15+ French House Names (That’ll Make Your House Stand Out)

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If you have recently bought a house in France, have decorated your American home with French style inspiration, or simply come from a French family, you may be looking for appropriate French house names

Lucky for you, we’ve created a complete guide to some of the most unique house names you can use for your French abode.

These names are sure to make your house stand out among a sea of nameless residences.

Best French House Names

1. En Harmonie

This French phrase translates to “in harmony” in English. For a French house that has the ideal feng shui and harmony of design elements, this name is a great choice. 

And if you’re renting out your home as an Airbnb, En Harmonie will draw in vacationers looking for a harmonious travel journey.

2. Proche de la Mer

This French phrase is basically the equivalent of calling a house “seaside” in English. Word for word, it translates to “near the sea”. 

It’s a great house name for any French cottage, villa, or residence located in a coastal town or with a view of the sea. For example, a cozy cottage in Biarritz, France is well-deserving of the name Proche de la Mer.

3. Bonne Chance House 

The French word phrase “bonne chance” translates to “good luck” in English. So, if you want to bestow your French house with a bit of luck or good fortune, you might name it the Bonne Chance House. 

Fun fact: the phrase “bonne chance” is more commonly used by French Canadians, whereas “bon courage” is used by French people in France.

4. Vue du Jardin

Vue du Jardin is the perfect name for a French farmhouse or countryside cottage, as it translates to “garden view”. Really, any home surrounded by nature is deserving of this French name.

Or, perhaps you have a French-themed bed and breakfast; this name is also fitting if your residence is paired with a flower garden.

5. Cher Ami

If you want your French home to carry friendly vibes, then you ought to name it Cher Ami, meaning “good friend”. For many people, home is a place to spend time with friends, chatting, and drinking tea. 

Call your home Cher Ami, and you are sure to let others know that they can enjoy a good time with you there. 

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6. Maison Avec une Belle Vue

Although this house name is fairly straightforward – translating to “house with a nice view” in English – it’s certainly apt. If you feel that your French house’s best quality is its view of the mountains or perhaps the countryside, then you might land on this name. 

It’s also a great French house name if you’re renting out a room in your summer home. It’s sure to attract potential artists in residence who are looking for an inspiring view.

7. Pittoresque

This French word is easy to remember, even if you don’t speak the language, because it sounds almost identical to its English counterpart – “picturesque”. 

Maybe you’ve worked tirelessly to secure every little detail in your French-themed house. Or perhaps your house is situated alongside a picturesque cut flower garden. 

Either way, Pittoresque is the perfect word to describe a well-cared-for French house.

8. Maison Calme

This French house name option is ideal for introverts and fans of getting in that precious rest and relaxation. Maison Calme is a French phrase meaning “quiet house” in English. 

If you prefer sitting in your cozy French living room and reading a book by the fire to partying it up with drinks, Maison Calme could be an apt house name.

It’s also a suitable name for a house in a remote or rural area, where outside noises are mostly minimized. 

9. House Paradis

Mixing English and French to create this house name, House Paradis represents a home that is just like heaven. A lot of people like to consider their home their sanctuary, and if this is the case for you, you might consider this house name. 

Perhaps you even want to emulate the idea of a haven or paradise. If so, the word “paradis” is a great way to instill your love of all things French in the process.

10. Côte d’Azur

Did you know that this phrase translates to “French Riviera” in English? The French Riviera is a French coastline that meets the Mediterranean, known for its sunny weather and immense beauty. 

So perhaps this house name would be best for a home situated in Cannes or Saint-Tropez. 

Or maybe you don’t live anywhere near France, but you have a coastal home that you want to emulate the Riviera. Cote d’Azur might just be the name to choose!

11. Maison de Folie

This French house name deviates from others on this list, as it’s less about quaintness and style and more about all things kooky. If you consider yourself a little bit mad, then the house name meaning “madness house” might suit your home. 

Perhaps your interior decor is eccentric and colorful. Maybe you throw lavish parties that focus more on fun than order. 

Maison de Folie is the house name for you!

12. Haute Vue

Another French house name related to its particular kind of view, “Haute Vue” signifies a house with a “high view”. This is the ideal house name for villas or estates situated atop high hills in the countryside. 

It’s also a good name for a house atop a cliff of some sort, with a high view of the ocean below. 

13. Deja Vu

Most people are already familiar with the French saying “deja vu”, meaning “already seen”. This phrase is commonly used to describe situations that feel eerily familiar without explanation. 

It’s a somewhat odd name for a house, but in the theme of French things, it could be used to describe a house that is commonplace, familiar, and normal. 

14. Notre Reve 

Notre Reve is a French house name meaning “our dream” in English. If you consider your house a dreamy escape from society and the inconveniences of daily life, you might land on a name like this. 

It also carries historic vibes, as it sounds very similar to “Notre Dame” – the name of a famous French gothic cathedral located in Paris. 

15. La Cabane Dans les Arbres

This French phrase translates to “the treehouse” in English, making it perfect for any cozy French cottage nestled in the woods. 

If your house’s signature characteristic is its proximity to nature and trees, then this name could work well. 

16. Fleur de Lis 

Since this French phrase means “lily flower” in English, you might choose this name if your home is growing near lilies. It’s also a fitting name for a home that is a symbol of rebirth for you, as lilies carry this deeper meaning as well. 

Lilies are even used to represent the Virgin Mary in some cases, making this a suitable name for a religious household, too.

We hope that this list of 16 French house names has given you some unique ideas for naming your cottage or French-themed residence. 

The simple act of using French phrases that denote good luck, paradise, and calm feelings can provide plenty of naming options. Be sure to refer to our list as you seek out the perfect name for your home!

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