47 Italian House Names (That’ll Make Your House Stand Out)

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During the Middle Ages, house names held a lot of significance and were pivotal in identifying their residents – especially in smaller villages. Italian house names not only described the building but the residents themselves.

While there is much less significance attributed to house names today, naming your house is a great way to showcase your family’s values and highlight some of the more interesting features of your house. Choosing names in a foreign language – including Italian – helps communicate cultural ties to your unique heritage.

Below are some of the best Italian house names to showcase your cultural heritage while helping your house stand out from the rest.

Best Italian House Names

1. Casa al Mare – House by the Sea

2. La Casa Delle Conchiglie – The Seashell House

This house name makes us think of both the location of the house as well as its architecture. 

3. Il Palazzo Stellato – The Starry Palace

4. La Cucina Accogliente – The Cozy Kitchen

With food and family being huge priorities in Italian culture, this house name is arguably one of the most Italian names you can find.

It makes our mouths water and bellies ache as we anticipate whatever delicious food is being cooked up inside. 

5. Il Cottage in Giardino – The Garden Cottage

6. Casa di Pietra – The Stone House

This name works on two levels: it showcases a house’s architecture alongside the values of those who live inside, as stones are usually associated with strength and resilience. 

7. La Casa Stellata – The Starlit House

8. Casa Dai Mille Colori – House of Many Colors

We imagine a cheerfully painted house surrounded by colorful gardens. 

9. Casa del Lupo – House of the Wolf

With a name both spooky and fierce, this house is certainly unforgettable! 

10. Il Faro – The Lighthouse

Both beautiful in imagery and metaphor, we imagine this house seems a light in a fog for those who dwell within. 

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11. Casa Della Musica – House of Music

12. Casa Della Luna – House of the Moon

13. Rifugio Della Sirena – Mermaid’s Refuge

This house name is one of many entries on our list that references the ocean. 

14. Il Castello D’oro – The Golden Castle

15. Casa del Vigneto – Vineyard House

Italy is considered one of the most romantic countries, in part to its thriving wine tourism. This house’s name makes us think of Italy’s many sprawling vineyards. 

16. Il Palazzo dei Misteri – The Mansion of Mysteries

We can only wonder what kind of spooky surprises lie inside this house. 

17. Bellissimo Palazzo – Beautiful Palace

This self-explanatory name is certainly for those who are proud of their home. 

18. Il Castello – The Castle

19. Il Palazzo D’inverno – The Winter Palace

Not to be confused with the elaborate palace in tsarist Russia, we imagine this house would be quite cozy as snow fell outside. 

20. Casa di Vetro – Glass House

21. Casa Vicino al Cimitero – House Near the Cemetery

A house with this name makes us think of those large mansions in the swamp, with a private cemetery in the back dating back centuries. 

22. Casetta sul Fiume – Little House by the River

23. Casa Blu – Blue House

24. La Casa delle Rose – The House of Roses

Maybe roses are a part of the family’s crest, or the house is surrounded by a beautiful rose garden. In either case, it’s a beautiful image. 

25. La Casa di Campagna – The Country House

If your house is a rural paradise, make it clear with this self-explanatory name. 

26. Casa tra le Vigne – House Among the Vines

27. La Casa dei Tanti Gabbiani – The House of Many Seagulls

This name seems like there would be a story behind it. We imagine this house is seldom seen without feathery friends perched on the roof! 

28. Casa Sull’albero – Tree House

29. Il Palazzo delle Farfalle – The Butterfly Palace

30. Baia dei Pirati – Pirate’s Cove

Do the residents of this house have pirate ancestors or are they honoring the history of the region? It’s a neat name in either case. 

31. Casa Grande – Big House

32. La Tenuta d’Oro- The Golden Estate

This name certainly adds flair to a home. 

33. Il Santuario – The Sanctuary

A poignant name that speaks to the heart of everyone who can call their house a home. 

34. La Casa della Barca – The Boat House

35. La Casa del Pappagallo – The House of the Parrot 

This name has a lot of tropical, colorful flair. 

36. Pascolo di Cavalli – Pasture of Horses

A great name for a large house with plenty of acreage for horses. 

37. L’edificio – The Building

38. L’alveare – The Beehive

A colony of bees is certainly a marvel of nature, and this name works well for a family that values serving others. It’s also a great choice for a home belonging to beekeepers. 

39. La Residenza – The Residence 

40. La Casa Dell’alba – The Sunrise House

If your house has a door or a row of windows that face east, letting in the morning sun, this name would be perfect. Sunrises also symbolize optimism and new beginnings. 

41. Casa delle Ombre – House of Shadows

Another entry on our list steeped in mystery, this is a great name for those who appreciate the dramatic. 

42. Casa nella Nebbia – House in the Mist

43. Casa Vicino alla Cascata – House by the Waterfalls

This house name is one of the many on our list that highlights the house’s location. 

44. La Casa Selvaggia – The Wild House

45. Casa dello Scorpione – House of the Scorpion

A home with this fierce name is certainly one you don’t want to mess with. Not only does it imply the indomitable vibe of its residents, but it can also work to showcase unusual architecture. 

46. Casa in Mattoni – Brick House

47. La Ragnatela – The Cobweb

This name brings to mind images of old spooky Halloween houses with sagging porches and spider’s webs in every corner.

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