Small Cute Hamster

Can You Leave A Hamster Alone for A Week?

Leaving your hamster alone when you go away on vacation may or may not be a feasible option. Here are some dos and don’ts to remember to ensure your pet’s safety and happiness while you’re away.

Can My Hamster Chew Through The Cage?

Is your hamster chewing on bar cages? Learn all about why and how that’s extremely dangerous. Complete with solutions on how to help them stop chewing through bars immediately!

How Do I Know My Hamster Is Happy?

Ensuring your pet hamster’s happiness is important. A hamster is the happiest when provided with a healthy, clean and peaceful environment along with a good diet as well as activities that stimulate the hamster’s cognitive growth and positive behavior.

How To Calm Down A Stressed Hamster

Successfully calming down a stressed hamster depends on the cause of their stress. The first goal should always be to identify the cause and (if possible) remove it. The next step is to alleviate your hamster’s symptoms by helping them to feel safe.

How Much Does a Hamster Weigh?

You may be wondering “how much does a hamster weigh?”. We have you covered! In this ultimate guide, we list the average weight for each of the most popular breeds.

How Much Bedding Does A Hamster Need?

Many people only use enough bedding to cover the floor of their hamster cage, but experts agree that at least 4 to 6 inches of bedding is needed to give your pet the appropriate amount of room to burrow and stay warm.