383+ Indie Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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When creating a playlist of your favorite indie music, it can be hard to find the perfect name. It needs to capture the essence of the music and make a statement about who you are.

Whether you’re looking for cute, cool, creative, or funny names, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of over 300 great indie playlist names!

We’ve got something for everyone, from clever puns to pop culture references.

Let’s get started!

Best Indie Playlist Names

Welcome to our list of the best indie playlist names

We’ve scoured the web for your next playlist’s most original and creative titles.

From catchy tunes to peaceful ballads, there’s something here for everyone.

  1. Pleasant Era
  2. Unreliable Flute
  3. Ballads in Rain
  4. The Sound of Sunshine
  5. Summer of Love
  6. Lo-fi Beats
  7. Indie Folk Jams
  8. Indie Rock Revolution
  9. Acoustic Melodies
  10. Indie Pop Symphony
  11. Retro Wave Sounds
  12. Guitars and Drums
  13. Indie Dance Party
  14. Dreamy Indie Tunes
  15. Soulful Rhythms
  16. Indie Electronic Beats
  17. Chilled Vibes
  18. Soulful Grooves
  19. Eclectic Indie Mix
  20. Jazzy Indie Sounds
  21. Indie Instrumentals
  22. Uplifting Melodies
  23. Alternative Pop
  24. Sunny Sounds
  25. Chillwave Dreamin’
  26. Dream Pop
  27. Retro Rock
  28. Shoegaze Symphony
  29. Synthwave Selections
  30. Reggae-tinged Tunes
  31. Disco-inspired Songs
  32. Euphoric Tunes
  33. Funkadelic Vibes
  34. Groovy Tracks
  35. Acoustic Covers
  36. Funky Jams
  37. Psychedelic Cuts
  38. Classic Rock
  39. Folk Music Favorites
  40. Chilled Out Tunes
  41. Feel Good Songs
  42. Moody Ballads
  43. Soft Rock
  44. Soulful Ballads
  45. Acoustic Pop
  46. Singer-Songwriter Mix
  47. Alternative Hits

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Good Spotify playlist Names For Indie Music

  1. Indie Rockin’
  2. Indie Pop Delights
  3. Upbeat Indie Jams
  4. Funky Indie Beats
  5. New Wave Tunes
  6. Rhythmic Vibes
  7. Soft and Soulful Sounds
  8. Acoustic Grooves
  9. Retro-Infused Mixes
  10. Lo-Fi Indie Music
  11. Disco Fever!
  12. Alternative Dancefloor Hits
  13. Folktronica Fusion
  14. Downtempo Delights
  15. Chillout Dreams
  16. Indie Adventures
  17. Groovin’ Vibes
  18. Quirky Tunes
  19. Retro Revival
  20. Old School Jams
  21. Fresh Finds
  22. Classic Cuts
  23. Upbeat Bangers
  24. Dancing For Days
  25. FeelGood Favorites
  26. Lo-Fi Beats
  27. Lyrical Soulful Sounds
  28. The Best of Indie Melodies
  29. Dreamy Soundscapes
  30. Soulful Tunes Made for Two
  31. Indie’s Finest For the Win!
  32. Vintage Rhythms and Vibes
  33. Emotional Acoustics
  34. Sweet Succulent Synths
  35. Hard-Hitting Hits!
  36. Roots Of Rocking Reverberations
  37. Sunny Sing Alongs
  38. Motivational Music by Indie Makers
  39. Eclectic Electronic Experimentations
  40. Magical Mood Makers
  41. Indie Inspirations
  42. Indie Tracks and Tunes
  43. Let’s Get Indie-Fied
  44. Jazzy Indie Grooves
  45. Unplugged Indie Melodies
  46. The Hottest Indie Beats
  47. All Things Indie Music
  48. Downright Alternative Hits
  49. Acoustic Grooves and Good Vibes
  50. Rocking the Underground Scene
  51. Offbeat Musical Wonders
  52. Heartfelt Melodies and Rhythms
  53. Feel Good Urban Tunes
  54. Chilled Out New School Vibes
  55. Chart-Topping Indi-Pop Hits
  56. Quirky Coveted Finds
  57. Rare Gems of Artistry

Cute Names For An Indie Playlist

This blog section offers up to 40 cute names for an indie playlist. 

From cutesy phrases to charming words, something here will fit the bill. 

So whether you’re looking for the perfect name for a romantic playlist or something to set the mood for a party, these cute names are sure to inspire you.

  1. Soft Summer Vibes
  2. All You Need Is Love
  3. Sweet Nothings
  4. Love Songs For Lovers
  5. Feel Good Tunes
  6. Joyful Music Journey
  7. Magical Melodies
  8. The Indie Playlist Of Love
  9. Cuddles & Coziness
  10. Darling Playlist Of Dreams
  11. Smitten Sounds
  12. Feel Good Feelings
  13. Blissful Beats
  14. Sweetheart Songs
  15. The Love Mixtape
  16. Snuggly Tunes
  17. Cozy Indie Music Collection
  18. Cute Songs For Cuter People
  19. Cupid’s Arrow Playlist
  20. Lovey-Dovey Listening
  21. Happy Music Memories
  22. Comforting Indie Classics
  23. Sweetheart Selections
  24. Soaring High Tunes
  25. Loving Listening Experiences
  26. True Love Tunes
  27. Breezy Listening Pleasures
  28. Loving Music Memories
  29. Joy-Filled Jams
  30. Music For Your Soul
  31. Lovey Dovey Playlist
  32. Kisses & Smiles
  33. Heartfelt Beats
  34. Softly Soothing Sounds
  35. Loving Indie Listening
  36. Fluttery Feelings
  37. Affectionate Anthems
  38. Sweetheart Selections
  39. Joyous Music Melodies
  40. Adorable Playlist

Cool Names For An Indie Playlist

One of the best parts of having an indie playlist is deciding what to name it. 

If you’re looking for cool names for your indie playlist, you’ve come to the right place.

From classic rock to modern indie, these 170+ cool names will give your playlist a unique flavor that will make it stand out from the crowd.

  1. Groovy Good Times
  2. Get Up and Dance!
  3. Sonic Sensations
  4. Indie Dance Party
  5. Shake It Up!
  6. Acoustic Escapades
  7. Music for a New Age
  8. Feel-Good Tunes
  9. Funky Fresh Tracks
  10. Eclectic Energies
  11. Bopping Beats
  12. Unplugged Melodies
  13. Unique Rhythms
  14. Rockin’ Repertoire
  15. Chilled Out Jams
  16. Indie Groove Sessions
  17. Toe-Tapping Tunes
  18. Tuneage Magic
  19. Electric Earworms
  20. Creative Cacophonies
  21. Sing Along Songs
  22. Music to Move By
  23. Vibrant Vibes
  24. Soulful Sounds
  25. Hip Hop Hooray
  26. Jazzed Up Jams
  27. Pop Perfection
  28. Funky Fusions
  29. Playful Playlists
  30. Pure Pop Passion
  31. Cool Club Cuts
  32. Soulful Strumming
  33. Folksy Favorites
  34. Uplifting Tunes
  35. Musical Mixology
  36. Catchy Collectives
  37. Melodic Mastery
  38. Quirky Compositions
  39. Impressive Intonations
  40. Lively Lyrics
  41. Groovy Goodness
  42. Rhythmic Renditions
  43. Electrifying Entrances
  44. Blissful Ballads
  45. Independent Idols
  46. Laidback Listening
  47. Mellow Moods
  48. Jumping Jams
  49. Indie Inspirations
  50. New Wave Wonders
  51. Sweet Symphonies
  52. Swinging Songwriters
  53. Dynamic Duets
  54. Revved Up Rhythms
  55. Positive Playlists
  56. Eclectic Excursions
  57. Foot Stomping Fun
  58. Refreshing Riffs
  59. The Best of Bands
  60. Spirited Solos
  61. Captivating Crescendos
  62. Unforgettable Tracks
  63. Moving Melodies
  64. Magnificent Mixes
  65. Splendid Soundtracks
  66. Light-hearted Lyrics
  67. High Energy Hits
  68. Avant Garde Anthems
  69. Joyous Jams
  70. Acoustical Adventures
  71. Harmonious Hymns
  72. Harmonic Harmony
  73. Charming Choruses
  74. Uplifting Ukeleles
  75. Free Form Fusion
  76. Groovy Guitarists
  77. Magnetic Moods
  78. Artistic Arrangements
  79. Bouncy Beats
  80. Live Lyricism
  81. Soothing Solitudes
  82. Epic Ensembles
  83. Pictorial Pieces
  84. Theatrical Thrills
  85. Colorful Cacophonies
  86. Creative Collaborations
  87. Comforting Classics
  88. Nostalgic Noodling
  89. Cutting Edge Combos
  90. Organic Orchestras
  91. Reflective Refrains
  92. Relaxing Reflections
  93. Spirited Strings
  94. Fiery Folk
  95. Magical Medleys
  96. Peppy Pop
  97. Percussion Perfection
  98. Quiet Reflections
  99. Rhythmic Renegades
  100. Whimsical Wonders
  101. Smooth Serenades
  102. Music Makers
  103. Indie Groove
  104. Groovy Tunes
  105. Jazzy Beats
  106. Classic Rhythms
  107. Cutting Edge Tracks
  108. Mystic Melodies
  109. Indie Essentials
  110. Fiery Funk
  111. Harmonious Hits
  112. Exotic Sounds
  113. Fresh Finds
  114. Chilled Vibes
  115. Eclectic Mixes
  116. Indie Journey
  117. Sonic Voyage
  118. Rockin’ Repertoire
  119. Dynamic Duets
  120. Funky Fusion
  121. Soulful Songs
  122. Upbeat Tunes
  123. Captivating Crescendos
  124. Unforgettable Tracks
  125. Joyous Jams
  126. Crisp Compositions
  127. Intriguing Interludes
  128. Rhythmical Refrains
  129. Dreamy Delights
  130. Animating Anthems
  131. Vibrant Verses
  132. Quirky Quests
  133. Soulful Selections
  134. Spirited Solos
  135. Unforgettable Songs
  136. Refreshing Riffs
  137. Splendid Supplies
  138. Marvelous Melodies
  139. Uplifting Tunes
  140. Energetic Echoes
  141. Groovy Grooves
  142. Lively Lyrics
  143. Inventive Interludes
  144. Fantastic Finds
  145. Magnetic Music
  146. Relaxing Rhythms
  147. Revival Repertoires
  148. Musical Melodrama
  149. Comforting Creations
  150. Creative Combinations
  151. Impressive Interplays
  152. Striking Soundtracks
  153. Inspiring Interpretations
  154. Alluring Acoustics
  155. Vivacious Variations
  156. Engaging Entrances
  157. Thrilling Tunage
  158. Smooth Sessions
  159. Enchanting Escapes
  160. Poetic Pieces
  161. Dynamic Delights
  162. Mesmerizing Masters
  163. Playful Plucks
  164. Enchanting Expressions
  165. Spontaneous Serenades
  166. Exceptional Experiences
  167. Chic Choices
  168. Unique Unison
  169. Daring Ditties
  170. Refined Renditions
  171. Mesmeric Medleys
  172. Trendsetting Tracks
  173. Appealing Accents
  174. Jubilant Jaunts
  175. Celestial Celebrations
  176. Pulsating Powerhouses

Unique Names For An Indie Playlist

As previously mentioned, finding the perfect name for an indie playlist can be difficult. Luckily, there is an endless list of unique names to choose from! 

Here are 40+ unique names for an indie playlist that will surely capture the essence of the music you’re curating:

  1. Indie Escapades
  2. Acoustic Adventures
  3. Indie Jams
  4. Indie Heaven
  5. Acoustic Oasis
  6. Indie Voyage
  7. Indie Exploration
  8. Acoustic Voyagers
  9. Indie Swaggers
  10. Acoustic Galaxy
  11. Indie Wanderlust
  12. Acoustic Expressions
  13. Indie Oscillations
  14. Acoustic Treasures
  15. Indie Melodies
  16. Acoustic Melodrama
  17. Indie Bliss
  18. Acoustic Cruise
  19. Indie Magic
  20. Acoustic Revolution
  21. Indie Playground
  22. Acoustic Reflections
  23. Indie Serenity
  24. Acoustic Haven
  25. Indie Discovery
  26. Acoustic Soulmates
  27. Indie Illusions
  28. Acoustic Odyssey
  29. Indie Paradisem
  30. Acoustic Delight
  31. Indie Euphoria
  32. Acoustic Voyageurs
  33. Indie Fantasia
  34. Acoustical Panorama
  35. Indie Grooveland
  36. Acoustical Reveries
  37. Indie Wonderland
  38. Acoustical Ecstasy
  39. Indie Havens
  40. Acoustical Escapes
  41. Indie Paradise
  42. Acoustical Getaway
  43. Indie Galaxies
  44. Acoustical Vacation
  45. Indie Realms
  46. Acoustical Flights
  47. Indie Realms
  48. Indie Anthems Playlist: This could be a collection of classic indie songs that have become anthems in the genre.
  49. Up-and-Coming Indie Hits Playlist: This can be a mix of lesser-known tunes from up-and-coming independent artists on the verge of making it big in the industry. 
  50. Indie Pop Classics Playlist: This list can feature all those guilty pleasure pop songs from yesteryear that were all the rage at one time. 
  51. Romantic Indie Jams Playlist: Fingerpick this perfect playlist of tender love ballads. 
  52. Retro Alternative Jams Playlist: Go back in time with these vintage indie rock tunes…
  53. Roller Rink Disco Jams Playlist: Get your skates on for this upbeat selection of feel-good indie pop bops.
  54. Classic Alt Rock Playlist: Take a trip down memory lane with classic alternative anthems. 
  55. Lo-Fi Favorites Playlist: Hit play on this dreamy mix of low-fidelity jams for when you need something to help you relax.  
  56. British Indiefest Playlist: Get ready for a night out with UK chart toppers.
  57. Lyrics You’ll Love To Sing Along To Playlist: Make sure you know every word to your favorite singles with this compilation of singalong classics.

Creative Names For An Indie Playlist

Are you looking for some creative and unique names for your indie playlist? Look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of 40+ creative names for an indie playlist that will make your music selection stand out from the crowd.

These ideas will give your playlist the perfect name, from witty puns to inspiring titles.

  1. Lyrical Sunshine
  2. Indie Adventure
  3. Melody Trail
  4. Mellow Moods
  5. Upbeat Tunes
  6. Rebel Beats
  7. Hazy Harmony
  8. Indie Odyssey
  9. Free Spirit
  10. Soulful Symphony
  11. Chilled Vibes
  12. Groovy Getaway
  13. Eclectic Expressions
  14. Acoustic Oasis
  15. Sunny Soundtrack
  16. Feel Good Tunes
  17. Chill and Collected
  18. Indie Journeys
  19. Melodic Memories
  20. Bohemian Beats
  21. Quirky Quest
  22. Funky Fancies
  23. Uplifting Tracks
  24. Positively Playlist
  25. Joyful Jams
  26. Epic Encounters
  27. Dreamy Discoveries
  28. Music Makers
  29. Chilled Ambiance
  30. Alternative Aural
  31. Eccentric Earworms
  32. Music Maniacs
  33. Just Jammin’
  34. Acoustic Anecdotes
  35. Soulful Sounds
  36. Unplugged Utopia
  37. Serene Strings
  38. Indie Interludes
  39. Groovy Gatherings
  40. Mellow Melodies
  41. Vibrant Voyages
  42. Lo-Fi Landscape
  43. Sonic Soirees
  44. Energetic Explorations

Funny Names For An Indie Playlist

With so many great indie songs out there, it’s no wonder why so many people are creating their own playlists. 

Whether you’re looking for a playlist to listen to while you work or one to play while you’re out with friends, having a great name can make your playlist stand out. 

Here are 14 funny playlist names for indie tracks that will surely have people laughing.

  1. Indie Beatbox: For those who like their indie music with a bit of beatboxing thrown in.
  2. Shimmery Melodies: A fun name for a playlist that contains a lot of soft, dreamy tunes.
  3. Indie Popcorn: A light-hearted name for an upbeat playlist.
  4. Indie Garage: Perfect for those who like to listen to their indie music in the garage or shed!
  5. Indie Monkeys: For those who like their indie music with a bit of silliness.
  6. Groovy Tunes: This is sure to be a hit with those who like their music, groovy and funky!
  7. Bedroom Jams: A great name for an intimate playlist filled with bedroom jams!
  8. Indie Disco: Get ready to dance when you put this playlist on!
  9. The Rocking Chair Playlist: Perfect for those who like to rock in their rocking chair while listening to great indie tunes!
  10. Indie Chill-Out Music: A great name for an indie playlist that has some chill-out tunes in it!
  11. The Hipster Playlist: Show off your hipster side with this great playlist name!
  12. The Coffee House Playlist: Perfect for those who like to spend time in the coffee shop listening to some great indie tunes!
  13. Indie Cabaret: Let your inner cabaret singer come out when you put this playlist on!
  14. Acoustic Dreamland


We hope this list of creative and funny names for an indie playlist has been useful in helping you come up with the perfect name.

Whether you want something witty, inspiring, or just plain silly, we’ve covered it! With these ideas, your music selection will surely stand out from the rest.

So, create that amazing indie playlist today – let’s get groovy!

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