119+ Nicknames That Start With S (An Ultimate Guide)

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for nicknames that start with S.

Throughout history and in pop culture, nicknames have been a way to memorialize someone for their unique characteristics or deeds in a way that their given birth names don’t deliver.

After all, Scarface has a much more notorious ring to it than the character’s birth name, Antonio Montana. And who hasn’t called their loved one Sweetie or Sugar before? 

From the silly to the sinister and everything in between, you’re sure to find the best nickname that starts with S for yourself, your friends, family, pets, characters, avatars, and more. 

Best Nicknames That Start With S

While not exhaustive, this section lists 50 of the best and most popular nicknames that start with S.

  1. Sparky – One of the oldest and most popular nicknames, perfect if uniqueness is difficult to come by. 
  2. Slick
  3. Shark Boy / Shark Girl – This could work either for someone with a big, toothy grin or a marine life enthusiast. 
  4. Spanky – This funny nickname is both popular and timeless. 
  5. Sour Puss – For your frowny feline who never seems satisfied! 
  6. Sofa King – For your lazy friend who loves to loaf. 
  7. Simba
  8. Spider Monkey – The perfect name for a stealthy or agile friend. 
  9. Saint – A great moniker for your most altruistic acquaintance. 
  10. Summer Bee
  11. Sunny
  12. Sir Farts-alot – An immature moniker more akin to a frat house nickname, but a nickname nonetheless. 
  13. Skywalker – A moniker for an avid Star Wars fan. 
  14. Starry Eyes
  15. Shel – A diminutive form of Sheldon, Shelton, Shelley, or Shelby. 
  16. Smiley
  17. Sultan of Swing – Like the well-known album from The Dire Straits. 
  18. Sunshine – A great name for an optimistic friend or can even be used ironically for your sourest acquaintance. 
  19. Speedy
  20. Stoney
  21. Sun Beam – A sunny nickname. 
  22. Subwoofer – For that loud friend fond of their car stereo system. 
  23. Studley
  24. Scrumptious – Who can forget Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s female protagonist, Truly Scrumptious?
  25. Switch – A great name for a gamer that loves Nintendo. 
  26. Sally Seal – Sounds more like a cartoon character in the making. 
  27. SoCal – This nickname is great for someone from Southern California.
  28. Sonic – Who can forget the lovable blue urchin, Sonic the Hedgehog?
  29. Smarty Pants – A nickname as old as time. 
  30. Starfish – A great name for a lover of marine biology!
  31. Shells – This could be a shortened version for Sheldon, Shelley, or Shelby, or a great moniker for someone who loves the beach. 
  32. Shortstop – For someone with a diminutive stature and/or a fan of baseball. 
  33. Slime
  34. Silver fox – This popular term refers to those over age fifty who have quite a bit of sex appeal. 
  35. Slow Loris – After the cute arboreal lemur with giant eyes and long, spidery fingers. 
  36. Sandy Claws – This strange nickname comes from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. 
  37. Sneaky Sal – “Sal” could also be switched out for any “S” name, such as Sue, Stan, Shel, Stew, etc. 
  38. Silvermoon
  39. Slush Puppy – A clever play on the phrase “hush puppy,” this is a perfect nickname for someone who loves winter sports or slush drinks. 
  40. Squirrel – Fast, jittery, or both? You don’t have to choose with this nickname. 
  41. Sloth – Slow but cute. Great for a dog or an easygoing friend who is frequently late. 
  42. Super Duper
  43. Slow Joe – This rhyming nickname doesn’t need much interpretation. 
  44. Steampunk Stan – We all know that one person who gets far too into steampunk. Like other nicknames on this list, “Stan” could be switched out for any “S” name. 
  45. Silver Spoon – A moniker for a person born into wealth, like the expression “born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” 
  46. Shallow – Not exactly a compliment, this moniker is for those too preoccupied with their own looks or those of other people. 
  47. Slim Jim – Like the skinny jerky stick, this is a great name for a tall, thin man. 
  48. Stormy
  49. Skinny Bones – Not the nicest nickname, but accurate for a malnourished person – or a Halloween skeleton. 
  50. Slime Ball – No one would want to be on the receiving end of this unfortunate name. 

Nicknames For Males That Start With S

  1. Sly Boy
  2. Stallion – A great name for a known ladies’ man. 
  3. Superman – This name leaves little room for debate. 
  4. Sharkie – A cute name for a little kid who loves sharks. 
  5. Serge – Usually short for the male name “Sergei.” 
  6. Stan – This name is usually short for “Stanley.” It is also reminiscent of an Eminem song. 
  7. Spoon Man – The name of a famous street performer from Seattle, he’s better known by the Soundgarden single of the same name. 
  8. Sterling – This nickname holds the rare distinction of being both a nickname and a popular boys’ name.  
  9. Stew – This nickname is most often a shortened version of “Stewart.” 
  10. Steve – The monosyllabic alternative for “Steven” or “Stephen.”

Nicknames For Females That Start With S

  1. Sexy Lady
  2. Sweet Mama
  3. Sheba – A regal-sounding nickname that brings to mind the title “Queen of Sheba.” Could also be a shortened version of “Bathsheba.” 
  4. Sandy – Typically used as a shortened version for the name “Sandra.”
  5. Sassy Lassy – This rhyming moniker pays homage to the Scottish term for a young lady. 
  6. Sparkles – For a little girl who loves to shine!
  7. Susie Q – This famous moniker comes from a popular song by Creedence Clearwater Revival. 
  8. Sue – This short and sweet name is short for “Susan” or “Susanna.” 
  9. Sexy Mama
  10. Slick Chick

Cool Nicknames That Start With S

  1. Shadow Baron – This cool name could be used as a video game avatar, screen name, or character. 
  2. Spider
  3. Snake
  4. Stellar
  5. Silver Storm – For a speedy, gray-eyed, or gray-haired friend. 
  6. Storm
  7. Star Gazer – A perfect nickname for an astronomer – either professional or amateur. 
  8. Snow King / Snow Queen – A cool nickname with a slight Game of Thrones vibe. 
  9. Sky God / Sky Goddess – Great for a pilot, balloonist, or skydiver. 
  10. Snow Storm

Cute Nicknames That Start With S

  1. Sugar Skull – Named for the tasty decoration for the holiday Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), this is a perfect nickname for a cute yet kooky friend. 
  2. Sugar Bear
  3. Strawberry – A nickname as sweet as its namesake, the most famous instance of this nickname is in the Japanese manga/anime Bleach, in which the main character goes by the name Ichigo, meaning “strawberry” (for his red hair). 
  4. Sweet Pea 
  5. Snookie
  6. Sugar Pie Honey Bunch – Who can forget this swingin’ 1965 R ; B hit from the Four Tops?
  7. Snicker Doodle – After the sweet cookie made with cinnamon and spice. 
  8. Snuggle Bunny – An adorable pet name
  9. Stud Muffin – Who hasn’t heard this name before? 
  10. Snookums – A bit sickly sweet for some people’s tastes, but a perfectly valid and popular nickname. 

Funny Nicknames That Start With S

  1. Smurf – For a petite friend who loves blue, or is a big fan of the 1980s cartoon? 
  2. Shroom – As in “mushroom,” this nickname seems a perfect fit alongside tie-dye and psychedelic rock. 
  3. Scooby Doo – After the detective dog and his crime-fighting posse. 
  4. Smalls – Who can forget the unforgettable line from The Sandlot? “You’re killin’ me, Smalls!” 
  5. Slug – Lazy but loveable. 
  6. Strawberry Shortcake – This nickname brings to mind the cute cartoon character from the 1980s with red hair and freckles. 
  7. Soda Pop
  8. Spy – For a sneaky investigator. 
  9. Simple Simon – This name comes from the old nursery rhyme. 
  10. Sir – This title could also work well as a nickname, such as the sour character from Louis Sachar’s Holes. 

Badass Nicknames That Start With S

Looking for something that induces fear or awe?

Look no further than this section, with some of the best badass nicknames that start with S. 

  1. Skull Crusher – This chilling moniker would be great for a video game warrior! 
  2. Slayer – A bloodcurdling name for a villain or video game character. 
  3. Scar – Who can forget the timeless villain from The Lion King? 
  4. Snow Monster – Great for that friend who loves to engage in extreme winter sports.
  5. Steel – Strong and fierce like metal, also great for someone with gray eyes or gray hair with a commanding presence. 
  6. Scarface – Like the eponymous 1983 film starring Al Pacino. 
  7. Snake Eyes – Named for the dice roll with one dot on each die, the lowest score someone can roll with dice. 
  8. Spence – Usually short for “Spencer.” 
  9. Shadow Chaser
  10. Sergeant – For a commanding acquaintance, or someone who held this honored title in the military. 

Unique Nicknames That Start With S

  1. Silent but Deadly – Could either be a cool name for an assassin or an unpleasant moniker for a gassy friend.  
  2. Snow Princess – This cute nickname is great for a little girl who loves to play outside in the snow. 
  3. Songbird – A beautiful nickname for a musical person. 
  4. Solitaire – Great for a deeply introverted person or an enthusiast of the card game. 
  5. Scooter
  6. Snow Leopard – This feline is known for its beautiful coat, silent nature, and rarity. 
  7. Syrup – Is the person with this cryptic nickname slow or just a huge fan of pancakes? 
  8. Smarties – After the candy but could have a double meaning when given to a person known for their brains. 
  9. Spice Girl – After the famous British pop band. 
  10. Spicy – For your friend who is a true firecracker. Could also work for someone who loves spicy food. 

Nickname Inspiration

It can be difficult to choose the right nickname. You want one that is unique, meaningful, and clever – but not too long to be memorable.

After all, “Slayer” will have a different meaning when given to your lovable, overweight chihuahua than it will when given to a sinister D ; D game character. 

When seeking nickname inspiration, think about the effect you want to achieve with the name. Is your intention to be funny or cute, or to inspire fear and awe? Do you want an ironic nickname, like “Smiley” for your sour cat that never seems satisfied, or “Sloth” for your friend who frequently wins track and field? 

Rhyming nicknames are quite memorable, like “Slick Chick” or “Sunny Bunny,” and animals are another popular category from which people find name inspiration.

Nicknames like “Sloth,” “Shark,” “Slow Loris,” “Snake,” and “Spider” are rife with meaning without needing much additional effort. The animal’s name itself does the heavy lifting, as most people already have their own associations with each animal. 

Help Choosing A Nickname

Some nicknames just naturally come to you. Others require more thought and research. Whatever the case, when choosing the right nickname, there are a few tips to help you pick that perfect name.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Short and memorable – shorter names are easier to remember, and therefore usually have a more lasting impact than longer names that are difficult to remember. 
  • Meaningful – it goes without saying that the nickname you choose has to have some meaning behind it that matches the name. 
  • Uniqueness – while not every nickname will be unique, it will be unique in meaning to the person you give it to. For example, “Sweetie Pie” may not mean much to you if you hear it spoken between lovers in film or on TV, but it carries a unique meaning when you give it to your significant other. 
  • Research – this is especially important with more obscure nicknames or those that have a meaning in a foreign language. Always check the meaning of a name before you use it! 


A lot of thought goes into a nickname – meaning, uniqueness, brevity, and more. Some come naturally while others take a little more time and research.

Whatever your intention in choosing a nickname, we hope our ultimate guide has helped. 

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