597+ Jewelry Business Names (BEST Name Ideas!)

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Are you finally opening up the jewelry business you have always dreamed about? How amazing are you? However, now is the time to name that store, do you have any idea what name you are going to choose?

Naming a business is a huge deal. It is crucial that you come up with something no one else has thought of, is creative enough to capture the attention of the crowds, easy to pronounce, and something specific to you that tells what you are selling in a fabulous way.

Whether your jewelry store is selling high-end fashionable jewelry products that are solely handmade, or cute pieces at an affordable price, own it, flaunt it, and make it part of your Jewelry business name making it stand out to potential customers.

Best Jewelry Business Names

Aside from having quality products and providing impeccable service, having the best business name out there is one of the ways you will be successful in your entrepreneurial adventures.

When choosing a great company name try choosing words that are meaningful to you, show up on A LOT of social media, and look and sound confident. 

Here are a few fantastic names for a jewelry business in 2022, that can help your new company really stand out.

  1. Bright Like a Diamond
  2. The Jewelry Link
  3. The Hottest Hook Ups
  4. House of Jewelz
  5. Lucky Stone
  6. Elegant Designs
  7. Diamond Hut Co.
  8. Promise Jewelers
  9. Forever Diamond
  10. Shining Diamonds
  11. Glamorous Jewelers
  12. Diamond Dream
  13. The Gold Promise
  14. Elite JWLZ
  15. Beauty in a Small Box
  17. Glitter Me This
  18. Indulge
  19. SO Fyne
  20. Premium Pearls
  21. Made with Loyalty and Gold
  22. Live the Love
  23. Nothing but Ice
  24. Royalties you can Wear
  25. Diamonds Galore
  26. The Ultimate Jewelry Boutique
  27. Bling Lab – A creative name suggesting a laboratory-like atmosphere for crafting unique jewelry pieces.
  28. Jewelry Bay – A bay full of shining, sparkling jewelry treasures.
  29. Bling Box – The ultimate treasure chest for your jewelry collection.
  30. Splash of Bold – Make a statement with your unique jewelry business.
  31. Goldica – A fusion of gold and a feminine touch to give a sense of luxury.
  32. Crystal Aura – Reflect the mesmerizing aura created by the sparkling crystals in your jewelry.
  33. Silver Symphony – Showcase the harmony of silver in your exquisite jewelry pieces.
  34. Gem Lagoon – Recreate the feeling of discovering precious gems in a lagoon.
  35. Diamond Den – A den full of splendid diamond jewelry waiting to be explored.
  36. Elegant Stones – Emphasize the elegance of the stones incorporated in your designs.
  37. Platinum Prestige – A jewelry store that specializes in high-quality platinum jewelry.
  38. Pearl Haven – A safe haven to find the perfect pearl jewelry for every occasion.
  39. Charm Circle – Captivate your customers with the charm of your jewelry collection.
  40. Timeless Treasures – Emphasize the everlasting beauty of your jewelry pieces.
  41. Beaded Beauty – Create a memorable name for your store that specializes in beaded jewelry.
  42. Enchanted Emporium – A magical shopping experience for customers seeking unique jewelry pieces.
  43. Jewel Oasis – A refreshing sanctuary for jewelry lovers.
  44. Shimmer Shack – A glittering place to shop for radiant jewelry.
  45. Artisan Adornments – Emphasize the handcrafted nature of your unique jewelry business.
  46. Sparkle Lane – A delightful destination for finding the perfect sparkle in your jewelry.
  47. Precious Palette – Offer a range of beautiful jewelry that caters to every style and preference.
  48. Lustrous Luxuries – Evoke a sense of opulence and luxury in your jewelry store.
  49. Golden Gala – Highlight the celebration of gold jewelry in your store.
  50. Twinkling Trinkets – Create a sense of curiosity with this whimsical name.
  51. Radiant Relics – Emphasize your heirloom-quality jewelry pieces.
  52. Graceful Gems – Showcase your gemstone jewelry and its gracefulness.
  53. Vintage Vault – Attract customers who love vintage-inspired jewelry pieces.
  54. Emerald Essence – Focus on the allure of emeralds in your jewelry store.
  55. Romantic Rose – Appeal to the romantic in your customers with rose-themed jewelry.
  56. Starry Nights – Captivate your customers with cosmic-inspired jewelry.
  57. Ethereal Elegance – Embrace the surreal beauty of your jewelry pieces.
  58. Glistening Grace – Celebrate the brilliance and poise of your jewelry collection.
  59. Opulent Odyssey – Offer your customers a luxurious journey through your jewelry collection.
  60. Brilliant Boutique – Shine bright with this attractive boutique name.
  61. Sapphire Soiree – Bring forth a sense of sophistication with your sapphire jewelry collection.
  62. Rhapsody in Rings – Highlight your selection of beautiful rings for all occasions.
  63. Hidden Halo – Evoke a sense of mystique and allure with this name.
  64. Dazzling Designs – Focus on your striking and innovative jewelry creations.
  65. Regal Rubies – Showcase the power and majesty of ruby jewelry.
  66. Marquise Mystique – Entice customers with the enigmatic beauty of marquise-cut jewelry.
  67. Earrings Enchantment – Attract customers with the charm of your earring collection.
  68. Harmonious Hues – Present the balanced beauty of your jewelry’s varying colors.
  69. Amethyst Attraction – Allure customers with the captivating beauty of amethyst jewelry pieces.
  70. Refined Reflections – Bring forth the sophistication and elegance of your jewelry pieces.
  71. Majestic Metals – Highlight your expertise in crafting exceptional metal-based jewelry.
  72. Wondrous Waves – Showcase your ocean-inspired jewelry designs.
  73. Legacy of Luxury – Create a sense of timelessness and heritage with this name.

Good Jewelry Business Name Ideas

  1. Bling Lab
  2. Glam Deck
  3. Jewelry Bay
  4. Chic Spark
  5. Bling Box
  6. Splash of Bold
  7. Fab Bling
  8. Goldica
  9. Heavenly Twirl Bracelet
  10. Tinted Panther Brooch
  11. Enchanted Scale Amulet
  12. Solar Balance Amulet
  13. Gritty Jewelry
  14. Custom Designs
  15. Value Pawn & Jewelry
  16. Meenakari Jewellery
  17. Navratna Jewellery
  18. Treasures
  19. Queen Of Gold
  20. The Longer Handsewn
  21. Charming Essence
  22. Crystal Clear Creations
  23. Elegant Gemstones
  24. Dazzling Designs
  25. Timeless Treasures
  26. Lustrous Loom
  27. Pearl Perfection
  28. Alluring Adornments
  29. Fashionable Finds
  30. Artisanal Accents
  31. Sophisticated Sparkle
  32. Bejeweled Boutique
  33. Glistening Gems
  34. Captivating Creations
  35. Refined Radiance
  36. Gemstone Gallery
  37. Enchanting Embellishments
  38. Stunning Statements
  39. Luxurious Layers
  40. Divine Designs
  41. Exquisite Elegance
  42. Wear It Wow
  43. Flawless Fashion
  44. Vivid Visions
  45. Style & Grace
  46. Heirloom Haven
  47. Chic Collections
  48. Distinctive Details
  49. Regal Reflections
  50. Artfully Arranged

Cute Names for A Jewelry Business

When it comes to naming a jewelry business sometimes you just need something that sounds simple and sweet.

Using a cute company name can help showcase a youthful and innocent demeanor, making your shop a friendly place to visit.

Cute company names have become a popular way to market many types of jewelry and with some of the options listed below, you might find this is the best course for your company to take.

  1. Lulu Jewelers
  2. Sweet Jewelers
  3. Beauty Jewelry
  4. Joe Joe’s Jewelry
  5. Glitter Jewelers
  6. Jewelry Genies
  7. Emerald Sea 
  8. Diamond Duo
  9. Dimond Dynamite
  10. Sparkle Shot
  11. Pleasant Pearls
  12. Perfect Pearls
  13. Dazzle Dreams
  14. Candies Crystals
  15. BeDazzel
  16. Precious Pearl
  17. Sunshine Gallary
  18. Trinkets And Charms 
  19. Elegant Designs
  20. Barbies beautiful jewels
  21. Beadazzled Boutique
  22. Charm Castle
  23. Crystal Cove
  24. Dainty Delights
  25. Elegant Embers
  26. Fanciful Finds
  27. Gleaming Gems
  28. Heavenly Hues
  29. Iridescent Island
  30. Jewel Jungle
  31. Kaleidoscope Kreation
  32. Luminous Luxuries
  33. Moonstone Magic
  34. Nifty Nuggets
  35. Opulent Oasis
  36. Precious Palette
  37. Quirky Quartz
  38. Regal Reflections
  39. Sparkling Sanctuary
  40. Twinkling Treasures
  41. Urbane Uniqueness
  42. Vivacious Vignettes
  43. Whimsical Wonders
  44. Xquisite Xcursion
  45. Younique Youth
  46. Zephyr’s Zen
  47. Rosegold Retreat
  48. Sunny Silver
  49. Pristine Pearls
  50. Glimmering Garden
  51. Alluring Alchemy
  52. Bijou Bliss
  53. Captivating Cachet
  54. Dazzling Dreams
  55. Effervescent Eden
  56. Feathered Fantasy
  57. Glistening Grove
  58. Harmonic Haven
  59. Immaculate Impressions
  60. Jazzy Jewels
  61. Kismet’s Kiss
  62. Lustrous Layers
  63. Mystical Medley
  64. Noble Nacre
  65. Opalescent Omens
  66. Playful Panache
  67. Quintessential Quartet
  68. Radiant Relics
  69. Serendipity’s Spark
  70. Timeless Trinkets

Unique Names For A Jewelry Business

  1. Knutson Jewelers
  2. Junky Jewel
  3. Pandora Jewelry
  4. Royal Jewelers
  5. Kingsley Jewelry
  6. Infinity Diamonds
  7. Jewel Delight
  8. Boggs Jewelry
  9. Credit Jewelry
  10. Elegant Essence
  11. Emerald Lady Jewelry
  12. Linardi’s Jewelers
  13. Prestige Jewelry
  14. White Lily Designs
  15. Marvel Jewelry
  16. Fair Rainbow Jewelry
  17. Goldengate Jewels
  18. Pearlhead Jewelers
  19. Something Silver
  20. Beads Of Our World
  21. Jewel Junky
  22. The Pearl Fountain
  23. Cute Jewellers
  24. Bead City Jewelers
  25. Pinnacle Jewelers
  26. Florida Keys Jewelry
  27. Dallas Watch ; Diamonds
  28. Daoud’s Fine Jewelry
  29. Trinkets And Charms
  30. Baltic Beauty
  31. Charmed Jewelers
  32. Luscious Jewelry
  33. Tribal Style
  34. Sleek Peek Jewelers
  35. Delicate Designs
  36. Show Pony Boutique

Catchy And Memorable Names For A Jewelry Business

Another great way to market your jewelry store brand is by giving it a name that is catchy, easy to spell, and easy to remember.

A storefront that sticks out and is easy to memorize is going to be the one that people refer to often. Why? Well, because they can easily remember it.

To create a catchy and memorable jewelry business name, come up with some names that rhyme, run right off the tongue, or create a memory patron will never forget.

Here is a great list of catchy and memorable business names you might want to consider trying or simply use as an inspiration to piece together your own successful company name.

  1. The Pearl of Paris
  2. Jewelbow Studio
  3. Vintage Stone
  4. Turquoise Turtle
  5. Jewelbergerly
  6. Creative Pearl
  7. Pearl of Minerva
  8. Rose Gold Galleries
  9. Creative Side Jewelry
  10. The Makers
  11. Beauty Plus
  12. Stall Jewelers
  13. The Gold Exchange
  14. Pacific Jewelers
  15. Jubilee Jewelers
  16. Silver moon
  17. Platinum Ink
  18. Home Consignment Center
  19. Inspired Jewelry
  20. Precious Possessions
  21. Beautiful Bracelets
  22. Treasure Trove
  23. Classic Crystal
  24. Exquisite Earrings
  25. Extreme Elegance
  26. Good Gold, Great Gifts
  27. Sparkle shops
  28. Mr. and Mrs. Diamond
  29. Dreamy Jewelry
  30. Glittery Gold Jewelry
  31. Miracle Diamonds

Cool Sounding Names for A Jewelry Business

It’s a good idea to search for a business name that sounds cool.

Having a jewelry brand name that uses words that are seen as “cool or “stylish” will bring in a variety of customers in and out your doors and make your store the “in” retailer for the best jewelry on the market.

Below is an incredible list of ideas for cool-sounding business names that can help market your cool jewelry to the bests crowds. 

  1. Phenomenal Pearls
  2. Goodness Gold
  3. A Girls Best Friend
  4. Phoenix Jewelry
  5. Titanium Stylings
  6. Vintage Stone
  7. Luxury Jewellers Ltd
  8. Smart Glass Jewelry
  9. Stella Designs
  10. Henna Jewlz and Jemz
  11. Crystal Blues
  12. King and Queen Luxury Line
  13. Outer Layers
  14. 18Karate and More
  15. Diamond View
  16. Gold Tech
  17. Unique Diamond Setting
  18. The Bling Depot
  19. Precious Pieces
  20. Special Stones
  21. Jazzy Jewelery
  22. Just-in Jewelry
  23. Bling Bling Bazaar
  24. Jubilant Jewelry
  25. Master of Bling
  26. Treasures jewelry
  27. Iceberg Diamonds INC
  28. Posh Diamond Gallery
  29. The Ross Jewelry Company
  30. The Silver Mountain
  31. Smart Gold
  32. Silver Treasures
  33. Real Pearl
  34. Imperial Fine Jewelers Ltd
  35. Diamond ; Gold Creations
  36. Paradise Gems
  37. Glamour Glitz
  38. Sparkle Cove
  39. Bling Haven
  40. Radiant Gems
  41. Elegance Alcove
  42. Dazzle Villa
  43. Pure Adorn
  44. Chic Wonder
  45. Eternal Bauble
  46. Silverscape
  47. Golden Charm
  48. Crystal Aura
  49. Gemstone Valley
  50. Luxe Beads
  51. Shine Emporium
  52. Twinkle Time
  53. Bright Bespoke
  54. Trendy Trinket
  55. Refined Rings
  56. Vivid Vault
  57. Lustrous Loot
  58. Admire Amulets
  59. Bold Bijoux
  60. Whimsy Wristlets
  61. Timeless Pendants
  62. Sleek Spark
  63. Jewel Jubilee
  64. Stone Euphoria
  65. Captivating Carats
  66. Charming Chest
  67. Lavish Lockets
  68. Heirloom Trove
  69. Opulent Ornate
  70. Elite Ensemble
  71. Aesthetic Anklets
  72. Fancy Filigree
  73. Dainty Dazzlers
  74. Radiant Regalia
  75. Sapphire Soiree
  76. Ruby Retreat
  77. Polished Pearls
  78. Graceful Graces
  79. Sophisticated Stones
  80. Finesse Finds
  81. Glistening Galleria
  82. Tantalizing Tiaras
  83. Sublime Selections
  84. Majestic Meander
  85. Vibrant Vignettes
  86. Refined Relics

Badass Names

Jewelry names that exude confidence and swagger can contribute to your business growth and make your brand memorable.

We’ve compiled a list of 50 badass names for your jewelry business, easy to understand and guaranteed to make an impression. Check them out below, and choose the one that resonates with you.

  1. Fierce Gems
  2. Untamed Sparkles
  3. Rogue Radiance
  4. Rebel Jewels
  5. Fearless Gold
  6. Savage Silver
  7. Ironclad Accessories
  8. Daring Diamonds
  9. Audacious Shimmers
  10. Wild Bijou
  11. Valiant Vixen
  12. Adventurous Adornments
  13. Gutsy Glamour
  14. Power Pendants
  15. Bulletproof Bling
  16. Intrepid Ice
  17. Tough Trinkets
  18. Heroic Hoops
  19. Brazen Bijouterie
  20. Feisty Frills
  21. Indomitable Shine
  22. Defiant Dyad
  23. Rampant Rings
  24. Tenacious Tiaras
  25. Invincible Iridescence
  26. Brave Bauble
  27. Ferocious Finery
  28. Stalwart Stones
  29. Headstrong Hues
  30. Gallant Glisten
  31. Stubborn Sparkle
  32. Supreme Sheen
  33. Immovable Imagery
  34. Resolute Radiance
  35. Spirited Strands
  36. Steely Style
  37. Resilient Razzle
  38. Determined Dazzle
  39. Vigorous Vintage
  40. Unwavering Whimsy
  41. Enduring Elegance
  42. Unshakable Unison
  43. Persistent Pearls
  44. Steadfast Sterling
  45. Inflexible Opulence
  46. Relentless Refinement
  47. Fixated Florilege
  48. Impassive Impression
  49. Unyielding Unity
  50. Persevering Posh

Creative Names for A Jewelry Business

There are so many different ways to create a business name, giving you the opportunity to show your artistic side.

Choose different ways to spell words, piece them together, or come up with unique words that aren’t often used when describing jewelry.

Being creative and reaching for something no one else has ever done will definitely make your jewelry business stand out.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to get a little creative with business names for the ultimate jewelry company.

  1. Diamond Dream
  2. So Good Jewelry
  3. Fantasy Fine Jewelry
  4. Ivy Diamonds and Jewelry
  5. Luxor Fine Jewelry
  6. Park Place Jewelry
  7. Forever Diamonds
  8. Highland Diamond
  9. Diamond Ring Co.
  10. Crystal light Jewelry
  11. Fine Silver and Gold
  12. Royal Park Picks
  13. Gold and Beyond
  14. Royal Expressions
  15. The Classic Gems Salon
  16. Fabulous Collections
  17. The Golden Pearl
  18. All-Star Designs and Creations
  19. Charming Studios
  20. NYC Inspired Jewelry
  21. Five Star Jewelry Designs
  22. Pure Jewels
  23. Dimond Identity
  24. The Bling Room

Clever Names for A Jewelry Business

Play on words or puns is just a few clever ways to name a jewelry business. When you can come up with something unique and clever, people will always remember your name.

You can also utilize different fonts and colors that will bring the name posted on your store front to life, finding words that can be told in pictures.

Below is a nice long list of clever names that would look amazing on your storefront sign.

Consider trying one out or mixing a few of them together to create your own amazing idea.

  1. Set In Stone
  2. Glmrus Gems
  3. The Diamond Stud
  4. Glits-n-Glamor
  5. Urban Jewlz
  6. Sparkle and Shine
  7. Rose Diamond
  8. The Jewelry Lounge and Boutique
  9. 1000 beads
  10. Unique Amber and Rose
  11. 3 Graces Jewelry
  12. Ice Gold Ring
  13. Stun Blinds
  14. Gioielleria
  15. Eye Candy
  16. Ella Luxury
  17. Best Bijoux
  18. Queen City Jewellers and Gems
  19. Girly Eyes
  20. Artesian Jewels Galore
  21. My Jewellers
  22. Tango Charmer
  23. The Diamond Fix
  24. Coco Girz Jewelz
  25. Belle Metal
  26. Beyond the Looking Glass
  27. Gemstone Jewelry
  28. Vision Jewelry
  29. The Local Charm
  30. Seaside Peals
  31. The Golden Crown
  32. Local Charms and Gems
  33. Elegant Designs
  34. The Diamond Box
  35. The Sparkle Box
  36. Crystal Shine
  37. Sunset Fine Jewelers
  38. Lilac Peak Jewelry
  39. Pendant Pearls
  40. Omg! Gold
  41. Posh Jewelers
  42. A Diamond Remembered
  43. Teva Treasures
  44. Divine Glimpse

Quirky Names for A Jewelry Business

There is literally nothing better than a business name that has a little quirky side. People love quirky and quirky sells.

When putting together a great name for your jewelry company think outside the box and come up with a title that will make people giggle every time they say your name.

Here are some wonderful names with quirky undertones that can bring in a lot of business. 

  1. Oh Gracious
  2. Bling Beach Co.
  3. Elite Beads Brand
  4. Jewel Thief
  5. Born Pretty
  6. For the Love of Jewelry
  7. Crush-It Stud
  8. Glow It Up Pearls
  9. Passion of Pearl
  10. Fusion of Love
  11. Shining Light
  12. Gold Rush
  13. Pick A Pearl
  14. Lucky Pink Jewelry
  15. Tranquillo’s Jewelry
  16. Pearl Mystic
  17. Beadwerks
  18. Jewelry 4 Love
  19. Pearl on The Go
  20. Good as Gold
  21. Golden Box Jewelry
  22. Iceman Jewelers
  23. Specific Gravity
  24. The Simple Improvised
  25. The Ruby Loft
  26. Gold Mountain Jewelry
  27. Golden Edition Jewelry
  28. Gold Diamond Shop
  29. Beadazzled

Fancy Name Ideas

Perfect jewelry can have an unforgettable name. Here are 50 fancy name ideas for your consideration. Take a look and be inspired!

  1. Glamour Gems
  2. Opulent Adornments
  3. Divine Creations
  4. Elegant Treasures
  5. Dazzling Designs
  6. Enchanting Emporium
  7. Majestic Jewels
  8. Radiant Finery
  9. Lustrous Layers
  10. Timeless Elegance
  11. Bold Brilliance
  12. Dreamy Dangles
  13. Lavish Luxuries
  14. Glittering Graces
  15. Glimmering Gallery
  16. Fancy Flourishes
  17. Heirloom Hues
  18. Fashionable Finesse
  19. Intricate Inspirations
  20. Gilded Gallery
  21. Bedazzling Boutique
  22. Grandiose Gems
  23. Luminescent Loft
  24. Artistic Accents
  25. Spellbinding Sparkles
  26. Charming Charms
  27. Graceful Glints
  28. Delightful Dazzles
  29. Mystique Medley
  30. Chic Creations
  31. Sophisticated Shines
  32. Tantalizing Twinkles
  33. Magnificent Motifs
  34. Breathtaking Baubles
  35. Opalescent Oasis
  36. Exquisite Elegance
  37. Plush Parcels
  38. Captivating Crystals
  39. Extravagant Elan
  40. Admirable Artistry
  41. Precious Perfection
  42. Ethereal Enchantments
  43. Bejeweled Bliss
  44. Refined Radiance
  45. Royal Relics
  46. Lovely Legacies
  47. Stunning Statements
  48. Wondrous Works
  49. La Vie en Luxe
  50. Gorgeous Glistenings

Modern Name Ideas

Starting a jewelry business can be an exciting venture. To help you spark some inspiration, here are 50 modern name ideas for your consideration:

  1. GemFusion
  2. EcoJewels
  3. DiamondDazzle
  4. CrystalAvenue
  5. AuroraGems
  6. CelestialGlitz
  7. LuxuryLattice
  8. TimelessTokens
  9. MetallicMosaic
  10. GeoPendants
  11. AzureAlchemy
  12. LunarLuster
  13. StellarStones
  14. AstralAccents
  15. ModernMystics
  16. Nature’sNiche
  17. GleamingGallery
  18. TwinklingTreasures
  19. SapphireSanctuary
  20. CharmingChains
  21. EtherealElegance
  22. GoldenGoddess
  23. LustrousLuxury
  24. SilhouetteSparkle
  25. RadiantRainbow
  26. UrbanOrnament
  27. MajesticMinimalism
  28. Bloom & Bling
  29. DelicateDrops
  30. WhimsicalWonders
  31. Chic & Charmed
  32. AquaAdornment
  33. MysticMetalworks
  34. Rockin’ Rubies
  35. EnchantedElements
  36. GemstoneGifts
  37. VintageVibes
  38. GalacticGlimmer
  39. DashingDiamonds
  40. PearlescentPlaza
  41. ContemporaryCrystals
  42. What do you think of ElegantEarth?
  43. FashionForward
  44. BespokeBangles
  45. Rings & RoseGold
  46. LevitatingLazulite
  47. CosmicChains
  48. AstralAdore
  49. SilverSpectacle
  50. InfiniteIridescence

Handmade Jewelry Business Names

Everyone these days is trying their luck with handmade products selling online, and at local markets all across the world.

With a Handmade jewelry business, it is crucial that you come up with a name that states exactly what you are selling but in an interesting and attention-capturing way.

Doing this will help ensure you attract as many customers as possible.

Below is a list of amazing names you should consider using for your up-and-coming jewelry store’s name.

Check out the long list below offering up some great ways to play with words to ensure your handmade jewelry business is nothing less than a success.

  1. Fine Handcrafted Jewelry
  2. My Handmade Diamond
  3. All Things Shiny
  4. Unique Artifacts
  5. Homemade Bling Bling
  6. Imperial Fine Jewels
  7. Beads By Hand
  8. Pure Gold Designs and Creations
  9. Cute Clusters
  10. Custom Jeweler Outlet
  11. My Custom Gens
  12. Jewelry Art
  13. Ashley’s Awesome Jewelry and Stuff
  14. JWLZ Co.
  15. Heritage Pearl
  16. Melt Away Jewelry
  17. Jewelry by Jade
  18. Real Pearl
  19. The Bead Store
  20. Beautiful and Handmade
  21. Fanning Jewelry
  22. Royal Handmade Jewelry
  23. So Pretty Rings
  24. My Fine Diamonds
  25. Tina’s Treasure Cove

Paparazzi Jewelry Business Names

Are you selling Paparazzi Jewelry and looking for a business name that will fit the fabulous yet affordable pieces in your collection?

Try to piece together words that will ensure customers that just because they are getting a great deal, doesn’t mean the product is anything less than perfect.

Take a look at the list of jewelry businesses listed below and see if any of them are perfect for your business venture? If not, try to grab a little inspiration from the words and names to come up with your own.

  1. Glam Paparazzi
  2. Fine Paparazzi
  3. The Paparazzi Room
  4. Amor Fine Jewelry
  5. House of Beauty
  6. Glamorous Jewelers
  7. Shining Diamonds
  8. Madison Rose
  9. Tiffany’s Touch Co.
  10. Infinity Diamonds
  11. Fine on a dime Jewelers
  12. Emerald Lady Jewelry
  13. Prestige Jewelry
  14. Starlet Hoops
  15. Maxy Fashions Bracelets
  16. Posh Diamond Gallery
  17. Ooh La La Designs
  18. Viv Diamonds ; Gifts
  19. Luxe Cast
  20. Faces On Broadway
  21. Every Rose
  22. Shredded Gown and Diamonds
  23. Playful Jewelry
  24. Jewelers on Bell
  25. The Gallery
  26. X-Pensive Jewels
  27. Jewel Jest
  28. The Pearl Exchange
  29. Pearl Globe
  30. Blind Petal Jewelry

Names For Vintage Jewelry Businesses

Some of the best jewelry out there come from decades ago.

Selling vintage jewelry isn’t only a great way to make a little money but also an excellent way to keep older pieces out of a truck or box and used at least on occasion.

Below is a list of unique yet inventive names for a vintage jewelry business that can take your store to the top.

  1. Rugged Elements Jewelry
  2. Gem Boutique
  3. Vintage Stone
  4. Allure Collection
  5. Vera’s Attic
  6. Stanton Luxury
  7. Antiques Jewelers
  8. Refined Sparkles
  9. American Treasures
  10. Long Lost Love
  11. Seas of Pearls
  12. Elite Jewelers
  13. Pearl of Jupiter
  14. Boho Vintage Jewels
  15. Visible Charm
  16. The Pretty Fox
  17. Clasico jewelers
  18. Jewelers Gold Coast
  19. Queen Pearls
  20. Jewelry Village
  21. Jewelry in Peace
  22. Organic Royal
  23. Nancy’s Pearl
  24. Artesian Jewels
  25. The Diamond Fix
  26. My Jewelers
  27. Girly Eye Jewelers

Crystal Jewelry Business Names

Crystals are more popular now than ever before and so a lot of companies have recently opened their doors specifically to take advantage of this booming market; which is why it is crucial for you to come up with a name that is totally out of this world, while still capturing the essence of the product.

Here are a few fun options for successful business names if you are looking for a great way to showcase your crystal collection.

  1. Wish Crystal Design
  2. Elegant Crystals
  3. The Colorful stone Boutique       
  4. Pure Candy Crystals
  5. The Crystal Gallery
  6. The Grace Collection
  7. Fine Diamonds and Crystals
  8. The Crystal Collection
  9. Queen City Crystals
  10. Alexis’s Crystals and More
  11. Earth Treasures Co.
  12. Decent Gemstone Delight
  13. Celestial Stones
  14. Gemstone Gallery
  15. Blair Manor Jewelry
  16. Bhava Jewelers
  17. All That Glitters and Shine
  18. Amber’s Moonstones
  19. Healing by Crystals
  20. Audacity
  21. Lotus
  22. Divine Essences
  23. Celtic Crystals Jewelry Supplies
  24. Cosmic Birthdays
  25. Cosmic Mystic Crystals
  26. My Blissful Lotus and Stone
  27. Real Gemstone
  28. Gemology
  29. Bishop Jewelry and Crystal Shop
  30. New Age Renaissance Crystal Lights
  31. The Cave of Crystals
  32. Strata Gems
  33. The Witch Hut
  34. Crystal Point
  35. Rings of Power

Names For Custom Jewelry Businesses

Customized jewelry can be a great business venture for anyone with a lot of knowledge of the business and a little bit of creativity. These are often go-to items for gifts, pick-me-ups, and items of a symbolic nature.

Many people that purchase custom jewelry want it to be a piece they will never forget and cherish often. Try to portray that message when coming up with your company’s name.

Below is a list of some great custom jewelry business names you might find interesting.

  1. My Treasured Possessions
  2. Precious Pieces
  3. Designer’s Touch
  4. Jewelry Made by Myself
  5. Born Pretty
  6. Beads of Love
  7. Honey Gems by Me
  8. Watch Me Custom Jewelry
  9. Pendant Designs
  10. All My Fine Pearls
  11. Lovely Diamonds for All
  12. Pretty Little Things
  13. Paradise Jewelry
  14. Perfect Diamond designs
  15. The Fab Lounge
  16. Charming Custom Designs
  17. Queen City Jewelers
  18. Pearl Fine Jewelry
  19. Aged Hope Anklet and Rings
  20. Pearls of Love
  21. Coco G’s Jewelry
  22. Tango Charm’s and More
  23. Vow Jewelry
  24. Bold and Bright
  25. Diamond in the Rough
  26. Royal Anchor
  27. Fantastic Rings
  28. Eighteen Karats

French Names for Jewelry Businesses

When we think of France, we think of the finer things in life, we think romance, and we think fashion, we think engagement rings.

Using a French name for your company could be an excellent marketing opportunity to grab the attention of anyone looking for something exquisite and fashionable.

Below is a list of some excellent French business names you can use to grab the attention of everyone out there on the market for beautiful jewelry.

  1. L’art Diamonds
  2. La Casa La Bella
  3. Love Adorned
  4. Crown Jewels
  5. Royal Design Jewelry
  6. Beauty and the Beast Jewelry and Art
  7. The Paris Collection
  8. The Royal Design
  9. Le Diamond d’Or
  10. Diamond Crown
  11. Royal Crown
  12. Empress Jewels Collection
  13. Petite Jewels
  14. Blue Blanc Rouge Boutique
  15. Morphed Boutique
  16. Jewlies Pizzaz
  17. Cartier Paris
  18. De Rose
  19. Exquisite Jewels
  20. Gold Plated Bon Bons and ice

Creating Your Business Name

Some of the most popular company names come from simply playing with a bunch of words that are relevant to the products you sell. This is how so many popular and famous jewelry stores, boutiques, and online shops have made their mark.

A great way to get a little help when coming up with names that will sell your product before people even step foot in your store (or browse your page) is by utilizing online branding websites to conduct a trademark search, such as BeNextBrand, GoDaddy, and BIZNAMEWIZ.

With these companies and other sites, all you need are a few great words that speak your business name’s language and a computer, phone, or tablet. Enter in the words you want to see in your company’s title, and these sites will do the rest.

Final Thoughts

Business owners will spend days, weeks, or even months coming up with the best business name.

Don’t waste all that time you could be spending on doing something more productive and utilize the tools and examples listed above to help get your ideal title and start attracting more customers today.

Need more help? Why not get more ideas from a jewelry business name generator?

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