35 Nicknames That Start With D (BEST Ideas)

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Nicknames are a dime a dozen these days, especially within social circles—the closer the circle, the more pronounced and often hilarious the nicknames can be. Nicknames are also indicative of a bond.

After all, you don’t come up with a nickname for someone you walk by on your way to the park.

Because nicknames are often created on the spot and are mostly representative of named individual’s personality traits, they can be numerous and creative or juvenile and humorous. 

Regardless of the cause, nicknames are extremely popular today, which is why there are so many of them, and nicknames that start with the letter “D” are no exception.

With that beings said, here is our list of nicknames that start with D.

Best Nicknames That Start with D

Nickname ideas are as numerous as nicknames themselves and it seems like everyone has one or had one at some point in their lives.

The “D” nicknames are always a blast but, considering the hundreds, and possibly thousands of them out there, you have to have a top 5. 

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, of course, and not everyone’s sense of humor and perceptions of underlying meanings are created equally.

But here is our perception of what constituted the best nicknames out there that start with the letter “D.”

  1. Dimples – Because, of course, someone who has dimples is going to catch a nickname or two. This one is great because it stands the test of time and is surprisingly authentic, meaning exactly what it says.
  2. Diva – Everyone’s had that sister, daughter, mother, or cousin who goes through life as if they’re living in an MTV reality show. 
  3. Dawnbringer – For that person who watches Game of Thrones while sitting in as Dungeon Master for a group of chaotic neutral goblin/orcs
  4. Deacon – For when you are going for that malicious, twisted preacher vibe. Prometheus introduced us to the deacon alien and that’s the vibe we’re going for.
  5. Dyumna Glorious – This name simply rocks and you can find the first portion in the Sanskrit dictionary meaning, “possessing great glory.” It’s typically a female name.

Nicknames for Males That Start With D

Nicknamed for males that start with D run the full gamut. For instance, one of the most oft-repeated nicknames that you will find in the “D” category is David.

Really? David? Yes, David is apparently a nickname.

If David is a nickname, then you know you are going to be dealing with a gigantic list of “D” names in the male nickname list.

Nevertheless, we found a few for your entertainment.

  1. Duke – Often associated with British aristocratic societies and guys named Robert because who knows why? 
  2. Dario – Another aristocratic nickname inspired from (of all things) its actual meaning, which is essentially wealth and riches. 
  3. Dovid – Because apparently, David was just too simple and extraordinarily elegant so we needed a Dovid in there somewhere.
  4. Doc Denny – If Denny ever wants to become a doctor well, this nickname is tailor-made, with Denny taking the place of Dennis. Typically grouped in with boy nicknames.
  5. Dawnbringer – This is the name you give to that kid that comes bounding into the bedroom before the sun comes up because he’s an endless ball of energy. And, he’s a monster. 

Nicknames for Females That Start with D

Female nicknames, whether they start with the letter D or something else entirely, tend to be more hilarious or descriptive. Boys can get away with “Duke” or “Droid” for the techies and prince wannabes out there.

However, only a female could truly rock the name “Dark Angel” or “Duchess.” 

For some reason, Duchess just sounds better than Duke anyway.

Of course, nothing takes the cake quite like Durga the Invincible, the name of a Hindu goddess, and perfectly applicable as a sarcastic opposite to that clumsy girl who runs into and trips over everything.

  1. Desperate Housewife – Every group of women has that one homemaker friend who could really use a night out on the town and a shot of vodka or ten. 
  2. Dark Angel – An amusing aphorism that significant others sometimes apply to their wives, especially in times of distress. 
  3. Dumpling – Guys are always coming up with pet names for their wives and vice versa. They always sound innately ridiculous until you find yourself calling your wide “Dumpling” without realizing your own hypocrisy.
  4. Drama Queen – This one goes hand-in-hand with Diva, except it’s a little more applicable to middle-school-age girls who turn everything into the next armageddon.
  5. Dream Girl – This is the name you snatch out of the ether and apply to your wife when she’s trying to brain you with a cast iron skillet because you did something truly moronic.

Cool Nicknames That Start with D

Here’s where things get really fun.

There are cool nicknames that hearken back to the medieval warfare and plague-ridden societies of the middle ages, new-age nicknames with a predilection for the refined or post-millennial crowds, and the vintage variety just to name a few. 

You have to love nicknames, especially the well-earned ones that are loaded with information—and not just information on the named but the namer as well. 

  1. Daddy – There are so many places we can go with this but we’re just not going to.
  2. DanimalDaze – This one’s a cowboy nickname that somebody came up with—probably after falling off their horse and landing open-mouth first in a patch of psychedelic mushrooms.
  3. Daredevil – For the high-flying, fun-loving, take every risk and have no regrets person. 
  4. Dark Matter – If you have a scientist in the house, especially one that’s involved in some space-age physics, and they need a nickname, why not? It’s the perfect nickname.
  5. DND – We’ve all met the introvert who spends the vast majority of their lives in silent contemplation or running through New Game ++ Elden Ring for their five hundred and fiftieth hour. 

Cute Nicknames That Start with D

Some people are just as cute as a button or some tend to have that unique, quirky flare of personality that makes you just want to hug them and squeeze them until they pop like a pimple. 

Well, maybe that last isn’t the cutest image we could come up with but you get the point.

Some people are worthy of a cute nickname and there are plenty of cute ones that start with a “D.”

  1. Darling – It may be a bit on the old-fashioned side of the spectrum, but Darling is a cute moniker that hearkens back to the good ole days of 1930s romance cinema, not long after the silent movies found a way to introduce sound.
  2. Dew Drop – If you have that significant other in your life that appreciates the finer things when it comes to nature, Dew Drop is cute and applicable. Sure, it’s a bit on the cheesy side but so are a lot of things in romantic relationships.
  3. Danny – The English nickname for Daniel. Some guys may hate it but it’s not actually a nickname when it comes to women. It’s definitely better than “Dan the Man” and it’s definitely cuter. 
  4. Daffodil – You can’t find a cuter name than one that comes straight from a pretty flower. 
  5. Dibbles – This is one of those completely nonsense names that you frequently find amongst couples, especially those who are bored with the status quo myriad of pet names out there. 

Funny Nicknames That Start with D

Coming up with a nickname idea is usually a matter of associating various terms with someone’s personality.

Coming up with a funny nickname idea is pretty much the same but requires a degree of creativity as well. 

  1. Dude – If you’ve ever sat through the entirety of Dude, Where’s My Car?”, it’s easy to see how this one can grow on you, becoming more hilarious as time goes on. 
  2. Dick – If you have or have ever had a friend name Richard, this one is endlessly entertaining, especially if you use it with a bit of boisterous animation and loudness while in public.
  3. Doofy – One of the more ambidextrous euphemisms on our lists. It’s perfectly applicable for those who are a bit on the clumsy side, as well as those who generally fail to think things through.
  4. Donk – A playful euphemism for that particularly appealing aspect of your girlfriend/wife’s uh, ample attributes.
  5. Derp – A very situational name for someone who has really stepped in it, big time, or made a ridiculous, unthinking mistake. 

Badass Nicknames That Start with D

A badass nickname is not something that’s given. It is unique amongst all of the other nicknames on our list because it is an earned nickname.

You can say that you have earned the nickname “doofus” because you fell down a flight of stairs once, but it’s really not the same. 

  1. Diablo – This is the biker guy or chick who takes absolutely nothing from anyone and is frequently at the heart of every fight in the bar on Friday and Saturday nights. It’s the person you go to when you need back up, not to stir something up.
  2. Dragon – For the tattoo enthusiast who appreciates the finer aspects of the dragon, whether it’s Chinese, European, or Harry Potter Style.
  3. Direwolf – For that person who is just an absolute animal. The fact that Game of Thrones exists doesn’t hurt. 
  4. Dutch – Because anyone associated with Arnold Schwarzenneger’s titular role in Predator is someone you don’t want to mess with. 
  5. Dagger – For that person that is slick, dark, sleek, and mystifying—like an old-school video game assassin or John Wick himself.

Nickname Inspiration

Nickname inspirations are almost always based on what people do or their personalities.

In some instances, the humorous opposite of a personality trait is used, such as nicknaming someone “Grace” and that person can barely fumble their way out the front door without breaking half a dozen things. 

The point is, almost every nickname is inspired by personality traits, whether it ends up being a funny name or not is all down to the creativity of the one who made up the name. 

Help Choosing the Perfect Nickname

We’ve practically laid out the formula for you. All you need to do is define it and then pull out your trusty Thesaurus and get to work.

If your friend Johnny is an astute and scholarly individual, one of the synonyms in the Thesaurus for a scholar is Egghead.


Nicknames are a lot of fun to come up with, especially if you can find the perfect one that ends up being a seamless match for the personality and actions of the person you are applying it to.

Who knows, you probably have a nickname or two about yourself, used in closed, inner circles and entirely based on something that you’ve done in the past or something you’re known for.

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