129 Nicknames That Start With B (An Ultimate Guide)

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A solid nickname can make a person well-known to others, even if you’re just meeting them.

When it comes to nicknames that start with B, there are plenty of options ranging from funny to cute, badass, and more. 

To learn about the extensive B-nickname options at your disposal, keep reading.

This is a complete guide to dozens of nicknames that start with the letter B. 

You’ll find the perfect moniker to match your personality, along with its meaning, in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get into the lists!

Best Nicknames That Start With B

Our selection of the best nicknames includes a list of unique nicknames starting with the letter B. 

These are among the most iconic B-nicknames that you’ll find out there.

They can work not only for people whose real names start with the letter B but for others looking for a good B-nickname as well. 

  1. Bee – bringer of joy and happiness 
  2. Brock – badger-like, stout, strong, or mischievous (depending on cultural factors)
  3. Banks – near or related to a river bank
  4. Bandit – thief or outlaw
  5. Babb – foreign woman or short for Barbara
  6. Benny – blessed or short for Benjamin 
  7. Birdie – bird-like or bright
  8. Boyd – blonde or yellow-ish
  9. Buster – tough guy or belligerent 
  10. Becca – short for Rebecca, means to tie or join
  11. Butch – short for Butcher, means manly
  12. Bruno – someone with dark or brown hair or eyes
  13. Bellamy – a good friend or handsome friend
  14. Barry – fair-haired or fair-headed (blonde)
  15. Buzz – short for Busby or a reference to Buzz Lightyear
  16. Bart – short for Bartholomew, means “son of the earth”
  17. Bentz – someone from Benz, Germany
  18. BJ – short for Benjamin or an abbreviation for names starting with B who are “Jr.”
  19. Beau – handsome or beautiful 
  20. Benji – short for Benjamin, a biblical name meaning “son of my right hand” 

Nicknames For Males That Start With B

Guys who want a B nickname that is a little bit more masculine will enjoy this next list.

Whether your given name starts with the letter B or not, you can try out these monikers for fun. 

From shortened versions of full names to pet names, there is an option for everyone on this list. 

  1. Bud – also sometimes “Buddy”, meaning friend or brother
  2. Brogan – Irish name meaning sturdiness or reliability
  3. Byron – from old English, meaning “cattle-worker” or near barns 
  4. Bodi – can mean enlightenment, “God protect the king”, or awakening (depending on the cultural roots)
  5. Berto – short for Umberto, means intelligent or bright 
  6. Bax – hunchbacked or “to fight”
  7. Bobby – Short for Robert, sometimes meaning fame or bright 
  8. Billy – short for William, biblical ties to “protection” 
  9. Biff – name meaning tough or tenacious
  10. Bo – European name meaning “to live” or “to reside”, or short for Bob
  11. Bren – short for Brennan, or means prince or flame (depending on cultural context)
  12. Brent – means holy or high-dwelling
  13. Bray – short for Brayden, can mean marsh or borderland (depending on cultural context)
  14. Bruv – a British familiarity, refers to a brother or friend 
  15. Bub – a friend or brotherly acquaintance, a cute pet name 
  16. Burney – an English or Scottish name historically
  17. Bender – a pop culture reference nickname (i.e. Bender from Futurama or The Breakfast Club)
  18. Bryce – can mean freckled, swift, or ambitious depending on the cultural context 
  19. Brad – short for Bradley or Bradford, means wide or broad
  20. Barney – short for Barnabas, can mean “defender” in some cases

Nicknames For Females That Start With B

Girls with B-names and those who just want a pet name that starts with a B are also in need of their own list. 

These next several name suggestions are great nickname options that highlight a bit of femininity in their sounds and meanings. 

  1. Blossom – flower-like or to bloom/thrive 
  2. Becks – short for Becky or Rebecca
  3. Bridge – short for Bridgette 
  4. Bitsy – short for Elizabeth, or could mean “pledged to God” in Hebrew 
  5. Bunny – derived from Old French “bonne”, meaning good or victory 
  6. Betsy – short for Elizabeth, biblical meanings including “worshiper of God” or daughter
  7. Bella – short for Isabelle or Isabella, means beautiful in several cultures
  8. Brit – short for Brittany, means strong or lofty 
  9. Babushka – a Russian nickname for a grandmother or older woman
  10. Brookie – a nickname for the name Brooke, meanings tied to water and streams
  11. Beth – short for Elizabeth or Bethany, means “house” in some cultures
  12. Bess – short for Elizabeth, also written as “Bessie”
  13. Bev – short for Beverly, meaning meadow or clearing 
  14. Barb – short for Barbara or Barbra, can mean “protectress” or “stranger” 
  15. Blair – Scottish/Gaelic name meaning field, battlefield, or meadow 
  16. Bonnie – Scottish name meaning good, attractive, or beautiful
  17. Brandy – means distilled wine or burnt wine
  18. Belle – short for Isabelle, means young and beautiful woman
  19. Bette – short for Betty or Elizabeth 
  20. Blanche – French name meaning pure 

Cool Nicknames That Start With B

Next up, we have a list of some all-around cool nicknames starting with the letter B.

If you want to stand out among others with B-names, you might consider trying out one of these monikers. 

Some of them are completely nonsensical and aren’t short for anything, while others are neat ways to shorten and modernize a traditional name. 

  1. Batman – an obvious reference to the famous superhero 
  2. Bear – a cool, masculine nickname that emulates power and size 
  3. Bullseye – a unique nickname for a cool guy
  4. Bright Eyes – an endearing nickname for a cool person with a bright personality and appearance
  5. Bones – a pop culture reference nickname (i.e. Star Trek or Bones)
  6. Best Bitch – a term for a girl/woman who is a best friend  
  7. Bad Kitty – a cool woman or girl who breaks the rules
  8. Barbie – a feminine nickname for Barbara, or a girl/woman who is very feminine or doll-like
  9. Bowler – a cool nickname for someone who’s great at bowling 
  10. Bugaboo – a reference to the boogeyman, someone who is scary 
  11. Blade – a unique masculine nickname for a guy 
  12. Braveheart – a reference to the movie character, someone who’s courageous and strong
  13. Brainiac – an intelligent or bookish person 
  14. Beauty Queen – a feminine woman or girl who is all about appearances 
  15. Beautiful – simply put, a term of endearment nickname for an attractive person 

Cute Nicknames That Start With B

There are some pretty cute and endearing nicknames starting with the letter B.

Whether you use these to address a loved one, significant other, friend, or family member, they are sure to produce a smile. 

Let’s take a look at the cutest B-nickname ideas.

  1. Boo Boo – nickname for someone who is your “boo” or significant other
  2. Button – as in “cute as a button”
  3. Baby Elephant – because baby elephants are oh-so-cute 
  4. Bae – acronym meaning “before anyone else”, addresses a significant other
  5. Babe – a variation on “baby”, for a significant other
  6. Baby – can be romantic or platonic (like when addressing a child)
  7. Baby Cakes – a romantic, sickeningly sweet nickname 
  8. Boatsie – no apparent meaning, just a cute nickname  
  9. Bobo – ideal for a child, son, or daughter 
  10. Bear Cub – cute nickname for a small friend or loved one, like a child 
  11. Blue Eyes – cute nickname for someone with blue eyes 
  12. Bitsy-Boo – an extra cutesy nickname, feminine 
  13. Brown Eyes – endearing nickname for someone with brown eyes 
  14. Bubbles – good nickname for a young girl 
  15. Baby Face – nickname for someone with a young-looking face, or for a significant other
  16. Baby Boy – nickname for a young son
  17. Babykins – nickname for a significant other 
  18. Bam Bam – a reference to the Flintstones character, a young boy who is cute but naughty  
  19. Bambi – a reference to the cute fawn in the Disney cartoon 
  20. Boo Bear – an endearing nickname for a significant other of either gender 
  21. Baby Girl – a cute, romantic nickname for a girlfriend 

Funny Nicknames That Start With B

A lot of nicknames originate from an inside joke or funny anecdote.

The following funny nicknames are just plain comical on their own, but they could have a deeper meaning for you. 

Check out these hilarious nicknames with weird and funny meanings. 

  1. Butterfingers – funny nickname for someone who is clumsy or always drops the ball
  2. Bambino – a reference to baseball player Babe Ruth 
  3. Big Potato – sounds silly and could refer to a lazy person or couch potato
  4. Bubby – endearing yet funny, refers to a brother, friend, or loved one
  5. Beefy – someone who is tough and muscle-ey 
  6. Beavis – a reference to the character from Beavis and Butthead
  7. Big Pig – someone who is piggish or greedy 
  8. Boiled Egg – someone who is tough or emotionless
  9. Brotato Chip – a mix of “bro” and “potato chip” 
  10. Bro-Efficient – a mix of “bro” and “coefficient”, math humor
  11. Brojack – mix of “bro” and “Bojack” from the Bojack Horseman TV show
  12. Brewski – friendly or brotherly nickname for a guy 
  13. Bro-Founder – a mix of “bro” and “co-founder”, a friendly business partner
  14. Bro-Conspirator – a mix of “bro” and “co-conspirator”, someone who’s a partner in crime
  15. Broflake – a mix of “bro” and “snowflake”, a bro who is vanilla 
  16. Brobama – a mix of “bro” and “Obama” 
  17. Bacterium – a funny nickname for a little brother 

Badass Nicknames That Start With B

If you consider yourself a regular badass, or perhaps your friends see you that way, consider having people address you by one of the following B nicknames. 

These have a lot of flair and individuality to them, and they’re reserved for strong personalities. 

  1. Brometheus – “bro” mixed with Greek mythology’s Prometheus
  2. Big Guy – for a guy who is strong and large 
  3. Boston – nickname for someone who is from Boston 
  4. Big Man – to identify a “big man on campus” or someone who commands authority
  5. Brominator – a badass bro who is like the Terminator 
  6. Baddie – short for “badass” and can work for a girl or a guy 
  7. Blistered Outlaw – emulates a sense of lawlessness and a hard personality 
  8. Bad Boy – to address a guy who doesn’t play by the rules 
  9. Bootlegger – someone who does bootlegging ventures or ignores the rules
  10. Baby Puff – a reference to Puff Daddy 
  11. Bee’s Knees – someone who is just the coolest 
  12. Brown Sugar – someone who is sweet and smooth like brown sugar
  13. Breadmaker – someone who knows how to bring home the cash
  14. Blondie – cool like the band Blondie or a cool blonde-haired person 
  15. Bowie – someone as badass and cool as David Bowie 
  16. Blister – a cool nickname that emulates toughness 

Nickname Inspiration

Many nicknames are inspired by the full or traditional names that they come from.

For example, “Bob” is short for “Robert” and “Beth” is short for “Elizabeth”. 

But a lot of nicknames, especially the humorous ones, are derived from inside jokes and funny experiences that friends have shared together.

If you famously love to wear red swimsuits, for example, your friends might jokingly call you “Baywatch”. 

Other inspiration for nicknames comes from countries of origin and cultural influences.

Many nicknames carry deeper meanings when translated to their root languages, such as Latin, French, Hebrew, German, or another. 

And of course, many B-nicknames that you’ll find floating around are religious and come from names in the Bible. 

Help Choosing The Nickname

If you need help choosing the right nickname, consider asking yourself the following questions before you choose for yourself or someone else:

  • Do I want the nickname to be serious or casual/funny?
  • Do I want the nickname to be short or long?
  • Do I want the nickname to be reminiscent of my real name?
  • Do I want the nickname to have a special meaning in relation to my culture?
  • Do I want the nickname to reflect an aspect of my personality?
  • Do I want the nickname to have to do with my physical appearance?
  • Do I want the nickname to be feminine or masculine in nature?

Answering these questions can help you narrow down your options from the lists above. 


Finding a nickname that’s right for you or someone else can be difficult.

You want the name to actually reflect what the person is like and to stick for a long time. 

The above nickname lists are great options for anyone whose name starts with the letter B, as well as people who want a B-nickname.

Whether you’re going for something humorous, cool, badass, feminine, masculine, or simple, there are options. 

Try out our B-nickname suggestions today, and make sure to choose something that represents you well!

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