Animal Crossing Town Names (321+ Cool Cute & Funny Ideas)

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As one of the most popular games loved by gamers across the globe, Animal Crossing helps people stay connected virtually during times they may not feel as though they are. To do this, gamers create their own town.

When creating a new town, it’s very important to choose a name that matches the character you are playing within the game.

Allowing your kids to pick their own Animal Crossing town names can be a wonderful way to get their brains thinking, and help them become more imaginative.

That being said, thinking of a unique town name can even be hard for adults.

Whether you name your town the most simple, three-letter word, or you turn over a new leaf and name it something completely new, you’ll be sure to have fun figuring out a perfect name for your virtual home. 

Top 10 Animal Crossing Town Names

  1. Moonrise
  2. Oldhaven
  3. Oakenguard
  4. Serenity
  5. Northstorm
  6. Mapleview
  7. Cherrytown
  8. Eventide
  9. Hidden Hills
  10. Castlerock

Best Animal Crossing Town Names

Whether you name your town one word, or scramble a couple of words together, using some of these names in your Animal Crossing world is sure to make a unique addition to the online world.

Take a look at some of the best Animal Crossing Town names, listed below!

  1. Zombie
  2. Daisyway
  3. Paradise
  4. Eden
  5. Jupiter
  6. Another
  7. Luna
  8. Geranium
  9. Lost Creek
  10. Rainfall
  11. Seacrest
  12. Startrail
  13. Roan
  14. Fawnvale
  15. Moonrise
  16. Neverland
  17. Seacove
  18. Orangetown
  19. Hollows
  20. Aloha
  21. Lilypad
  22. Jumanji
  23. Kelpgrove
  24. Erased
  25. Oldhaven
  26. Oakenguard
  27. Serenity
  28. Northstorm
  29. Honeyburgh
  30. Stillwell
  31. Flax
  32. Pearlcliff- who doesn’t love pearls?
  33. Cherrytown
  34. Peachtown- The villagers love fruit, so why not use a fruit for your town name?
  35. Lost Colony
  36. Tranquil
  37. Saltmire
  38. Brier
  39. Angel
  40. Littlewood
  41. Brooke
  42. Rose Brook
  43. StarIsle
  44. Nightband
  45. Hyrule
  46. Dawn
  47. Ninja
  48. Appletown
  49. Coral
  50. Lapis
  51. Mornstall
  52. Dogtown
  53. Mapleview
  54. Azolla
  55. Nook
  56. Sakura
  57. Hakuna
  58. Peartown
  59. Camellia
  60. Radiant
  61. Quilport
  62. Eventide
  63. Cherrytown
  64. Castlerock
  65. Redwater
  66. Iriscove
  67. Millburgh
  68. Haven
  69. Hidden Hills
  70. Cove
  71. Dewdrop
  72. Summer
  73. Eastkeep
  74. Apocalypse- for if you like a little bit of chaos
  75. Mightford
  76. Dusk

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Cute Animal Crossing Town Names

Visitors will always find cute names appealing. If you are someone who likes cute things, choosing a cute name to go with a beautiful town may be the way to go!

Here are some cute Animal Crossing Island name ideas:

  1. Amaranth
  2. Sweetgrasp
  3. Stingray
  4. Madagascar- for fans of the movie!
  5. Quilcliff
  6. Moon
  7. Citrus
  8. Mochi
  9. Evergaden
  10. Sunshine
  11. Beachwick
  12. Avalon
  13. Crystal
  14. Evenbreak
  15. Castaway
  16. Luckycat
  17. Finport
  18. Ocean
  19. Kawaii
  20. Dream
  21. Plumpond
  22. Pembroke
  23. Nintenland
  24. Aspen
  25. Gollden
  26. Fairport
  27. Mistfall
  28. Neon
  29. Floating Rock
  30. Dimmere
  31. Moonbeam
  32. Finehall
  33. Super Blues– for when you’re either a fan of the blues or feeling blue!
  34. Sharks Warf- for if you’re hoping for some friends with pointy teeth!
  35. Stella
  36. Venus
  37. Sparkle
  38. Kiwi
  39. Butterfly
  40. Wonder
  41. Saga
  42. World’s Edge
  43. Dawn
  44. Moondust
  45. Caramel
  46. Eytelia
  47. Basinbay
  48. Sushi
  49. Konoha
  50. Violet
  51. Treasure
  52. Mudbell
  53. Lushvault
  54. Konoha Island
  55. Secret
  56. Happy
  57. Faehold
  58. Promised
  59. Garnet- How cool would a town named after different crystals be?!
  60. Marsh
  61. Cloud
  62. Starlight
  63. Willow
  64. Isle of Mammals- are you a fan of mammals? Wish you could have an island full of them? This name might be right for you!
  65. Eclipse- Whether you’re a big fan of vampires from Forks, Washington or you just think the word is cool, Eclipse would make a fantastic town name.
  66. Aster
  67. Cypress
  68. Mocha
  69. Rowan
  70. Laurel
  71. Duskrest
  72. Sunbaked
  73. Starry
  74. Port Moody- for when you’re just not feeling like being bothered
  75. Freesia
  76. Starlight- for those intense dreamers who love to gaze at the stars at night
  77. Fairy
  78. Barefall

Cool Names For Animal Crossing Town

Want a cool name for your town that will be sure to make everyone jealous? Here is a list of some of the coolest names we can find!

Whether you name your town off of a fictional character, a franchise, or just a word that sounds cool, these names will be sure to turn the heads of villagers everywhere.

  1. Joker’s Asylum
  2. Bellcove
  3. Maplerow
  4. Slug Island
  5. Akira’s Paradise
  6. The Beast Land
  7. Mallet
  8. Willow Way
  9. Tierra
  10. X-Men Island
  11. Ireland
  12. Foxtrot
  13. Pink City Islands
  14. West Egg-From The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  15. Cresentpeak
  16. Avenger’s Land
  17. East Egg- From The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  18. Stardew
  19. Bellshore
  20. Whitefell
  21. Gazpacho
  22. Tinseltown- The real-life nickname for Hollywood
  23. Saffron
  24. Sulkbell
  25. Atlantis- From Greek Mythology
  26. Hawaii
  27. Novabrush
  28. Elysium- From Greek Mythology
  29. Bellariva
  30. Peaches
  31. Roseband
  32. Foggybay
  33. Moondrop
  34. Nowhere- even if it’s somewhere
  35. Moonstone
  36. Danika
  37. DND John Wick
  38. Moonrise Island
  39. Tingle
  40. Isle of the Storm
  41. Robin’s World
  42. Batman’s Cave
  43. Final Destination
  44. The Forgotten City
  45. Mapleleaf
  46. Scared Islands
  47. Lord of the Island
  48. Mossden
  49. Shady Pines
  50. Magnolia
  51. Abner- Father of Light
  52. Birdwell Island
  53. Azkaban- for fans of Harry Potter… beware!
  54. Tygee
  55. Magic Land
  56. Fight Club
  57. Lilacbay
  58. Starport
  59. Aurora Island
  60. Penzance
  61. Pony Island-  From Pokemon Sun and Moon
  62. Plumpoint
  63. Gardenia
  64. Unova
  65. Smashville- From Super Smash Bros
  66. Punk Hazard
  67. Akala Island- From Pokemon Sun and Moon
  68. Dawnville
  69. Skull Island
  70. Deep Waters
  71. Robust
  72. Wuhu Island- from the Wii Fit
  73. Starbloom
  74. Windfall
  75. Hyrule- From the Legend of Zelda
  76. The Batcave
  77. Shutter Island
  78. Juniper
  79. Dawnstar
  80. Lavalava
  81. Amor- love in the Spanish and Portuguese language
  82. Dustfront
  83. Fairylight

Funny Animal Crossing Town Names

There are certainly some interesting names in Animal Crossing.

Your town’s name can either be a funny pun, or maybe a couple of funny-sounding words put together. The possibilities are truly endless.

  1. A-Flat
  2. Preheat
  3. Silhouette
  4. Gertrude
  5. Gatlin– stands for “friend”
  6. Taglia
  7. Anvil
  8. CobbleIgloo
  9. Cadence
  10. A-Sharp
  11. Sea Star
  12. Cylinder
  13. Oyster
  14. Flipflop
  15. Bakaland
  16. Tiramisu
  17. Bublegum
  18. Delfina
  19. Penguin
  20. Lament
  21. Beehive
  22. Nook Isle-  For if you would like to pay homage to the one and only Tom Nook
  23. Crabby
  24. Din Isle- “Denial
  25. Belland
  26. Delfino
  27. Gummy
  28. Antler
  29. Bobcat
  30. Ricecake
  31. Eggs Isle- “Exile”
  32. Aoi- blue
  33. Aloe
  34. Worm
  35. Midori- green
  36. Toad Stool
  37. Faron- meaning “handsome servant”
  38. Wrapping
  39. Casa
  40. Poe Land- “Poland”

Good Animal Crossing Town Names

It can be really hard to think of a great name for your Animal Crossing town. That being said, it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Whether you keep your town name one word or mix them up, creating something completely unique to you, you’ll be able to have so much fun in this world.

  1. Pansy
  2. Zinnia
  3. Marine
  4. Glimview
  5. Mythfalls
  6. Sandford
  7. Topaz
  8. Clematis
  9. Begonia
  10. Maplevault
  11. Aurelia
  12. Smallkeep
  13. Acorn
  14. Willow
  15. Mythview
  16. Quildenn
  17. Pawbell
  18. Aloe
  19. Pearlglen
  20. Sycamore
  21. Barrow
  22. Yewdale
  23. Rhine
  24. Peony
  25. Ebon
  26. Camomile
  27. Oriel
  28. Oliver
  29. Zahra
  30. Earthshore
  31. Glimcliff
  32. Redhall
  33. Whitcoast
  34. Snowwell
  35. Yarrow
  36. Everfort
  37. Lullville
  38. Quillpond
  39. Noonhelm
  40. Bluejay
  41. Aurelia
  42. Dustgrasp
  43. Glimpond
  44. Crowshore
  45. Entvale
  46. Highbay

City Name Inspiration

There are so many ways to get inspiration for a wonderful, unique Animal Crossing city name. One way you can get a couple of ideas is by looking at fantasy names, available in books or through name generators online.

After all, the towns in Animal Crossing are much like fantasy worlds. They all contain such interesting places full of adventure and curious characters.

Name generators online are great tools to help anyone in need of a good name, find one! Don’t be afraid to use them and see what they are able to come up with. After all, it could be a fantastic name that ends up fitting you perfectly. 

You can find name generators of all kinds online. There are ones specifically for fantasy names, as well as name generators for other things, as well! Take a look at the different options and choose the one that is the best fit for you. 

If you have a city that you love, take inspiration from it! Find two cities that go together and combine them, or use geography as inspiration. If that doesn’t help you, you can even use the weather!

Another idea is to just simply make everything about you!

Another way to figure out names for your Animal Crossing Games towns is to see what other people have named their towns. You certainly do not have to copy them, but you can take inspiration from them. Maybe a name will awaken an idea within you, and you will know the second you read it what you want to do.

If you have a favorite vacation spot, you can even use that location for your town name. Say you absolutely love to travel to Paris. You can use that as your town name!

Help Choosing the Right Name

When choosing the right name for you, make sure that you are staying true to yourself. Look at your personality and the things that you love around you. You can name your city after your cat, or maybe your favorite dessert. There’s nothing stopping you from doing any of that!

Surround your little town with whatever makes you… you. What is your favorite food or candy? How about your favorite drink? The possibilities are endless. 

They don’t have to stop at things that you can eat and drink. What is your favorite band, or favorite movie? Are you a reader? What kind of books do you like reading? If you read a lot of fantasy novels, you may want to name your village off of a world in one of your novels! 

Eventually, you will think of a town name that perfectly captures who you are and what you want out of the game, whether that just be hanging around the Animal Crossing Island, or exploring New Horizons.


What Should I Name My Town in Animal Crossing?

What you decide to name your town in the Animal Crossing game is completely up to you. It’s a personal decision that you should make based on your passions, and what you want to get out of playing the game. Your town is a reflection of you, and the name of it should be, too.

Whether you name your town after something funny, or base it off of a fantasy world you love, you should make sure that you are happy with it no matter what! You can name your town something super simple, or make up a whole new word. You can mix funny words together, or you can go with something short and basic!

If you are really struggling to name your town, you should look through the lists above and find a couple of different words that you really love, and that you feel drawn to. After that, you can try to combine them in certain ways to make something that is really truly totally you in every way. After all, it is your town, and your rules apply. 

Make sure that you don’t let naming your town stress you out more than it has to. Although it’s a big decision within the game, your town name is just its name. You may not ever be happy with a name, but you should do some research before officially choosing one. 

The options are endless, and they are only up to you.

Can You Change Your Animal Crossing Town Name?

Choosing a name for your Animal Crossing town is one of the biggest decisions of the whole game because unfortunately after you chose your name, you cannot change it going forward. Before you name your town, you should really think about your options, and do some research into options.

Naming your town is an amazing part of the game, and makes you feel like you truly have a little town in the palm of your hand. Although choosing the name can definitely be intimidating, it’s always fun to start your journey.

In Conclusion… 

Animal Crossing, a social simulation video game, is a wonderful game for anyone to play, especially during times where many people are feeling cut off from a large part of society. The game took the world by storm and quickly became very well-loved and cherished by people of all ages as they created their own towns, and socialized within the game. 

While this game is fantastic, it can pose a couple of different challenges when it comes to certain aspects. For some people who may not be as creative as others, choosing names for their town can be stressful, especially considering they cannot change it to something else after they approve it. 

That is what makes the game so great though. The ability to use your imagination to build a town and socialize with others, expressing who you really are is a really cool concept that many people have been appreciating from it. 

That being said, picking a town name doesn’t have to be that hard.

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