Girl Names That Start With Li (93 Awesome Ideas)

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If you’re looking for the perfect name for your baby girl starting with Li, you have come to the right place!

We have compiled an extensive list of girl names that start with Li. From Lior to Lianne, we have tons of awesome ideas for your little one’s name beginning with the letters Li. Some of the most common ones are variations on Lily and Elizabeth.

We’ve provided you with a list of 93 amazing Li names for little girls. In addition, we’ve added some hints for further inspiration on naming your baby as well as some tips on what to do if you’re having a hard time choosing the right name.

So, dive right in and choose the best one for your baby girl!

  1. Lilac – after the pale purple flower
  2. Liesje – Dutch for pledge to God
  3. Linnea – Norse for lime blossom or tree
  4. Lisa – English nickname for Elizabeth
  5. Lincoln – English for town by the pool
  6. Lima – Quechua for speaker
  7. Liliosa – Spanish for lily
  8. Lia – Italian for weary
  9. Lilyana – Italian for lily
  10. Lilia – Hawaiian, Latin, and Russian for lily
  11. Liza – nickname for Elizabeth
  12. Liv – Norse for life
  13. Lina – Arabic for tender
  14. Litzy – Spanish nickname
  15. Liu – Chinese for willow tree
  16. Lilwenn – Welsh for white lily
  17. Livana – Hebrew for the white moon
  18. Lindiwe – Xhosa and Zulu for awaited
  19. Libba – Hebrew for pledged to God
  20. Lilibet – Hebrew nickname for Elizabeth
  21. Lilyanna – a version of Liliana
  22. Linley
  23. Lidda
  24. Lilou – French nickname for Liliane which means lily
  25. Ligeia – Greek for whistling or clear voiced
  26. Lilah – version of Lila meaning night
  27. Liyana – Arabic or Zulu meaning delicate, soft, or it is raining
  28. Libertad – Spanish for liberty
  29. Lilliet
  30. Lilias – Latin for lily
  31. Lizanne – combo of Liz and Anne
  32. Libi – Hebrew for my heart’
  33. Lieka – Dutch version of Lieke
  34. Lilaia – Greek meaning longed for
  35. Lilibeth – combo of Lily and Beth, a nickname for Elizabeth
  36. Lightning – the natural form of electricity
  37. Linnet – French for flaxen hair
  38. Livie – a nickname for Olivia, Latin for olive tree
  39. Lizette – French version of Elizabeth
  40. Lise – Hebrew nickname for Elizabeth
  41. Livna – Hebrew for white
  42. Lilo – Hawaiian for generous one, German nickname for Liselotte
  43. Lia – Italian version of Leah meaning weary
  44. Lilium – Latin for lily
  45. Lileas – Scottish version of Lily
  46. Lizzeth – Hebrew for pledged to God
  47. Lilian – English variation of Lilian
  48. Lianna – French for to climb like a vine
  49. Lili – different version of Lily
  50. Lilimae – combo of Lily and May
  51. Lita – Nickname for Lolita, Roselita, or Carmelita; by itself it means garden
  52. Lil – Nickname for Lily or Lillian
  53. Liadan – Irish for gray lady
  54. Lieke – Dutch nickname for Angelique
  55. Linda – Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian for pretty
  56. Libera – Latin for free
  57. Lily – a pretty white flower
  58. Liva – Danish version of Lifa
  59. Liriel – Brazilian for lily
  60. Lillevi – Swedish for devoted little one
  61. Liliosa – Spanish for lily
  62. Lilit – Armenian for lily
  63. Liron – Hebrew for song for me
  64. Lirio – Portuguese for lily
  65. Lior – Hebrew for I have a light
  66. Lindezza – Italian
  67. Lilja – Faroese, Icelandic, and Finnish version of Lily
  68. Lindsay – English for marsh lands of Lincolnshire
  69. Lillia – Latin for lillies
  70. Lilavati – Sanskrit
  71. Lishan – Amharic for award
  72. Lisette – French nickname for Elizabeth
  73. Linnett – Latin for flax
  74. Lilith – Sumerian or Assyrian for night monster or ghost
  75. Lihini – Sinhalese for bird
  76. Liberty – freedom
  77. Lissa – from Arabic and African mythology, nickname for Melissa
  78. Libussa – from Czech medieval legend
  79. Liya – Danish version of Lifa
  80. Liquia
  81. Linden – English tree name from the genus Tilla
  82. Liviana – Latin for envious
  83. Liluri – Syrian goddess of the mountains
  84. Livingston – English for dear friend’s place
  85. Light – glowing and bright
  86. Lilinoe – Hawaiian for fine mist
  87. Liora – Hebrew for light
  88. Lillemor – Scandinavian for little mother
  89. Liel – Hebrew for my God
  90. Liadain – Irish for gray lady
  91. Lilach – Hebrew for lilac
  92. Libra – Greek for scales or balance
  93. Liesl – German version of Elizabeth

Name Inspiration

Still looking for inspiration for a good Li name?

There are so many options available for baby girls. Take a look through your favorite books or movies to see if there are some good Li names.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, maybe Lily is the perfect name for your little one. Maybe you enjoy the Simpsons; then Lisa is a good one to choose.

Peruse your favorite celebrities with Li names such as Lianne La Havas or Lindsey Stirling. You could also look at your own family tree to name your baby girl after one of your ancestors. Whatever name you choose, be creative and your little girl will love it!

Help Choosing The Right Name

There are so many awesome options for Li girl names that it can be hard to choose the right one. You might narrow down your list to two or three, but then not know which one to pick. Solicit help from friends and family. Take a poll and see which one is the most popular.

Alternatively, you could write each one on a slip of paper and draw one from a hat. If you pick one but find that you really wanted one of the others, then go with your gut and choose the name you know will fit your little girl.


From Libby to Lizzie, there are so many great options to choose from when it comes to baby girl names starting with Li.

Draw inspiration for fictional characters or real-life family members. Ask your friends and family which names they like best. Use this list to find the perfect name to fit your new little ray of sunshine!

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