73 Best Rapper Fish Names (For Your Dope Friend)

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Fish are an important part of any aquarium. They provide a natural source of food and give you something to watch while you’re waiting for your plants to grow.

Fish also add interest and personality to your tank, and rapper fish names can help with this too!

In this post, we’ll go over 73 rapper fish name ideas that will make sure your tank is as unique as it is lively.

Best Rapper Fish Names

Here are some rapper fish monikers that are sure to inspire you:

  1. Biggie Smalls
  2. Tupac Fishy
  3. Nasia Crabby
  4. Drake
  5. Ludacris
  6. Snoop Dogg
  7. Eminem
  8. Kanye West
  9. Dr. Dre
  10. 50 Cent
  11. Macklemore
  12. Pitbull
  13. Beluga
  14. Wyclef Jean
  15. Fetty Wap Fishy
  16. Lil Wayne Fishy
  17. B.I.G.
  18. Jermaine Dupri
  19. Snoop Lion
  20. Ice Cube Catfish
  21. Mannie Fresh Fishy
  22. Nelly
  23. Curtis Blow
  24. Jay-Z
  25. Rick Ross
  26. T.I. Fishy
  27. Kendrick Lamar Catfish
  28. Meek Millie Fishy
  29. Nicki Minaj
  30. Diddy
  31. Lil Kim
  32. Missy Elliott
  33. Foxy Brown
  34. Ginuwine
  35. Rihanna
  36. André 3000
  37. Big Boi
  38. Bone Crusher
  39. Lil Jon
  40. Young Jeezy
  41. Earl Sweatshirt
  42. Big Sean Fishy
  43. Lil Yachty Catfish
  44. Migos Fishy
  45. Gucci Mane
  46. Future Catfish
  47. Rae Sremmurd Fishy
  48. Sir Lucious Left Foot
  49. Tha Dogg Pound
  50. N.W.A
  51. Geto Boys
  52. Clipse
  53. Run DMC
  54. E40
  55. Too $hort Fishy
  56. DJ Quick Catfish
  57. Warren G. Fishy
  58. DJ Pooh
  59. MC Hammer
  60. The Game Fishy
  61. 50 Cent’s Piranha
  62. Pacman Frog
  63. Dre Dog Fishy
  64. Tupac’s Piranha
  65. Wu Tang Clan Fishy
  66. Snoop Lion Fishy
  67. Pitbull Catfish
  68. DMX Fishy
  69. Eminem
  70. Biggie
  71. Big Poppa
  72. The Brooklyn Bomber
  73. The Notorious B.I.G.

Fish Name Inspiration

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and rapper fish monikers are no exception.

When coming up with your own rapper name for your fish, consider looking at some of these ideas to help pick the perfect name your fish deserves:

  • Well-known rappers
  • Rapper’s stage names
  • Rapper’s aliases
  • Rapper’s lyrics
  • Rapper’s persona or image
  • Things that rapper is known for

Other places to look for fish name inspiration:

  • Names of people you know well, such as friends and family members
  • Names from mythology or popular culture (Dragons, Cthulhu, etc.)
  • Politicians or celebrities who are infamous for one reason or another (Bill Clinton, Kanye West)
  • The name of your favorite sports team or player
  • Random words that sound cool together
  • Species of fish

When it comes to rapper names for fish, there are no rules. So get creative!

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few tips to find the perfect rapper name for your pet fish.

1. Use A Name That Is Easy To Spell And Pronounce, Especially If You Plan On Releasing Photos Or Videos Of Your Fish Online

Make sure the name is unique and recognizable.

Consider your fish’s personality when choosing a name. For example, if your fish is aggressive or playful, try choosing a name that reflects that.

Make sure the name is age-appropriate. Avoid using cuss words or inappropriate references in your fish’s name.

Be sure to have fun with it! The more you enjoy your fish’s rapper name, the more likely you are to stick with it.

2. Consider Names That Are Short, Concise, And Memorable

Names that are small and easy to remember are perfect for rapper fish. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your pet and share photos or videos of them with your friends and family.

3. Make Sure Your Rapper Fish Name Is Unique And Original

Try to avoid using names that are already in use by other people. This will help to ensure that your pet stands out from the rest.


Rapper names are a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your aquarium.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just need help choosing the perfect name, we’ve got 73 rapper fish monikers that will inspire you.

From Biggie Smalls and Tupac Fishy to Nasia Crabby and Drake, our list has something for everyone!

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