Crow Names (89 Awesome Ideas)

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When it comes to naming a pet or fictional crow, there are many different options to choose from. From traditional names like Peter and Paul to more creative names like Raven and Midnight, the sky is the limit!

So what’s the best name for your new feathered friend? Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Let’s dive in.

Some of the best crow names around are the ones listed below. Note how you can interchange some words for raven with crow.

Best Crow Names

  • Aesop – (Greek) author of ancient fables one including a crow, called “The Fox; the Crow”
  • Algorab – (Arabic) “crow;” also the star’s name in Corvus, the constellation
  • Beila – (Basque) “crow”
  • Bhusunda – (Hindu) an old sage who appears in the form of a crow
  • Brandubh – (Celtic) “black crows;” the original form and name of what we now know to be chess
  • Brangwy – (Welsh) “crow”
  • Branoc – (Celtic) “crow” or “raven”
  • Caleb – (Biblical) “a crow”
  • Chraja – (Old High German) “crow”
  • Corbett – (French) “young crow”
  • Corvus Corax – (Modern) from the sci-fi tabletop game, “Warhammer 40,000”
  • Cynfran – (Welsh) “chief” or “crow”
  • Dandy Crow – (American) main crow from Walt Disney’s 1941 classic, “Dumbo”
  • Eric Draven – (Scottish-American) main character in the movie, “The Crow”
  • Evil Woman – (American) song title by a band named “Crow”
  • Fala – (Choctaw) “crow”
  • Fiacre – (French/Gaelic) “raven” or “crow,” respectively
  • Fainche – (Irish) “scald crow;” name of a saint
  • Gaagii – (Navajo) curious crow from mythology
  • Gargabay – (Karakalpak) “crow”
  • Gwylan – (Welsh) “seagull”
  • Hroc – (British) “crow”
  • Hrókr – (Old Norse) “crow, rook”
  • Ischys – (Ancient Greek) story about how crow’s got black wings
  • Jeremy – (American) crow character in the book/movie “Mrs. Frisby; the Rats of NIHM” or “The Secret of NIMH”
  • Kalag – (Arabic) “crow”
  • Karasu – (Japanese) “crow”
  • Korak – (Mari) “crow”
  • Körbl – (German) “little crow” or “little raven”
  • Kraai – (Dutch) “crow”
  • Kraia – (Anglo-Saxon) “crow”
  • Kräke – (German) “crow”
  • Kangee – (Lakota Sioux) “crow”
  • Kuebiko – (Japanese) “scarecrow” from the oldest surviving book in Japan, the “Kojiki” from 712 AD, this is a deity who can’t walk but knows everything about the world
  • Lonán – (Irish) “little blackbird”
  • Megadeth – (American) famous heavy metal band who wrote a bluegrass-type song called “The Blackest Crow”
  • Merula – (French) “blackbird”
  • Murder – (Middle English) collective noun referring to a group of crows since the 15th century
  • Nightwish – (Finnish) a heavy metal band from Finland that made a crow part of a song title in 2011
  • Nokka – (Thai) “crow, raven”
  • Ovid – (Ancient Rome) famous poet who determined crows were harbingers of rain
  • Shani – (Hindu) the divine personification of the planet Saturn; seen riding on or represented by a crow
  • Specks – (American) crow from Walt Disney’s 1941 classic, “Dumbo”
  • Stand – (American) same name of the book, “The Stand” by famous author Steven King with a dystopian theme that features crows
  • Stone the Crow – (American) song title from American progressive metal band, “Down” from their 1995 album, NOLA
  • Theuderam – (German) compound word to mean “people” and “crow”
  • Upstart Crow – (British) sitcom TV show on BBC about the life of William Shakespeare
  • Varona – (Russian) “crow”
  • Vasco – (Spanish) “crow”
  • Wu – (Chinese) “crow,” “sorcerer” or “army squad”

Names For Female Crows

When you have a girl crow or a pet exhibiting characteristics of a crow, using some derivation of a crow’s name will be best.

  1. Aderyn (Welsh) “bird”
  2. Corva (Latin) feminized genus for the species of crows
  3. Tori (Latin) “bird”

Names For Male Crows

Male crows tend to be smaller than their female counterparts, but they are wise and gutsy.

  1. Corbin (British) “crow”
  2. Deacon (American) crow from Walt Disney’s 1941 classic, “Dumbo”
  3. Velázquez (Spanish) “crow”

Cute Names For A Crow

When you have a pet or pet crow that’s adorable, only a cute name will suffice.

  1. Chovka (Chechen) “jackdaw;” a small member of the crow family genus
  2. Meg (Welsh) “pearl”
  3. Robyn (German) “bright flame”

Good Pet Crow Names

Peruse the list below for some good names for a pet crow.

  1. Jay (Latin) a bird within the crow family genus
  2. Scarecrow (British) straw man intended to keep crows away from fields

Funny Names For Crows

If you have a comedian for a crow, then you should give it a humorous name.

  1. Canuck (Canadian) famous crow from Vancouver who stole a knife from a crime scene in 2016
  2. Dopey (American) crow from Walt Disney’s 1941 classic, “Dumbo”
  3. Fats (American) crow from Walt Disney’s 1941 classic, “Dumbo”

Badass Names For Black Crows

For the rough and tumble types of crows, consider giving it a badass name as suggested here.

  1. Boduognatos (Irish) “crow, demon”
  2. Hrocesburh (British) “crow’s forest”
  3. Rok (Old Norse/Danish) “crow, rook” 

Cool Names For A Crow

When your pet crow is as cool as a cucumber, it should have a name to match.

  1. Corbinian (Latin) “crow, raven”
  2. Velasco (Medieval Spanish) “crow”

Unique Names For Crows

For an unusual twist to the nomenclature for a pet crow, consider the ones listed below.

  1. Corvus (Latin) genus name for the crow
  2. Crawford (British) “crow’s ford”
  3. Hrocby (British) “crow’s estate”

Famous Crow Names

The names listed below will be familiar to many. These come from books, movies, literature, and other cultural references.

  1. Brandon Lee (American) famous actor for the main character of Eric Draven in the movie, “The Crow;” his name “Brandon” actually means “raven
  2. Houdini (Hungarian) “escape artist or other ingenious people;” American-Hungarian illusionist Harry Houdini
  3. Steven King (American) famous horror author referencing his book “Night of the Crow”

Native American Names For A Crow

Many Native American myths and legends mention crow with most being an important part of creation in some way, shape, or form.

  1. Angwusnasomtaqa (Hopi) “crow mother spirit”
  2. Ashishishe (Crow) “crow”
  3. Kohkahcumest (Cheyenne) “white crow or antelope”
  4. Mànàka’has (Lenni Lenape) “rainbow crow” 
  5. Tse’sketco (Tahitian) “big crow;” often referring to a raven
  6. Tulugaq (Inuit) raven or crow that creates sunlight

Crow Names in Mythology

In every culture on the planet, there is at least one story, myth, or long-held legend that involves a crow. Here are a few examples from mythology.

  1. Baba Yaga (Russian/Slavic) ancient trickster Goddess inhabiting a special cottage deep within the woods who can transform into a crow
  2. Badb (Celtic/Irish) ancient goddess believed to be a form of the Morrigan; she is a war goddess who can shapeshift into a crow.
  3. Bran (Celtic) ancient Irish; Scottish god of crows
  4. Cathubodua (Gaulish/Celtic) “battle crow;” goddess of war and battle
  5. Dhumavati (Hindu) old crow death goddess in India guarded by crows and has a chariot led by crows
  6. Koronis (Greek) “crow;” mother of Asclepius, the great physician or Apollo’s lover
  7. Morrigan/Morrigu (Celtic/Irish) crow goddess who decides the death of warriors during battle by washing their clothes in a basin of blood
  8. Nephthys (Egyptian) goddess of the dead who is sometimes in the company of crows

Pet Name Inspiration

Inspiration for names can come from everywhere from tv series to place names.

Here are a few examples which you can get ideas from:

  • TV shows
  • City names
  • Characters from books, movies, etc.
  • Celebrities
  • Family names
  • Food items
  • Sports teams
  • Movie Names

Help Choosing The Right Name

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind to choose the perfect name:

1. Picking A Name That Has Personal Meaning

Picking a name with personal meaning helps show your love and affection for it.

2. Consider Your Pet’s Personality

This is a great way to brainstorm ideas. If your pet is funny, then funny names should be considered. Choosing a name to match their personality is a great idea.

3. Choose A Name That Is Easy To Say And Pronounce

Choosing a name that is easy to say and pronounce helps avoid confusion. Remember that you will be calling their name often so it should be something easy to remember.


Crows are fascinating and intelligent creatures. Therefore, if you have a pet crow or some other animal friend who exhibits these characteristics, only a variation of “crow” will be classic. As always, choose a few names to start and see which one the animal best responds to.

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