Red Dragon Names (149+ Awesome Naming Ideas)

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Whether your familiarity with dragons is from the famous How to Train Your Dragon franchise, the fictional Targaryen Family, or your knowledge of reptilian pets, having decent name options is essential. 

In this guide, we’re sharing our comprehensive list of red dragon names that are unisex, male-oriented, and female-oriented. We’ll also share a list of some famous dragon names you may have heard of before. 

We’ll highlight our favorite names with inspiration from popular fantasy books, TV series, and so much more.

Stick around to the end, where we’ll share some tips on how to find the perfect red dragon name for your purposes!

Let’s dive in.

Best Red Dragon Names

Some of the best naming options for red dragons – real-life lizard pets, fictional creatures, or otherwise – have themes of royalty, power, fire, flight, and good fortune. And some of the names even include qualities of ice dragons or sea dragons. 

The following are some of our favorite names that take on unique meanings in different contexts. 

  1. Garnet – a red silicate mineral 
  2. Red Leviathan – a big red monster-type creature 
  3. The Destroyer – a good name for a ruthless red dragon 
  4. Terrorwing – a good name for a terrifying red dragon 
  5. Flamerider – a good name for a majestic and fearless red dragon 
  6. Vengeance – a good name for a vengeful red dragon (also for fans of Batman lore)
  7. Terrorback – a good name for a terrifying or hard-to-ride red dragon 
  8. Red-Eyed Beauty – name for a red dragon with equally red eyes
  9. Red Hatchling – name for a small red dragon or the “runt” of the litter
  10. The Forger – another fire-related name for a red dragon 
  11. Phoenix – a mythological bird that rises from the ashes 
  12. Lucifer – a folklore “devil” figure, has ties to hell and fire 
  13. Hades – the king of the underworld in Greek mythology 
  14. Phlegethon – the fire river (one of five rivers) in Hades
  15. Drago – an Italian word with Latin roots, meaning “dragon” 
  16. Draco – a Harry Potter character, also a variation of “dragon” or “Drago”
  17. Vulcan – the god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology 
  18. Seraphim – a word with Hebrew roots, meaning “burning” or “fiery” 
  19. Aed – an Irish name meaning “flames” or “fire”, god of underworld in Irish mythology
  20. Emberly – derived from the word “ember”, remnants of a fire 
  21. Falkor – the dragon in The Never Ending Story movie 
  22. Maleficent – a Disney character, also means one who causes harm with supernatural means
  23. Bryne – a name from old English meaning “flame” 
  24. Drake – a name with roots in Old Norse Draki, meaning “dragon” 
  25. Pendragon – an ancient British prince name, also means “chief dragon”
  26. Kaida – a Japanese name for a dragon meaning “little dragon” 
  27. Tyson – a name from old French that means “fire” or high-spirited” 
  28. Starblaze – a fantasy-inspired name for fans of dragons and astronomy
  29. Abeloth – means “Bringer of Chaos”, a character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe
  30. Galinda – a name for a dragon that is good and kind  

Female Red Dragon Names

Female dragons need names that match their qualities, such as gracefulness, fearlessness, and majesty.

These female names for red dragons highlight their red colors, female dragon figures from mythologies, and even fire and ice.

Take a look at the names that can emphasize the qualities of a vividly colored girl dragon. 

  1. Ruby – a vivid, red-colored gemstone 
  2. Scarlet – a popular female name, also a shade of red
  3. Poppy – a flower that sometimes grows in a rich, red color 
  4. Cinderella – a Disney princess, the female version of the fiery name “Cinder”
  5. Tiamat – a powerful sea dragoness in Babylonian mythology 
  6. Python – a mythological earth dragoness that Hera kept as a pet
  7. Aine – an Irish female name meaning “radiance” and “splendor”
  8. Tatsuo – means “female dragon” in Japanese 
  9. Tanwen – a Welsh name combining two words that means “holy fire” 
  10. Shadowfiend – a female dragon that roams in the darkness and night
  11. Everlight – a powerful female dragon who radiates light and fire 
  12. Uwabami – a Japanese mythology name referring to giant snake-like or serpent-like monsters 
  13. Claws – a female dragon who has impressive claws 
  14. Dreameater – a mystical or spiritual name for a female dragon 
  15. Fireslayer – a female dragon who is known for killing primarily with fire
  16. The Witch of Winter – a name for a female ice dragon 
  17. The Red Iceslayer – a name for a female red dragon who is an ice dragon
  18. Tindera – references the fire-starting material, has a feminine sound to it
  19. Jewel – a female red dragon who has vivid color and shining scales 
  20. Mother of Flames – a maternal name for a female red dragon
  21. Daughter of Flames – a name for a female, child red dragon
  22. Flameswept – a feminine name for a red dragon that is known for its breathing fire talents
  23. Soaring Ruby – a female red dragon who is vividly colored and takes flight
  24. Redwing – a feminine red dragon with even redder wings 
  25. Old Fyren – a Dungeons ; Dragons-themed female red dragon name
  26. Flashburn – a D;D-themed female red dragon name 
  27. Child of Fire – a good name for a young female red dragon 
  28. Drifter – a graceful female dragon name 
  29. Smoldera – a feminine version of the name “Smolder” 
  30. Sister of Flames – a name for one of several dragon daughters 

Male Red Dragon Names

Male dragons need special names to pronounce their masculinity, just as much as female dragons need feminine names. The following red dragon naming options feature male dragons from ancient mythologies, masculine dragon names, and more. 

Consider how one of these names might match the overall look and personality of a dragon you have in mind. 

  1. Cinder – a warm, small piece of burnt matter from a fire 
  2. Ash – the powder left from fire/flames, such as those from dragon fire
  3. Char – a burning or blackening of a surface with fire 
  4. Charizard – a fire-flying character in Pokemon
  5. Dracul – similar to “Dracula”, meaning “devil” or “dragon” in Romanian 
  6. Apep – a chaotic ancient Egyptian deity also known as Evil Dragon 
  7. Ladon – a golden apple-guarding serpent monster from Greek mythology 
  8. Winter – a male ice dragon name 
  9. Frostbitten – another male ice dragon name, maybe one who breathes ice
  10. Winterlord – male ice dragon name, one who is royal 
  11. Tinder – the masculine version of the dragon name “Tindera” 
  12. Torcher – a masculine name for a ruthless fire breathing dragon
  13. Scorcher – a masculine name for a fire-breathing dragon who burns everything
  14. Asher – a male name that also works as a fire dragon name 
  15. Chaos – a name for a wild and untamed male dragon 
  16. The Earth Shaker – a name for a powerful male dragon that can’t be defeated 
  17. Windrider – a male dragon name for a dragon that is a great flyer 
  18. Storm – a good fictional dragon name, a dragon that controls the weather
  19. Kingslayer – a good name for a dragon that opposes a monarchy 
  20. Maelestor Rex – a D;D-inspired male dragon name 
  21. Ajax Firestorm – a male red dragon name in the world of D;D 
  22. Stormcrossing – a male red dragon name in the world of D;D
  23. Rhogar – another D;D-inspired male dragon name 
  24. Wavecrasher – a good name for a male water dragon 
  25. Waterborne – another good name for a male water dragon 
  26. Cloudburst – a male dragon that flies high
  27. The Mountain King – a regal name for a male dragon that lives in the mountains
  28. Invincible – a male dragon that cannot be beat 
  29. Mr. Lava – name for a dapper, male dragon that breathes fire 
  30. Father of Dragons – a name for a paternal dragon figure 

Unisex Names For A Red Dragon

If you want to go for a more gender neutral vibe with your dragon naming process, consider these names that aren’t too masculine or too feminine in nature. 

These names emphasize the characteristics of dragons that make them so notable, like light, fire, heat, color, flight, and more. 

  1. Blaze – carries a sense of fire power
  2. Fireborne – meaning born of the fire 
  3. Inferno – hell, or a large out-of-control fire 
  4. Puff – a funny, more tame name referencing the fire-breathing of dragons
  5. Ember – a burning coal in a fire
  6. Crimson – a deeply red color that is almost purple 
  7. Paratyl – name meaning “lit like a flame” 
  8. Jyoti – name meaning “divine light” in certain languages spoken in India 
  9. Twywinire – a good name for a two-headed dragon 
  10. Copperwing – a good name for a metallic, red dragon 
  11. Redlight – a name for a red-colored dragon 
  12. Ruler of Lava – a name for a majestic, regal fire dragon 
  13. Scales – a descriptive name for a male or female dragon 
  14. Nightruler – a good name for a powerful dragon that roams at night 
  15. Nightcrawler – a name for a stealthy dragon that roams at night 
  16. Gentle Giant – a name for a dragon that is large but sweet 
  17. The Exterminator – a name for a powerful and ruthless dragon 
  18. Firesword – a dragon that breathes fire and shreds 
  19. Mothra – a Godzilla franchise name
  20. The Terminator – a movie-reference name, a name for a ruthless dragon 
  21. Gentleheart – a gentle or calm and peaceful dragon name 
  22. Flame Warrior – a warrior-themed name for a red dragon, possibly one that assists an army
  23. Deathbringer – a good name for a scary, killer red dragon 
  24. Moarvyroa – a dragon name meaning “Protector of the Weak”
  25. Pukoirth – a dragon name meaning “Protector of the Sky”
  26. Vulcanborne – a dragon borne from a volcano 
  27. Iazzoanir – a dragon name that means “Lord of the Red” 
  28. Tourmaline – a dragon name inspired by a red gemstone 
  29. Zircon – a dragon name inspired by a red gemstone 
  30. Lifetaker – a dragon name for a killer creature that spares no one 

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Famous Red Dragon Names

Since dragons are mythical, some of the best dragon names are derived from epic fantasy books, fantasy movies and TV series, and other fictional sources. Below are some of the names of dragons you’ll find in those sources. 

  1. Drogon – Princess Danerys Targaryen’s largest dragon in GOT 
  2. Rhaegal – Princess Danerys Targaryen’s riderless dragon in GOT
  3. Viserion – Princess Danerys Targaryen’s ill-fated dragon in GOT 
  4. Balerion – one of the most famous dragons in the House Targaryen
  5. Daemon – prince of the House Targaryen (dragon house in Game of Thrones lore)
  6. Viserys – king and dragon-rider of the House Targaryen
  7. Aemond – a Targaryen prince and dragon-rider, a good name for a one-eyed red dragon
  8. King Ghidora – the infamous enemy of Godzilla 
  9. Elliot – fictional dragon in the Disney movie Pete’s Dragon
  10. Rhaenyra – princess of the House Targaryen (dragon house in Game of Thrones lore)
  11. Khaleesi – princess Dany Targaryen (a.k.a. Mother of Dragons) in Game of Thrones 
  12. Alysanne – queen and dragon-rider of the House Targaryen
  13. Baela – Lady and daughter of Prince Daemon Targaryen 
  14. Babe the Dragon – a fictional CEO/female dragon in the movie Luck 
  15. Caraxes – Daemon Targaryen’s red-scaled dragon in the House of the Dragon 
  16. Blood Wyrm – another name for Caraxes in House of the Dragon
  17. Mushu – red dragon in the Disney Mulan movies
  18. Smaug – a dragon from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  19. Toothless – dragon from the How to Train Your Dragon series
  20. Haku – dragon from the Spirited Away movie
  21. Shurakai – a red dragon and kingslayer in the Memory, Sorrow, Thorn fantasy book series
  22. Thorn – a fictional red dragon in the sequel to Eragon called Eldest 
  23. The Great Red Dragon – fictional dragon from the Bone graphic novels 
  24. Shou-Lao – a fictional Chinese red dragon in the Iron Fist comic books 
  25. Vermithrax Pejorative – fictional red dragon in the 1980s Dragonslayer movie 
  26. Ddraig – a fictional red dragon in the High School DxD novel series 
  27. Porunga – a fictional dragon character in the famous Dragon Ball manga 
  28. Dev – an ambitious, fictional dragon character from Part Time Dragons 
  29. Vhagar – Visenya Targaryen’s dragon in GOT lore 
  30. Pyralspite – a fictional dragon in the Homestuck Internet book series 

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

It can be difficult to choose the right name for a red dragon. When it comes to a pet “dragon” or reptile, you can name the creature based on qualities like:

  • Its personality
  • Its coloring
  • Its size
  • Its temperament

Or, you can name a pet “dragon” based on qualities that you want to imbue in it, such as qualities of dragons in mythology and fantasy (i.e. fire, flight, etc.). 

But when it comes to dragons in the book you’re writing, for example, you may look deeper for name inspiration. Perhaps your fictional red dragon earns a name inspired by a Greek or Roman god or goddess. 

Or, perhaps you want to craft a fictional dragon character for a graphic novel you’re illustrating. Finding a name means matching the words to the physical appearance and behavior of the dragon. 

So, if the fictional red dragon prefers to live in the mountains, then you could name it something like “The Red Mountain Dweller”. Or, if it prefers to roam the seas, then you could name it something like “The Crimson Leviathan”. 

It all comes down to the type of dragon you imagine, and since the creatures are mythical, there are so many word combinations that can describe them. 


We hope our guide to names of red dragons has been helpful for you in your naming process. Whether it’s a male dragon name, Game of Thrones inspired dragon name or a name for a fictional dragon in your Dungeons ; Dragons campaign, there are tons of unique and appropriate options. 

Remember, there are all kinds of chromatic dragons, including gold dragons, white dragons, black dragons, green dragons, and so many more. There are even 3-headed dragons and other variations that lend to their own names. This list is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are endless possibilities!

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