School Names (BEST & Cool Ideas In 2023)

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Are you curious about what the best school names out there are? Whether you’re thinking of starting a real school yourself, you want a name for a tutoring or other educational group, or you’re building a fictional school, there are some great names you can choose from!

Let’s look at the best names out there for your school!

There are some great names for schools, including things like Little Bee Preschool, Start Smart, Rainbow High, Monarch College, Granite Hills, and more. You might also like names such as Lunar Crest, Harumi High, St. Claire’s Academy, and Sunny Smile.


Best School Name Ideas

If you’re creating educational institutes, whether in reality or in a fictional world, you need some really good name ideas to make your school stand out.

Here are some of our top picks for you to select from!

  1. Brentwood College
  2. Harrison High School
  3. Lincoln Academy
  4. Mirage College
  5. Deer Valley Institute
  6. Big Pine High
  7. Oakleaf Primary
  8. Faringley School
  9. Sun Valley High
  10. Sunny Coast Middle School
  11. North Central High
  12. Blue River Primary
  13. Westview Academy
  14. Education Central
  15. East Elementary
  16. Bright Futures
  17. Lifetime Learning
  18. Excel Education
  19. Club Academy
  20. School Evolution
  21. Soaring School

Good School Names

If none of the above appeal to you, there are plenty more good names to choose from. Some of these are specifically aimed at middle schools, while others work for high schools.

  1. Wisdom Academy
  2. The Future Way
  3. Open Minds High
  4. Mastery Academy
  5. Miles Ahead
  6. Flying Start
  7. Elect Academy
  8. Drop of Change
  9. Eureka Elementary
  10. Five Star Students
  11. Super Studies
  12. Forward Thinking
  13. Foundations Academy
  14. Garden Grove High
  15. Gifted in Greatness
  16. Grades Above
  17. Lunar Crest University
  18. Silver Dusk Academy
  19. Bright Dawn
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Cute School Names

How about if you want your school to sound cute? A lot of cute names relate to animals, nature, and food, so consider these options.

  1. Coral Coast High
  2. Little Pine School
  3. Baby Stars
  4. Learning Tree
  5. Tulip Tree School
  6. Elk Grove
  7. Rainbow High
  8. Green Sprouts
  9. Little Owls
  10. Mountain Oak High
  11. Tiny Footprints
  12. Seed Starters
  13. Apple Middle School
  14. Shooting Stars
  15. Brookside Kids
  16. The Learning Den
  17. Broad River University
  18. Chalkboard Champions
  19. Intrepid Infants
  20. Elk Valley High
  21. Alphabet Kids

Funny Names For A School

If you’re in need of a name that doesn’t sound too serious, you might want to consider some of the below options.

Note that alliterative names can sound silly, although they have often been used in more serious ways too.

  1. Loopy Loopters
  2. Possible Impossibilities
  3. Pudding Pupils
  4. Premier Quality College
  5. Triumph Academy
  6. The Da Vinci School
  7. Wagon Wheel College
  8. Win at Life
  9. Success School
  10. Intelligent College
  11. Hellish High
  12. Granite Academy
  13. Flying School
  14. Acceleration Learners
  15. Excel in Excellence
  16. Ability Boosters
  17. Standard School
  18. Our Best Hope

Unique Names For A School

Sometimes, you just want a name that will really stand out, and make your school totally different from all the others.

This can be a really challenging task, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Cutting Edge Education
  2. Forging the Future
  3. Laguna Creek
  4. Panorama Prep
  5. Bright Beginnings
  6. Renewed Academy
  7. Learn ‘n’ Grow
  8. Strongest Scholars
  9. Little Life School
  10. Being Different
  11. Lighting Up
  12. Mountain Movers
  13. Liberty Park
  14. Diamond in the Rough
  15. Star Reachers
  16. Win in Life

Weird Names For A School

In other cases, you want to go for something that is straight-up weird and unusual to make your school stand out.

This may relate to the students that attend (vampires, werewolves, etc.), or could just be a random pick that fits your educational institute.

  1. High-Minded Academy
  2. Bloody Good Teaching
  3. Fair Maiden College
  4. Harbinger School
  5. Growing Pains
  6. Grapevine College
  7. Patriot Secondary School
  8. Food for Brain Academy
  9. Single Way School
  10. Steadfast School
  11. Cool College
  12. Freedom Academy
  13. Victory School
  14. Ambition Aeronaut
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Cool School Name Ideas

You might be trying to convey a cool vibe with your school’s new name. It’s hard to define what makes a name “cool,” but often, they are short, memorable, and easy to say.

  1. Brain Train
  2. Silver Valley Education
  3. New Horizons
  4. Achievers Academy
  5. Mastery Middle School
  6. Somerset School
  7. Eagle Education
  8. Cypress College
  9. Forging Futures
  10. Heritage High

Badass Names For Schools

Sometimes, you need to indicate that a school is a truly badass place for characters to have been educated. You need to convey slight edginess and angst with its name.

  1. Ravenwood College
  2. Skyline Middle School
  3. Mission Possible
  4. Bloody Dawn Academy
  5. Frozen Lake High School
  6. Better Tomorrow
  7. Raizen High
  8. Harumi High

Famous School Names

What are the most famous schools out there? There are, unsurprisingly, quite a few, and you can pick any of these if you want your name to be recognized!

  1. Benenden School
  2. Charterhouse
  3. Harrow School
  4. Eton
  5. Westminster School
  6. Winchester College
  7. St Paul’s School
  8. Oak Grove School
  9. Aquinas Academy of Pittsburgh
  10. Abraham Joshua Heschel School
  11. Acero School
  12. Al-Noor Academy
  13. Belmont Hill School
  14. Ben Lippen School
  15. Drew School
  16. Elgin School
  17. Franklin Road Academy

Fantasy Names For A School

What about a school in a fantasy world? How can you choose a name that sounds amazing?

  1. Camelot Kids
  2. Blue Towers
  3. The Faraway School
  4. Reine
  5. Kurisho Minami High School
  6. Storm Coast
  7. Redlands University
  8. Willow College
  9. Winterville High School
  10. Evisine
  11. Gokmiton
  12. Rolarth High
  13. Lunons Academy
  14. Vaegroth College
  15. Amaexarth University
  16. Neverland Preparatory
  17. Taumerry
  18. Voxarth Middle School
  19. Ipogrinns College

Magic School Names

Magical schools can sometimes have fantasy names, but you might want an even more magical-sounding name.

To choose a magical name, think about the meaning behind it and whether it suits your school’s atmosphere.

  1. Wyvernpaw
  2. Tyger High
  3. Dragonscale Academy
  4. Zikiton
  5. Firefly School
  6. Galdier’s Preparatory
  7. Higwithing
  8. Daukons
  9. Castle Corm
  10. Cornidos Calatta
  11. Ixtal
  12. Mystical Mergence
  13. The Halls of Harmony
  14. The Ruined Towers
  15. Owlhorn Academy of Witchcraft
  16. Silvergaze Wizards
  17. Fulcrum Brotherhood
  18. Eight-Star Academia
  19. Cabbilist Philosophers’ Academy
  20. Voodoo Diamonds
  21. Rimriths School
  22. Nesonia Neptune
  23. Learning Lakes

Names For An Old School

Old school monikers very frequently relate to the person who set them up, or the person who they were set up to honor. That’s why you’ll see things like Saint and Queen or King in the title, although there are some that don’t follow this rule.

  1. St Bernard’s School
  2. Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School
  3. King Edward’s High
  4. Blue Coat Preparatory
  5. Eddington Halls
  6. St. Claire’s
  7. St. Bernadette’s
  8. Queen Victoria
  9. The Queen’s Gates
  10. Sir Thomas Abney School
  11. Lady Morton’s High Academy
  12. Brentside High School
  13. Claremont High School
  14. St. Matthews
  15. Winchester Tower Gate Hall
  16. Rowan Hill Highward
  17. Pine Halls
Building on a college campus in Indiana

Boarding School Names

Of course, a good boarding school has to have a suitable name, and there are lots out there to pick between.

Often, the school will need to sound a little posh, since boarding schools are typically associated with fees and high quality.

  1. Brighton College
  2. Repton School
  3. Stamford School
  4. St. Lawrence’s College
  5. Teikyo School
  6. Tudor Hall School
  7. Wycombe Abbey
  8. Keil School
  9. The Mary Erskine School
  10. Loretto School
  11. Malvern College
  12. Lancing College
  13. Embley
  14. Ryde School
Back view of elementary school student raising her hand

Fake High School Names

If you just want to convey the air of an everyday high school, you probably want to come up with a name that is normal – and there are plenty of those.

Pick from any of the below options:

  1. Blue Creek High
  2. West Wynd High
  3. Bannon High School
  4. Appleyard School
  5. Crest Hill
  6. Bright Sparks
  7. Avonlea Academy
  8. Westland School
  9. Moregate Academy
  10. Wiltshire High
  11. Moongarth Preparatory
  12. King Arthur’s
  13. Browning School of Tech
  14. Bellview Academy
  15. Nook Brinley High
  16. Maple Avenue
  17. Clover Academy

Names For A Middle School

Middle school monikers are often similar to high school monikers but may be a little more approachable and sweet. Try things like:

  1. Elm Tree Avenue
  2. City Bridges Middle School
  3. Lwellyn Barker Preparatory
  4. Beaver County School
  5. The Golden Apple
  6. Bright Streams
  7. Early Days School
  8. Big Blue World
  9. Young Leaves School
  10. Cleves Middle School
  11. Carlton School
  12. Bright Minds
  13. The Beech
  14. Stepping Stones
  15. Sacred Heart Academy
  16. The Education Key
  17. Kids in Action
  18. Oak Park

German Names For A School

If you want your school to sound like it’s convincingly set in Germany, choosing a real German school name for it might be a good idea.

  1. Lorenz Fries Sonderschule
  2. Kolping Berufskolleg
  3. Gymnasium Ehingen
  4. Robert-Mayer-Gymnasium
  5. Freie Schule Anne-Sophie
  6. Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium
  7. Elisabeth-Gymnasium
  8. Lisolette-Gymnasium
  9. Sommertalschule
  10. Stuttgart
  11. Josef-Effner-Gymnasium
  12. Julius Echter Gymnasium
  13. Landheim Schondorf
  14. Lindenberg

Japanese Names For A School

Similarly, if you want to set up your school in Japan, you might want to consider a few of these Japanese names.

  1. Horikoshi High School
  2. Nada High School
  3. Kaisei Academy
  4. Yokosuka High School
  5. Uwajima Fishery High School
  6. Inagakuen Public High School
  7. Saga Technical High School
  8. Chiben Gakuen Middle School
  9. Seien Girls’ High School
  10. Taku Senior High School

Spanish Names For A School

There are also some great names if you want to make your school Spanish.

  1. International House Valencia
  2. Cervantes Escuela Internacional
  3. Taronja
  4. Colegio Estilo
  5. Hamelin Laie International School
  6. Aloha College
  7. Kostka College
  8. Claret School Barcelona
  9. St. Ignatius College
  10. Real Collegio de Doncellas Nobles

Names For A Christian School

To create a religious atmosphere, you might want to find some religious school names – such as those offered below.

  1. Emmanuel Community School
  2. Walthamstow Abbey
  3. St. Laurence School
  4. Trinity School
  5. St. Alban’s School
  6. Wells Cathedral School
  7. St. Faith’s School
  8. The Vine Christian School
  9. Covenant Christian School
  10. Lincoln Minister School

Anime School Names

Anime is also enormously popular at the moment, and you might be looking for an anime insipred name.

There is again plenty to choose from!

  1. Shuchi’in Academy
  2. Fuuka Academy
  3. Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School
  4. Kamome Academy
  5. Ninja Academy
  6. Academy City
  7. Mahora Academy
  8. Midgar
  9. Hoshinoumi Academy
  10. Ousai Academy
  11. Totsuki Culinary Academy
  12. Ashford Academy
  13. Duel Academy
  14. Kamiyama Academy
  15. Shibasaki High School
  16. Hakoniwa Academy
  17. Jujutsu High
  18. Kuoh Academy

Animal Crossing School Name Ideas

If you’re playing Animal Crossing, you might be struggling to come up with a great name for your school – so here is some inspiration to get you going!

There are options for many different themes here!

  1. Smallville (Superman)
  2. Hobbiton (Lord of the Rings)
  3. Bedrock (The Flintstones)
  4. PalletTown (Pokémon)
  5. Honeydukes (Harry Potter)
  6. Coast City (Green Lantern)
  7. Bluebell (Hart of Dixie)
  8. IslaNubar (Jurassic Park)
  9. Ariel City (Firefly)
  10. Skull Isle (King Kong)
  11. Storybrook (Once Upon A Time)
  12. The Island (Lost)
  13. Kanto (Pokémon)
  14. AngelGrove (Power Rangers)
  15. Mega City (The Matrix)

Names Of Schools For Inspiration (Real and Fiction)

What about a few famous schools to inspire you? There are quite a few, both from popular culture and from real life, and choosing one of these will link your school to an existing idea.

  1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (fiction)
  2. Springfield Elementary (fiction)
  3. West Beverley Hills (fiction)
  4. Hudson University (fiction)
  5. West Canaan High School (fiction)
  6. North Shore High School (fiction)
  7. Rushmore Academy (fiction)
  8. McKinley High School (fiction)
  9. Ridgemont High School (fiction)
  10. Rydell High School (fiction)
  11. Chilton Prep (fiction)
  12. Shermer High School (fiction)
  13. Newham College
  14. St. Stephen’s School
  15. Harvard
  16. Yale
  17. Clifton Lodge
  18. Langdon Academy

School Naming Tips

When it comes to naming a school, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. If you can’t think of a name, the first thing you should do is consider what sort of world you are working in.

if you’re naming a school in the real world, you’ll want to choose a normal-sounding name that reflects the school’s goals of teaching.

If you’re naming a school in a fantasy world, consider whether you want a magical sort of name or a more standard one. Either can work, but make sure whichever you choose fits with the rest of the world.

You should also think about the atmosphere that the school conveys, and the students that go there. Is it the sort of school that needs a cool name, an old-fashioned name, a Christian name, or something else?

If your school is set in the real world, think about what country it is in, and how this might affect its name.

This should guide you toward choosing a name that will work well for you. You might want to make a list of your favorites and then narrow them down to the top few that you like best.

You might also want to run some of the names past people you trust, especially if it’s for something important, like a novel or a new business venture. This should help you narrow your choices down to one that you’ll really love.


There are lots of great names out there for schools, so don’t worry if you’re struggling to find the perfect one.

Think about what sort of atmosphere you want to convey with your name, and then use the above lists to guide yourself toward the right name for your institution.

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