Animal Crossing Island Names (241+ Awesome Name Ideas)

Animal Crossing fans are always looking for new and interesting island names to use in the game.

If you’re one of those fans, you’ll want to check out this blog post!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best animal crossing island names we’ve ever heard.

Whether you’re looking for something cute and sweet, or something dark and spooky, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our list of animal crossing island name ideas now!

Best Island Names For Animal Crossing

Here are some of the best animal crossing island names we’ve come across:

  1. Candyland
  2. Castaway Island
  3. Castaway Isle
  4. Cuddle Island
  5. Dolphin Bay
  6. Dolphin Isle
  7. Friendship Island – This is a great name for an island that’s all about friendship and love.
  8. Fruitopia
  9. Happyland
  10. Horizons Island
  11. Isle Of Misfits
  12. Jungle Island
  13. Jurassic Park
  14. Lemonade Lagoon
  15. Lost Island
  16. Love Island
  17. Neverland
  18. New Horizons
  19. Pirate Cove
  20. Rainbow Island – This is a great name for an island that’s full of color.
  21. Skull Island – This one is perfect for an island that’s dark and spooky.
  22. Snowflake Shores
  23. Snowtop Peaks
  24. Snowy Isles
  25. Snowy Mountain
  26. Sunny Isles
  27. Sunshine Island – This is the perfect name for a bright and cheerful island.
  28. Tiny Tim’s Island
  29. Treasure Island
  30. Turtle Beach
  31. Volcano Island
  32. Wonderland
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Cute Island Names For Animal Crossing

Looking for something cute and sweet? Check out these animal crossing island names:

  1. Blossom Island
  2. Bunny Island
  3. Bunny Slope
  4. Butterfly Island
  5. Butterfly Isle
  6. Cotton Candy Clouds
  7. Daisy Island
  8. Doe Meadow
  9. Dragonfly Dales
  10. Fairy Island
  11. Fawn Glade
  12. Garden Island
  13. Harmony Island
  14. Heavenly Isle
  15. Hedgehog Hollow
  16. Hidden Cove
  17. Island of Misfits
  18. Jungle Paradise
  19. Kitty Corner
  20. Lollipop Land
  21. Piggy Paradise
  22. Rainbow Island
  23. Rainbow island
  24. Squirrel Sanctuary
  25. Turtle Cove
  26. Unicorn Bay
  27. Unicorn Peninsula

Unique Names For An Animal Crossing Island

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, try out these animal crossing island names:

  1. Blueberry Island
  2. Coconut Island
  3. Coconut Isles
  4. Crystal Kingdom
  5. Dragonfly Island
  6. Fantasy Island
  7. Island of Dreams
  8. Isle of Eden
  9. Lilypad Isle
  10. Magical Kingdom
  11. Mythical Island
  12. Paradise Falls
  13. Pineapple Island
  14. Rainbow Heights
  15. Starfish Shores
  16. Watermelon Island

Funny Names For An Animal Crossing Island

Check out some of these funny names for your animal crossing island!

  1. Hangover Island
  2. Lost Island
  3. Skeleton Island
  4. Bikini Bottom
  5. The Island of Dr. Moreau
  6. Tom Cruise’s Island
  7. Vomit island
  8. Stenchland
  9. Uranus
  10. Meteor Showers
  11. Triton
  12. Butt Island
  13. Booby Island
  14. Thicc Island
  15. Dank Meme Island
  16. Igloo Island
  17. Snowman Island
  18. Eskimo Village

Cool Names For An Animal Crossing Island

Now onto some cool animal crossing island names!

  1. Azkaban’s island – An island from Harry Potter
  2. Crystal Island
  3. Darkwood Forest
  4. Frostbite Falls
  5. Iceberg Isle
  6. Icy Bay
  7. Mt. Frosty
  8. North Pole
  9. Númenor – An island from Lord of the Rings
  10. Snowland
  11. Snowpeak Mountain
  12. Southern Cross Island
  13. Subzero Isle
  14. The Frozen Tundra
  15. Tundra Island
  16. Whiteout Wastes
  17. Winter Wonderland

Spooky Names For An Animal Crossing Island

Here are some spooky ideas for all you horror fans out there:

  1. Bloody Bayou
  2. Cemetery Island
  3. Creepy Hollows
  4. Crystal Lake
  5. Dracula’s Castle
  6. Fear Island
  7. Frankenstein’s Lab
  8. Ghost Town
  9. Halloween Island
  10. Haunted Graveyard
  11. Haunted House
  12. Howling Woods
  13. Mad scientist’s laboratory
  14. Monster Manor
  15. Nightmare Isle
  16. Skull Island
  17. The Bermuda Triangle
  18. The Twilight Zone

Mythical Names For An Animal Crossing Island

We have some island names inspired by mythology:

  1. Atlantis
  2. Camelot
  3. El Dorado
  4. Elysium
  5. Fairyland
  6. Hades Heaven
  7. Heliopolis Mount
  8. Olympus
  9. Nirvana
  10. The Garden of Eden
  11. The Land of the Dead
  12. Tir na nOg
  13. Valhalla
  14. Zeus’s Palace

Goth Island Names For Animal Crossing New Horizons

And for all you gothic fans, try out these animal crossing island names:

  1. Brimstone Falls
  2. Crow’s Nest
  3. Gotham City
  4. Haunted Mansion
  5. Ravenwood Manor
  6. Shadow Island
  7. Skullduggery Isle
  8. The Addams Family Isles
  9. The Black Lagoon
  10. The Haunted Forest
  11. Transylvania
  12. Vampire Castle
  13. Wuthering Heights
  14. Castle Black
  15. Crow’s Rest
  16. Dragonstone
  17. Eastwatch-by-the-Sea
  18. Greywater Watch
  19. Hammerhorn
  20. Highgarden
  21. Horn Hill
  22. Oldtown
  23. Pyke
  24. Sunspear
  25. The Arbor
  26. The Citadel
  27. The Twins
  28. Winterfell
  29. Witch Isle
  30. Zahur, City of Bones

Good Animal Crossing New Horizon Names

Now for some island names that are just good all around:

  1. Beacon Isle
  2. Beginning Again island
  3. Bella Vista
  4. Blue Ridge
  5. Catalina Cove
  6. Cherry Blossom Grove
  7.  Do Over island
  8. Dream Island
  9. Eagle’s Nest
  10. Evergreen Isle
  11. Fallsview Manor
  12.  Firefly Forest
  13. Fresh Start island
  14. Golden Sunsets
  15. Harbor Heights
  16. Hidden Springs
  17. Island in the Sun
  18. Island oasis
  19. Island of Second Chances
  20. Lakeside Retreat
  21. Mountain View
  22. New Beginnings island
  23. Nook’s Cranny
  24. Ocean Breeze
  25. One More Time island
  26. Pacific Heights
  27. Reset Island
  28. Riverfront property
  29. Seaside Getaway
  30. Second Chance island
  31. Starting From Scratch island  
  32. Sunny island
  33. Tropical Island
  34. Waterfall island
  35. White sand beaches
  36. Windy island

Japanese Names For An Animal Crossing Island

And finally, some animal crossing island names inspired by Japanese culture:

  1. Akatsuki
  2. Byakko
  3. Genbu
  4. Hakurei
  5. Hibiki
  6. Kirin
  7. Kitsune
  8. Konohana Sakuya-hime
  9. Momotaro’s Island
  10. Hanami Island
  11. Hakone
  12. Hokkaido
  13. Kyoto
  14. Nikko
  15. Okinawa
  16. Osaka
  17. Sakura
  18. Tokyo
  19. Yakuza Island

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Names Inspired By Disney

And for all you Disney fans, try out these animal crossing island names:

  1. Agrabah
  2. Beach Blanket Babylon
  3. Disneyland
  4. Epcot
  5. Fantasyland
  6. Frontierland
  7. Happiest Place on Earth
  8. Main Street U.S.A.
  9. Mickey’s Toontown
  10. New Orleans Square
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean Cove
  12. Toon Town
  13. Under the Sea
  14. Wonderland

Island Naming Inspiration

One of the most important parts of playing Animal Crossing is choosing the perfect name for your island.

After all, this will be your home for the foreseeable future, and you want to make sure it has the perfect vibe.

So where should you look for inspiration? One option is to take inspiration from real-life locations.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of living on a tropical island, or maybe you have fond memories of growing up in the countryside.

Alternatively, you could choose to name your island after one of your favorite fictional places (e.g. from books, films, or video games), like Neverland or Wonderland.

Or you could get really creative and come up with an entirely original name.

Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and preferences.

With a little thought and imagination, you’re sure to come up with the perfect name for your new home.

Help Choosing The Perfect Name

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when choosing a name for your island:

  1. Consider the overall feel you want for your island. Do you want it to be playful? Relaxing? Mysterious? Spooky?
  2. Keep it simple. You don’t want something that’s too long or difficult to pronounce.
  3. Avoid using inside jokes or references that only you and your friends will get.
  4. Be aware of how the island’s name will look on the map. You don’t want something that’s too hard to read.
  5. And finally, don’t stress too much about it! Ultimately, the most important thing is that you’re happy with your island’s name.


Choosing an island name can be a lot of fun, but it’s also important to think about what you want the name to say about your island.

Whether you’re inspired by real-life locations or favorite fictional places, make sure the name reflects your personal style and preferences.

With a little imagination, you’re sure to come up with the perfect island name for your Animal Crossing home.

If you are still struggling to come up with the perfect island name, don’t worry!

There are plenty of resources and island name generators out there to help you find the perfect fit.

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