123+ Best Bird Names (Funny & Cute Ideas For Girls & Boys)

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In this list, we will explore the many bird names for both girls and boys.

From classic Robin to lyrical Lark, this article is sure to inspire you as you search for a name for your feathered friend. 

Read on to discover the best bird-inspired baby names, including some funny and cute ideas!

Girl Names For Pet Birds

This list includes names for baby girls, including the meaning and bird associations:

  1. Alouette – from the French word for “lark”
  2. Paloma – from the Spanish word for “dove” and “pigeon” 
  3. Mavis – also known as the song thrush, this speckled bird is known for its loud singing
  4. Laraline – a bird inspired name, comes from the scientific word for gulls: larine
  5. Sarika – comes from the Sanskrit word for the mynah bird
  6. Aderyn – from the Welsh word for bird
  7. Celandine – technically the name of a flower, but the flower’s name comes from the Greek words for swallow
  8. Lark – a cheerful songbird with a distinctive song
  9. Aya – a name with Hebrew origins and means bird
  10. Swanhilda – an Old Norse name meaning “swan” and “battle,” it brings to mind the graceful, long necked bird

Boy Names For Pet Birds

This is a list of bird names for baby boys, including the meaning and bird associations:

  1. Phoenix – a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, stemming from Egyptian and Greek mythology
  2. Corbin – raven (comes from the French word corbeau)
  3. Bran – raven (comes from Irish and has firm roots in Irish mythology)
  4. Talon – claw from a bird of prey
  5. Heron – a rare and beautiful bird that lives in marshes and rivers. This long-legged bird symbolizes tranquility and determination
  6. Falcon – the name of a popular bird of prey, comes from the Latin falx, which means curved blade of a scythe 
  7. Hawk – a bird of prey
  8. Corvus – Latin for “raven”
  9. Griffin – the name of a mythological creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion
  10. Drake – an adult male duck

Unisex Names For Birds

  1. Wren – small songbird (derived from Old English wrenna)
  2. Robin – a popular bird with a red chest
  3. Sparrow – a popular wild bird throughout the world
  4. Peregrine – the name brings to mind the majestic peregrine falcon
  5. Teal – a species of small, freshwater duck
  6. Sora – this unique bird is native to North American marshes
  7. Piper – a literal bird moniker for the sandpiper, also comes from Latin word meaning “to peep”
  8. Ibis – A cool unisex name with Latin origins

Cute Names For Birds

  1. Ava – a short, cute sounding name with roots in avis, the Latin word for bird
  2. Merle – comes from the Old French word merula, which means blackbird
  3. Byrd – a cute variation from the straightforward “Bird”
  4. Gull – is rooted in Celtic mythology and means “long-winged swimming birds” (according to MomJunction.com)
  5. Finch – an adorable and simple name
  6. Colm – a short and sweet Irish name meaning “dove”
  7. Jay – a cute moniker named for the blue jay or jaybird
  8. Manu – means “bird of the night” and has Polynesian origins
  9. Nestor – a name with Greek origins, Nestor was a wise ruler during the Trojan war. While the name doesn’t have any bird-inspired meanings, the word “nest” is in the name
  10. Vireo – a sweet, melodious name given for a green bird with a beautiful song
  11. Birdie – usually a nickname for any female B names 
  12. Strawberry – cute and as sweet-sounding as its namesake, a unique choice for your pet bird
  13. Whistler – does it get any cuter than a name honoring birdsong?

Good Names For Birds

If you’re searching for the perfect name for your feathered friends, consider something from the list below:

  1. Scuttle – a cute name that brings to mind the way birds walk, is also the name of Ariel’s seagull friend in The Little Mermaid
  2. Zazu – the name of Moufasa’s reluctant advisor in the Lion King, “Zazu” has a short, sweet sound about it
  3. Iago – while the character from Aladdin is a parrot, any Shakespeare devotee would adore this name for its link to Othello. 
  4. Skittles – the perfect name for a colorful bird, like a parrot or parakeet
  5. Tweety – a famous cartoon character from Loony Toons, how could you go wrong with Tweety Bird?
  6. Sunny – this certainly evokes the feeling of hearing birdsong
  7. Pikachu – a cute namesake for a cute bird, especially if it’s a yellow bird!
  8. Crackers – an especially good name for a parrot
  9. Goldie – a good name for a yellow or gold bird
  10. Jazz – a good name for a songbird
  11. Loki – the name of the Norse trickster god, this is a great name for a bird with a colorful personality
  12. Lucky – similar in sound to “Loki,” this name is a good name for a bird who has survived an injury or illness
  13. Miss Pretty – a high-maintenance name for a bird who likes to preen
  14. Opal – a colorful-sounding name
  15. Petey – rhymes with “Tweety,” it brings to mind the famous yellow Loony Toon with a big personality

Funny Bird Names (Including Puns)

According to TheSprucePets.com, the following are some pun-tastic monikers for your pet bird:

  1. Edgar Allen Crow 
  2. Chick Jagger
  3. Duck Norris
  4. Goose Springsteen
  5. Flamingo Starr
  6. Kanye Nest
  7. Meryl Cheep
  8. Excalibird 
  9. Stephen Squawking – our favorite funny name for a bird
  10. Godfeather

Badass Names For Birds

Native American golden eagle
  1. Archimedes – a wise historical figure from the ancient Greek city of Syracuse, there are few things this Greek inventor couldn’t accomplish
  2. Nicodemus – a name with Biblical connotations, feels like a prophetic choice for a large bird with a long lifespan
  3. Calypso – a female name that means strange power and beauty, the perfect name for your mesmerizing feathered friend
  4. Alcatraz – this name has reference to the notorious prison off the coast of San Francisco Bay
  5. Cornelius – a sagely name that hints at high intelligence; a quality most birds are known for
  6. Shadow – a mysterious name, would work perfectly for a bird with dark feathers
  7. Shaka – a badass name for a celebrated Zulu chieftain
  8. Tzipporah – in the Old Testament, she was the wife of Moses, and her name is a Hebrew word for “bird.” It also has a powerful sound to it
  9. Van Morrison – the name of the famous Northern Irish singer and songwriter, perfect for music enthusiasts
  10. Xeno – the Latin root for “foreign,” this is a particularly good name for an exotic bird

Cool Names For Birds

  1. Casper – a good name for a light-colored bird, like Casper the Friendly Ghost
  2. Hook – a pirate name with a reference to claws, would work well for a bird of prey
  3. Jolly Roger – another pirate entry, this name would work well for a parrot or for a black and white bird
  4. James Bond – what’s cooler than the titular dapper British spy?
  5. Iron Man – a great name for a red and yellow bird
  6. Rex – the name brings to mind the fierce carnivorous dinosaur
  7. Romeo/Juliet – romantic monikers that would work well for a pair of lovebirds
  8. Sinbad – a seafaring name for an adventurous bird
  9. Thor – a godlike name for the Norse god of thunder
  10. Zeus – a powerful, godlike name for your bird with Greek origins

Unique Names For Pet Birds

  1. Sir Lancelot – a regal name for a distinguished bird
  2. Jalapeno – a spicy name that would work well with tropical birds
  3. Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love
  4. Freya – the Norse goddess of love and fertility
  5. Eris – the Greek goddess of discord, would work well for loud, excitable birds
  6. Dragon – a name that could work for any pet, it has a particular appeal for a bird
  7. Screech – brings to mind the small owl variety, it works well for a loud bird
  8. Ozzy – a good name for a bird that honors the British rock star
  9. Nutella – a good name for a brown bird, or a bird who loves sweets
  10. Bowie – a name that honors the late David Bowie

Weird Names For Birds

According to BoredPanda.com, there are several bird species that prove how much fun it is to be an ornithologist. These are the real names of real bird species.

  1. Satanic nightjar – a real name for a wide-mouthed grayish-brown bird native to Indonesia, was named because before the birds’ discovery, locals believed there was a demon on the island due to the bird’s strange call
  2.  Boobies – a comical name for a blue-footed bird species native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the east Pacific Ocean
  3. Little bustard – a quiet bird species with distinguished markings
  4. Dickcissel – a strange name for a colorful bird that inhabits the North American prairies, this bird resembles a finch
  5. Tiny sky-tyrant – a real bird with dark feathers native to South America
  6. Go-away-bird – also known as Crinifer, these birds are native to Africa. Their name comes from their strange nasally call
  7. Penduline tit – these birds are most known for their nests, which are shaped like bags that hang off tree branches, made from a variety of hair, plant materials, and spiderwebs. 
  8. Horned screamer – according to National Geographic, these birds are considered the unicorns of the bird world due to the extending plumage that looks like they have a single horn protruding from their foreheads
  9. Sad flycatcher – a strangely emotional name for a bird species
  10. Smew – a species of diving ducks native to Europe and Asia, they are mostly white with dark markings on the wings and around the eyes
  11. European shag – as their name suggests, these birds are native to Europe and northern Africa
  12. Rough-faced shag – an unfortunate name for a rare species from New Zealand, this bird makes croaking noises instead of singing

Names For Exotic Birds

Exotic birds typically are colorful in appearance, so color and fruit-themed names are always a solid choice. 

  1. Tango – an exotic name for an exotic bird, named for the sensual dance
  2. Eden – brings to mind the Garden of Eden in the Bible, has a paradisical feel to it
  3. Jewel – a lovely name that honors the many colors of tropical birds
  4. Ruby – a great name for red birds
  5. Azul – the Spanish word for “blue,” works well for birds of this color
  6. Violet – a good name for a purple bird
  7. Rainbow – a straightforward name for a colorful bird
  8. Lori – short for lorikeet, would work best with a bird of this species
  9. Mango – a tropical fruit name would pair well with a tropical bird
  10. Starburst – brings to mind the colorful candy with its tropical flavors

Famous Birds

  1. Martha – the last passenger pigeon, she died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914, the last of her species
  2. Alex the African Gray Parrot – this parrot played a pivotal role in understanding avian intelligence, as Alex was the first bird to learn the intelligent use of language. He was part of a thirty-year experiment at the University of Arizona. 
  3. Dick the Mockingbird – Thomas Jefferson’s pet bird at the president’s estate in Monticello
  4. Jimmy the Raven – appeared in more than 1,000 feature films from the 1930s through the 1950s, Jimmy was trained to do a variety of tasks, such as opening letters, typing, and even understood more than a hundred words
  5. Rufus the Hawk – a Harrison hawk that patrols the skies during the Wimbledon tennis match in England, to prevent pigeons from possibly disrupting the game. His official title is “Official Bird Scarer of the Wimbledon Olympics”
  6. Gertie the Duck – a female mallard who laid eggs on a bridge spanning the Milwaukee River in 1945, Gertie attracted newspapers and became a tourist attraction that took the city of Milwaukee by storm. 


Whether you’re looking for a bird-inspired name for your baby boy or girl or a name for your feathered friend, the choices are almost limitless.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our guide!

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