65 Awesome Names For Houndoom

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Do you have a Houndoom in your Pokemon party? If so, you’ll want to give it a great nickname!

Here are 65 names for Houndoom to get you started.

  1. Ablaze
  2. Ash – A grayish-white powdery substance that remains after the burning of wood, coal, or other organic matter.
  3. Ashes – After what’s left of a fire.
  4. Aurora
  5. Blaze
  6. Brimstone – sulfur
  7. Cerberus – After the Greek mythological creature that is part dog, part lion.
  8. Charcoal – After the blackened remains of a fire.
  9. Cinder – A type of ash.
  10. Coal
  11. Crimson
  12. Doombringer
  13. Dragonfire
  14. Ember – A burning coal.
  15. Fang
  16. Ferno
  17. Fiery
  18. Fire Devil
  19. Flame – The element of fire.
  20. Flaming
  21. Fuego – Spanish for “fire.”
  22. Grim
  23. Hades
  24. Hellfire
  25. Incendiary – Tending to set things on fire.
  26. Inferno – A great conflagration, usually of a vast extent.
  27. Justice
  28. Kaiju – Japanese for “monster.”  After the giant, city-destroying monsters of cinema.
  29. Knightmare
  30. Lakeshore
  31. Lava – Molten rock ejected by a volcano during an eruption.
  32. Magma
  33. Meteor
  34. Midnight
  35. Nightmare
  36. Onyx
  37. Phoenix – A mythical bird that is said to live for a thousand years before it dies in a burst of flames and is reborn from the ashes.
  38. Pyre – A pile of wood or other combustibles on which a dead body is burned as a funeral rite.
  39. Pyro –  Greek for “fire.”
  40. Quicksilver
  41. Raven
  42. Reaper –  After the personification of death.
  43. Red-hot
  44. Saber – After the type of sword with a curved blade.
  45. Scarlet
  46. Sear
  47. Searing – Hot enough to cause injury or destroy.
  48. Shade
  49. Shadow
  50. Smoke – The gaseous products of combustion.
  51. Smokey
  52. Solstice
  53. Soot – Fine black powder consisting of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur formed by the incomplete combustion of coal, oil, or other fuels.
  54. Sooty
  55. Spark
  56. Static
  57. Storm
  58. Sunset
  59. Tempest
  60. Thunder
  61. Thundercloud
  62. Tiger’s Eye – After the chatoyant gemstone.
  63. Torch – A light usually carried in the hand, consisting of a flame fueled by an inflammable substance.
  64. Volcanic – Of or relating to a volcano.
  65. Volcano

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are some useful tips for choosing the right name for your Houndoom:

1. Make Sure The Nickname Is Something You Can Easily Say In Battle

Are you a player that loves role-playing? If so, go all out with your Houndoom’s nickname! However, if you’re more of a competitive player and would prefer something shorter and sweeter to shout out in the heat of battle, try to keep it under six letters.

For example: “Doom” or “Charcoal.”

Just make sure the name is something you can easily say and won’t get confused with another move or ability.

2. Avoid Nicknames That Are Too Long Or Complex

We all want our Houndooms to have the most badass nicknames possible, but try and avoid anything that’s too long or complex. You’ll never be able to remember it in the heat of battle, and you’ll end up looking like a total noob.

For example: “Inferno-Dragon-Of-The-Endless-Night.”

Just stick to something simple, like “Ferno” or “Cinder.”

3. Choose A Nickname That Reflects Your Houndoom’s Personality Or Appearance

Do you have a particularly spunky or mischievous Houndoom? Why not call it “Firestarter” or “Blaze?”

Is your Houndoom as black as coal? Why not name it “Charcoal?”

Take into account your Houndoom’s personality and appearance when choosing its nickname. It’ll help make the bond between you and your Pokemon that much stronger.

4. Have Fun With It! The More Creative, The Better

The best names are usually the ones that are the most creative. So have fun with it!

For example: “Sooty,” “Brimstone,” or “Midnight.”

Get creative and have fun with it! The more unique, the better.

We hope these tips help you choose the perfect nickname for your Houndoom!


This is a great list of Houndoom nicknames. It includes everything from “Ash” to “Justice”. If you’re still having trouble coming up with one that suits your Houndoom’s personality try searching the thesaurus for dark or fire-related words or if all else fails try an online name generator to spark your imagination.

Houndoom is one of the most unique and interesting Pokemon so make sure to give him/her a name that represents that!

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