399+ Swimming Pool Names (So Good, You’ll Want to Dive Right In!)

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Swimming pools are a great source of entertainment and relaxation, especially during the hot summer months.

Whether you’re a pool company looking for a catchy name or an individual looking for inspiration to name your backyard oasis, there are endless possibilities.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of 399+ Swimming Pool Names that are so good you’ll want to dive right in!

Best Swimming Pool Company Names

Here are some of the best business name ideas for your swimming pool company:

  1. Aqua Oasis
  2. Blue Lagoon
  3. Caribbean Cove
  4. Crystal Waters
  5. Deep Blue
  6. Emerald Bay
  7. Golden Sun
  8. Island Breeze
  9. Ocean Vista
  10. Paradise Pool
  11. Sapphire Springs
  12. Sea Spray
  13. Sunsplash
  14. Tropical Tide
  15. Wave Rider
  16. Azure Tide
  17. Bay Breeze
  18. Coral Cove
  19. Diamond Dunes
  20. Enchanted Waters
  21. Fresh Water
  22. Hidden Haven
  23. Infinity Pool
  24. Jewel of the Sea
  25. Key West
  26. Lazy River
  27. Midnight Swim
  28. Neptune’s Nest
  29. Oasis Pool
  30. Pacific Blue
  31. Quiet Cove
  32. Royal Retreat
  33. Sapphire Bay
  34. Sea Breeze
  35. Sunburst
  36. Topaz Tides
  37. Ultimate Escape
  38. Venetian Villa
  39. Waterfront Retreat
  40. Xanadu
  41. Yellow Sun
  42. Zen Garden
  43. Aqua Escape
  44. Blue Wave
  45. Caribbean Dream
  46. Crystal Clear
  47. Deep Dive
  48. Emerald Isle
  49. Golden Sands
  50. Island Paradise

Good Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Haven
  2. Beachcomber
  3. Blue Haven
  4. Caribbean Escape
  5. Crystal Clear Pools
  6. Deep End
  7. Emerald Pools
  8. Golden Pond
  9. Island Getaway
  10. Ocean Escape
  11. Paradise Bay
  12. Sapphire Cove
  13. Sea Dreams
  14. Sun Haven
  15. Tropical Paradise
  16. Wave Breaker
  17. Azure Waters
  18. Bay View
  19. Coral Dreams
  20. Diamond Blue
  21. Enchanted Garden
  22. Fresh Oasis
  23. Hidden Paradise
  24. Infinity Edge
  25. Jewel of the Tropics
  26. Key Largo
  27. Lazy Days
  28. Midnight Oasis
  29. Neptune’s Pool
  30. Ocean View
  31. Quiet Waters
  32. Royal Blue
  33. Sapphire Shores
  34. Seaside Serenity
  35. Sunflower
  36. Topaz Waters
  37. Ultimate Escape Pools
  38. Venetian Waters
  39. Waterfront Oasis
  40. X-treme Pools
  41. Yellow Umbrella
  42. Zen Oasis
  43. Aqua Life
  44. Blue Bay
  45. Caribbean Splash
  46. Crystal Pools
  47. Deep Thoughts Pool
  48. Emerald Cove
  49. Golden Coast
  50. Island Life

Cool Swimming Pool Name Ideas

Check out this cool list of swimming pool monikers:

  1. Aqua Lounge
  2. Beach Bum
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Caribbean Nights
  5. Crystal Oasis
  6. Deep Sea
  7. Emerald Sea
  8. Golden Sands Pool
  9. Island Oasis
  10. Ocean Blue
  11. Paradise Pools and Spas
  12. Sapphire Seas
  13. Sea Breeze Pools
  14. Sun Kissed Pools
  15. Tropical Breeze Pools
  16. Wave Rider Pools
  17. Azure Pools
  18. Bay Watch Pools
  19. Coral Reef Pools
  20. Diamond Pools
  21. Enchanted Pools
  22. Fresh Pools
  23. Hidden Pools
  24. Infinity Pools
  25. Jewel of the Ocean
  26. Key to the Beach
  27. Lazy River Pools
  28. Midnight Swim Pools
  29. Neptune’s Playground
  30. Ocean Dreams Pools
  31. Quiet Cove Pools
  32. Royal Blue Pools
  33. Sapphire Pools
  34. Seaside Pools
  35. Sunburst Pools
  36. Topaz Pools
  37. Ultimate Pools
  38. Venetian Pools
  39. Waterfront Pools
  40. X-Pools
  41. Yellow Sun Pools
  42. Zen Pools
  43. Aqua Blue Pools
  44. Blue Haven Pools
  45. Caribbean Blue Pools
  46. Crystal Clear Pools and Spas
  47. Deep Blue Pools
  48. Emerald Bay Pools
  49. Golden Sun Pools
  50. Island Breeze Pools

Badass Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Inferno
  2. Beach Battle
  3. Blue Fury
  4. Caribbean Fury
  5. Crystal Inferno
  6. Deep Fury
  7. Emerald Fury
  8. Golden Fury
  9. Island Fury
  10. Ocean Fury
  11. Paradise Fury
  12. Sapphire Fury
  13. Sea Fury
  14. Sun Fury
  15. Tropical Fury
  16. Wave Fury
  17. Azure Fury
  18. Bay Fury
  19. Coral Fury
  20. Diamond Fury
  21. Enchanted Fury
  22. Fresh Fury
  23. Hidden Fury
  24. Infinity Fury
  25. Jewel Fury
  26. Key Fury
  27. Lazy Fury
  28. Midnight Fury
  29. Neptune Fury
  30. Ocean Fury
  31. Quiet Fury
  32. Royal Fury
  33. Sapphire Fury
  34. Seaside Fury
  35. Sunburst Fury
  36. Topaz Fury
  37. Ultimate Fury
  38. Venetian Fury
  39. Waterfront Fury
  40. X-Fury
  41. Yellow Fury
  42. Zen Fury
  43. Aqua Fury
  44. Blue Fury
  45. Caribbean Fury
  46. Crystal Fury
  47. Deep Fury
  48. Emerald Fury
  49. Golden Fury
  50. Island Fury

Unique Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Zen
  2. Beach House Pools
  3. Blue Ribbon Pools
  4. Caribbean Blue Waters
  5. Crystal Serenity Pools
  6. Deep Dive Pools
  7. Emerald Coast Pools
  8. Golden Nugget Pools
  9. Island Retreat Pools
  10. Oceanic Pools
  11. Paradise Found Pools
  12. Sapphire Springs Pools
  13. Sea Glass Pools
  14. Sunflower Pools
  15. Tropical Breezes Pools
  16. Wave Break Pools
  17. Azure Skies Pools
  18. Bay Area Pools
  19. Coral Cove Pools
  20. Diamond Life Pools
  21. Enchanted Waters Pools
  22. Fresh Start Pools
  23. Hidden Oasis Pools
  24. Infinity Escape Pools
  25. Jewel Box Pools
  26. Key Pools
  27. Lazy Days Pools
  28. Midnight Swim Pools
  29. Neptune’s Delight Pools
  30. Ocean Breeze Pools
  31. Quiet Nights Pools
  32. Royal Pools
  33. Sapphire Bay Pools
  34. Seaside Dreams Pools
  35. Sunburst Pools
  36. Topaz Tides Pools
  37. Ultimate Escape Pools
  38. Venetian Oasis Pools
  39. Waterfront Dreams Pools
  40. Xanadu Pools
  41. Yellow Submarine Pools
  42. Zen Garden Pools
  43. Aqua Escape Pools
  44. Blue Skies Pools
  45. Caribbean Connection Pools
  46. Crystal Blue Pools
  47. Deep End Pools
  48. Emerald Oasis Pools
  49. Golden Beach Pools
  50. Island Paradise Pools

Catchy Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Thrill
  2. Beach House Pool Co.
  3. Blue Bayou
  4. Caribbean Mist
  5. Crystal Clean Pools
  6. Deep Dive Pool Co.
  7. Emerald Pools and Spas
  8. Gold Rush Pools
  9. Island Dreams Pools
  10. Ocean Blue Pools
  11. Paragon Pools
  12. Sapphire Pools and Spas
  13. Sea Breeze Pools and Spas
  14. Sunburst Pools and Spas
  15. Tropical Pools and Spas
  16. Wave Rider Pools and Spas
  17. Azure Pools and Spas
  18. Bay Area Pool Co.
  19. Coral Cove Pool Co.
  20. Diamond Pools and Spas
  21. Enchanted Pools and Spas
  22. Fresh Start Pool Co.
  23. Hidden Oasis Pool Co.
  24. Infinity Pools and Spas
  25. Jewel of the Sea Pool Co.
  26. Key West Pools and Spas
  27. Lazy Days Pool Co.
  28. Midnight Swim Pools and Spas
  29. Neptune’s Playground Pool Co.
  30. Oceanfront Pools and Spas
  31. Quiet Cove Pool Co.
  32. Royal Retreat Pool Co.
  33. Sapphire Pools and Spas
  34. Seaside Serenity Pools and Spas
  35. Sunburst Pools and Spas
  36. Topaz Pools and Spas
  37. Ultimate Escape Pools and Spas
  38. Venetian Pool Co.
  39. Waterfront Pools and Spas
  40. X-Pool Co.
  41. Yellow Sun Pool Co.
  42. Zen Garden Pools and Spas
  43. Aqua Life Pool Co.
  44. Blue Haven Pool Co.
  45. Caribbean Blue Pool Co.
  46. Crystal Clear Pools and Spas
  47. Deep Thoughts Pool Co.
  48. Emerald Cove Pool Co.
  49. Golden Coast Pool Co.
  50. Island Life Pool Co.

Creative Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Crest Pools
  2. Beachcomber Pools
  3. Blue Water Pools
  4. Caribbean Chill Pools
  5. Crystal Pools and Spas
  6. Deep Blue Pools and Spas
  7. Emerald Coast Pools and Spas
  8. Gold Star Pools
  9. Island Oasis Pools and Spas
  10. Oceanfront Pools and Spas
  11. Paradise Cove Pools
  12. Sapphire Pools
  13. Sea Breeze Pools
  14. Sunburst Pools and Spas
  15. Tropical Pools and Spas
  16. Wave Rider Pools
  17. Azure Pools and Spas
  18. Bayview Pools and Spas
  19. Coral Reef Pools
  20. Diamond Pools and Spas
  21. Enchanted Garden Pools and Spas
  22. Freshwater Pools and Spas
  23. Hidden Haven Pools
  24. Infinity Edge Pools and Spas
  25. Jewel of the Tropics Pools
  26. Key Largo Pools and Spas
  27. Lazy River Pools and Spas
  28. Midnight Swim Pools and Spas
  29. Neptune’s Nest Pools and Spas
  30. Ocean Vista Pools and Spas
  31. Quiet Cove Pools and Spas
  32. Royal Retreat Pools and Spas
  33. Sapphire Bay Pools and Spas
  34. Seaside Serenity Pools and Spas
  35. Sunburst Pools and Spas
  36. Topaz Tides Pools and Spas
  37. Ultimate Escape Pools and Spas
  38. Venetian Villa Pools and Spas
  39. Waterfront Retreat Pools and Spas
  40. Xanadu Pools and Spas
  41. Yellow Sun Pools and Spas
  42. Zen Oasis Pools and Spas
  43. Aqua Escape Pools and Spas
  44. Blue Wave Pools and Spas
  45. Caribbean Dreams Pools and Spas
  46. Crystal Clear Pools and Spas
  47. Deep Dive Pools and Spas
  48. Emerald Isle Pools and Spas
  49. Golden Sands Pools and Spas
  50. Island Paradise Pools and Spas

Funny Swimming Pool Names

  1. Aqua Holic
  2. Beach Bum Pools
  3. Blue Balls Pools
  4. Caribbean Jerk Pools
  5. Crystal Meth Pools
  6. Deep Sh*t Pools
  7. Emerald City Pools
  8. Gold Digger Pools
  9. Island Fever Pools
  10. Ocean’s Eleven Pools
  11. Pool Party Pools
  12. Sapphire and Steel Pools
  13. Sea Sick Pools
  14. Sun Burnt Pools
  15. Tropical Depression Pools
  16. Wave Goodbye Pools
  17. Azure Skies Pools
  18. Bay Watch This Pools
  19. Coral Bleaching Pools
  20. Diamond in the Rough Pools
  21. Enchanted Folly Pools
  22. Fresh Hell Pools
  23. Hidden Depths Pools
  24. Infinity and Beyond Pools
  25. Jewel Thief Pools
  26. Key Lime Pie Pools
  27. Lazy Daze Pools
  28. Midnight Snack Pools
  29. Neptune’s Toilet Pools
  30. Ocean’s Thirteen Pools
  31. Quiet Riot Pools
  32. Royal Pain Pools
  33. Sapphire and Diamonds Pools
  34. Seaside Soiree Pools
  35. Sunburnt and Crispy Pools
  36. Topaz in the Rough Pools
  37. Ultimate Hangover Pools
  38. Venetian Blinds Pools
  39. Waterfront Woes Pools
  40. X Marks the Spot Pools
  41. Yellow Submarine Sandwich Pools
  42. Zen and the Art of Pool Maintenance
  43. Aqua Lung Pools
  44. Blue Crush Pools
  45. Caribbean Queen Pools
  46. Crystal Methane Pools
  47. Deep End of the Pool Pools
  48. Emerald Envy Pools
  49. Golden Shower Pools
  50. Island Time Pools

Name Inspiration: Where To Look

Finding the right name for your swimming pool business can be a daunting task. It should reflect your brand and create an atmosphere that potential customers will enjoy.

Here are some places to look for ideas and suggestions when naming your pool business:

  1. Nature: Take a look at the natural world around you. Inspiration can come from different elements in nature, such as animals, plants, and water features. Consider using words like “splash,” “wave,” or “breeze” in your pool business name.
  2. Sports: Swimming is a sport, so why not draw inspiration from it? Think of different activities that are associated with swimming, like “diving,” “freestyle,” or even “marathon.”
  3. Local landmarks: Is there a local landmark or feature near your pool business location? Use this to your advantage and incorporate it into your pool business name. It will help anchor your business in its local community.

By considering these three sources of inspiration, you can come up with a pool business name that fits perfectly with your brand. So don’t rush the process—take your time to brainstorm ideas until you find the right one.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Name For Your Pool Business

  1. Keep it short and simple: Choose a name that’s easy to remember, spell, and pronounce.
  2. Consider what you do: Try to include a keyword or two that describes the services your business offers so customers know exactly what they can expect from you.
  3. Do some research: If your business name is generic, check to see if there are any other businesses in the local area with a similar name. It’s important to stand out from the competition!
  4. Think of the future: Make sure that your pool business name will still work if you expand or offer additional services in the future.
  5. Create an online presence: Once you pick a name, create an official website and social media accounts to establish your brand.
  6. Test it out: Finally, get feedback from family and friends to see what they think of the name before making a final decision.

These simple tips can help ensure that you choose the perfect name for your pool business that will represent your company for years to come.


Choosing a name for your pool business is an important decision that requires some thought and research.

Consider the local competition, think about the future, create an online presence, and test it with friends and family.

With these tips, you can ensure that your pool business stands out!

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