How Much Does a Hamster Weigh?

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What Is The Average Weight Of A Hamster?

These predominantly nocturnal animals mostly remain underground in the wild. A cute feature of a hamster is the cheek pouches used for carrying food to their underground burrows. Only four of the cute rodent species are popular as house pets.

1. Golden Or Syrian Hamster

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has included them in the vulnerable list. Their natural habitat is arid areas of Southern Turkey and Northern Syria.

The average weight of a wild Golden hamster is 100 g to 150 g. The average hamster weight of the same species is 175 g to 225 g when homebred.

The other three species of hamsters that are popular pets weigh less and are shorter than the Syrian hamsters. Those three are also commonly referred to as dwarfs due to these characteristics.

2. Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

The first specimen of the species was discovered in Mongolia by Charles William Campbell. They were given the common name by Oldfield Thomas to honor the discoverer of the species.

The average weight of an adult Campbell’s dwarf hamster is 27 g.

3. The Winter White Dwarf Hamster

This is an animal that has the most number of popular names. They include:

  1. Siberian Dwarf Hamster
  2. Siberian Hamster
  3. Russian Dwarf Hamster
  4. Djungarian Hamster
  5. Striped Dwarf Hamster

Compared to the golden hamster it is only half in size. Their natural habitat is Siberia, meadows of Mongolia, wheat fields of Kazakhstan, and Manchuria’s birch stands. This species is considered by breeders as very easy to tame.

The average weight is different in males and females.

Male body weight: An adult male can weigh between 0.67 Oz and 1.59 Oz.

Female body weight: The range is 0.67 Oz to 1.27 Oz.

Just as in the case of other species, they weigh more in captivity.

4. Roborovski Hamster

This is the smallest species among the dwarf hamsters. Their natural habitat is the desert of Central Asia. Other popular names are:

  1. Robo Dwarf Hamster
  2. Desert Hamster

In the wild, they can attain a lifespan of up to two years. In captivity, it can reach four years.

The average weight of an adult Roborovski hamster ranges between 20 and 25 grams.


Weights Of Hamsters Vary Among Different Genus

The sizes and weights of hamsters vary according to their respective species. On average, a hamster can weigh from anywhere around half an ounce to 10.5 ounces.

Popularly Accepted Average Weight Among Hamster Species

We are dealing with the four varieties of hamsters that are kept as house pets. They can be summarized as given below:

Golden Or Syrian Hamster

Maximum height: 18 cm.

Minimum weight: 110 g.

Maximum weight: 200 g.

Newborns: They weigh in the range of 1.5 to 2 grams and measures in height between 105 and 2 cm.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

Maximum height: 8 cm.

Minimum weight: 15 g.

Maximum weight: 30 g.

Newborns: They weigh in the range of 1 to 2 grams.

The Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Maximum height: 12 cm.

Minimum weight: 40 g.

Maximum weight: 50 g.

Newborns: They weigh in the range of 1 to 1.7 grams.

Roborovski Hamster

Maximum height: 5 cm.

Minimum weight: 20 g.

Maximum weight: 25 g.

Newborns: They weigh about 1 g.

Why Should I Weigh My Hamster?

The easiest way to know the health condition of your hamster is by keeping track of its weight. They can lose or gain weight depending on certain health conditions. For example, a hamster can lose weight because they are not able to eat. Why aren’t they eating? They have overgrown their teeth.

Hamsters habitually store their food. In captivity, they may continue this nature by hiding foods that they don’t like. This usually happens due to a change in diet.

How Can You Weigh A Hamster Accurately?

The first thing you need to acquire is a digital kitchen scale. Hamsters are small pets and a kitchen scale should be able to do the job very well.

Put the hamster in a small box before weighing. This is to prevent him or her from running away if you place it directly on the scale. Ensure that you have recorded the weight of the empty carton.

In the absence of a box, you can trick them into staying still on the scale. Put a few grains of food like sunflower treats on the scale. Your pet hamster will stay on the scale till it finishes eating and you will get ample time to record its weight.

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