53+ Nicknames That Start With A (BEST Ideas)

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No one leaves the hospital without a name, but even though parents are often proud of the names they give, some people would much prefer to go by a nickname, even if it is only with friends that they are particularly close to.

However, coming up with a good one isn’t always easy, because depending on what you choose, you might come across it in a less than positive light. 

Then again, maybe that isn’t your situation at all.

Perhaps you just want to give a funny nickname to your friend.

Maybe you are thinking of a nickname for a pet?

It could be that you are thinking of a name for a child of your own, and are interested in what kind of nicknames you could give them as well.

Regardless of your motivation, this article will provide you with several nicknames that you can use or take inspiration from, from the funny to the clever and cute.

Today, we’re going to focus on nicknames that start with A.

Best Nicknames That Start With A

Admittedly, there is no objective “best” when it comes to names, and people could debate for decades over what they believe is the best nickname around.

Still, in our own humble opinion, these nicknames have the potential to be considered some of the “best” around, though that really all comes down to what or who you are trying to provide a nickname for, doesn’t it? 

  1. Ani This is a nickname that could work for names like Annie, Annette, Anwyn, etc. 
  2. Ace – A fitting nickname for someone who is considered the best in a certain field.
  3. Aya – Aya could be short for names like Ayana, Ayane, Ayame and so on. 
  4. Angel – Perfect for someone who is extremely kind, beautiful, or both.
  5. Astro – A perfect nickname for anyone who is obsessed with the cosmos!
  6. Amazon – For that girl in your life who can go toe-to-toe with the guys when it comes to speed and strength.
  7. Ankle Biter – Give this nickname to a short person at your own risk.
  8. Admiral – If you’ve got a friend who loves fishing, boats, sailing, etc., this is the perfect nickname for them.
  9. Aqua – For the dedicated swimmer in your life.
  10. Amigo – A good name for your best friend.

Nicknames For Males That Start With A

You can’t really get into naming conventions without considering the reality that is male and female.

Names are often associated with one or the other, and many names are seen as unsuitable for either a male or a female.

All of that is to say, sometimes you have to consider gender when coming up with a nickname, and this list will provide you with some good options for males.

  1. Abe – Abe could be a reference to the 16th president Abraham Lincoln or the biblical Abraham. This nickname gives off the energy of an older man, but a child called Abe would be amusing to many
  2. Axel – Axel is a good bad-boy type of nickname. Save it for that one guy trying too hard to emulate the biker gang aesthetic.
  3. Archie – A kind of nerdy nickname for someone who is probably into comics. That, or someone whose name is Archibald.
  4. Atlas – A cool mythological nickname that’s based on the Titan that held up the sky.
  5. Arrow – An ideal choice for someone who is the fastest among you, though it could be used for someone especially skinny as well.
  6. Aladdin – A good name for someone that loves or looks like this famous Disney character.
  7. Ale – Could be good for someone named Alejandro, but also someone who just loves to drink.
  8. Arnold – Fitting for that one friend who has the physique or voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  9. Alecto – This is the name of a famous individual in Greek mythology.
  10. Atom – Either a good name for someone small or a great play on someone whose name is Adam.

Nicknames For Females That Start With A

Just like some nicknames are only suitable for males, some are only suitable for females.

If you are specifically on the prowl for good nicknames that are suitable for females, look no further than this list right here.

It will cover some solid nicknames that are often reserved for females, often due to being shorthand versions of names that are already considered effeminate.

Ann- Ann is a nickname that is short for names like Annabell, Annelotte, or pretty much any name that starts with the letters “An.” 

  1. Angie – This nickname would be perfect for someone named Angelia, Angelina, or Angel (the latter of which could also make a good nickname!).
  2. Abby – A tried and true classic often used for girls named Abigail, though it could be used for a name like Abriana as well.
  3. Ada – Ada would be a good nickname for someone named Adelaide.
  4. Aggy – Aggy is a good nickname for someone named Agatha. Let’s be honest, most young people are going to want anything as opposed to being called Agatha on a daily basis.
  5. Annie – Annie is in a similar boat to the nickname Ann, but it also can stand alone as its own name instead of a shortened version of another name. 
  6. Asta – Asta is a rare nickname that works to shorten names like Astrid or Augusta. In Greek Asta also means star.
  7. Ami – Ami is a cute feminine nickname for names like Amilia.
  8. Apricot – It’s cute. What more is there to say?
  9. Apple – It’s cute, and fitting for the health obsessed.

Gender-Neutral Nicknames That Start with A

Lots of names are limited to traditional views of masculinity or feminity, but that doesn’t mean they all are.

There are some names out there that can go either way, being suitable for both males and females.

This list will cover a variety of gender-neutral nicknames that can be used for either gender. 

  1. Alex – Alexander, Alexandria, Alexis, you name it: Alex has long been a nickname that could be used for either males or females. Consider switching it up with “Alyx” as well!
  2. Ash – Ash is a cool unisex nickname that could be the shortened version of Ashley or Ashton. Of course, it could be a cheeky name for a firefighter or someone with one too many flame-related stories in their life as well.
  3. Ambi – Ambi can be short for Amber or Ambrose. This nickname has the potential to be gender-neutral, but some people would probably say that it is more fitting for a girl than a guy.
  4. AC – Sure, it would be easy to name someone who is “cold as ice” Iceman or Snowman, but that’s not very creative, is it? This nickname is a unique way to get the same notion across. 
  5. A1 – A perfect nickname for that grill master in your life who sees every get-together as an excuse to cook up some steaks for everyone involved. It could also be funny for someone who actually hates it when people put sauce on their steaks.
  6. Agent – For that person in your life who is always investigating what everyone else is up to

Cool Nicknames That Start With A

Everyone wants a cool nickname, right? Nobody wants a lame one.

Sure, what people consider cool varies from person to person, and ultimately, someone somewhere is going to think it’s silly, but as long as the person with the nickname thinks it’s cool, that’s all that really matters, right?

This list offers up some nicknames that are cool, as long as the person who has it is cool too.

  1. Al – Al might be short for Albert, but it will also remind people of Al Pacino or Al Capone.
  2. Alpha – Alpha could be a nickname tied to a military background or a way to refer to someone who is really tough.
  3. Anchor – Anchor is a cool nickname to give to someone who is really supportive and holds you together. An accountability partner and a good friend could be nicknamed Anchor. 
  4. Alakazam – A perfect name for that magic trick maestro who always knows how to blow your mind. How did he know what card you picked? And how did he get it in your pocket? The world may never know!
  5. Allstar – Perfect for a friend who is a little too passionate about sports.
  6. AWACS – A term that describes military recon planes, perfect for that one person who always knows where you are.

Cute Nicknames That Start With A

For some people, the goal of having a nickname is for it to be as cute as possible, whether it is for a person or a pet.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of cute nicknames that start with A out there.

If you are in the market for such a nickname, this list will provide you with a number of potential examples you can either use or take inspiration from.

  1. Ali – Ali is a cute nickname that’s similar to Al. Ali could work for someone named Alison, Alicia, Alberta, and so on. 
  2. Angel – A pure nickname that could be for a kid or a romantic partner. 
  3. Amore – Amore is another way to refer to someone as your “Love”. It could be from a parent to their child or a nickname for a romantic partner. 
  4. Adel – Adel is a pretty sounding nickname that could come from the name Adeline, which means “nobility.” 
  5. Alibear – An affectionate nickname for a loved one, it’s an extension of the nickname Ali and is best used as a term of endearment.
  6. Apple Pie – One of the easiest ways to make a cute-sounding nickname is to pick food, and preferably a beloved dessert. 
  7. Apricot – A sweet-sounding nickname that would most likely work best for a pet like a hampster, a kitten, or even a bird.
  8. Acorn – Similar to Apricot, Acorn is a cute pet nickname that would work for a small pet. If someone had a pet squirrel for example this should be on the list of names if not at the top. 

Funny Nicknames That Start with A

Giving a fantasy nickname to a person is usually a bad idea, but if you are looking to come up with a cool fantasy nickname for a pet, this list might serve you well.

That said, if you only ever call a pet by its nickname, doesn’t that just become its actual name?

Oh, well, it doesn’t really matter that much.

  1. Almond – For that one friend who is either nutty or just has an almond-shaped face.
  2. Ankle Biter – Provide this to a shorty at your own risk.
  3. Alfalfa – Sometimes, a nickname just needs to be fun to say.
  4. Alpaca – For those unusually fluffy people in your life.
  5. Aardvark –  We don’t know how someone would make you think of an Aardvark, but if they did…

Nickname Inspiration

When you are trying to come up with a nickname, there are several ways to get inspiration.

You could, of course, just find a shorthand name that is related to a person’s actual name.

You could come up with a nickname related to their personality or appearance.

Or, you could focus on a certain important event or piece of a person’s background to come up with a nickname.

It just needs to embody them in some way!

Help Choosing a Nickname

Choosing a nickname is a two-way street if you are coming up with a nickname for a person.

You want to pick something that both they and you like.

If you are naming a pet, you can pick whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy.

If it’s a person, try discussing a potential nickname either with them or with your friends and family.

That way, you can get a general consensus on what really is a good nickname (or a terrible one).


Coming up with a nickname isn’t always easy, but as long as you sit down and think about it for a little bit, you are bound to get some great inspiration.

Just think hard about the qualities of the person or pet you are trying to come up with a nickname idea for, and you are bound to come up with something.

Of course, lists like this one are a great source of inspiration as well!

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