55+ Fuecoco Nicknames (BEST Ideas For The Fire Crocodile!)

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If you’re one of the many trainers out there who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Pokémon games on the Nintendo Switch, then you’ve probably already started thinking about what to name your starter Pokémon.

And if you’re lucky enough to choose Fuecoco, the fire crocodile Pokémon, as your starter, then you’re going to need a list of potential Fuecoco nicknames to choose from!

Here are 55+ perfect nickname ideas for Fuecoco.

Best Fuecoco Nicknames

  1. Barney – This nickname is perfect for Fuecoco as he/she shares a similar resemblance to the popular children’s character, Barney the Dinosaur.
  2. Ember – What better way to start off this list than with a simple but perfect nickname for a fire Pokémon? Ember is short, catchy, and tells everyone at a glance what type of Pokémon they’re dealing with.
  3. Inferno – Another great option for a fire Pokémon nickname. Inferno evokes images of searing heat and raging fires, making it the perfect choice for a Pokémon like Fuecoco.
  4. Blaze – A classic fire Pokémon nickname that’s sure to please both old and new fans alike. Blaze is simple but evocative, and it sounds just as good as it looks.
  5. Pyro – A unique take on the classic fire Pokémon nickname “Pyro.” This version is shorter and has a bit more of an edge to it, making it perfect for a fiery Pokémon like Fuecoco.
  6. Scorch – A great option for trainers who want a slightly more dangerous-sounding nickname for their fire Pokémon. Scorch is short, sweet, and to the point – everything a good nickname should be.
  7. Char – Another short but perfectly descriptive nickname for a fire Pokémon. Char refers to the blackened remains of something that has been burned, making it an appropriate choice for a Pokémon like Fuecoco.
  8. Coal – A slightly more playful take on the classic “char” nickname. Coal is also an appropriate choice for a fire Pokémon, as it refers to another type of fuel that is used to create heat and energy.
  9. Flame – One of the most popular choices for fire Pokémon nicknames, flame is both symbolic and literal, making it a great option for Fuecoco.
  10. Furnace – A unique take on the classic “flame” nickname that places emphasis on Fuecoco’s status as a reptile Pokémon. Furnace also conjures up images of intense heat, making it an ideal choice for this fiery crocodile Pokémon.
  11. Lava Croc – The perfect choice for trainers who want a truly unique and attention-grabbing nickname for their Fuecoco! This moniker references both the Pokémon’s type (fire) and its species (crocodile), making it a clever and memorable choice.
  12. Fue (for short) – this is a great nickname for Fuecoco that’s easy to say and remember. Plus, it still has that fiery feeling to it.
  13. CoCo – another nickname that’s easy to say and remember, and it’s just as cute as Fuecoco himself!
  14. Coco Pops – A funny and clever play on words, this nickname is perfect for a fire crocodile Pokémon like Fuecoco.
  15. Coco Loco – A crazy and fun nickname, perfect for a Pokémon that’s sure to be a blast to train!
  16. Marshmallow – because this little crocodile is so soft and cuddly, despite his tough exterior.
  17. Flare – for when you want to show off Fuecoco’s fiery side.
  18. Torch – another great name for highlighting Fuecoco’s power as a fire-type Pokémon.
  19. Inferno -because sometimes you just need a name that packs a punch. And Inferno does just that!
  20. Blaze – a more mellow option for those who want to keep the fire theme without going overboard.
  21. Ember – perfect for when you want your Pokémon’s name to subtly indicate its type (in this case, fire).
  22. Smolder – we love this word and think it makes an excellent nickname for Fuecoco or any other fire-type Pokémon!
  23. Comrade – a great name for a loyal and trustworthy starter Pokémon like Fuecoco.
  24. Buddy – a nice, simple name that’s perfect for any Pokémon, but especially good for starters.
  25. Che – After Che Guevara, the Argentinian Marxist revolutionary. This would be a great name for a fire type that is always ready to fight!
  26. Fidel – After Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary leader. Another great name for a fire type that likes to stir up trouble!
  27. Pancho – After Pancho Villa, the Mexican Revolutionary general. A perfect name for a fire type that is always ready to fight!
  28. Enrique – After Enrique Iglesias, the Spanish singer. A fun and unique name for a fire type that likes to be in the spotlight!
  29. Pablo – After Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter. A creative and artsy name for a fire type that is always full of surprises!
  30. Radical Rex – A cool and edgy name for a fire type that is always ready to rebel!
  31. Salvador – A sassy and feisty name for a fire type that always has energy and enthusiasm!
  32. Cortes– The name of, arguably, one of the most infamous Spanish Conquistadors of all time. He led the expedition that inadvertently led to the downfall of the Aztec empire.
  33. Flamin’ Caiman – A caiman is a close relative of the crocodile, and as you can see, it’s great for rhyming!
  34. Firaga – The name of a powerful fire magic spell in the extremely popular RPG series Final Fantasy.
  35. Chomper – Gators and crocodiles are best known for their bites, and Fuecoco has a very recognizable smile. This is the perfect name to encapsulate both!
  36. Hokage – Considering that Fuecoco ultimately evolves into a fire/ghost type, naming it “fire shadow” is appropriate. Naruto fans will love this one.
  37. Kagutsuchi – Kagutsuchi is the Japanese god of fire and the forge. Pokemon being a Japanese property, this is very appropriate for a fire-type Pokemon.
  38. Pablano – Fuecoco is partly inspired by peppers, and Pablano is a type of pepper that also makes for a great name. 
  39. Hephaestus – The Greek god of volcanoes. If you’re looking for a powerful name for a fire type, you can’t do much better than this!
  40. Chili – Whether you want to think of it as chili pepper or the type of food, this is a fitting name for a spicy little guy like Fuecoco!
  41. Plume – As in “a plume of flame”. It’s also very fitting considering the little plumes of fire Fuecoco has coming out of its head.
  42. El Cid – A legendary knight from Spanish history. El Cid is a Spanish hero and a great inspiration for a name.
  43. Belle – Particularly good for a female Fuecoco, this name is a shoutout to the bell pepper design of the Pokemon.
  44. Roughneck – Crocodiles are known to have rough, thick skin. This is a simple reference to that fact.
  45. Flameboyant – A play on words that combines “flame” and “flamboyant”.
  46. Pepper – Harkening to Fuecoco’s design roots, pepper is a good shoutout to his rotund shape.
  47. Irwin – In honor of Steve Irwin, the late but beloved Crocodile Hunter. Crikey!
  48. Flammenwerfer – It’s just the German word for “flamethrower”, but it’s incredibly fun to say!
  49. Scoville – The Scoville index is the measurement system used to determine how spicy things are. It’s perfect for a Pokemon designed after a pepper.
  50. Picoso – Another type of pepper, if you want to name the Pokemon in such a fashion.
  51. Cervantes – The name of one of the most popular writers in Spanish history, and a great inspiration for a Spanish-inspired Pokemon name.
  52. Habanero – A widely recognized type of pepper, perfect for a Pokemon like Fuecoco that has pepper-themed aesthetics.
  53. Crocotoa – A play on words combining “crocodile” and “Krakatoa”, the volcano that holds the honor of one of the largest eruptions of all time.
  54. Surtr – A figure in Norse mythology often depicted as a warrior of flame destined to strike down the gods.
  55. Zuko – The name of a very popular and beloved fire-flinging character from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  56. Jalapeno – Arguably one of the most recognizable types of peppers, making it a great name for a Pokemon inspired by them.

Help Choosing The Right Nickname

Nicknames are an important part of Pokémon training, as they can make your Pokémon easier to identify and help you form a stronger bond with them.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect nickname for your Pokémon:

  1. Choose a name that reflects your Pokémon’s personality or appearance.
  2. Try to come up with a name that is easy to say and easy to remember.
  3. Make sure the nickname is appropriate for both public and private contexts.
  4. Be sure to have fun with it!

So, there you have it – some great options for nicknames for your Fuecoco (or any other fire type) Pokémon!

Whether you’re looking for something serious and symbolic or funny and playful, we hope you find the perfect name here.

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