Squirtle Names (87+ Funny, Cool & Cute Nicknames)

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Do you have a Squirtle in your life and need the perfect name for it? Look no further!

In this blog post, we will provide 92 funny, cool, and cute Squirtle nicknames for your squishy water turtle. Whether you are looking for a badass name or something more adorable, we’ve got you covered.

So get ready to give your Squirtle a new identity with one of these awesome names!

Cool Squirtle Names

  1. Aqua
  2. Champ – A great name for the Pokemon Champion!
  3. Drip – Because water drips!
  4. Faucet – Another word for tap… which is where water comes out
  5. H20 – The scientific name for water
  6. Hydro – Another word for water
  7. Jet – A jet of water is when the pressure forces the liquid to move really fast! 
  8. Ripple – When you throw a stone in water, it creates ripples!
  9. Tidal Wave – A huge wave caused by the tide
  10. Torrent – A powerful and fast-flowing stream of water
  11. Cane
  12. Capri
  13. Chance
  14. Clover
  15. Crush
  16. Dale
  17. Deluge 
  18. Donut
  19. Dutch
  20. Earl
  21. Erica
  22. Faucet
  23. Gatorade
  24. Gecko  
  25. Grace 
  26. Guppy
  27. Henry 
  28. Ice 
  29. Jellyfish 
  30. Jordan 
  31. Kane
  32. Key West
  33. Kiwi
  34. Lagoona – A play on the word “lagoon” which is a body of water often found near the coast
  35. Lemonade
  36. Liberty
  37. Misty (after the water gym leader in Pokemon Red/Blue) 
  38. Neptune
  39. Niles
  40. Noah
  41. Oasis
  42. Perry
  43. Pond 
  44. Pool
  45. Rainbow 
  46. Ripple/Ripley 
  47. Rocky
  48. Ryder
  49. Salty 
  50. Sandbar
  51. Scales
  52. Seabreeze
  53. Shells
  54. Slider
  55. Storm
  56. Squirt – A shortened version of Squirtle’s name!
  57. Tsunami – A giant wave caused by an earthquake
  58. Turtle – What Squirtle is!
  59. Squirtle Squad 
  60. Surf – Another move that Squirtle learns
  61. Tank – Squirtles are often compared to tanks because of their hard shells!
  62. Turtle Wax 
  63. Typhoon
  64. Waterfall – One of Squirtle’s moves
  65. Wave 
  66. Whale
  67. Widget
  68. Xaviera 
  69. Yoshi – One of Mario’s friends who also has a turtle shell!
  70. Zephyr

Funny Squirtle Names

Looking for a funny name for your Squirtle? Here are some of our favorites!

  1. Barney
  2. Bikini Bottom
  3. Blubber
  4. Captain Squirtle
  5. Sir Squirts A Lot
  6. Wet Willie
  7. Moby Dick
  8. Lil squirt

Cute Squirtle Names

  1. Bubble – One of Squirtle’s first attacks is Bubble
  2. Chips
  3. Droplet
  4. Icicle
  5. Marshmallow
  6. Nemo – After the main character in Finding Nemo
  7. Paddle
  8. Pearl
  9. Sunny
  10. Smooch
  11. Soda
  12. Sweetie
  13. Tadpole
  14. Zigzag/Ziggy

Pokemon Name Inspiration

Inspiration for good nicknames for your Pokemon can come from anywhere! Here are some places where you can draw inspiration for your Squirtle’s name.

  • Your favorite water Pokemon
  • Your favorite TV show or movie with a water theme
  • Water-type Pokémon moves
  • Famous people who have the word “water” in their name
  • Mythological creatures that live in the water

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the perfect nickname for Squirtle.

Pick A Name That You Will Be Comfortable Saying Out Loud

Pick a name that you find comfortable saying out loud if you like to role-play with your friends or if you plan on showing off your Squirtle in online battles.

A nickname that is hard to pronounce can be frustrating for you and your friends.

Pick A Name That Is Easy To Spell And Pronounce

If you plan on showing off your Squirtle online, you want to make sure that other people will be able to spell and pronounce its nickname. Otherwise, you will just end up with a lot of misspellings and mispronunciations.

Avoid Using Inside Jokes

It can be tempting to name your Squirtle after an inside joke that only you and your friends know. However, this can make it difficult for other people to connect with your Squirtle.

Avoid Names That Are Too Similar To Other Pokémon’s Names

While it can be tempting to name your Squirtle after another water Pokémon, such as Blastoise or Vaporeon, you want to avoid using names that are too similar.

Otherwise, you might end up confusing your Pokémon.

Think About Your Favorite Water-Themed Characters

One of the best ways to find inspiration for a nickname is to think about your favorite water-themed characters.

These can be from TV shows, movies, video games, or anywhere else.

Some examples include:

  • Aqua Man
  • Nessie (from the Loch Ness Monster)
  • SpongeBob
  • Squidward
  • The Little Mermaid

Consider Your Squirtle’s Personality When Picking A Name

Every Squirtle is unique, so you want to make sure that you take its personality/nature into account when picking a name.

If your Squirtle is playful, you might want to consider names like “Bubbles” or “Splash.” If it’s more of a timid nature, you might want to go with something like “Nemo” or “Shell.”

Have Fun With It! Picking A Name For Your Squirtle Should Be Enjoyable

Don’t get too stressed out about picking the perfect name for your Squirtle.

At the end of the day, it’s just a nickname and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Just have fun with it and pick something that you think is cool.


If you’re looking for the perfect nickname for your tiny turtle, look no further! We hope this list of 92 names has given you some inspiration. Whether you want a name that is funny, cool, or cute, we have got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Give your Squirtle a new identity today!

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