397 Party Playlist Names (BEST Ideas)

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Are you planning a party and want to make sure the music is on point? Are you looking for some fun party playlist names that will get your guests grooving all night long? We’ve got you covered! 

Check out these awesome party playlist names for a guaranteed good time.

Best Party Playlist Name Ideas

  1. Let’s Get the Party Started
  2. Let’s Dance All Night
  3. Shake It Up
  4. Lights Down, Music On
  5. A Night to Remember
  6. Sing a Song and Dance Along
  7. Feel the Beat and Groove On
  8. Take It To The Floor
  9. Keep the Party Going Strong
  10. Make Some Memories Tonight
  11. All Fired Up and Ready to Go
  12. Get Wild and Lose Control
  13. Bring On the Fun and Games
  14. Time to Celebrate in Style
  15. Jam Out to the Best Tunes Around
  16. Create Good Vibes Only
  17. Don’t Stop Until Dawn Breaks Through
  18. Play That Music Loud and Proud
  19. Join In for a Night of Excitement
  20. Put Your Hands Up High in the Air
  21. Turn It Up and Feel the Bass
  22. Jump Around With No Regrets
  23. Hear Those Songs You Love So Much
  24. Get Ready for a Rockin’ Good Time
  25. Come Together for an Epic Night Out
  26. Sing Along to Songs That Never Get Old
  27. Have Fun Like There’s No Tomorrow
  28. Keep Calm and Party On
  29. Ready Set Go For an Unforgettable Evening
  30. Feel Alive with Great Music All Around You
  31. Raise Your Glasses for a Toast
  32. Move Your Body to Catch a Groove
  33. Stomp Your Feet on the Dance Floor
  34. Live it Up Tonight!
  35. Come Together For a Fun-Filled Night
  36. Get Lost in Music Magic
  37. Fill the Room with Laughter and Joy
  38. Raise Your Voice, Sing Along
  39. Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya
  40. Enjoy Every Moment, Life’s Too Short
  41. Hit The Dancefloor, and Make Some Noise!
  42. Reach New Heights of Happiness
  43. Take A Break From Normal Life
  44. Welcome to the Land of Fun!
  45. Let Loose and Just Be Yourself
  46. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
  47. Find Yourself in This Music
  48. Pump Up The Volume & Enjoy
  49. One Word: EPIC!
  50. Be The Life of The Party!
  51. Dancing All Night
  52. Let the Good Times Roll
  53. Get the Party Started
  54. Feelin’ the Vibe
  55. Put On Your Dancing Shoes
  56. Dance Floor Anthems
  57. Raise the Roof
  58. Turn Up the Music
  59. Groovin’ in the Dark
  60. Shimmy and Shake
  61. Shake It Off
  62. Shake Your Tail Feathers
  63. Pop Rocks the House
  64. All About That Bass
  65. Time to Boogie Down
  66. Summer Jams for All Seasons
  67. Feel Good Tunes for Everyone
  68. Gettin’ on Down to Business
  69. Get the Dance Party Started Right!
  70. Pump Up the Volume
  71. Lights Out, Let’s Dance!
  72. Booty Shakin’ Good Time
  73. Boogie Oogie Oogie All Night Long!
  74. Spin The Disco Ball Around
  75. Jump Around On The Dance Floor
  76. Hit ‘Em With The Hot Beats
  77. Rollin’ Out The Red Carpet For A Party
  78. Feel Good Music Makes You Wanna Move
  79. Funky Fresh Tunes To Get You Moving
  80. Step Into The Groove Now!
  81. Rock This Joint ‘Til Sunrise
  82. Bust A Move
  83. Let’s Jam All Night Long

Good Party Playlist Names

Weve compiled a list of some awesome playlist names for your favorite party tracks:

  1. Feel the Beat Party
  2. High Energy Dance Party
  3. Funky Groove Jam
  4. Reggae Rave
  5. Tropical Getaway Party
  6. Pop Star Bash
  7. Throwback Night
  8. Retro Dance Floor
  9. Classic Rockin’ Night
  10. Soulful Sunday
  11. Country Shindig
  12. Disco Inferno
  13. Hip-Hop House Party
  14. EDM Fest
  15. Chill Vibes Lounge
  16. Salsa Soiree
  17. Jazz Jubilee
  18. Blues Bash
  19. Beach Boogaloo
  20. Karaoke Extravaganza
  21. Swingin’ Sing Alongs
  22. ’80s Prom Theme
  23. Booty Shakin’ Battle
  24. Bollywood Bash
  25. Dueling DJs
  26. Live Band Showcase
  27. Motown Mania
  28. Indie Rock Revival
  29. House Music Happening
  30. R&B Rendezvous
  31. Latin Fiesta
  32. Punk Rock Jamboree
  33. Old-School Hip Hop Night
  34. Glamorous Gala
  35. Fabulous Friday
  36. Best of the ’90s
  37. Classic Beats & Rhymes
  38. Funkadelic Freestyle
  39. All Roots Reggae
  40. World Music Celebration
  41. Midnight Madness
  42. Pop & Rock Spectacular
  43. Dubstep Dance-Off
  44. Ska Skank Showdown
  45. Magic Monday Mixer
  46. Rockabilly Romp
  47. Electro Jammin’ Session
  48. Grunge Jam Night
  49. Thrash Metal Throwdown
  50. Alternative Anthems
  51. Funky Fresh Feels
  52. Groovy Good Times
  53. Sparkling Dance Tunes
  54. Rockin’ Party Jams
  55. Feel the Beat Goodness
  56. Joyous Jams of Joy
  57. Get Up and Move Music
  58. Poptastic Playlist
  59. Reggae Rhythms of Fun
  60. High Energy Dance Mixes
  61. 80’s Retro Boogie Bash
  62. Disco Dancing Delights
  63. Rave Ready Beats
  64. Let’s Get This Party Started!
  65. Old School Funk Jamz
  66. Classic Hits for Cool Cats
  67. Break it Down with Breaks
  68. Hip-Hop Hooray!
  69. Groove It Out Now!
  70. Shake It Up Shuffle
  71. Country Two-Step Blast!
  72. Jazz it Up Jive
  73. Pop Into the Groove
  74. Turn Up the Trance!
  75. World Music Unite!
  76. Swingin’ Sway Sounds
  77. Indie Hits to Sing Along With
  78. R&B Rhythms to Bump & Grind To
  79. Energetic Latin Beats
  80. Reggaeton Rejoice
  81. Disco Ball Twirls
  82. Soulful House Melodies
  83. Hip House Harmony
  84. Put Your Hands in the Air Now!
  85. Big Band Bash
  86. EDM Euphoria
  87. Eclectic Beats Explosion
  88. Get Down with Glam Rock
  89. Spin That Oldies Goldie
  90. K-Pop Filled Frenzy
  91. Playful Piano Parties
  92. Ska Skanking Sensation
  93. Punk Rock Power Hour
  94. Funkadelic Fusion
  95. Techno Trance Time
  96. Jump Around Jukebox
  97. Acoustic Afternoon
  98. Bluegrass Booty Shake
  99. Alternative Anthems

Cute Names For A Party Playlist

We’ve already compiled some great ideas for your party playlist, from fun and creative names to catchy and unique titles.

But if you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, a bit more special, then this list of cute names for party playlists should do the trick!

  1. Sweet Summer Sounds
  2. Summer Love Songs
  3. Cute Party Beats
  4. Sweetheart Songs
  5. Funky Love Grooves
  6. Feel-Good Vibes
  7. Magical Melodies
  8. Fairytale Tunes
  9. Funky Feelings
  10. Cuddly Classics
  11. Romantic Rhythms
  12. Darling Duets
  13. Loving Lullabies
  14. Adorable Anthems
  15. Joyful Jams
  16. Sugar Coated Tunes
  17. Fluffy Favorites
  18. Sweet Soul Music
  19. Dreamy Disco
  20. Soft Serenades
  21. Cozy Country Tunes
  22. Flirty Funk
  23. Quirky Pop Jams
  24. Cute Rock Ballads
  25. Precious Pop Tracks
  26. Cheesy Love Songs
  27. Sweet Soulful Songs
  28. Lovely Latin Beats
  29. Darling Dance Tunes
  30. Cuddly Country Classics
  31. Feel Good Folk Music
  32. Melodic Motown Memories
  33. Heartfelt Harmony
  34. Dreamy Disco Delights
  35. Snuggly Smooth Jazz
  36. Lovable Love Songs
  37. Charming Chill Out Music
  38. Cheeky Club Anthems
  39. Blissful Ballads
  40. Soaring Soulful Sounds
  41. Playful Piano Pieces
  42. Adorable Acoustic Tracks
  43. Groovy Garage Tunes
  44. Alluring Alt Rock
  45. Snuggly Swing Music
  46. Whimsical World Music

Funny Names For A Party Playlist

Here are some funny playlist names for party music:

  1. Turn Up the Music and Call it a Night
  2. Party Like It’s 1999
  3. Shake, Rattle, and Roll
  4. The Hangover Playlist
  5. Music Makes Me Wanna Dance
  6. Get Up & Groove!
  7. Oh Yeah, Let’s Party
  8. Come On & Feel The Noise
  9. Wicked Beatz 4U
  10. Don’t Stop The Music
  11. Pump Up The Jam!
  12. Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!
  13. Total Recall – The Ultimate Party Mix

Unique Names For A Party Playlist

If you’re looking for a unique name for your party playlist, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are 40+ unique names that will be sure to set your party off on a good note.

  1. Dance ‘Til Dawn
  2. Groove All Night
  3. Feel the Beat
  4. Let’s Get Wild
  5. Electric Vibes
  6. Turn Up the Volume
  7. Disco Inferno
  8. Shake Your Groove Thing
  9. Turn It Up!
  10. Party Like a Rockstar
  11. Get Busy
  12. Let the Good Times Roll
  13. Shake It Up!
  14. Dance Party Central
  15. All Night Long
  16. Crank It Up
  17. Supercharged Beats
  18. Pumpin’ Rhythms
  19. Dance All Day Long
  20. Turn the Music On!
  21. Raise Your Glasses High
  22. Feel the Music Flowin’
  23. Ready To Rumble?
  24. Jump Around
  25. Boogie Wonderland
  26. Lights Out. Let’s Go!
  27. Shake It Off!
  28. Shake Ya Tail Feathers
  29. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It
  30. A Night On the Town
  31. Bumpin’ Beats
  32. Move to the Groove
  33. Shakin’ The House Down
  34. Dancing Shoes On Now!
  35. Feel The Rhythm
  36. Rock The Night Away
  37. Play That Funky Music
  38. Dancin’ Fever
  39. Feel My Beat
  40. Boogie Nights
  41. All-Night Dance Party
  42. Let’s Dance!
  43. Boogie-Woogie Time
  44. Party With Style
  45. Crazy Good Music

Creative Party Playlist Names

  1. Get the party Started – This is a great name for any playlist that’s designed to get people in the party mood.
  2. On the Dance Floor – Perfect for a playlist that features only dance hits.
  3. Ready to Party – An upbeat, fun name for any party-themed playlist.
  4. Let’s Get Lit – A catchy name that will make people smile and get them ready to have a good time.
  5. Hit the clubs – A great name for a playlist with club bangers and dance music.
  6. Party Animals – A fun and catchy name for any wild party playlist.
  7. Shake it Up – Perfect for a playlist with only the most energetic songs around.
  8. Let’s Dance – An upbeat, fun name for a dance-themed playlist.
  9. Turn it Up – A great way to set the mood for a party with this high-energy name.
  10. Let’s Jam – A catchy and fun name for any kind of party playlist that will get people up and dancing in no time!
  11. Feel the Music – A great name for a playlist with up-tempo music that will get everyone on their feet!
  12. Ready to Rave – If you have an EDM or rave-inspired playlist, this is a great, catchy name to go with it!
  13. Get Groovy – This is an awesome choice if you want something catchy and fun!
  14. Dance Party – This is one of those classic names that never goes out of style!
  15. Shake It Off – Perfect if you have an upbeat, poppy playlist full of bangers!
  16. Turn Up The Heat – For when you want your guests to know they’re in for one hot night!
  17. Let’s Get Wild

Cool Names For A Party Playlist

Having a party and need the perfect playlist to get the party going? Look no further! 

We’ve put together a list of 40+ cool names for party playlists to help you find the perfect selection of songs. 

From bangers to classics, these names are sure to get your guests in the mood for a good time.

  1. All-Night Bash
  2. Party Train
  3. Dance Floor Madness
  4. Club Tunes
  5. Disco Inferno
  6. Reggae Party
  7. Groovy Tunes
  8. House Party Hits
  9. Pop Parade
  10. Rap Attack
  11. Hip Hop House Party
  12. Rock Out!
  13. Country Jamboree
  14. Latin Heat
  15. Summer Vibes
  16. Electric Beats
  17. Dancehall Explosion
  18. Funkadelic Grooves
  19. Reggaeton Hits
  20. EDM Mania
  21. Rave Ready
  22. Booty Shakin’
  23. Turn Up The Bass
  24. Bollywood Beats
  25. K-Pop Jams
  26. Old School Classics
  27. Saturday Night Fever
  28. Retro Remixes
  29. Throwback Tunes
  30. Motown Magic
  31. Swingin’ Sixties
  32. Jammin’ Seventies
  33. Funkalicious Eighties
  34. Nineties Nostalgia
  35. Party Favourites
  36. Ultimate Classics
  37. Chill Vibes
  38. Summer Hits
  39. Happy Hour
  40. Dance Nation
  41. The Music Mixer
  42. Tropical Beats
  43. Beach Party Sounds
  44. R&B Rhythms
  45. Hip Hop Classics

Badass Names For A Party Playlist

  1. Dancefloor Domination
  2. Let the Beat Drop
  3. The Party Anthem
  4. Bass-Thumping Beats
  5. Turn Up the Volume
  6. Loud and Proud
  7. Get Ready to Move
  8. Feel the Rhythm
  9. Shake It Up
  10. Get on the Dance Floor
  11. Party Time Explosion
  12. Shaking Like an Earthquake
  13. The Rave Scene
  14. Move Your Body
  15. Music to Your Ears
  16. Feel the Groove
  17. Floor Fillers
  18. Droppin’ Some Beats
  19. Who Let the Beat Out?
  20. Party Animals Unite
  21. Booty Shakin’ Music
  22. Make it Pop!
  23. Ready, Set, Dance!
  24. Dance All Night Long
  25. Bring the Noise
  26. Bumpin’ Tunes
  27. Get That Party Started!
  28. Boom Boom Boom
  29. Time to Shake It Up!
  30. Lights, Camera, Action!
  31. Get Movin’ Momma!
  32. Gettin’ Low On the Dance Floor
  33. Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture
  34. Jump Around
  35. Pump It Up!
  36. Pop That Thang
  37. Turn Up That Music
  38. Bumpin’ & Grindin’
  39. Breakdance Battle
  40. Booty Clap Clap
  41. Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot
  42. Ready To Rumble
  43. Jackin’ The House
  44. Ya Gotta Twist
  45. Work it Out
  46. All Night Long
  47. Yo Yo Yo
  48. Dance Attack
  49. We Like To Party

Party Playlist Naming Tips

Making a great party playlist requires some creativity and thought. If you’re stumped for ideas on how to come up with the perfect name for your playlist, here are some tips to help you out.

1. Think of a Theme: Whether it’s a specific genre of music, a decade, or even a color, having a central theme will give your playlist an identity.

2. Get Creative: Use puns, rhymes, and alliteration to come up with the perfect name for your playlist.

3. Personalize: If you’re making the playlist for someone special, try to make it personal by incorporating their name or something they like into the title.

4. Keep It Simple: Don’t overthink it – sometimes the simplest names can be the best ones!

5. Brainstorm: Try writing down several words or phrases that come to mind when you think about your playlist and see if any of them work together. It might take some trial and error, but eventually, you’ll find the perfect name!

6. Ask For Help: If you’re still having trouble coming up with a name, consult with your friends and family! It never hurts to get other people’s opinions on what could make your playlist stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully, these tips have given you an idea or two on how to come up with an awesome name for your party playlist! With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time playing all of your favorite tunes for everyone at the party!


Having the perfect party playlist is essential for a great night. It’s important to choose the right name for your playlist to capture the atmosphere of the event. 

Whether you go for something funny, creative, or cool, make sure it reflects the ultimate vibe you’re aiming for.

When it comes to naming your party playlist, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

A great way to start is by brainstorming ideas and writing down a few of your favorites. 

You can also use online playlist name generators and tools to help you create unique names.

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