259+ Nicknames That Start With M (BEST Ideas)

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Are you interested in excellent, new, or unique nicknames that start with M?

For centuries, people have given each other shortened versions of names to signify friendship, companionship, and love.

In this article, we’ll take a look into some of the more random M names, along with historical names and fun facts, starting with the best nicknames that begin with M.

Best Nicknames That Start With M

We have to start with the best of the best.

These nicknames are for your best friends, the love of your life, or the really cool professor you had in college.

Whether it’s because you love to be sweet or because there’s something special about these words, you’re sure to find one that works for you.

  1. Moonlight
  2. Mossy
  3. Misty Eyes – We all have a hopeless romantic in our friend group
  4. Monster
  5. Moonshine
  6. Marrah
  7. Marbles – Great for people who have lost their marbles
  8. My Lover
  9. Mystic
  10. Murmur

Nicknames For Boys That Start With M

Men never like nicknames, which is why we’ve made you an entire list!

Better get him used to it now before he realizes what’s going on.

We hope these bring a smile to your face and his.

  1. McCay
  2. Monroe – More like Washington and less like Marilyn
  3. Marion
  4. Mortimer
  5. Malvin
  6. Max
  7. Mr. Right – This one is for “the one”
  8. My Lad
  9. Miftal
  10. Macho
  11. Malachai
  12. Maximus Prime
  13. Marsupial
  14. Mercury
  15. Mud Finger
  16. Mr. Wrong – This is the one your dad will probably use
  17. Midnight Rambler
  18. ManFriend
  19. Miles
  20. Mega_Shot – Any basketball players here?
  21. MrOnsTr
  22. Mental – You know who I’m talking about
  23. Marcel
  24. Missile
  25. Mustache
  26. Mr. Lucky
  27. Monte
  28. Marin
  29. Mohan
  30. Monsieur – As classy as it is foreign
  31. Married Man
  32. Mordecai
  33. Modamo
  34. Mr. Thanksgiving – The family member that hosts the holidays
  35. Make-You-Tap-Out – For your wrestling friends
  36. Martin
  37. Marcellus
  38. Markus
  39. Monty
  40. Mr. Wholesome
  41. Mick the Trick
  42. My Dude
  43. Marcho
  44. Montague
  45. Micky
  46. Marc
  47. Murad
  48. Midnight Bat
  49. Manimal
  50. Mister
  51. Mecardo
  52. Mad Kid
  53. Midas
  54. Mal – Can sometimes mean “bad” in other languages
  55. Mattiello
  56. Mangusta
  57. Midnight Rider
  58. Monkey Buns
  59. Mica – For your shining but flaky friends (just like the mineral)
  60. Murdock
  61. Mr. Fab
  62. Major
  63. Man – For your friends named Guy
  64. Mitchel
  65. Mars
  66. Mycah
  67. Merlin
  68. Mad Jack
  69. Mauro
  70. Midnight Rider – There’s a biker in every group
  71. Moe
  72. Manny
  73. Moises
  74. Melvin

Nicknames For Girls That Start With M

You can’t go wrong with giving a girl a sweet nickname.

They’ll answer to just about anything and love that you put in the time to think about them.

Try one of these out next time you call her!

  1. Mona
  2. Missus
  3. My Pumpkin Pie – Who doesn’t love pie?
  4. Mackie
  5. Miriam
  6. Mathilda
  7. Madge
  8. Magic-Ma’am
  9. Maise
  10. Marisol
  11. My Queen – As she should be
  12. Mally
  13. Marnie
  14. Mya
  15. Mik
  16. Mooky
  17. Mali
  18. Mimsy
  19. Minny
  20. Miss Meow – For the crazy cat lady
  21. Mayra
  22. Michelle
  23. Mama Bear – Everyone has a “mom friend”
  24. Maxine
  25. Meadow
  26. Monique
  27. Mayabelle
  28. Milady
  29. Miss Fix It
  30. MyFavMauve
  31. M’Lady – You’ll have to bow when you say this one
  32. Margarita
  33. Miss Bossy Pants – Use your discretion with this one!
  34. My Temptress
  35. MaryAlice – Just keep adding names
  36. MaryAliceKay
  37. MaryAliceKayNoelle – You get the idea
  38. Mercedes
  39. Mimi
  40. May
  41. Madonna
  42. Midnight Pixie
  43. Maia
  44. Maly
  45. Misty
  46. Mandy
  47. Mikkinator
  48. Mogg
  49. Marie
  50. MascMommy
  51. Melody
  52. Mee
  53. Moira
  54. Makaykay
  55. Mary
  56. Miss-Ma’am – To be ultra-respectful
  57. Maryland
  58. Mommy
  59. Milena
  60. Mariska
  61. Marvy
  62. Myra

Cool Nicknames That Start With M

Occasionally, we have to sound like we know our stuff.

These cool nicknames will make heads turn and make sure people take us seriously!

  1. Mithi
  2. Main Squeeze – The one, the true, the best friend
  3. MegaMax
  4. Micro Star
  5. Mad Machine
  6. Machine
  7. Money Maker
  8. Machete
  9. Metal Grin – For the friend with the gold teeth
  10. Moses
  11. Mostovist
  12. Meztinos
  13. Magic Mike – We all have a Pretty Boy in our lives
  14. Mango
  15. Most Wanted – The friend who gets in trouble constantly
  16. Mystery Meat – For cafeteria workers
  17. Mercury Reborn
  18. Metalicious
  19. Misteor
  20. Meteor
  21. Movie Star
  22. Mr. Mosby – Stop running in my lobby!
  23. Mad Viral
  24. Magic
  25. Malice
  26. Mega Star
  27. Mastiff
  28. Mutiny Marc
  29. Mini-Ninja

Cute Nicknames That Start With M

Pet names are one of the best ways to tell someone you love them out loud.

Check out these sweet names that start with M, sure to make you and your partner smile.

  1. Mushy
  2. My Dear
  3. Movie Star
  4. Membie
  5. Malfee
  6. My Other Half
  7. Magic
  8. Master – Could be cute, could be terrifying
  9. Minion
  10. Mallow
  11. Mini
  12. Malcolm in the Middle – They don’t need to be named Malcolm or be in the middle
  13. Marshmallow
  14. Mad Kiss
  15. McMuffin
  16. Mully
  17. Miggy
  18. My Everything
  19. My Sunshine
  20. My Lil Angel
  21. Merry
  22. Moo
  23. My Lil Chicken Nugget – My personal favorite
  24. Modinis
  25. My Sweet
  26. Mechi-Man
  27. My Light
  28. My Boo
  29. Momentary

Funny Nicknames That Start With M

Taking a joke is an excellent sign of a healthy friendship.

The next time you see your buddy, give them one of these funny nicknames and see what they say!

If you’re lucky, they’ll give you one right back.

  1. McGuckinckin
  2. Moldemort
  3. Man Meat – For the butchers
  4. Mosquit-No
  5. McNasty
  6. Modem Monitor – Whoever pays for the internet
  7. Murderous Wild One
  8. Minecraftmylove
  9. Munchies – We all have that one friend
  10. Manimal
  11. Mixed Veggies – For Vegans
  12. Mindless Bobcat
  13. Monald McRonald
  14. Money Monster – Give this one to your girlfriend!
  15. MacDaddyLovin
  16. Muggles – We all have one friend that’s never read the series
  17. McDreamy
  18. Melon Head
  19. Manilla Folder
  20. McMushy
  21. Mesopotamia – For the history majors
  22. Mool
  23. Mudpie Man
  24. Mulberry Bush
  25. Mushroom Lad – That one friend that’s kind of like a goblin
  26. Mopey
  27. Mahi Mahi
  28. Monkey Cheeks
  29. Milky
  30. Magical Fairy
  31. MyFavMothBoi
  32. Mustard Centaur
  33. Mywilltolivedoesnotexist – For the Gen-Z kids
  34. Murder Muffin
  35. Moany
  36. Mustard Man
  37. Meat
  38. Matt – Because Matt is a silly name
  39. Mud Blood
  40. Mr. GluP
  41. Muppet
  42. Muenster Monster – For your lactose intolerant friends
  43. Municipal Leader

Nickname Inspiration For The Letter M

All our friends are different, so it can be challenging to find the perfect names for them.

Luckily, there are so many places to turn for ideas on the letter M.

You can make your own nicknames by following a few guidelines.

Try to keep the name shorter.

This way, you’ll be able to remember it the next time you see your friend.

The shorter the name, the less likely it is to have a bad connotation.

Heck, just call somebody “M!”

Here’s a quick list of examples:

  1. Max
  2. May
  3. Mini
  4. Mop
  5. Mack

Go for a meaningful name. Think about your favorite book character or TV show host.

Merlin is my favorite, while my friend loves Mad Max.

If you’re big into history, look for some historical names.

Some of them can be pretty fun and pretty out there!

  1. Macbeth – A medieval king of Scotland
  2. MacDonald – First Labour prime minister
  3. Macmillan – Post-war Conservative prime minister
  4. Mandela – The first democratically elected president of his country
  5. Michelangelo – Italian Renaissance artist

Another option is going for names that sound like sounds.

  1. Meow
  2. Ming
  3. Mow
  4. Mew

Do your research. There’s a plethora of fun, exciting names and words out there that this list doesn’t begin to touch on.

Names can come from anywhere!

Help Choosing an M Nickname

Our favorite place to look is, you guessed it, the dictionary!

Some crazy words in there don’t sound like they belong to the English language at all.

Another great place to check things out is Reddit.

By searching the letter “M” in the general search bar, you’ll find hundreds of usernames that are great for borrowing.

Still, with Reddit, start a thread! Post in r/namenerds and explain your situation.

They can be a great help with all things alphabet related.

Call up a friend and give them the letter M.

Anything in front of them that starts with M they’re bound to shout out, and sometimes you can get some hilarious answers.

If you’ve chosen an M nickname already, run it by a few friends.

Make sure it’s not already used in their lives, or they don’t have a negative association with it.

History Of the Letter M Nicknames

M is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet and corresponds to the Phoenician mem, the Semitic mem, and to the Greek mu.

The Semitic form may come from an earlier sign representing waves of water.

The word “Nickname” comes from ekename (also seen as eke name), which means “additional name.” The term can be seen as far back as 1303!

We can trace the etymology back to the Old English “an ekename” (an additional name) to “a nekename,” which sounds a lot more like “a nickname!”

This is because the common language was spoken, not written down.


We hope this list of nicknames that start with M has given you a great start on naming your best friends, partners, coworkers, and loved ones.

Stick with the nickname inspirations, and you’ll be able to create your own in no time.

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