Gyarados Nicknames (42 Awesome Ideas)

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Looking for Gyarados nicknames? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, we will be listing some of the best nicknames for Gyarados in the Pokemon games. Whether you are playing Red, Blue, or Yellow version, or even if you are playing one of the newer games like Sword and Shield, we have got you covered.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

The following is a list of creative nicknames for your Gyarados!

Best Nicknames For Gyarados

  1. Skullkraken – Gyarados’ beta English name, this name was removed from Pokemon Red and Blue because it exceeded the character limit. But whether you read it as “Skull Cracking” or “Skull Kraken”, this nickname definitely fits the majesty and strength of Gyarados!
  2. Drogon – originally from A Song of Ice and Fire, this most vicious of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons has a reddish tinge; this nickname could be perfect for your shiny Gyarados!
  3. Falkor – try this dragon nickname from The NeverEnding Story!
  4. Smaug – a reddish dragon that terrorizes the people of Dale and Laketown in The Hobbit. Another great option for your Shiny Gyarados!

Female Gyarados Nicknames

  1. Garnet – the perfect name for your brilliantly red shiny female Gyarados!
  2. Nessie – pay homage to the Loch Ness monster with this cute (and powerful) nickname!
  3. Naga – the queen of the dragons in the Fire Emblem Awakening video game. Also a human and snake hybrid in Hindu mythology that guards treasures inside large bodies of water.
  4. Kulshedra – a female dragon in Albanian folklore said to be capable of destroying the world and taking possession of the sun and moon. 

Male Gyarados Nicknames

  1. Draco – try this Latin word for “dragon” or “serpent”!
  2. King Karp – pay homage to the meek origins of your Gyarados with this nickname!
  3. Mushu – Disney fans will recognize this dragon spirit name!
  4. Jinbei – this large bluish fish-man from the One Piece series is also known as “the Knight of the Sea”!
  5. Bahamut – both a powerful dragon summon through the Final Fantasy video game series and an ancient Arabic monster, this nickname holds a lot of power for your male Gyarados!
  6. Fafnir – a greedy son of the gods turned into a dragon in Norse mythology. Also the name of a character in the Marvel Universe that drinks water which turns him into a dragon.

Cool Nicknames For Gyarados

  1. Basilisk – a mythical reptile rumored to have killed with a single glance.
  2. Ridley – though the dragon in the Metroid video game series was male, this dynamic name is cool enough for either a male or female Gyarados!
  3. Haku – from the animated movie Spirited Away, this nickname is perfect for water-associated dragons!
  4. Serpentide – combine your Gyarados’ serpentlike body with its water-based attacks to get this creative play-on-words name!
  5. Gary 2 – Read the number two in Spanish (dos) and you have an unusual restructuring of a somewhat difficult to pronounce Japanese Pokemon name!

Gyarados Nicknames From Mythology

  1. Tiamat – primordial Babylonian goddess of the ocean. A perfect name for your female Gyarados!
  2. Ryujin – the dragon king and sea god in Japanese mythology. 
  3. Jormangandr – the world serpent from Norse mythology. Pronounce the “J” like a “Y”!
  4. Hydra – a gigantic water snake monster from Greek and Roman legend.
  5. Leviathan – the name for a Biblical sea monster that’s become synonymous with any large sea creature.
  6. Gyo – also spelled “Kyo”, this Koren mountain dragon is said to always reside near water and is seen as a weather deity. 
  7. Tethys – this female Titan was the Greek goddess of fresh water and the wife of Oceanus.
  8. Neptune – both a bluish planet and the Roman god of the sea
  9. Seiryuu – the Japanese name for the Azure Dragon of the east in Chinese mythology
  10. Poseidon – the Greek god of the ocean and water
  11. Ouroboros – a circular symbol originating in ancient Egypt that contains a dragon or snake swallowing its own tail. Meant to represent eternity or immortality. 
  12. Bolla – related to the Kulshedra in Albanian folklore, this snake-like demon sleeps throughout the entire year, opening its eyes once a year and eating anyone who meets its gaze!
  13. Xiuhcoatl – a mythological serpent in the Aztec religion. This nickname translates to “turquoise serpent.”

Gyarados Nicknames Based On The Ocean And Water

  1. Riptide – convey the might of your Gyarados by naming it after this dangerous, sudden current!
  2. Umi – the Japanese word for “ocean”.
  3. Tsunami – a long, high sea wave that is often devastating to the land it floods. 
  4. Tempest – a violent, windy storm.
  5. Maelstrom – a powerful whirlpool in the ocean.
  6. Sea Snek – this fun spelling of “snake” gives your fierce Gyarados a cute and playful nickname!
  7. Typhoon – a tropical cyclone that often develops over water. 
  8. Tidebringer – give your Gyarados a sense of godlike power with this nickname!
  9. Whirlpool – this rapidly rotating mass of water in an ocean or river draws in people, ships, and other objects – typically to their doom!
  10. Bubbles – simple and sweet, this nickname encompasses all the water-type attacks your Gyarados could have!

Pokemon Name Inspiration

Inspiration for your Pokemon’s name can come from anywhere!

If you have trouble thinking of nicknames for your water/flying type, try looking to your favorite books, movies, or video games for ideas. You can also look to mythology or history for Gyarados nicknames – there are plenty of water-based creatures in both!

If all else fails, try looking up a list of cool words in a different language and seeing if any of them fit your Gyarados.

Naming your Gyarados is an important part of the game, so take your time and have fun with it!

Who knows, you might even come up with a good nickname that’s so cool, everyone will want to use it for their Gyarados!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re brainstorming names:

  • Try to come up with a name that reflects your Gyarados’ personality – if it’s calm and serene, choose a name accordingly. If it’s fierce and powerful, look for a name that will strike fear into your opponents!
  • Pick a name that’s easy to remember and pronounce. You don’t want to be forgetting your own Pokemon’s name in the middle of a battle!
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative – some of the best Gyarados nicknames are the ones that are unique and unusual. Let your imagination run wild!


We hope this list of Gyarados names has given you some good ideas for naming your own Pokemon!

If you still can’t decide, why not try out a few of these names in the game and see which one feels right for your Gyarados.

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