41 German House Names (That’ll Make Your House Stand Out)

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Naming your house is a wonderful way to put down roots and truly make your house a home. But because of the endless possibilities, it can feel impossible to choose the perfect name. 

In the Middle Ages, house names were used to identify its inhabitants in villages. This leads to many of the surnames we have today.

While house names aren’t nearly as common today, many choose to highlight their house’s architecture or add a bit of their own cultural heritage into their house’s name.

There are many great options that will showcase your culture while revealing a bit about your unique family. 

Read on for some great German house names that will make your house stand out from the rest.

Best German House Names

1. Haus der Sonne – House of the Sun

This powerful name evokes an image of warmth and light. Perfect for a family who chooses optimism over pessimism and enjoys the little things in life.

In a strictly architectural vein, this name would be fitting for a house with a door that faces the east and faces the sunrise. 

2. der Schloss – The Castle

After all, everyone’s home should be their castle. 

3. der Palast – The Palace

4. Glashaus – Glass House

A great name for gardeners with greenhouses or a house with many windows, it can also serve as a metaphor for a family that prides itself on being close-knit with no secrets between each other. 

5. Steinhaus – Stone House

Few images portray immovable strength as a stone building.

This name can either serve to honor the house’s stone construction or as a metaphor for a family who is strong and unmovable in the face of adversity. 

6. der Turm – The Tower

A tree house or reconstructed windmill comes to mind upon hearing this interesting name. 

7. Haus der Lilien – House of Lilies

Floral names are a great choice for houses and can showcase the pride of many gardeners. 

8. der Goldpalast – The Golden Palace

With a name like this, it’s no surprise we immediately think of fairytales. 

9. die Höhle des Wolfes – The Wolf’s Den

While it may sound spooky, this name is certainly one of the most provocative on our list. And we can’t deny the image of power that this name evokes. 

10. Mondscheinhaus – Moonlight House

This dreamy moniker conjures images of peace, solitude, and tranquility. 

11. Schöne Hütte – Beautiful Cottage

For small, lovely houses that provide refuge for those who live inside. 

12. das Gartenhaus – The Garden House

13. die Bärenhöhle – The Bear’s Den

Powerful and tranquil, this name brings to mind a family who values their rest – much like bears require hibernation during the winter. 

14. Sternenschloss – Starry Castle

15. Bergparadies – Mountain Paradise

16. Häuschen am Meer – Cottage by the Sea

A peaceful description for a lovely getaway. 

17. Das blaue Haus – The Blue House

18. Das Blumenhaus – The Flower House  

A perfect name for either a family of florists or a house situated amongst a beautiful garden. 

19. Silberhaus – Silver House

20. Palast der Sterne – Palace of Stars

We can’t think of a more beautiful name for a house. Perfect for a house high on a mountain under a sky full of stars, without the night sky being obstructed by city lights.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see a few telescopes on the porch of a home with this name. 

21. Haus mit der Roten Tür – House with the Red Door

This self-explanatory name highlights a house’s most distinguishing feature. 

22. Das Willkommenshaus – The Welcome House

A name like this implies charity, philanthropy, and love. Those who live in a house with a name like this are the very neighbors everyone wishes they would have. 

23. Haus der Wunder – House of Miracles

24. Wildnishaus – Wilderness House

Perfect for a house surrounded by nature. 

25. Das Haus im Tal – The House in the Valley

26. Das Wilde Haus – The Wild House

With a name like this, we picture a house out in the country or the woods with a lot of children, animals, or a combination of both. 

27. Sommerfrische – Summer Refuge

A perfect name for a vacation house in the mountains or along the shoreline. 

28. das Herrenhaus – The Mansion

29. die Stadtvilla – The City Mansion

This ostentatious name is perfect for those wishing to highlight both status and wealth. 

30. das Weiße Haus – The White House

31. Das Flusshaus – The River House

32. Rotes Schloss – Red Castle

This name is fitting for a brick house or one painted red. 

33. Meerjungfrauen-Häuschen – Mermaid’s House

This mouthful of a name is perfect for a house built along the River Rhine, especially given the myth about the mermaid Lorelai who – according to legend – haunts the cursed waters. Perfect for lovers of European folklore! 

34. das Farbenfrohe Haus – The Colorful House

A fitting name for a house painted many colors, the name also implies bright cheerfulness that feels welcoming to both the residents and neighbors alike. 

35. das Singende Haus – The Singing House

This musical name is fitting for a house surrounded by birdsong or can describe a family that prioritizes music.

In either case, it’s a lovely and unique name. 

36. das Winterhaus – The Winter House

When we hear this name, we think of a gingerbread cottage trimmed with thick icing representing snow.

This a beautiful and festive image for any cottage! 

37. Das Baumhaus – The Treehouse

38. Haus der gelben Rosen – The House of Yellow Roses

This cheerful name is optimistic, peaceful, and welcoming. 

39. das Strandhaus – The Beach House

40. das Rosa Haus – The Pink House

41. das Haus am Ende der Straße – The House at the End of the Road

This ominous name is fitting for lovers of the horror genre or those who simply like the spooky feel. 

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