Eagle Names (257 Best, Good, & Cool Name Ideas)

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Finding the perfect name for your pet eagle is a worthy endeavor.

The satisfaction of a well-fit name — one that captures your eagle’s unique personality and physical prowess – is unrivaled.

A regal name for a regal bird or perhaps a funny name for your quirky flyer. 

Whatever the personality, find a fitting name for your eagle with this ultimate guide of eagle names, organized by topic.

Let’s dive in.

Best Eagles Names 

These birds of prey call for unique and meaningful names.

We’ve gathered some of the best names for eagles and their meanings for your review.

  1. AyaHebrew, meaning falcon or eagle
  2. Majesty Latin, meaning royal bearing
  3. Defiance – meaning of resistance
  4. Beloved – meaning well-loved
  5. Altair – Arabic, meaning mighty flight and hunting
  6. Strange – meaning unfamiliar
  7. Striker – meaning to hit with precision 
  8. YuriRussian, meaning earth-worker 
  9. Isarno German, meaning eagle of iron
  10. MakyahNative American, meaning hunter of eagles
  11. AngusScottish, meaning one strength
  12. Aquila AmziHebrew, meaning mighty and strong 
  13. Hawking English, meaning falconry
  14. Obelisk Greek, meaning to pierce the sky
  15. Albatross – Arabic, the diver
  16. Koel – meaning a cuckoo bird
  17. Amoldo – Spanish, meaning power of an Eagle 
  18.  ArundelOld English, meaning valley of the eagle
  19. Darvell Old English, meaning eagle town
  20. StarlingEnglish, a bird
  21. Maleo – meaning  a volcanic nesting bird 
  22. ArasLithuanian, the intelligence of an eagle
  23. Tenacious – meaning not easily stopped
  24. Freedom – meaning without boundary, liberty
  25. SoraJapanese, sky 
  26. PetaNative American, meaning Eaglet
  27. Swift – meaning with speed 
  28. ValorEnglish, meaning strength 
  29. Harpy – meaning a rare American eagle
  30. Liberty – meaning freedom
  31. Justice – meaning doing right 
  32. Suffrage – meaning having the privilege to vote
  33. Hope – meaning a virtue of cheerful expectation
  34. Monarch – meaning a great ruler
  35. Condor – meaning a ruthless vulture
  36. Scout American, meaning first explorer
  37. Ambrose – meaning immortal
  38. AldrichGerman, meaning old and wise ruler
  39. FreidaGerman, meaning a peaceful ruler
  40. Sterling – meaning of great value
  41. Talbot – meaning messenger of destruction
  42. Alistair – meaning to defend man
  43. BurgessEnglish, meaning freeman of a borough
  44. Merritt – meaning worthy of mention
  45. WarenGerman, meaning loyal 
  46. Jordan German, meaning flowing down or swooping
  47. Tolerance – meaning a cheerful disposition towards hardship
  48. Wren – meaning a small bird
  49. TrogonGreek, nibbling bird
  50. RianIrish, meaning little king 

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Female Eagle Names 

If you have a female eagle, these meaningful names will compliment her feminine yet fierce nature.

These names are listed with their meanings inspired by precious stones, flowers, and more! 

  1. Ruby – meaning deep red precious stone
  2. Gracie – meaning favor or blessing
  3. Arlie- Old English, meaning eagle wood
  4. Rose – meaning eternal love
  5. Irena – Greek, meaning peace
  6. Iora Greek, meaning birdlike woman
  7. Misty- meaning light fog
  8. Aleria Latin, meaning fierce eagle
  9. Blusher – meaning easily embarrassed
  10. Arnia- Old English, meaning strong as a mighty eagle
  11. Lazalea – Old Greek, meaning the ruler of the eagles
  12. Selah – meaning to praise
  13. Opal – meaning jewel
  14. Corella – meaning maiden
  15. Amoldina – German, meaning the strength of an eagle
  16. Roxy – meaning dawn
  17. Catalina – meaning pure
  18. Estrella – meaning star
  19. Ellie – meaning shining light
  20. Caracara – Hindu, meaning moving being, hawk, or falcon

Male Eagles Names

If you have a male eagle, look no further than this list of robust names.

Each name is listed with a brief description of its meaning. 

  1. Alfie – meaning wise counsel
  2. Nitro –  meaning a person who lives
  3. Arnald – German, meaning ruler of the eagles
  4. BrantOld English, meaning firebrand
  5. JeryGerman, meaning sent by God
  6. RookEnglish, meaning raven
  7. Otis – meaning wealth
  8. Atlas – meaning enduring
  9. Victor – meaning conqueror 
  10. Buster – meaning tough guy
  11. Bram – meaning father of multitudes 
  12. Buck – meaning deer, cowboy
  13. Earnest- German, serious, and determined
  14. Toby –  meaning God is good
  15. Bruiser – meaning a big husky man
  16. Besra – meaning mankind, optimistic
  17. JaegerGerman, meaning hunter
  18. BecardFrench, meaning gossip or speaker
  19. Brambling– meaning blackberry shrub
  20. TrogonGreek, meaning nibbling 

Unisex Names For An Eagle

Perhaps you’re looking for a gender-neutral name for your eagle.

This list draws on the common characteristics of female and male birds. 

  1. Blake – meaning pale blond or dark
  2. Brooklyn- meaning broken land
  3. Dagon – meaning fish
  4. Emerson – English, Meaning brave  
  5. Severn – meaning the longest river in England and Wales
  6. Farley – English, meaning woodland clearing
  7. Onyx – Greek, meaning a jet black stone
  8. LindenOld English, meaning lime tree
  9. Nova – Native American, meaning butterfly chaser
  10. Adrian – Greek, meaning rich
  11. Navigator
  12. Farley – English, meaning woodland clearing
  13. Onyx – Greek, meaning a jet black stone
  14. Ariel – Hebrew, meaning lion of God
  15. Aspen – American, quaking tree
  16. Cedar – meaning a unique tree species
  17. GroveOld English, meaning to live near a forest
  18. Shire – meaning untouched nature

Cute Eagle Names

A cute eagle name may be the perfect fit for your loving companion.

These names elicit images of the sweetest characteristics of eagles. 

  1. Pipit
  2. Tweety
  3. Chipper
  4. Feathers
  5. Benji
  6. Gus
  7. Tawny
  8. Peewee
  9. Kira
  10. Rufus
  11. Harley
  12. Jasper
  13. Scratcher
  14. Talons
  15. Penny
  16. Chickadee
  17. Clipper

Cool Names For Eagles

If you’re looking for a list of edgy names for an eagle, you’ve found it.

This list is composed of boisterous names that project a cool demeanor. 

  1. Hotshot
  2. Jockey
  3. Steel
  4. Troop
  5. Pyro
  6. Vision
  7. Winger
  8. Featherhead
  9. Skyhigh
  10. Magnus
  11. Birdman
  12. Lonewolf
  13. Tempest
  1. Ace
  2. Gwaihir
  3. Hunter
  4. Earnweald
  5. Ari
  6. Hunter
  7. Streak
  8. Farsight
  9. Thorondor
  10. Arny
  11. Mick
  12. Azul
  13. Anne
  14. Ash
  15. Gulfan
  16. Landroval
  17. Henry
  18. Andor
  19. Aquila
  20. Cobalt
  21. Tyrian
  22. Orel
  23. Moss
  24. Rufus
  25. Rocky

Famous Names For Eagles

Inspired by a poet, an athlete, or maybe your favorite cartoon?

Look no further than this list of famous names for your eagle! 

  1. Arden – the name of Shakespeare’s mystical forest
  2. Arnelle – daughter of Heisman Trophy winner OJ Simpson
  3. Arnold – a famous cartoon character from “Hey Arnold”, world-famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger
  4. Drake – a famous musician 
  5. Rio – a famous bird from the movie Rio
  6. Picasso – a famous eccentric artist
  7. Julius – after the noble Julius Ceasar
  8. Milton – after Milton Williams an Eagles football player

Funny Names For Eagles

If you and your feathery friend love to laugh, try out this list full of puns, rhymes, and wordplay. 

  1. Bird Legs
  2. Pilot
  3. Flyer
  4. Aeronaut 
  5. Jet
  6. Darter
  7. Swoop
  8. Screech
  9. Slapshot
  10. Sky
  11. Merica
  12. Baldie
  13. Regal 
  14. Seagull
  15. Spiegel
  16. Birdbrain

Names For Bald Eagles

The Bald Eagle or the American Eagle requires a name of great significance and majesty. After all, this bird of prey is the largest in the United States.

This list pulls from patriotic inspiration as well as Native American origins.

  1. Calvin – little bald one
  2. Noelani- Hawaiian, meaning heavenly mist
  3. TaditaNative American, meaning to the wind
  4. Leukos- meaning white
  5. Era- a time of great significance
  6. Celeste- Italian, meaning of the sky or heavenly
  7. Teva- Hebrew, meaning nature
  8. Lulani- Hawaiian, meaning sky
  9. Sar- Hebrew, meaning storm
  10. PelaetheeNative American, meaning eagle 

Names For White-bellied Sea Eagles

These eagles swoop down to catch their prey along water bodies across the globe.

Enjoy this list curated from water locations and water inspiration. 

  1. Mariana – meaning star of the sea
  2. Murdock – meaning of the sea
  3. Tern – meaning to resemble a marine bird
  4. Dory– an animated fish in the film “Finding Nemo”
  5. Flounder– a character from “The Little Mermaid”
  6. Sebastian– a character from “The Little Mermaid”
  7. Calypso- Greek, a sea nymph 
  8. Santa Monica– a well-loved beach in California
  9. Whitehaven – a popular beach in Australia
  10. Waikiki – a well-visited beach in Honolulu, Hawaii
  11. Barbados– an island country known for its beaches
  12. Waters– a reference to the sea 
  13. Meltem- Turkish, meaning sea wind

Names For Golden Eagles

Pulled from words inspired by golden and rich adornments these names are sure to bring added meaning to your Golden Eagle.

  1. Zorro – Slavonic, meaning hero of the golden dawn
  2. Halycon – meaning to have prosperous quality
  3. Robinhood – known for stealing gold from the rich
  4. Aura – Latin, meaning glowing light
  5. Viking – a people in pursuit of gold
  6. Pirate – a people in pursuit of gold
  7. Souvanna – Lao, meaning gold
  8. SouvankhamLao, meaning gold
  9. VannaCambodian, meaning golden
  10. Lipaz – Hebrew, meaning my gold
  11. KanokThai, meaning gold
  12. Aureli – Hebrew, meaning lion of God
  13. Chrysanthemum – a golden flower
  14. Nugget – a reference to golden nuggets
  15. Paziah – Hebrew, meaning the gold of Jehovah
  16. Millaray – a golden flower
  17. Karat – a reference to the measure of gold
  18. Gilda – English, meaning covered with gold
  19. Zarina Persian, meaning golden
  20. Xanthos – Greek, meaning golden-haired 

Names For Giant Eagles

Some of the largest birds of the sky demand mighty names.

This list is composed of names for eagles inspired by their great size. 

  1. Hagrid – Harry Potter’s giant friend
  2. Tuuli – Finish, meaning a great wind
  3. Tuulikki – Finish, meaning little wind
  4. Tornado – meaning a powerful storm
  5. Hurricane – meaning a strong storm 
  6. Aella – Greek, meaning whirlwind
  7. Montaro – meaning big boy
  8. Big Ben – a large clock tower in London
  9. KahunaHawaiian, meaning large
  10. Humphrey – meaning giant peace
  11. Anzo – German, meaning giant
  12. Polaris – a mighty North Star
  13. Reis – Israeli, meaning giant
  14. Denali – the largest mountain in North America

Mythical Eagle Names

Find an eagle name well suited for a literary or mythological savant.

  1. Phoenix – Greek, deep scarlet red 
  2. Thor Greek, the hammer-wielding god 
  3. Kiskadee – Greek, Isle of the blessed where only the purest souls reside
  4. Apollo – meaning protector
  5. Nephele- the Greek goddess who was created from a cloud by Zeus
  6. Thora – Scandinavian, meaning goddess of thunder
  7. Titan – defender
  8. Bronte – Greek, meaning thunder
  9. Anemone – Greek, meaning daughter of the wind
  10. Amaterasu – Japan, meaning heaven and sky according to Japanese mythology
  11. Atlas – a Titan who held the world on his shoulders
  12. Neptune – god of the vast sea
  13. Hercules – a demi-god of Greek mythology
  14. Albion – a Titan of Greek mythology
  15. Garuda – Vedic, the serpent-swallower 

Pet Name Inspiration

The stunning nature of these birds of prey inspires names of equal cunning. It’s important that you choose a name for your Eagle that both you and your pet will relish in the coming years.

Inspiration awaits in every characteristic and charm of your eagle. Watch carefully to learn the personality of your pet eagle prior to selecting a name. 

Help Choosing The Right Name

A few tips to help you choose a good fit name. 

First, always choose a name that has personal meaning, even if you simply like the sound of a name! Second, consider your eagle’s unique personality and traits. Finally, try the name on! 

Say the name out loud and ask yourself some questions!

Does the name sound like my pet? Am I able to say it clearly? Does this name evoke a feeling of joy or satisfaction?

If the answer is yes, you’ve found the perfect name for your eagle. If not, don’t fret. Reread this guide to find another possible name and continue the process. 


It is our hope that this guide has provided inspiration and name ideas regardless of the eagle species you own: fish eagles, snake eagles, bald eagles, giant eagles, sea eagles, or golden eagles!

For more information and inspiration specific to your eagle breed check out this article.

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