249+ Llama Names (Funny, Good & Cute Naming Ideas)

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Looking for an adorable name for your llama? Look no further!

This list of llama names is perfect for finding the perfect fit for your furry friend.

From funny and quirky to sweet and cute, we have a name for everyone.

So, get naming!

Best Llama Names

  1. Maru
  2. Gordon
  3. Thomas
  4. Edward
  5. Liam
  6. Lisbon
  7. Lewis – Renowned warrior. One with strength, courage, or silly goofy llama ears.
  8. Lamela
  9. Liangelo
  10. Lemar – The land of the famous.
  11. Elias
  12. Josefa
  13. Amelia
  14. Lizzie
  15. Irene – Irene, her name means peace.
  16. Magdalena
  17. Louanne
  18. Louise – The female version of Lewis, for female llama warriors.
  19. Louisa
  20. Alan
  21. Beatrice
  22. Pong
  23. Bingo
  24. Joshua
  25. Alexa
  26. Kev – Short for Kevin Bacon, but nobody else has to know that. It can be our little secret.
  27. Logan
  28. Jake
  29. Joe – Joe means god will add. What will god add? More llamas, hopefully.
  30. Mariangel
  31. Leo
  32. Lilo – Lilo and stitch was the absolute pinnacle of Disney programming.
  33. Lola
  34. Laura
  35. Lexi – Lexi means defender of man and is perfect for a guard llama.
  36. Katherine
  37. Alison
  38. Carolien
  39. Bonnie – Bonnie, and Clyde would be a great name for a great pair of llamas.
  40. Elana
  41. Jane – God is gracious, so means the name, Jane. If you think llamas are also graceful, are you insane?
  42. Judith
  43. Sabrina – Sabrina is a powerful name that means legendary princess. Perfect for your legendary llama.
  44. Flump
  45. Jody – She who is praised. A good name for a good llama. Llamas do so enjoy praise.
  46. Rudebago
  47. Hippocampi
  48. Karen
  49. Alister
  50. Amumu
  51. Gareth
  52. Silvia – Silvia is a lovely name that means spirit of the woods.
  53. Neil
  54. James
  55. Anna
  56. Nicola
  57. Samuel
  58. Georgia – Georgia is a Greek name that means agriculture. Perfect for a llama who lives on an agricultural farm.
  59. Nick
  60. Emily

Names For Female Llamas

  1. Sofia
  2. Isabella
  3. Valeria
  4. Mariana
  5. Luciana – This is a female Italian name that means light, bright, or beautiful.
  6. Lucia
  7. Sara
  8. Samantha
  9. Mia
  10. Ximena – One who hears. Llamas hear all, see all, and know all.
  11. Natalia
  12. Zoe
  13. Maria
  14. Margarette
  15. Magali – Magali is a French name that means pearl.
  16. Lilith
  17. Annabeth
  18. Celina – Celina means from the heavens or the moon.
  19. Renata
  20. Paris

Names For Male Llamas

  1. Sebastian
  2. Matias
  3. Diego
  4. Samuel
  5. Domingo – Domingo means the lord. And, it means Sunday. Why? Because Sunday is the lords day and some llamas are particularly devoted to going to church on Sundays.
  6. Agustin
  7. Felipe
  8. Leonardo
  9. Andres
  10. Juan
  11. Ignacio
  12. Dylan – Dylan means son of the sea. If you have a llama who is suitably fascinated with all things nautical, this might be the name to go with.
  13. Rodrigo
  14. Vicente
  15. Santino
  16. Aaron
  17. Axel
  18. Fernando
  19. Issac
  20. Sergio – Sergio is a Spanish name that means servant or guardian.

Unisex Names For Llamas

  1. Spruce
  2. Oak
  3. Cinder
  4. Cider – Is American Cider just apple juice and sugar? Why else would they have to specify hard cider? Only a wise llama could answer such a question.
  5. Apples
  6. Pear pie – Pear pies are an underrated dessert that should become more mainstream. Llamas love pear pies.
  7. Moonbeam – A beam of light from the heavens. Just as every llama is a beam of love into our hearts. Bleh, sorry, too much?
  8. Soup
  9. Orchid
  10. Stratus
  11. Cirrus
  12. Alto – Alto clouds are small patches of clouds. Suitable for a particularly haggard and patchy llama.
  13. Nimbus
  14. Firebolt
  15. Cleansweep
  16. Shooting Star
  17. Alduin
  18. Morgoth – The fallen god, commander of Sauron.
  19. Chump
  20. Chupa Chups – If you ever get spat on by a llama, they were probably just trying to communicate to you that they would like a lollipop.

Cute Baby Llama Names

  1. Fluffy
  2. Fuzzer
  3. Buzz bum – Every llama has a fuzzy bum, but how many of them have a buzz bum?
  4. Faun
  5. Gem
  6. Goofy – All llamas are a little goofy looking, but that’s okay! They make up for it by being stylish dressers.
  7. Floof
  8. Puffball
  9. Cotton Candy – A llama that could grow cotton candy instead of fur would be the most valuable animal on earth.
  10. Willow

Good Names For Llamas

  1. Billy
  2. Nanny
  3. Gruffalo – If someone can point out all the differences between the llama and the Gruffalo, you’ll notice there aren’t that many.
  4. Pan
  5. Lambert – Lambert is an old German name that means home or hearth. A good name for a llama that is allowed to live inside the house like a member of the family. As all llamas should.
  6. Wooly
  7. Jumper
  8. Bo-peep – Little Bo-peep has lost her llamas and doesn’t know where to find them. Nah, it doesn’t sound quite as good.
  9. Butter
  10. Licorice
  11. Garth – Garth is a name given to people who worked in gardens. The last name, always. if you know someone with the first name of garth you should ask them to change it.
  12. Stormy
  13. Rocky
  14. Scramble – Llamas are surprisingly good at scrambling over rocks and sand. They are better than we are, anyway.
  15. Brownie
  16. Amber
  17. Dumbledore – Albus, Percival, Wulfric, Brian, Dumbledore.
  18. Alfred
  19. Batman
  20. Gandalf

Cute And Funny Llama Name Puns

  1. Barack O Llama – The best president the barnyard has ever seen.
  2. Llama Mia
  3. Prob Llama – Don’t worry about it, it’s no prob llama mama.
  4. Mamma Mia
  5. Como Se Llama
  6. Kendrick Llama – M.A.A.D city llama, don’t kill my vibe.
  7. Llama Del-Rey – Summertime sadness is every llama’s go-to song when they feel like moping around.
  8. Llamanade
  9. Sellama Gomez – Wizards of llamerly place.
  10. Llama Bean – Everyone’s favorite legume, the llama bean.
  11. Llama Doncic – The best basketball player to ever come out of Eastern Europe.
  12. Llamas in pajamas
  13. Llama Split – Move over please banana split, there is a new dessert on the menu, and it is hairier than you will ever be.
  14. A-llama Morissette – Isn’t it ironic?
  15. llama Du Pont
  16. llama farmer
  17. Llama chicken Parma
  18. Armor Llama
  19. Kier Llama – If llamas felt the need to delve into politics the world would be a better place.
  20. Llama Charmer

Cool Names For Llamas

  1. Coniraya – The moon deity.
  2. Copacati – The goddess of lakes.
  3. Illapa – Thunder god and god of war.
  4. Ka-Ata – The Ancient moon goddess predating the Inca peoples.
  5. Mallku – Spirit of the Andes Mountains.
  6. Ekeko – The god of good health, the hearth, and of wealth.
  7. Wasika – The god of home.
  8. Vichama – The ruthless spirit of vengeance.
  9. Rimac – A god who sacrificed himself to end a drought.
  10. Supay – God of death and ruler of demons.
  11. Chaclla – Twin of Rimac.
  12. Huallallo – The god of fire who was depicted as a dog in many stories and drawings.
  13. Urcuchillay – The llama-headed god of herders!
  14. Pigeurao – God of evil.
  15. Pachacuti – Inca Ruler.
  16. Tupac Inca – Ruler from 1471-1493.
  17. Atahualpa
  18. Pachacutec
  19. Capac
  20. Yupanqui

Unique Llama Names

  1. Amaru – Sacred Serpent of the Inca people’s mythology.
  2. Apu – Inca lord of the mountains.
  3. Ataguchu – The minor god who assisted in the creation of the world.
  4. Axomamma – The mother of potatoes and incidentally one of the coolest deities ever.
  5. Catequil – The god of day and good.
  6. Caviilace – The virgin goddess of fruit.
  7. Ch’aska – Goddess of the morning start, darkness, dusk, and dawn.
  8. Chuychu – Goddess of the rainbow.
  9. Huari – The god of the Chavin people in the Inca tribe.
  10. Huaytapallana – A beautiful goddess of flowers and blooming.
  11. Inti – The god of the sun and warmth.
  12. Kolash – The god of birds and thrills.
  13. Kon – The god of southern rains and winds.
  14. Mama Pacha – Mother of Pachamama
  15. Kamaq – The creator of earthquakes.
  16. Parica – The god of floods who was a ruthless punisher of mortal beings.
  17. Qhoa – The Inca Felien god lives in the sky.
  18. Mama Qucha – Mother of the seas and all of the fish and sea life.
  19. Koka – Mother of cocoa leaves.
  20. Yananamca – Twin god of darkness.

Famous Llama Names

  1. Tina
  2. Llambro
  3. Lard – Tina you fat lard, eat your casserole.
  4. Emperor
  5. Chris – Actor for carl the funny llama.
  6. Alex
  7. Jason – Actor for paul the llama.
  8. Steele
  9. Napoleon
  10. Dynamite – For a particularly explosive llama

Cartoon Llama Names

  1. Kuzco – Kuzco is turned into a llama in the Emperor’s New Groove.
  2. Shangri – Shangri the llama from Ice Age 3.
  3. Shaun – Shaun the sheep brings home some farmer, Llamas.
  4. Hector – One of the three farmer llamas from Shaun the Sheep.
  5. Raul – One of the three farmer llamas from Shaun the Sheep.
  6. Fernando – One of the three farmer llamas from Shaun the Sheep.
  7. Alistair – The llama from Open Season 3.
  8. Carl – From llamas with hats.
  9. Paul – Carls’s friend in llamas with hats.
  10. Llama – Llama the llama from Madagascar.

Name Inspiration

Since llamas originated in, and have had the largest cultural impact, in South America that is where a lot of the naming inspirations have come from.

Llamas have by no means restricted their influence to the southern hemisphere, but that is where they have had the most profound effect.

The native Andean peoples quickly bonded with llamas and your top choices in this list likely reflect that.

There are so many amazing South American inspirations from the Aztecs to the Mayans as well as many other fascinating lesser-known cultures.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, and naming your favorite farm animal is no different.

We have likely all seen a llama in person at least once in our life. But, most of us probably haven’t spent a lot of one on one time with them which can make the naming process rather difficult.

So, we rely on naming guides such as this for help.

Llamas, like most animals, all have their unique personalities and quirks which make them who they are.

Spending some quality time with your llama, going on a walk, grooming him or her, or just hanging out – can make a real difference in the naming process and will in many instances even make a name stand out to you almost at once.


With any luck, you and your llama have come to some kind of agreement and they are now the proud owner of a brand new name.

Naming your llama is the best way to cement a genuine connection with each other and separate them from the pack.

Llamas may be pack animals but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to be the star of the show.

Whether you think your llama suits a name steeped in history and mystery or is better suited to a funny llama name, just make sure they are happy with the name.

Try it out, see how it feels, and don’t push the first name that comes to your mind on your llama if they don’t like it too. As they are easy to train try a couple and see which one fits best.


What is the llama’s name in Napoleon dynamite?

Napoleon Dynamite’s pet llama, which he calls fat lard and demands she eat her casserole, is named Tina.

What is the Fortnite llama’s name?

The famous Fornite skin of a llama is called Llambro. It isn’t exactly a llama, as it is just a guy wearing a llama head and some other llama merch.

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