153 Blue Fish Names (BEST Girls & Boys Ideas)

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Blue fish are a great addition to your home aquarium for their beauty – largely or entirely light to dark blue color. They are also easy to keep and breed.

Once you get some blue fish, you should consider naming them. There are hundreds of creative male and female blue fish names to consider based on everything from color to personality. You can also get awesome girl and boy name ideas from the names listed here.

Below we have compiled a list of blue fish names based on different factors ranging from gender-based names to food-inspired names, plant-inspired names, cuteness, and more.

The names are listed alphabetically. We’ve also added other important information to help you choose the right name.

Let’s dive in.

Best Blue Fish Names

  • Blue or Blu – after their blue color
  • Bubba – loved one
  • Bubbles – After bubbles in a fish tank
  • Captain – leader
  • Finley – warrior
  • Jack – Gracious
  • Moby – Important
  • Nemo – Most Popular! Named after the popular film “Finding Nemo”
  • Sapphire
  • Topaz

Blue Fish Names For Girls

We’ve listed some great names for girl blue fish and their corresponding meanings below;

  1. Angel – messenger
  2. Ariel – lion of God
  3. Aurora – dawn
  4. Blanche – white (in French)
  5. Brooke – stream, flow
  6. Celeste – heavenly
  7. Cordelia – heart or daughter
  8. Cornelia – horn
  9. Daisy – inspiring & full of life
  10. Dianne – divine
  11. Donatella – a gift from God
  12. Donna – lady
  13. Dora – God’s gift
  14. Doris – Bountiful
  15. Electra – shinning
  16. Ella – her
  17. Euphemia – well-spoken
  18. Fiona – fair, beautiful
  19. Freya – noble
  20. Geraldine – rule
  21. Gina – queen
  22. Indira – splendid
  23. Ivy – vine
  24. Kat – pure
  25. Lola – sorrows
  26. Luna – moon
  27. Lyla – night
  28. Moana – ocean
  29. Nala – water
  30. Penelope – wise
  31. Penny – flower
  32. Peppa – abundance
  33. Pixie – fairy
  34. Rosie – rose
  35. Sandy – protector
  36. Skyler – sky
  37. Ursula – bear
  38. Willow – hope

Blue Fish Names For Boys

If you want male name for a blue fish, here are some considerations below listed in alphabetical order and the corresponding meaning;

  1. Albert – noble, bright
  2. Albus – white
  3. Axl – peace
  4. Billy – desire or will
  5. Bobby – famed, bright
  6. Bruno – brown
  7. Captain – leader, in charge
  8. Casper – treasurer
  9. Caspian – white
  10. Clint – on a hill
  11. Dexter – fortunate
  12. Ernie – serious
  13. Finley – hero
  14. Finn – fair
  15. Garland – prize
  16. Gary – spear
  17. Henry – ruler
  18. Herms – interpreter
  19. Hiro – generous
  20. Homer – secure
  21. Jasper – treasurer
  22. Jonah – a dove
  23. Lenny – brave
  24. Murphy – warrior
  25. Nigel – champion
  26. Odin – lord of frenzy
  27. Ollie – peaceful
  28. Oscar – friend
  29. Tao – long life
  30. Toby – God is good
  31. Zeus – sky, shine

Unisex Names For Blue Fish

You can also consider unisex pet fish names below that incorporate both genders and other specific related factors.

  1. Baby Blue – named after blue fish pale blue appearance.
  2. Bart – from earth
  3. Blau – means blue in German
  4. Bleu – means blue in French
  5. Cody – helpful
  6. Crush – likable
  7. Crystal – clear, earth
  8. Eden – Place of pleasure
  9. Electric – shining light
  10. Indigo – means blue dye
  11. Jem – gem
  12. Lunar – moons light
  13. Zac –means Yahweh has remembered
  14. Zir – sharp edge

Cute Names For Blue Fish

You can also settle for cute names for your blue fish. Here are some notable ideas to consider. Some names are fun cute versions of existing names.

  1. Aquaman – superhero
  2. Ba – lord, father figure
  3. Bait – named after fish bait
  4. Bambluezoled – to trick
  5. Barbie – attractive feminine
  6. Beautiful
  7. Blue-Hoo – triumph/surprise with a hint of blue
  8. Bluegyman
  9. Bluemerang – from boomerang
  10. Blueyah
  11. Bluezo
  12. Bubbles
  13. Bubbly
  14. Bulette
  15. Caviar
  16. Crush
  17. Destiny
  18. Fin – name after a fish’s fins
  19. Fish N Chips
  20. Florence
  21. Gill-ty
  22. Harley Finn
  23. Kiko – be happy
  24. Lloon – silly
  25. Lochness
  26. Lucy
  27. Mini
  28. Niagara
  29. Pearl
  30. Phish
  31. Phish Stix
  32. Sashimi
  33. Seaweed
  34. Small Fry
  35. Squish
  36. Tin Fin

Blue Food-Inspired Names For Fish

You can turn to some favorite fish blue fish food for inspiration. Some great food-inspired fish foods include;

  1. Boltz – popular fish food for good growth and healthy fish
  2. Hallofeed – Fish delicacy (Dried and frozen blood-worms)
  3. Hikari – Named after popular bio-gold fish food
  4. Okiko – popular fish food for flowerhorn fish some of which are blue in color
  5. Tetra bits – popular fish food

Blue Plant Inspired Names For Fish

  1. Anubia Nana – named after popular freshwater plant species
  2. Cryptocoryne Wendttii – aquatic plant genus from the Araceae family
  3. Hornwort – popular aquarium and pond plant that is easy to maintain
  4. Hygrophilia Polysperma – A popular aquatic plant in Texas, Florida, and other parts of U.S. Belongs to the Acanthaceae family.
  5. Java Fern – common leafy plant in aquariums
  6. Moneywort – money-like (coin-like) leafy aquatic plant
  7. Pygmy Chain Sword – beautiful carpeting aquatic plant
  8. Rotala Rotundifolia – common weed-like plant

Blue Pop Culture Character Names For Your Pet Fish

  1. Blue-Hoo
  2. Bug-a-Blue
  3. Draco – automatic weapon
  4. Fluke
  5. Gill-beat – inspiration from swiss beat
  6. Ice Cube – named after the legendary rapper, Ice Cube
  7. Mya – for Mya fans
  8. Rhythm & Blue
  9. Royal
  10. Swim Shady – for Eminem (slim shady fans)
  11. Tori – named after Tori Lanes

Fish Name Inspiration

You can give your blue fish a standard fish name like Gill or Finn coined from parts of a fish. You can also borrow inspiration from the species in question.

Other ideas include naming the fish according to the color, markings, and other distinct features.

Help Choosing The Right Name

Getting a fish pet is exciting. However, naming can be a challenge if you don’t have inspiration. Before you choose a name, consider the following;

  • Choose a fish name that is easy to remember: First and foremost, you need a simple name (preferably a one/two-syllable name that isn’t hard to remember). It’s also better to choose a name you are comfortable using.
  • Seek inspiration from books and personality traits: When choosing a fish name, you can search for inspiration anywhere, including in baby name books. You can also name your blue fish according to their unique personality traits. If your fish loves to feed, naming him after fish food can make sense. If your fish is lively or acts funny, you can consider a funny fish name When using this fish naming tip, you must watch your fish closely to identify an ideal personality you can name them after.
  • Consider Unique Circumstances: You can also name your pet blue fish based on the circumstances leading to you getting him/her. If you got the fish in a miraculous manner, a name like Dora (God’s gift) could be perfect. Movies and books can also offer inspiration. As seen above, Nemo is a popular fish name after the film “Finding Nemo”.
  • Playfulness and cuteness: Pet owners are also guided by the playfulness and cuteness of a pet name. You can choose or stay away from a fish name simply because it is trendy. Positive associations in many things like literature, people, and other pets can also inspire you to find suitable names. Consider other factors like origin.
  • Test the name: Once you have possible names you like, you need to test the names before choosing one. You should consider how the name sounds when you use it and other factors like feedback from your family members and friends. Testing is important for establishing suitability. If most/all people like the name, this is a clear sign that you have the right name.
  • Seek help: You can look at hundreds of fish names and fail to get the right one. In such a case, you can seek help from family members and friends. You can get awesome naming ideas by brainstorming with friends and family. Alternatively, you can visit social media sites and other online forums (pet forums) like blogoftom.
  • Spice up common names: You can “renew” a commonly used fish name by adding titles like Ms., Mr., Mrs., Jr., etc. Instead of calling your fish Nemo, which is a common name, Ms. Nemo can be a better name.
  • Naming many fish: If you want to name many fish, you can combine names, select multiple names or choose group names. When replacing fish, you can get inspiration from the previous name. For instance, your new fish can be called princess if your previous one was queen.


There you go! The above information can effectively act as the ultimate guide to blue fish names. We’ve listed names based on gender, cuteness, inspiration, pop culture, and more. You are bound to have a name for the blue fish you love after going through this guide. We hope you get a name that you love for your new aquatic buddy.

As mentioned, the process will require some research and many considerations, including the unique characteristics of your fish. Most importantly, don’t be afraid of bold names or experimenting. You are free to name your pet fish whatever you wish. You can also use the above names as inspiration for other naming challenges.

For more fish names information or related information on names, visit – www.blogoftom.com.

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