail make good names for ants just as much as they do for a pet rabbit then more power to you!

If you need a little more help selecting the right name why don’t you check out one of the other excellent naming guides at your disposal?

Just follow this link to new and wonderful animal naming guides.


By now, you should have an amazing array of ant monikers to choose from and have perhaps even begun the slow process of naming your entire colony.

Naming an ant colony is no easy task so you are to be commended for your effort. If you somehow manage to keep all of their names straight in your head without getting mixed up then you are probably some kind of secret genius!

Ants are an often underappreciated and misunderstood animal so congrats to you on going the extra mile to really connect with them.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read the comprehensive naming guides published regularly here on Blog Of Tom.

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