Cyndaquil Nicknames (58 Awesome Ideas)

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If you’re a fan of the Pokemon games, then you know that Cyndaquil is one of the coolest starters.

It’s tough, it’s fiery, and it’s ready to take on the world! But what do you call it?

Here are 58 awesome Cyndaquil nicknames that will help make your starter feel more like your own.

  1. Ace
  2. Arson
  3. Ash
  4. Bandit
  5. Blaze
  6. Bonfire
  7. Brand
  8. Burst
  9. Char
  10. Charcoal
  11. Cinder
  12. Coal
  13. Combust
  14. Dangerous
  15. Dynamo
  16. Ember
  17. Explosion
  18. Fiery
  19. Fire
  20. Fireball
  21. Firework
  22. Flame
  23. Flame On
  24. Flammable
  25. Flare
  26. Flash
  27. Flashpoint
  28. Fuego
  29. Furnace
  30. Geyser
  31. Glow
  32. Hazard
  33. Heat
  34. Heatwave
  35. Implosion
  36. Inferno
  37. Lava
  38. Lava Lamp
  39. Pyro
  40. Quake
  41. Quil
  42. Reckless
  43. Red
  44. Scorch
  45. Searing
  46. Seeker
  47. Sizzle
  48. Smoke
  49. Spark
  50. Sparks
  51. Spike
  52. Squeek
  53. Sunny
  54. Toasty
  55. Torch
  56. Virgil
  57. Volcano
  58. Wildfire

Pokemon Name Inspiration

Finding a name for your newly caught Cyndaquil can be tough.

You want something that represents its fiery personality but is also cool and unique.

Here are some ideas where you can find inspiration from:

  • Other fire Pokemon: Flareon, Charizard, Typhlosion
  • Characters from popular media: Ash (from the anime), Pyro (from Team Fortress)
  • Objects that are on fire: a campfire, a burning building, a hot stove
  • Natural phenomena: an erupting volcano, a raging inferno, the sun at high noon
  • Your favorite things: pizza, hot dogs, s’mores! Just be careful not to nickname it something that’s too long or hard to say.

No matter what you decide on, make sure your Cyndaquil feels like a part of your team and gives you the best chance at becoming a Pokemon master!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right name for your Cyndaquil.

  • Think about what you want to call it in battle. If you want something that sounds tough, go with Blaze or Inferno. If you want something a little more playful, try Charm or Ace.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative! There are tons of cool nicknames to choose from, so don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find the perfect one.
  • Keep your Cyndaquil’s personality in mind. If it’s a good-natured Pokemon, go with something like Charm or Ace. If it likes to cause trouble, try Blaze or Inferno instead!

So what are you waiting for? Pick a nickname and get started on your Cyndaquil’s adventure!


Nicknames are a fun way to personalize your Pokemon, and Cyndaquil is no exception. Whether you go with something fiery and tough like Blaze or Inferno, or something more playful like Charm or Ace, choosing the right nickname for your starter can help make it feel more like your own.

So don’t wait any longer – get started on your adventure today!

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