141 Ice Dragon Names (BEST Naming Ideas)

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Mythical ice dragons evoke a sense of fear and mystery. Ice dragons are made of ice instead of fire, but they are still just as powerful as their fire-breathing peers.

In Westeros, these dragons are literally made of ice.

An ice dragon’s name should be as majestic as the being. In this article, each ice dragon name is paired with a description to help you find the perfect name for your beastly friend (or foe).

Regardless of what game you are playing, naming your dragon helps the game come to life and makes it more personal.

Before packing your sword or grabbing your spell book for D;D, let’s explore the most incredible names for your ice dragons!

Best Ice Dragon Names

Ice dragons are rare in literature and the gaming world.

If you are going to have a rare ice dragon, shouldn’t they have the best name?

  1. Leia – after the beloved Princess Leia, dressed all in white like an ice queen and considered one of the galaxy’s great heroes.
  2. Specter – a ghost- perfect for the sneaky white ice dragon who scares you to death!
  3. Zephyron – for the Greek god Zephyrus, the god of the west wind- so if you have this ice dragon… does this make you a Greek god?
  4. Zelos – for the zealous Romanian ice dragon
  5. Ragnarok – your ice dragon, will strike fear into the enemies with this Norse mythology name that foretells of the death to come
  6. Onyxian – for the ice dragon you ride! Inspired by World of Warcraft’s Onyxian Drage flying dragon mount- other variations of this name include Onyx or Onyxia, after the brood mother of the dragons in Hearthstone
  7. Kazakus – inspired by Kazakusan, the black dragon who loves to play with other dragons in Hearthstone
  8. Meistari – Icelandic for Champion
  9. Xerxes – Greek for ruler over heroes and king of the Persian empire
  10. Andromeda – Greek for ruler of men, also the name of a large galaxy you can see in the night sky
  11. Vhagar – she was born on Dragonstone, is over 181 years old, and is the most enormous female dragon alive in Westeros
  12. Tempest – an ice dragon is certainly capable of creating a wild storm with icy winds

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Female Ice Dragon Names

Looking for a more feminine name for your beautiful, curvy horned ice dragon?

Explore these more feminine names for your female ice dragon.

  1. Daenerys – From George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire novels, Daenerys means Lady of Light or Lady of Hope; Daenerys is the mother of dragons.
  2. Cayenne – French for hot spice- an ironic name for an ice dragon!
  3. Jade – Green gemstone for the Jade Sea, where dragons originated
  4. Kaida – Japanese for little dragon
  5. Virve – Estonian for shimmer
  6. Cortina – the most beautiful Italian ski resort
  7. Snapdragon – after the pretty flower and Hearthstone’s Snapdragon, who empowers all of the other battlecry minions
  8. Hopena – Hawaiian for destiny
  9. Crystalla – Latin for chrystal- so shimmery and beautiful
  10. Amethyst – purple gems found deep in the caves with their ice dragons
  11. Dreamfyre – believed to be the mother of Daenerys’ dragons
  12. Rainha – Portuguese for queen
  13. Elsa – Scandinavian Frozen queen who can freeze people and objects just as well as any ice dragon can
  14. Ailani – American for a female chief which is ideal for a chief dragon
  15. Stormy – for that ice dragon that just can’t seem to get out of her bad mood and enjoys blasting her cold to the townspeople below, perhaps Cersei Lannister has been hanging out with her

Male Ice Dragon Names

Your male dragon deserves a name befitting the great spotted-wing dragon he is.

Consider these more powerful masculine names for your ice dragon:

  1. Ryuu – Japanese for dragon
  2. Tatsuhiro – Japanese for dragon with immense power
  3. Draco – Italian for dragon
  4. Elliot – after the dragon in the beloved classic story of Pete’s Dragon
  5. Blackcomb – inspired by Canada’s Whistler Blackcomb, where you can go snow skiing year-round – perfect for your ice dragon companion!
  6. Ferus – for the wild dragon who cannot be tamed
  7. Kalecgos – for the Hearthstone lover who enjoys their spells, Kalecgos as a mortal is half-human, half-elf, but as a dragon, he is a blue dragon
  8. Drakonoid – inspired by Hearthstone’s Drakonid Operative green dragon from the League of Explorers – perfect for those going on an expedition
  9. Galakrond – largest dragon of all time and known as the father of dragons in Wow ; Hearthstone
  10. Custos – Latin for guardian
  11. Caraxes – Prince Daemon Targaryen’s dragon
  12. Rex – Latin for king
  13. Bahadur – Arabic for hero or warrior
  14. Alperen or Alp for short- Turkish for heroic mystic- ideal for spellcasting ice dragons

Unisex Names for an Ice Dragon

Not sure if you want to give your ice dragon a more feminine or masculine name?

Consider one of these unisex names.

  1. Mochi – Japanese meaning rice cake
  2. Dracen – English for dragon, pretty literal
  3. Draak – Afrikaans for dragon
  4. Nevada – Spanish meaning covered in snow
  5. Aspen – a quaking tree inspired by the famous ski resorts in Aspen, Colorado, where an ice dragon would enjoy spending their days
  6. Skithiryx – A Magic dragon that regenerates and can quickly kill opponents
  7. Nix – Latin for snow
  8. Everest – the highest peak in the world, topped with snow and ice year-round- what ice dragon wouldn’t love to be named after the best place for them to live on earth?
  9. Eques – Latin for knight, every knight needs a dragon
  10. Blanco – Spanish for white, fitting for a snow-white ice dragon
  11. Tarakona – Maori for dragon
  12. Moondancer – a pale green dragon of the House Targaryen
  13. Dokeshi – Japanese for jester, for the jokester dragon
  14. Arctic – there are not many colder places than the Arctic unless you are in the path of an ice dragon breathing their cold upon you

Badass Names for an Ice Dragon

Looking for a tough, intimidating name for your ice dragon?

Fictional characters from Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft make great badass names.

  1. ömurlegur – Icelandic for badass
  2. Mors – Latin for death
  3. Scrios – Irish for destruction
  4. Denathrius – Master of the Revendreth, King of the Venthyr
  5. Karakoram – for the savage dragon
  6. Annapurna – kills 32% of those who try to reach her top!
  7. Salamence – Pokemon dragon is known for being brutal and violent
  8. Kommo – inspired by the fierce Pokemon dragon
  9. Eversor – Latin for destroyer- perfect for that very destructive ice dragon in your life
  10. Otto – a mechanical dragon
  11. Otta – for the Icelandic dragon who strikes fear in those around them
  12. Alexstrasza – the ultimate red dragon in Hearthstone who strikes fear in her opponents and heals her friends and is considered one of the five great dragons to watch over Azeroth
  13. Deathwing – the ultimate destroyer who even took on Alexstrasza and enslaved her! Nobody messes with Deathwing, the black dragon.

Cool Names for an Ice Dragon

Cool has many definitions. Cool can refer to the temperature or express approval of something.

Let’s consider both definitions for cool and find a cool name befitting an ice dragon?

  1. Frost – when you want your people to know what’s coming!
  2. Sunscorch – inspired by Magic, ironically named to trick your friends and foes
  3. Olaf – singing, the jolly snowman from Disney’s Frozen- perfectly ironic for an ice dragon
  4. Frysta – Icelandic for freeze- for the Viking ice dragon
  5. Malygos – a blue ice dragon in Hearthstone and World of Warcraft whose majestic beauty and arcane magical abilities cannot be contained against her “genocidal crusade” (Wowpedia)
  6. Klor – Icelandic for talon
  7. Frosinndreki – Icelandic for frozen dragon
  8. Keanu – Hawaiian for a cool mountain breeze
  9. Ryoko – Japanese for good, cool child
  10. Vetur – Icelandic for winter

Unique Names for an Ice Dragon

Ice dragons are rare. Ice dragons are unique.

Consider the following rare, unique names for your ice dragon.

  1. Celestial Kirin – Magic the Gathering’s creature is unique- a horse, dragon, and deer all in one creature!
  2. Gargoyle – inspired by Garchomp, the Pokemon dragon, and that Gargoyles scare away evil spirits.
  3. Azurite – deep blue mineral gemstone; other related names include Azure and Azura
  4. Malachite – this beautiful green gem is found deep in the caves of the green dragons
  5. Nexus
  6. Bellator – Latin for warrior
  7. Krieger (m) or Kriegerin (f) – German for warrior
  8. Cappi – Icelandic for warrior
  9. Koa – Hawaiian for the warrior – with all of these warrior names, you can name a clan of warrior ice dragons!
  10. Kupua – Hawaiian for magical- aren’t all ice dragons magical?!
  11. Dracoliche – a favorite of D;Ders because they are powerful spellcasters and magic resistant making them a great dragon
  12. Sapphire – reminder of blue gems, a blue ice dragon is a beautiful sight to see
  13. Moonstone – chaotic, magical, and a dragon of beauty just like their counterpart moonstone rocks
  14. Shadow – name for large ice dragons who cast a large shadow over the towns they fly over
  15. Borealis – for those who love the auroras, an ice dragon from the North fits the bill
  16. Australis – an ice dragon from the South with beautiful southern auroras
  17. Nebula – the cold interstellar gas after a supernova kind of like what comes from the ice dragon’s breath

Famous Names for Ice Dragons

Famous dragons evoke childhood and adult memories of some of the greatest shows, movies, and books.

Even if your ice dragon does not breathe fire, you can still name them one of these famous dragon names.

  1. Toothless – Hiccup’s night fury dragon
  2. Stormfly – Astrid’s dragon
  3. Smaug – dragon in The Hobbit
  4. Mushu – dragon in Mulan
  5. Charizard – fire dragon in Pokemon
  6. Dratini – little dragon in Pokemon
  7. Appletun – a grass dragon in Pokemon
  8. Shenron – a summoned dragon when all seven dragon balls are gathered
  9. Sindragosa – ice dragon who was Queen of the Blue Dragonflight until her death
  10. Haku – is the name of a Japanese boy who can change into a white dragon, and Haku means master in Hawaiian.

Ice and Fire Dragon Names

The most epic scene of all time in the history of movies and tv is Daenerys Targaryen riding on Drogon burning Kings Landing.

So it makes sense that The Game of Thrones: Ice and Fire is the go-to source for epic dragon names.

  1. Valyrian – after the masters who raise dragons
  2. Quicksilver – Prince Aegon’s dragon as well as a Magic the Gathering favorite dragon and a superhero X-men mutant
  3. Grey Ghost – wild dragon living in Dragonstone
  4. Sheepstealer – as his name suggests, this dragon loved his sheep.
  5. Cannibal – also named for what he enjoyed eating, this dragon enjoyed eating dragons.
  6. Balerion – dragon of King Aegon I Targaryen (GOT), he would be considered the chief dragon as he is the largest dragon ever in Westeros
  7. Drogon – dragon rode by Daenerys
  8. Rhaegal – the second of Daenerys’ dragons
  9. Viserion – the third of Daenerys’ dragons
  10. Silverwing – a beautiful female dragon who was considered docile and friendly in House Targaryen

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Ice-inspired Names for Dragons

An ice dragon is a legendary creature made of ice and breathes freezing cold air rather than fire, so it makes sense to give your ice dragon an ice-inspired name.

Ice-inspired names include names for frost, cold, blizzard, winter, months of winter, and of course ice!

  1. Gelu – Latin for frost
  2. Frigus – Latin for cold
  3. Mystral – French for cold, dry, northerly wind
  4. Jaina – after Hearthstone’s Frost Lich Jaina. Her icy touch summons water elementals that freeze their targets.
  5. Glacies – Latin for ice
  6. Tuhina – female Indian name meaning cold, frost
  7. Ayaz – male Turkish name meaning frosty
  8. Lumia – female Scandinavian name for snow
  9. Xue Fang – Chinese for fragrant snow
  10. Frosty – after Frosty the Snowman, but now it’s Frosty the Ice Dragon
  11. Jokull – Scandinavian for glacier of ice
  12. Hyoga – Japanese for glacier
  13. Fuyu – Japanese for winter
  14. Tesema – Samoan for December
  15. Janeiro – Portuguese for January
  16. Blizzard – when your ice dragon comes to play, your opponents will fear the snowstorm coming their way!
  17. Viscol – Romanian for blizzard
  18. Mofubuki – Japanese for blizzard
  19. Shiver – what you do when you are cold; your ice dragon will certainly make you shiver when it blows its cold breath on you
  20. Wintertide – reminiscent of cold, snowy winter days
  21. Flurry – just a little bit of cold from this ice dragon
  22. Snowflake – every snowflake is unique just like your ice dragon
  23. Eap – acronym for the coldest place on Earth- Eastern Antarctic Plateau
  24. Vostok – freezing cold name for an ice dragon and the second coldest place on Earth
  25. Denali – inspired by the highest mountain peak in North America and pretty darn cold!
  26. Hyperborean – this ice dragon lives in the far north with its mythical Greek gods and semi-divine heroes like Hercules.


With so many notable names for ice dragons, how will you ever choose just one?

Good news! You don’t have to choose just one. You can choose a different favorite name for each game you play with ice dragons.

If Daenerys didn’t have to choose just one name for her dragons, then neither do you!

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