265 Nicknames that Start With K (An Ultimate Guide)

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From KnockOut to Kiki to Kirk, there are so many great nicknames out there for your friend, family member, child, or more that start with K. 

It can be hard to come up with great nicknames, especially when you’re trying to find one that starts with a particular letter.

If you’re trying to come up with the perfect nickname that begins with K, you’ll be ecstatic to know that we’ve come up with the best list of them! 

Best Nicknames That Start With K

Nicknames are one of the best ways to show someone you care about them.

There are so many floating around out there, but it can still be hard to find one that fits someone the best.

Here are some of the best nicknames that start with K.

  1. Kamikaze Grandma – Kamikaze means divine wind. A great nickname for a grandmother!
  2. Killer – This can be a funny nickname for any sweet friend!
  3. K-9 – Reference to the word ‘canine,’ the French word for dog.
  4. Knight Light – Great nickname for any person who brings light and peace to your life
  5. Kazmii
  6. Kiah – Means ‘God is strength,’ ‘person of the earth,’ and ‘start of the season.’
  7. Kitten
  8. Knuddel Keystone
  9. King Panther
  10. Kit Kat
  11. Kitty
  12. Kraken
  13. Katniss – From the book and movie The Hunger Games
  14. Kill Switch – security measure used to turn off a device in an emergency
  15. King Bass – Nickname suggesting they’re a pro at bass fishing
  16. Krabby Patty – A funny nickname suggesting someone is crabby.
  17. Knuckles
  18. Kiya – References the pure or happy cooing of a bird
  19. Kadar
  20. Kalani Evangeline
  21. Kaladin
  22. KiberTron
  23. Kamelot
  24. Khorakhmet
  25. Klaud
  26. Knotromagi
  27. Kalamaras
  28. Koblihhh
  29. Knight Light
  30. Kawaiaea
  31. Kooper
  32. Ketty
  33. Khratus

Nicknames for Males That Start With K

A nickname should fit someone’s personality, which can make it challenging to find one that suits them.

Here is a list of some of the best male nicknames that start with K.

  1. Kavar
  2. Knockout – For the person who likes to fight
  3. Karatel
  4. Kyllonen
  5. Kupress
  6. Krastee
  7. Krash
  8. Kid-Killer
  9. Kedge – Refers to an anchor. Great for anyone who keeps you supported.
  10. Kane – Meaning battle, warrior, or battlefield
  11. Kean – This is a popular name for men
  12. Kubab
  13. Kace – Meaning alert, vigilant, and courageous.
  14. Kwon
  15. Kappa
  16. Khoror
  17. King-Kong
  18. Kedpa
  19. Kai – Means ‘keeper of keys,’ making it a really cool nickname for males.
  20. Kenalegm
  21. Kirkik
  22. Killer Forest
  23. Keel
  24. Kirby
  25. KUV
  26. Kermit – Meaning Freedom

Nicknames for Females That Start With K

Whether it’s a friend, child, significant other, or someone else, there are so many cute nicknames for females that start with K!

Here are some of them:

  1. Kate Rossel
  2. Kale – Meaning money, freeman, or cabbage.
  3. Karat – A measure of gold.
  4. Kea – A beautiful green parrot found in New Zealand.
  5. Kef – Meaning ‘a dreamy condition.’
  6. Kid 
  7. Kinny – Meaning ‘from the top of a cliff.’
  8. Kismet – Meaning destiny or fate
  9. Kiwi – A flightless bird in New Zealand and a fruit 
  10. Karie
  11. Kirby
  12. Karon
  13. Kitty Bloom
  14. Knickerbocker
  15. Kate_Vamp
  16. Kimi
  17. Kafel
  18. Kiki
  19. Katerpiller
  20. Kavar
  21. Kalo
  22. Kittys Oalms
  23. Kleopatra
  24. Kelly
  25. Kaila

Cute Nicknames That Start With K

Nicknames can be adorable, depending on what it is! For example, if you’re a small, innocent person, the nickname “killer” could be both cute and funny.

That being said, cute nicknames can sometimes be hard to come by.

Here is a list of some cute nicknames for you or those special people in your life.

  1. K-Tin Man
  2. Kimi
  3. Kevers
  4. Kipckafan
  5. King – For that leader in your life.
  6. Kalo
  7. Kinged
  8. Kentroscide
  9. KANZO
  10. Karon
  11. Kortons
  12. Keidyn
  13. Kratos
  14. Kid
  16. Kanukami
  17. Kroll
  18. Kabuki
  19. Kozmo
  20. Kubab
  21. Knell
  22. Klotyy
  23. KRisLi
  24. Kehpur
  25. Kirchausen
  26. King of the world
  27. Konung
  28. Kamaul
  29. Kiddo
  30. Kirby
  31. Kandra
  32. Keystone
  33. K-9
  34. Kloun
  35. Knickerbocker
  36. Klowdin
  37. Knockout
  38. KeepitDope_Joe
  39. Keptan
  40. Kint
  41. Krix
  42. Krawn
  43. Kopczynski
  44. Katalira
  45. Karl
  46. KroFly
  47. Keeson
  48. Kate_vamp
  49. KenTos
  50. Kressierer
  51. Konolstik
  52. Kitty Bloom
  53. Kagura
  54. Kroscus
  55. KlintEstwood
  56. Kazmii
  57. Kazemon
  58. Kipsas
  59. Kladenstien
  60. Karie
  61. Ketty
  62. Knight Light
  63. Kooper

Funny Nicknames That Start With K

Funny nicknames can attract other funny people!

Here is a list of some funny nicknames that will surely be conversation starters.

  1. Kozanostra
  2. Keri
  3. Kotoris
  4. Kudron
  5. Kid-Killer
  6. Kiki
  7. Kittys palms
  8. Killer frost
  9. Ksiron
  10. Kaoabard
  11. Komorowski
  12. Kerrie
  13. Kavar
  14. Krash
  15. Kluber
  16. Kleopatra50
  17. Klod
  18. Kiber_King
  19. Kenalegm
  20. Kazoo
  21. Kaski
  22. Krystyna
  23. Khazathas
  24. Kim
  25. Knock Out
  26. Kraig
  27. Krastee
  29. Kalyn
  30. Kwon
  31. Keragelv
  32. Kemner
  33. Komap
  34. Kedpa
  35. Kit Kat
  36. Kirk
  37. Kirik
  38. King-kong
  39. Kelly
  40. Keep_calm
  41. KUV
  42. Kenton
  43. Krishun
  44. Kyllonen
  45. KenDoo
  46. Kafel
  47. Katerpiller
  48. Kienle
  49. Karroach
  50. Kabar
  51. Klopert
  52. Kate Rossel
  53. Kiefty
  54. Klaus_Graub
  55. Kit
  56. Kimono Goddess
  57. Kronus
  58. Kappa
  59. Kupres

Badass Nicknames That Start With K

A cool nickname can make or break someone. It can make them look really cool and funny or a little lame.

Here are some cool nicknames that start with K that will be sure to give whoever you’re nicknaming a leg up.

  1. Kamikaze Grandma
  2. Kuki
  3. Keigan
  4. Kulameena
  5. Kristo
  6. King Panther
  7. Kikironi
  8. Ken
  10. Kirp
  11. Khou
  12. Kaiafa
  13. Krylo
  14. Kimbra
  15. Kevlar
  16. Kusnic
  17. Kaddu
  18. Kolobok
  19. Kulathis
  20. Kraft
  21. Kawaii Red
  22. Kala
  23. Koral
  24. Kilopod
  25. KiBoRgIk
  26. Kalenter
  27. Klez
  28. Kelpie
  29. Kauo
  30. Kiman
  31. Kraken
  32. Kryy
  33. Kooistra
  34. Keyplex
  36. Kamikaze Granny
  37. Katia
  38. Kevorkian
  39. Klontin
  40. Kettering
  41. Krispy Bun
  42. Kinovendes
  43. Keith^weBst3r
  44. Kimber
  45. Kreygan
  46. Koledal
  47. Krogstad
  48. Kathryn
  49. Kill Switch
  50. Khorfar
  51. Kesu
  52. Knuddel
  53. Knockin
  54. Knight In Shining Armor
  55. Kaduk
  56. Keneth
  57. Kiril
  58. KapitAnus
  59. Katana

Nickname Inspiration

When it comes to choosing a nickname, there are a couple of different ways to get inspiration.

Use the first one or two syllables of your given name

This is one of the most common ways to get inspiration for nicknames. Usually, a nickname is just a different way of saying their first name. Although it’s one of the most basic ways, it really is one of the best.

This way of choosing a nickname is great if you are looking at moving, starting at a new school, getting a new job with new coworkers, or even just wanting to start anew.

If you want to use this to get inspiration, simply chop off one syllable from the end of your name. For example, “Kat” from “Katrina” and “Kels” from “Kelsey.”

Another way to use this source of inspiration is to add “ie,” “I,” or “y” to the shortened version of your name. If your name already happens to be short, it’s fine just to add them to the end of your full first name! Examples of this include “Kitty” instead of “Katalina” and “Kaydey” instead of “Kayden.”

Consider the traditional diminutives of your first name

Depending on your culture, you’ll have many unique nickname options to choose from.

There are many names of English origin that are drawn from rhymes. Some examples of these include “Bill” from “William” and “Dick” from “Richard.”

Base your nickname on different syllables of your given name

For this source of inspiration, you will use the rules from the first example but choose a middle or end syllable.

There are many traditional examples of this, such as “Tina” from “Christina,” but you’re more than welcome to create your own nickname. For instance, if your name is “Kadarius”, you can always go by “Rius.”

Use aspects of your legal name

If you’re stuck on what to choose as a middle name, using your middle name can be an excellent option for you. It’s simple, unlike your first name, and most of the time shorter than your first.

Use your surname

Though used more by men, women can also use their surname as their last name. This sometimes happens naturally, as last names are often called out in class growing up, or in sports. Many times, people are only known by many people for their last name.

Go by Your Initials

If you still cannot find inspiration for finding a good nickname, try going by your initials. Although this can backfire for some, There are great examples of this, like TJ or PJ.

Make an anagram

Leveling up a bit, another great way you could figure out a great nickname is to use an anagram.

An anagram is when you rearrange the letters of your name to create something new. Authors, actors, and artists have used this a lot, such as J.K Rowling having “Tom Marvolo Riddle” say, “I am Lord Voldemort.”


Everyone loves a good pun. There are so many great ones!

This may not work for some names, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Help Choosing A Nickname

A nickname is something that may stick with you for years. Because of this, you may feel some pressure to pick a great one. 

Need help picking one? No problem. Here are a couple of ways to get help! 

Ask your friends what your best characteristic is

There’s always a part of you that stands out to others, so why not let them help choose your nickname?

It could be a hobby you love, like running! “Legs” is a common nickname for runners. Or it could be a quality about you, like honesty.

Pick an inside joke

When choosing nicknames with friends, this can be one of the best sources, but it can also be one of the most difficult ones. Although inside jokes can be a source of inspiration to many and a great way to choose a nickname, you also cannot force it.

If you want a nickname based on an inside joke, keep your fingers crossed that one will happen naturally!

Use Online Resources

If you’re still having trouble picking a nickname, you can use online sources like this one! Not only are there many catered lists with a plethora of nicknames to choose from, but there are also generators and online quizzes.

How to choose a nickname

Overall, when you’re choosing a nickname for yourself, you want to avoid selecting a grandiose nickname. If someone else happens to assign one to you, that’s okay! But calling yourself specific names may end up turning some people off to you.

Don’t get upset with people for not calling you your preferred nickname. Some people may not want to call you something silly, and that’s okay! Nicknames should just be fun and not any source of stress to you or others.

Be kind to others. If you’re not sure if someone will like a nickname, try it when it’s just you two so that a nickname they hate doesn’t catch on.

Avoid inappropriate nicknames. You never want to mistakenly call your friend something inappropriate in the wrong setting!


When choosing a nickname, it’s important to remember that it may catch on and stay with a person for a long time. This can make it stressful to think about. It shouldn’t be! 

There are lists and other resources and ways to pick out the perfect nickname available to you. 

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